Friday, August 31, 2012

#384 - VIDEO/PHOTOS | Demon attempts to blend with moving hand

What an awful coincidence it would be if my hand looked like—but wasn't— one of the centurion demons I see, daily.
In a segment of video made during yesterday's period of high demonic activity, it looks like the head of a demon is emerging from my pillow behind my head:
The profile of both my hand and that of a centurion-demon like face The features of the demon's face are not as fully formed, as it recedes from its blended state with my hand, while retaining recognizability
I was attacked by little demons the entire time I tried to sleep in my bed by a variety of demons, including a hand-of-mischief demon, which was also shown recently in VIDEO/PHOTO | Tiny hand-of-mischief demon resting behind my head, and which has been routine for about a year.

In the video, you can see my hand trying to adjust the pillow behind me; the demon, attempting to blend with it, tries in vain to compensate for the changes in the topography of my hand:

This is the first time I have seen a demon try to blend with a moving object. Typically, demons choose inanimate objects with complex surfaces to aid in the portrayal of equally complex facial features (see VIDEO/PHOTO | Bathhouse blanket demon captured in second video).

This is not the first time one of my body parts have been used by a demon when blending. In VIDEO | Demon magic creates blanket demon with body parts and fabric, my foot forms the brow of a blanket demon's face, while a toe, pointing downward as I flex it, forms the pupil/iris of the eye:
In a way, this demon is a part of my sex life, similarly to the demons shown in VIDEO | Swarm of sucker demons invades bathhouse in second sex video and VIDEO | Demons caught in bathhouse sex video, but different.

#383 - TECHNOLOGY | Demon laptop hack identified, repaired

When I let an apparently hobgoblin demon-possessed woman borrow my laptop, as described in SECRET VIDEO | Demons instruct woman borrowing laptop to hack it, it came back with a security hack known as the ARDAgent exploit.
ARDAgent allows an AppleScript network administrator to remotely execute scripts and applications on an end-user's Mac; if the associated file has an incorrect GUID,  nearly anyone can run malware (or the like) on your Mac via your network connection
This was made evident by the output of a script that repairs permission settings automatically whenever I log in to my user account:
A script that attempts to restore default permission settings to files on my laptop (for security purposes) indicates that a SUID file used by Apple Remote Desktop services to define and control user access has been modified
You can also run the following function from the command line to determine whether you have been exposed to this exploit:
function ARDA() { osascript -e 'tell app "ARDAgent" to do shell script "id"' || (kill $(ps -xcu ${USER} | grep ARDAgent | awk '{ print $2 }') ; ARDA ); } ; ARDA
This function outputs the permissions settings for various user accounts, and should look something like this:
uid=0(root) gid=501(jamesbush) egid=0(wheel) groups=0(wheel), 81(appserveradm), 79(appserverusr), 80(admin)
NOTE | Apple Remote Desktop must be running in order for this function to execute properly.
According to the MacKnowledge Knowledge Base, the results of the exploit can be repaired by "remov[ing] the setuid bit from the executables permissions" of the modified file by running this  command in Terminal:
sudo chmod -R u-s /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/
After doing this, I ran the script that repairs permissions again, and, this time, it was able to repair permissions settings to the hacked file:
The script that repairs permissions was repaired after applying the fix to the exploit that is prescribed by MacShadows
The only caveat to this fix is that the command resetting the permissions to the ARDAgent file must be run every time you log on.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

#382 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Tiny hand-of-mischief demon resting behind my head

A video made two days ago during a period of high demonic activity shows a tiny, four-fingered hand, otherwise called a hand-of-mischief demon, that is, apparently, resting behind my head, and where my actual hand should have been:
My ears do not span four fingers high
A hand-of-mischief demon moves so fast that it's rarely seen, except in the occasional video still frame, as shown in [link]; and, they can appear, it seems, at any point in the air around you—not just through the floor or wall like all other demons I've seen so far (with the exception of the ones that run really fast for a few strides and then vanish into a glowing ash of a dot). What they do is grab at towels, dishes, cellphones, feet, arms, elbows, knees, heads or anything other thing that, when in certain kinds of motion, must be controlled carefully, and then redirect things moving in a hazardous direction, or set them moving in same.

These demons are probably not just a hand and an arm, even though that's all you can see, when you see them. They are likely the dwarfish-imp variety of demon, which basically looks like a cartoonish midget. These used to make very frequent appearances at my old apartment on Julian Street, uninvited, and only at a specific and inappropriate time.

This is likely the same kind of demon described (and shown) in VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time.
In one video, a tiny, misshapen hand appears out of nowhere and deflects the path of my hand, which I had to just used to scratch my leg, and was then pulling it back to my side (download from MediaFire [516.32 KB]).
Also, this is not the first video related to the supernatural and my hand. In a video made last year, my hand flies off my arm in order to grab my cellphone as it rested on the floor, right before a demon gets to it (see VIDEO TIMELINE | "Thing").

#381 - MAGIC | Why some demons freeze when you see them

These are two reasonable guesses as to why some demons freeze when you see them, as well as why most demons remain still when blended or otherwise making an appearance:

  • You're not susceptible to certain acts of magic when the requisite kinetic energy (from motion) is not present, in that shadow energy can be cast, but will not affect the target unless and until the body is sufficiently tense from muscle exertion resulting from the initiation of a new motion, such as standing up, in combination with eye movement. The target's awareness of and focus on the caster enhances the results greatly; and,
  • persons with magical abilities, whether known or unknown, that runs counter to other, demonic forms of magic can intentionally or inadvertently (and, even unknowingly) freeze a demon temporarily with one hand, while blasting them with another. Results vary depending on the variety of demon, as some are more sensitive to than others to blasting, and some are immune to freezing.

