Monday, August 20, 2012

VIDEO | Jawa-lookalike demon blends with swinging pillow

A new video clip made today shows a Jawa-lookalike demon moving from behind my pillow to under the bed virtually undetected by blending seamlessly with a pillow I'm moving from the head of my bed, and to the side:
This video won't mean much to you unless:
  1. you know what a Jawa-lookalike demon looks like;
  2. you know what demonic blending is;
  3. you've seen demons blend with moving objects;
  4. you've encountered demons in the real-world trying to evade your sight while moving from one place to another, so you know what it looks like;
  5. you've seen all of this on video made on a cheap cellphone video camera; and,
  6. you can't see how oddly the pillow twists in the video