#380 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Two blue-tinted demons blend "in the ether"

A still frame found in a frame-by-frame review of video footage reveals the head of a demon, blended not with an object, as usual, but with rays of light:
A still frame from a video, showing the profile of a demon (highlighted in a thumbnail) that is blended with rays of light from an LED light on a cellphone charger 
The video, which can be downloaded from Dropbox [27.5 MB], was made during a demon-led "Anger Management Ritual" last month in which these events occurred:
The demon is blended with the light emitted by an LED on a cellphone charger, and was captured when the camera was in motion from being hand-carried to a nearby window sill.

Following is an image of the same still frame, but retouched for easier identification of the demon:
Retouching the same still frame reveals teeth and other hard-to-distinguish features of the demon's face
The slowness at which my cellphone camera calculates optimal aperture and color settings, coupled with its incorrect estimation of the lighting conditions in the room (which was due to the camera's proximity to the source of light and the dark surface of the desk surrounding it), is the cause for the darkness image.
READ | Learn why demons glow by light in SCIENCE | The ethereal haze and glow of demons (and ghosts) explained.
In the video, however, you can see that it is, in fact, daylight, as is shown in this 10-segment of the original 10-minute long rooftop video surveillance footage:

Skimming segments of video in motion almost always reveals demons either blended with objects or cloaked demons at the times and places of high demonic activity. In the latter, the entire body is revealed, whereas, in the former, only their head is visible (usually). The differences in their individual abilities notwithstanding, this rule-of-thumb seems to apply to every variety of demon that blends with an object for the purpose of establishing a presence at a remote location for communication and observation; however, as to the intent to interact physically with the environment in which the object is situated varies according to the abilities of a given demon so blended.
NOTE | In other words, a demon blended with an object, no matter how innocuous that demon may look, is physically present at the point at which the object exists. Accordingly, that physicality is a threat; but, is also vulnerable (read more about the physical nature of demons in SCIENCE | Exploiting vulnerabilities inherent to the physical nature of demons).
Demons can also blend with objects emitting light, such as a nightlight or alarm clock LED display, and are revealed in otherwise dark (or near-dark) still frames made of total or near-total darkness, or any condition that creates a sharp contrast between the source of light and the surrounding region, such as when from the light peering through the cracks between the fingers of a hand blocking the camera lens, the head of a demon can be seen separately from an object, glowing, and seemingly floating in mid-air (or, to use the demon-vernacular equivalent, in the ether).
NOTE | Regardless of the absence of an underlying object, the camera—or demon—must still be in motion in order to revealed.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#379 - AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment

As I have stated, the entire Northern Bay Area of California is overrun by a horde of demonic entities that have segmented into a regimen I call, Voices Demons. Groups of demons belonging to this regimen stalk and harass a specific target, sometimes, around-the-clock, daily; this will continue unabated since onset, which has been many, many years for some people; however, that is not always the case. Make no mistake about it: they always stalk everyone they talk to. The decision to make "requests," provide "information," or otherwise communicate is always in the furtherance of the demonic agenda.

Because Voices Demons use a telepathy-based form of acoustic cloaking, it is rare that you will ever hear anything they say to a victim or collaborator unless they want you to; however, because it is only the power of the mind that creates the sound tunnel—it's still audible speech, even when tunneled telepathically—you can conceivably pick up the Voices Demons' side of the conversation if you are in just the right place. You will never hear the human side of the conversation, unless the human has the specific ability to create sound, and, in particular, speech, with their minds.
NOTE | If you ever hear a human do this, they are not human.
Last night, while at my apartment with a guest, I was able to record a portion of the Voices Demons assigned to him, as they harangued him for making his own decision to meet with me. I performed this rare feat, in part, because of my proximity to the target and the location of my strategically placed sound recorder, which sat on the floor against a nearby wall.
NOTE | Placing recording devices against a sound-carrying medium, such as the floor or a wall, will enable you to pick up sound as it travels through its tunnel and through the wall between the Voices Demon, outside, and the target, inside. That is, of course, when a Voices Demon, which is a physical entity, is located outside, and the target, inside.
The recording can be downloaded from DropBox [11.3 MB]. You will need headphones to hear the Voices Demons speaking, and will likely need to raise the volume the highest level (be careful) to hear them. The conversation is spread out over the

Below is an transcript of an excerpt of what voices demons (not mine, per se) were saying to my guest last night

It's pretty insightful into the relationship between the demons and this guy, but it is contrived and implausible, in that they know the guy is not an idiot, and isn't likely to leave my house based on their argument.
He goes by Jai; but, his Voices Demons called him, Christian
Clearly, he came over against their wishes, and they are making him feel as uncomfortable as possible, in order to make him leave. The way they are speaking to him shows the abusive nature of their relationship.
He doesn't like this place.
(They are telling Jai that I don't like my new living arrangement, and are implying that this is a factor in my apparent uncomfortableness; however, this is a type of blame-shifting. If I looked disconcerted in any way, it would have been due to the presence of demons. That reason alone precludes consideration of almost any other factor. Duh.)
He loves you.
(I sympathize with everyone so afflicted; but, that word probably has connotations to Jai that are off-putting, most likely, to demon-fabricated drama in the past. This is love: 
1 Corinthians 13:4-7; it never hurts to have done what these verses say. Still, demons work hard to confuse us, and many times they are successful. It sounds like they might have been with Jai here.)
Pedophiles! [repeats]
This is a dangerous word in the Bay Area, and has nearly lost its original meaning by and through the actions of demon-led people (gang-stalkers, juggalos, etc.). It is a label applied to a man marked by demons, and who has had, and will continue to have, problems insurmountable, and is to die a horrible death under the most egregrious of social ostracization rituals established by demons, and enacted on-call by citizens of the Bay Area. Therefore, it does not just label the person, here, it threatens any persons surrounding him. If you are a family member or friend, you will suffer the a horrible fate, too, but in a different manner, and a time staggered against that of the target. It is used here in this way—to threaten Jai that, if he likes me or associates with me in any way—he will be targeted, too (but, as I said, in the way unique to that of the associates of targets).
His porno is a fuck-up; he looks like a dog.
Apparently, Jai liked a video of me, which is why he disregarded their wishes in visiting me. So, like humans, they found a way to criticize my appearance, and then did so while he tried to enjoy his night at my place.
Pedophile cannot get his dick up. He doesn't like you. If the pedophile doesn't like you, you should go home.
It wasn't that I didn't like him, but, I had, like, 50 sucker demons slithering in my sheets and on my body, and other demon-related problems that can make erections difficult. 
Pedophile! [repeated multiple times]
As he continues to ignore them, they repeat their chant until they can think of something else to tell Jai.
I put coca in his butthole once; they had to take him to the hospital.
Here, they claim to have poisoned me with coca, which put me in the emergency room. That explains the tachycardia that nearly killed me last spring, at which time I had a vision of the future for those demon-allied, and the kingdom comprised by demons. Words and images can never express the feeling of standing at the mouth of Hell when it is too late to turn around, knowing that what you thought you believed was more of an acceptance or non-resistance to what you really consider a notion that is not firmly founded. All I can say is this, if you think that you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that you walk in that faith, then you had better spend all the time you can affirming that belief and that faith before it's too late [Romans 10:17]. Otherwise, I guarantee you that, on that Day, you will doubt.
If blood is thicker than water, then why are you here?
Obviously, this is a childish, last-ditch pleading. The equivalent could be overheard on a high-school date ("If you love me, you'll do it with me.")
Pedophile! [repeats]
Still being ignored, they resort to a attention-breaking and disruptive chant while preparing another approach. Just try and be intimate or get and stay in the mood while several demons are shouting this in your head.
What a fucking tweaker! He's a pooter-butt! [repeats] He's such a pussy willow! Pussy-willow! [repeats]
Another criticism of his choice of partner. The labels ascribed to me here indicate that things were said about me before he met with me the first time. My respectful, accommodating and easy-going nature can be refactored into such to persons having not yet met me.
Have a nice day! Have a nice lunch, dear friend.
I don't why they are saying this specifically, but, it is probably something that was said at a moment in which he Jai was endeared to his Voices Demons. If this is the case, then they are implying a betrayal of loyalty, and are trying to induce feelings of guilt (while he is trying to have sex, which is what they do to me, every time).
Pedophiles are not people, you know. They are people; but, they are not cogent people.
Cogent is one of the words used over and over and over by the Voices Demons with which I am engaged in a fight. They plant it in every sentence they think it will fit; but, I am not privy to their reason. If history repeats itself, it is a word that they think will haunt me someday, somewhere, somehow. They're just full of themselves like that.
I wanna go! [repeats] Have a nice day! I don't think so. I don't think so, I said. Pedophiles don't think so, either. Pedophiles are good people—wow, what a concept!
There must have been a dialog between Jai and his Voices Demons here; I can't make sense of it.
If you had prostituted your ass out for a dope hit, I would not be happy. You're not a tweaker, Christian!
They are describing the act of advertising for sex in exchange for drugs, which did not happen. Jai called me to pick up his cigarettes and boxers from the other night; there was no arrangement agreed upon prior for sex or drugs; however, they may have labeled me as the type in the past, and are saying that this is the real reason they don't like me, since pedophile wasn't working for them with Jai. 
You said his name out loud!
One voices demon scolding another for saying Jai's real name aloud, even though I didn't, and couldn't have, heard it at the time.
Sock it to me one more time! Sock it to me one more time!
I don't know specifically what this means, but I know what the Voices Demons are doing. When they want another demon to do something for them, they repeat a non-sensical phrase over and over, and, most of the time, in unison. Shortly thereafter, the thing done by whatever demon that hears their unified chant, and knows what it means, does that thing.
We're going to positively masturbate him in a minute. He's going to hold your hand and cry. 
They are announcing that they have requested a sucker demon attack; that must be what chanting "sock it to me one more time" does. They have a number of these that they use around me to indicate that they are going to hurt me, or that another demon is about to appear and do the same. Some of these have already been mentioned on this blog, and, in particular, in Demons mock childhood abuse prior to committing acts of violence and Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks.
His motherfucking tunnel is old and gross; we put the Tuzzo on his dick once. It looks old and gross.
They are referring to the injury they caused to my penis, as described in Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable (see also Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006). My "tunnel" must be my rectum, which was severely damaged by the multiple sexual assaults perpetrated by four of their people this year alone.
Pedophiles don't deserve to be in society. There is a bigger picture here. 
They are justifying and referring to their demands that people help them incarcerate me by and through illegal acts using 'the ends justify the means' argument. There must have been an exchange of words between Jai and the Voices Demons, and he must have brought up the topic, which indicates his awareness of the demons' agenda, as described at length in Voices Demons: "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]".
Pedophiles are cogent people; but, they don't know their own worth.
Not sure; but, in the lilt added to these words, it means that money is likely being offered for Jai's cooperation.
Old lady
He doesn't talk to Tuzzo people anymore because he doesn't like us. Ridiculous! Dickless! He's dickless!
I have no idea what this is about.
The preceding is not a transcript of the entire recording; accordingly, check back often for updates.

Monday, August 27, 2012

#378 - VIDEO | Porn actor's face morphs into demon's in porn video

A porn actor is apparently possessed by a demon, which has undoubtedly reeked havoc on his present life, and has all but precluded any hope for a life of his own in the future. On top of that, producers of Ink Kink decided to make that fact known to all who watch this video.

A porn actor's face morphs into a demon face in a commercially distributed video titled, Ink Kink
Shown to me by an acquaintance last night, the actor's face suddenly morphs into a blend of his face and the face of a demon. In this segment, the actor opens his eyes, which have a slight red tint to them, and then rolls them into the back of his head. He then closes his eyes again and squints real hard. That's when his face morphs into that of a demon (actually, it looks like a demon face is superimposed over his, just like it does in my videos):

The camera is affected by the demonic activity, just as mine is in many of my videos. Also, like all demonic morphs shown in my videos, the change is limited to the neck, up.

This is the third video I have of someone else's face changing into something demonic; but, unlike the other two, namely, VIDEO | Orlock-like face morphs into a human one and PHOTO | Video in motion reveals woman's hobgoblin demon underpinnings, which were made by me using my equipment, this video is distributed commercially and was produced by a video production company.

There are five videos in my demonic activity video collection in which I morph into something demonic, and one in which my hand actually flies off my arm. They include:
  • Demon in the Dark. Turn the brightness of your screen to its highest setting to see a green demon face superimpose itself over mine, which is then followed by an orange orlock-like demon:
Half-breed demon The pointy ear of an orlock demon
  • "Thing". My hand flies off my arm, taking on the likeness of Thing from The Addams Family, in order to grab my cellphone from off the floor before another demon, which you can (barely) see rapidly moving towards it from under the bed spread at the foot of the bed, gets to it first. In this video, I caught a glimpse of the needle-fingered glove of the demon that spikes peoples' brain and other internal organs in order to cause injuries that won't manifest into major illnesses and/or disability until sometime in the future date.
My hand flys off my arm and grabs
my cellphone before a demon does
The needle-fingered, Freddy Kreuger-style gloved
hand of a demon briefly appears at the top right
  • Two of Me. I transformed into a slightly different version of me and then back again in a matter of seconds, which is hardly noticeable without a comparison of two pictures, showing me before the morph and after it, respectively.
Before I morph, with a thin and elongated face, as well as smooth (unwrinkled) skinAfter I morph, looking older and scruffier, and with deeper creases in the face
Without orlock fangs......with orlock fangs
Raised brow and cheek bones, red color (look at the contrast between my face and body, row of sharp teeth, flat nose, ridged forehead, bald head, snake eye(s), and pointed ear add up to a centurion demon-orlock blend
Bearing the pointed ears, sloped nose and angular face of an orlock demon

In all six videos in which my body is shown undergoing some kind of supernatural transformation or performing a supernatural act, I am completely unaware of anything unusual. It was not until after viewing the videos did I see what happened.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

#377 - TECHNOLOGY | Info + tips on file quality and integrity of demonic activity on video

In this post, I start by rambling about how demons screw up my videos and photos, before I drunkenly segue into playback issues that arise when transferring media from your cellphone to your computer; finally, I pass out somewhere near a set of instructions for detecting demon-made modifications to original media using a Mac and Linux command-line utility.

It also snitches on those bitches (i.e., demons); so, you might get something you like out of it after all.

(This is a good source of specialized information for those documenting paranormal activity, even if the post could use another round of editing.)

When the Voices Demons say "we want to go the distance with you," they mean, in their own oddball vernacular, that they are going to go to extensive and equally oddball lengths to cause pain in any given situation. This could literally define a thousand different actions depending on the scenario; but, what comes up the most often for me is the elaborate modifications to videos, photos and audio files I make of demonic activity. With media files, "going the distance with [me]"—or ruining them—means not just deleting the files and/or breaking or otherwise hindering the operation of my equipment, it can also mean modifying these files in ways that clearly required a significant amount of time, effort, know-how and equipment to do, and in ways that reek of psychosis.

For example, in a matter of just a few minutes after having made a video (or photo or audio file), they might remove segments of a media file showing things they don't want me to distribute, or they may alter segments in ways that even Industrial Light and Magic would find impressive, masking out demons, or adding or blurring them; they may even add segments for no apparent reason other than to "prove their point to people (see note, below)."
NOTE | When they cut out segments of video, they sometimes add a transition to mask the jump from one segment to another, such as a hand passing in front of the lens (see Demon-designed video transition disguises cuts).
Sometimes, though, the modifications are not as elaborate, in that they may simply degrade the quality of a video (by applying a noise filter) or a photo (by reducing the bit depth to cause color banding); as for audio files, they have dubbed over portions of recorded conversations with loud sound effects (e.g., plane flying overhead, heavy traffic, background chatter, bird calls, windchimes, etc.) to obscure what was said.

These types of quality problems are usually added programmatically by the software used by your equipment for creating the media files, or by the post-processing software you use to prepare the media for distribution. They have accomplished this by simply demanding of their people or the companies producing the software to provide the source and/or modify it to their specifications. Then, they simply take your equipment from you and replace your software build with theirs.

One media platform they are known to have compromised includes Quicktime, which is used by at least two commonly used video editors, namely, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Quicktime is used by both to render video output, allowing for demons to specify any setting and to apply any filter to adversely affect quality.
NOTE | Sound crazy? It is...and it's true. But, that's what it means to "go the distance" to a demon. While writing this, I was told by the Voices Demons that they are doing this "to prove a point to people about [our] power so that when the time comes for [us] to strike, people will be more frightened of [us]."
You will almost always know when such changes were made, no matter how crafty or artful they are, provided you were there when the event occurred, and possess the requisite skills for correctly estimating the output of post-processed media intended for distribution to multiple platforms.

However, a video that has been distributed to another platform may appear to have been modified in a way that makes the action hard to see, even when it hasn't. Specifically, some videos may not show some types of shadows or dark, far-away objects on the target platform, even though they can clearly be seen on the originating device, looking as if they had been blotted out by a sample of their surrounding color or background, or blurred to the point of being unrecognizable. And, sometimes, even when such shadows and dark objects can be seen on the target platform, their shape may have changed, rendering them unrecognizable as anything significant.

While these types of problems could be the result of hardware and software differences of the target platform, they are more likely due to the format of the video file. This is definitely the cause with 3GPP video, the most common format used by cellphones.

A 3GPP video file exported from your cellphone may exhibit the aforementioned problems on any screen that does not display the color black at the same value as the screen on the device on which the file was made. That's because a 3GPP-formatted video file creates a composite of the black of the device's screen with the color recorded by a camera as a substitute for alpha transparency (this makes for smaller video files that can be recorded at a faster frame rate than would otherwise be possible if a separate alpha transparency track had to be recorded in tandem with the video track). The contrast assigned to all other colors is set based on the exact value of the black color of the device's screen. The perfect contrast is broken when the video file is played back on a screen that has even a slightly different value of the color black. Only the originating device knows which pixels were substituted with this composite; without a color map to guide the target platform, instead of a faux—but accurate—composite, the alpha transparency substitutes will often have a slightly blue tinge to them wherever the color black is displayed.

On a Mac, ColorSync can be used to calibrate colors in a video made on any given device for accurate display on your screen (that is, if a profile for the originating device exists). Windows and Linux users, however, may have to follow instructions similar to those found in TIP | Blending Quicktime Video Layers to Penetrate Demon Cloaks or TIP | Blending Quicktime video layers to improve nightime videos in order to make color corrections.

Getting the colors just right isn't an issue of perfectionism when it comes to videos of demons in action, as black and its various shades of gray are the predominate colors in such videos. In order to see anything under these circumstances on another platform, it is essential to convert each shade of gray in the original video to as close to the calibrated-equivalent on the target platform. Videos of demons and the like usually consist of shadowy figures in the dark, wearing black cloaks, and moving so fast that they blur, or such a short distance on screen that there is very little of them to show in the video.
TIP | When purchasing a cellphone, ensure that a ColorSync profile is embedded in video files exported by the video camera software.
It is only by the perfect blending of transparency and shades of gray that will allow one to identify entities like these when they are in motion. To see a fast-moving demon that cannot be identified in a single frame, and that looks like a shadowy blob instead, each frame showing the blob must be played successively, with adjacent colors in the blob at the same comparative values as the original. In other words, it's the blending of shadows in those frames, as they blur past your eyes, that makes the general shape of the moving entity, and if there is color banding, blocking or bad anti-aliasing in these shadows due to incorrect substitution of colors, the shape created by the blurring of two frames together will not look like the demon.

In fact, failing to do so will result in the total loss of some types of demonic entities or activity. Shadow people may not appear at all in the distributed video, or will appear as indistinct shadows; or, the blur of demons that flit out of sight after having just entered your line of sight from the periphery—They are usually the ones who hang around corners or behind doors or in closets—will not be recreated correctly (for the same reasons as shadow people not appearing at all).

Analyzing media files for modifications using cmp on a Mac
To speed up detection of modifications to video files that exhibit the more obscure types of differences shown between playback on the originating device and target platform, use the cmp command-line utility to compare the archived original to the version exported to the target platform (to learn how to create a secure copy of your media files on-the-fly, see Preventing demon-modified video using secure disk images [not yet available]).

This utility compares two files, byte-by-byte, for differences between them, even when those differences are virtually undetectable by the naked eye, as is the case between these two image files:
The original image An altered version of the original image
As you can see, the differences are barely noticeable at first glance until the image is enlarged (below); but, while this may be easy enough for simple images such as these, when comparing two complex images—or a video file comprised of a series of thousands of images—however, this type of examination is not feasible.
The same enlarged view of the altered original Enlarged view of the original image
Rather, you must use cmp to expedite and simplify the comparison.

On a Mac:
  1. Open Terminal.
  2. In a terminal window, type cmp -l at the command prompt.
  3. Drag the files you want to compare from the Finder, and then drop them on the terminal window. The command line should now look similar to the top-half of the terminal window shown below.
The command should look similar to that on the top-half of the terminal window; if there are differences between the two images, a list of bytes differing in the altered image are output as shown in the bottom-half
  1. Press Return. If there are differences between the two images, the differing bytes are listed.
Obviously, the specific bytes that have been changed are probably not relevant to most people; rather, the fact that changes were made is. Therefore, any output generated by the cmp command indicates that modifications were made to the source file.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

#376 - VIDEO | Demons (or other) hinder efforts to post to Facebook

This happens every time I try to post something to Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) that the Voices Demons say I can't:

First, even to post to my own page, I have to go through Facebook's Captcha security check. That includes each individual edit to a photo or video starting yesterday, including when I pinpointed a photo on the map, tagged it and added a description. Including sharing and adding it to an album, that's five security checks to post one picture.
NOTE | The preview video is above is too low-res to see adequately; to view the video in requisite detail, download the source from MediaFire [74.18 MB].
Tonight, however, was a little different, in that security checks didn't work (they were either not there, disappeared while typing the text, or said it that the entered text didn't match when you can clearly see from the video that it did); and, my connection—which is always reliable—was slow, as you can see.

Another thing was the video upload confirmation e-mail:
"Facebook" Video Upload Confirmation E-mail

Instead of "your video has been uploaded" in the message body, it reads, "you video has been uploaded."

By contrast, the notification to my Facebook account did not contain the same error:
Facebook Video Upload Confirmation Notification
Efforts like these are par for the course for demons, whose first-and-foremost goal is to socially isolate their targets, in order to have as much of their time and attention as possible. Also, by eliminating an adequate amount of social interaction with people, demons are better able to skew perspectives in the minds of their targets.

While social network hacking a way to sabotage (or preclude) relationships, rumor-mongering is by far the preferred method. Demons who attack usually lay the groundwork in the mind, meaning that they are intuitive to the point of actual mind-reading. Insodoing, they can cull your worst fears about relationships and others from your mind, and then report back to you anything they see or hear about those relationships, and then make connections between your fears and whatever ambiguous fact they find (it's happened a hundred times on every episode of every soap opera ever made, so don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about).
NOTE | This tactic also is used to make you feel dependent on them for your safety. Once that's achieved to some degree, they will tell you that you are "indebted" to them, and that you have to listen to them, or else they will allow the things you fear to take place (sounds hokey, but, they will make that happen).

#375 - VIDEO | Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark

An account of the most horrendous pattern of surreptitious and chronic abuse of children at the hands of their "monsters," and their "drug-induced hallucinations," as adults; however, the bottom of the barrel is scraped, however, by a video showing people (called, "gang-stalkers," when working for demons doing this kind of activity) taking part in it, knowingly and willingly.

A video made just tonight shows a person throwing a rock at my house from a neighbor's house across the street as part of an intimidation and terror campaign, involving dozens of people mostly running around my house, in the dark, from hiding place to hiding place on the go-ahead from a Voices (or otherwise invisible, but audible) Demon, who signals them to run so that I'm sure to see them running; it also involves making noises outside my windows and doors at all hours, running through my yard, throwing things at my house, making threats, and aiming by shouting or loud conversation slurs at me.

The man throwing the rock—and several others—had been skulking around in the bushes and surrounding houses for hours tonight, as well as every other night for the past two nights. The video starts shortly before they trigger a security light in the neighbor's driveway. When it comes on, they mill about trying to look casual, but do a pretty poor job at it.

In the enlarged and enhanced version of this video (downloadable from DropBox [11 MB]), some of the men appear to be talking to a demon, which could be due to an odd shape or bulky clothing. You can also see two very short, cloaked demons posted up against the house.
In the enlarged and enhanced video, a neighbor is shown throwing a rock at my house
This video essentially shows part of a series of crimes that comprise what I used to call (and what was to everyone else then, and still others now) a gang-stalker noise campaign, by which a group of demon-led people and other demons intent on making you feel as if there is danger either outside your house or about to enter your house. The people are on the outside making the noise, and demons are on the inside threatening, frightening, harassing and being physically violent. It has been ongoing since it started in 2006 at my home in Sunnyvale.

Since this latest gang-stalking campaign of stalking and harassment had been going on for awhile—three days by my last count, and at two, four-mile-apart houses—I decided to try and capture some of this activity on video again, even after having failed at every attempt for the past year (my cameras don't pick up objects that are far away or in the dark).

I still haven't captured the running to and fro from hiding place to hiding place and kept it long enough to distribute it. That would be where people stands behind a fence or something else where only their head is visible when they stand, while a Voices Demon (or other) tells these people to duck right as I look at them. They have to dress in black during this joint exercise.
NOTE | This is done to great effect when traveling on the light rail. The noise-dampening walls
Almost as soon as a video showing this kind of supernatural dodging is made, the people are blotched out. In their place is a splotch of color, sampled from the immediate area surrounding the person.

This particular campaign has been going on for several days straight; but, it has also been going off-and-on for over six years (minus the nearly three in which I was in custody).

Santa Clara Police Department refuses to take report on incident
As a precautionary measure, I reported the rock-throwing incident to the Santa Clara Police Department via an online report; however, like most crime reports to that particular agency, it was refused (see Persistence pays off with police, report taken on crime by former landlord for a series of recordings in which Santa Clara police initially refuse, in derivation of law, to take a report for a different incident of crime).

Following is the e-mail response received by Sergeant Fraser:
Santa Clara Police Department Online Report T12000640
Gang-stalker noise campaign identical to childhood bedtime terror ritual
There are perfect parallels between the gang-stalker noise campaign and its variant from my childhood, in terms of the method and the apparent intended results. From the ages of 5 through 8, "monsters" would creep around in the dark. I could see their flitting shadows (which are all over my raw video footage collection), and they made noise as they came on, which started quiet and far, but ended up surrounding you and with its own sense of presence and self-awareness. During this, I would be overwhelmed by fear, so much so that I would hide under my blanket, unmoving and taking slow breaths. The sensation of the fear was a unique to all other sensations of fear I had ever felt before (or since). I knew that when I felt that specific kind of fear, they were near. The intensity of it was as palpable as any physical assault.

The injuries and other consequences resulting by repeated episodes of childhood trauma and abuse at the hands demons remain to this day, as it was meant to be. It is exploited by demons in every way that it can be, which means that it is ongoing, and unabated.

Now, though, I know what was doing it, and what is doing it now, namely, Things-that-go-bump-in-the-night demons and other demons adept at skulking in the dark and artfully orchestrating noises to cause fear that comes from believing you are surrounded by extreme danger, and are imminently destined to be carted away to wherever monsters take children or, as an adult, to die a deplorable death.
FACT | For an accurate example of how such demons can use noise to create fear, refer to Poltergeist (1982), the movie in which the two siblings are counting the seconds between thunderclaps in order to gauge the distance (in miles) of the storm head; that's them.) During this, a demon with a device specifically designed to generate which makes you believe that you are The exact flavor of fear is called a sense of impending doom, causing frozen terror.  
Aunt Bee, a childhood demon that I thought was just an element of my nightmares, was trotted out by the Voices Demons last winter, at which time she showed me a device used to create the specific kind of fear felt during a demon attack. As stated, this device accompanies the noise-making and other tactics by other demons, and causes the unique flavor of overwhelming and uncontrollable and unabating fear that is as intense at the end as it is at the onset. It makes you feel unsafe no matter where you go or who you are with, not under your blanket, in your house or outside of it.

Still, as a child, under the blanket was better than not; but, demons have a way around that, too. It's all part of their plan to force you to make decisions while in fear, that are fearful to make, and that will result in even more fear once you make them; and, if you don't make them, they want you to expect to feel physical pain or discomfort.

As a child, the choice I had was to either pull off the covers and expose myself to the monsters, or I could choose to suffocate. Blanket demons can heat themselves up, and they can remove air from the pockets formed underneath them by the wearer. So, when they decided my fear was just at the right level, they would decide it was time for me to choose, and the blanket would get extremely hot, and I couldn't breathe.
NOTE | Last fall, a blanket demon showed me that this is one of its kinds' abilities; they can also cling to your face so tight that you can't breathe, and are so strong that you can't remove them under your own power. I found this out (also last fall) while taking cover from a demon burning my head with my bedspread.
So, as a child, I know now, I was being harassed by demons by being scared by an intense (but false) sense of equipment-generated fear, and had been conditioned to hide under my blanket under the combination of events and circumstances.

For adults, demons do the same using a mixture of adult fears, such as the fear of a burglar outside your window on a dark, scary night. A night's scariness still comes from a demon-made device, one of which is shown in demon's hand, which is stretching its arm around a corner in my former apartment, pointing it towards me and my camera in Demons exploit children's fear of the dark and monsters and physical abuse by parents.
FACT | Chemicals and other surgical techniques and physical-related things are done to enhance the results.

Friday, August 24, 2012

#374 - VIDEOS | Six videos show sex with (or around) demons

Demons are obsessed with interrupting and otherwise making unpleasurable that act of sex, specifically, sex between men.

If you think that it's due to a right-versus-wrong thing, you're probably wrong; male demons and homosexual encounters are virtually synonomous, and happen routinely. So, it may be unclear to many why the Voices Demons constantly refer to gays as "fags" and "pedophiles." But, they do, and after six years of exposure to their constant dialog, I can with complete assurance say that not only do they consider gay men less than acceptable, but I can also say that they have specific ways of dealing with gay men that are quite different than the way they deal with other people.
Sepia color mode reveals this man as an orlock when his head is in motion...
Although the six videos shown (or talked about) on this blog in which demons are either having sex with me, or hanging around while I am having sex, is not necessarily proof, it doesn't discount this possibility. The videos are at least an indicator of how little regard demons have for gay men, which I believe is demonstrated by the intrusion into the most private and intimate parts of their lives—the ultimate expression of disrespect to a demon (or human, for that matter).
...however, he appears normal in full color mode, and when stationary
The posts in which these videos are discussed include:
These types of intrusions occur in every private moment of a gay man's life in the Bay Area; in fact, at The Watergarden, demons roam the hallways regularly, harassing patrons by poking their heads over the walls into the rooms in which men rent for 12 hours at a time.

Videos and posts showing demons at The Watergarden include:

#373 - HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin

Following are guidelines for removing an eye spider demon from the surface of your skin (not underneath your skin, nor from your eyes or any orifice of your body). Before reading this post, you should first read PHOTO | Sucker demons pass through fabric and anchor to face and HOW-TO | Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom. These are essential to understanding much of what it described about eye spider demons.

Like a sucker demon, an eye spider demon can attach to the surface of your skin, but can also crawl underneath it by passing through it, as shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Eye Spider Demon Traveling Underneath Skin.

When uncloaked and camouflaged, it may look like strands of hair similar to your own, all growing out of the same follicle; however, without its camouflage, it will assume its natural appearance, basically, a spider without a body.

Unfortunately, the properties of an eye spider demon when cloaked prevent it from being recorded on digital video clearly, as is evident in the photos and videos shown in VIDEO | Cloaked eye spider demon (?) blurs visionExtensive damage to eyes, glasses stolen and Demons put "eye spiders" in eye sockets, nose and ears—and worse, and as more recently shown by these still frames, which were taken from a video made early this morning:

That's not hair; it's a horde of cloaked eye spider demons, which congregate in swarms as thick as maggots on rotting meat (Download more photos like this from MediaFire [1.3 MB])
As you can see from the photos above, when fully cloaked and attached to the surface of your skin, a eye spider demon appears as a barely visible, smoky-colored (i.e., ghost-like) haze, which, at first glance, might look like an afterimage were it not for its shape and detail, and the fact that it doesn't disappear after a few seconds.

Sometimes, though, on video, a cloaked eye spider demon looks oversaturated black in color or, sometimes, a glossy steel-blue (see the black squiggles in the photos above). The only exception I have ever captured on video is shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Eye Spider Demon, Dismembered, which shows the flailing leg of an eye spider demon that I had just removed from the back of my hand (which is a highly preferred spot for eye spider demons due to its low traffic, as you can see from the photos above). To see it, you have to enlarge the video, and then watch very closely between the tips of my two fingers.

To locate an eye spider demon, rub a flattened palm over the surface of your skin. At hair clusters, feel for a small "ball" of pressure that gets tighter when you press on it. Then, to make sure, pinch that area until you hear the characteristic "pop" (see below).

As stated, eye spider demons affect a true camouflage, much in the way some animals in nature do (there is a type of fish in the sea that lays flat on any surface and mirrors it exactly and instantly). When on your arm, back, leg, or other part of your body, they will look almost identical to any number of hairs around them; the key difference between a clump of hair on your arm and a camouflaged eye spider demon is that the demon's simulated hair will usually be darker and longer, and the hairs in a simulated cluster will look more entangled and intertwined than the surrounding hairs, as well as denser.
NOTE | Like when they travel underneath the skin, there will be yellow bumps that glow slightly over the area where the sucker demon is embedded when under your eyelids, as shown in VIDEO | Cloaked eye spider demon (?) blurs vision.
Like sucker demons, eye spider demons attach to places that you can't reach very well, and places you don't touch that often. That would be:
  • your back of your body, primarily, your actual back (all along the spine), in between the buttocks, the cracks between your lower buttocks and upper thighs, and behind your knees.
  • If you're hairy, they will hide on the back of your hands, on top of your toes, knees, and elbows; these are the locations that they extend from to manipulate objects or pull on your limbs, which they do without being detected, as they can position themselves between their target and whatever is in-between (for example, if you are trying to tap something into your touchscreen cellphone, they will snake underneath your fingertips, and then touch the screen from that point, so that your fingers are covering them from your view.
  • Your head and face will usually be full of them, particularly, if they are reshaping your skull or facial structure. They nest in the nose, ears, mouth, and eyes (usually just under the eyelid.
To remove an eye spider demon, "pinch until it pops" by placing the tips of your forefinger and thumb on the surface of your skin, on either side of the base of the hair or the head of the eye spider demon.  Then, trapping the base of the hair (or the head) between your two fingers, roll your fingertips together until your fingernails are touching, and pinch until you hear and feel a "snap" between your fingertips, and on and under the surface of your skin near the hair follicle.

The sensation of pulling out an eye spider demon is very different from the one you feel when accidentally pulling out a regular hair. First, it is never painful, unless you pull out a hair, too.
NOTE | The sucker demons of the sewing-thread variety that congregate in your mouth, ears, and nose protect eye spider demons planted on the hairy surfaces of your skin by slithering down your arm and between your two fingers to simulate the feel of contact with the targeted eye spider demon. When you pull on what you think is the eye spider demon, they simulate the sliding sensation of an eye spider demon being pulled off of a hair by thinning their bodies and then pulling free from your grip. Don't be fooled; check your fingertips to see the lingering remains of the eye spider demon to dissolve right before your very eyes (or, watch it crawl back up your hand and then who-knows-where).

#372 - JUSTICE | Judge permits suits against collaborators, demons retaliate

Your question: Why would demons give a hoot about lawsuits? My answer: Because they are active in our justice system, manipulating it to their nefarious ends, which has been done at least since Jesus' time. Remember when He said to Judas, "What you do, do quickly?" Jesus was actually speaking to Satan, who was possessing Judas at the time He spoke that command. And, what was Satan to do? Manipulate the justice system to have Jesus falsely convicted and crucified. The point of that story is clear: demons do, and always have, had an interest in perverting justice—the very first concept of fairness that God gave us, as described in the Pentuarch; however, the point is also this: demons don't win when justice is served.

In Legal filings spark latest effort by demons to incarcerate me, I describe the typical Voices Demons response to any effort at preventing or recovering damages caused by their human collaborators in civil court, which always involves a series of physical attacks or mishaps and untimely inconveniences that last for days at a time, while making threats of incarceration.

Now, by mishaps, I mean tripping me while I walk by raising blocks of cement on the sidewalks, knocking or pulling things out of my hands, pushing my elbows, knees or hands into things as I pass by them, and more; by untimely inconveniences, I mean urgent bowel movements. All of these, they announce before they do them (see VIDEOS | Demons move walls to punish, control, frighten).

And, by threats to incarcerate, I mean like the one I describe in PROPHECY DEMONS | "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]", and like the ones I have not yet told about on this blog, but have written about on The Sunnyvale Knock web site (see The web site that launched the demonic war).

But, when they started up again over the past several days, I was confused because I hadn't done anything related lawsuits. What was especially confusing was the ferocity of the attacks. They didn't just deploy the usual sucker demons, eye spider demons, or hobgoblin demons, which, by the way, were out in full force due to the spectacular new moon two nights ago—but, also a few Jawa-lookalike demons, and an even rarer dreamweaver demon, and a breath-stealer demon.

So, I checked the court docket and saw what the hubbub was about: my requests to the Superior Court to file two lawsuits against persons aiding demons were granted, as is shown on the court docket:
Two cases I had requested permission to file were given case numbers, which means my requests were granted
Lawsuits are my primary deterrent against demon incursions into my life, and they are powerful. I specifically warned them ahead of time that no further crime would be tolerated from them, and that if they did not immediately cease-and-desist all further thefts and the like, that I would retaliate by and through the civil and criminal justice for each and every offense, and that I would do so relentlessly until justice prevailed.

Not to be outdone, however, they have already caused major problems with at least one of the cases. First, a hearing on my request for a fee waiver was set, but no notice was sent. Therefore, I missed it, and the fee waiver request was denied. I had to submit another request just today. Also, while I was at the courthouse, the clerk refused, at first, to allow me to add the mailing address of the defendant. I had to argue with her for 30 minutes before (I think) the address was added.

The fee waiver hearing debacle is just that, too. Every fee waiver request is approved under the circumstances in which I request them; there has never been, nor ever should be, a hearing on this issue. What's more is, I not only failed to receive notice of this hearing, but of notice that the suit had been approved for filing. Simply put, they are not mailing notices to me, so that these cases don't go forward.

This is the same courthouse, by the way, in which a centurion demon actually stood behind Judge Loftus, telling him how to rule on issues related to the unlawful detainer case against me. It is also the same defendant.
COMING UP | Transcripts of the case—the number for which ends in 666—as well as links to relevant law showing the errors in judgment and violation of court rules, will posted in JUSTICE | Judge violated law on behalf of demons.
While the significance of bringing a lawsuit against a person who committed crimes on behalf of demons is clear, the specifics may not be; however, these links provide some background on these two cases:
  • Bush v. Salazar seeks damages for stolen property and court mail, as described in:
  • Bush v. Ziemkowski seeks the amount owed to me by law for having rented an illegal apartment to me:
On a related topic, the former landlord of the illegal apartments, who was ordered by the City of San Jose to shut them down, advertised for renters as recently as last week. Todd Waltrip, Code Inspector, was advised by e-mail:
Todd Waltrip Re Khoa Nguyen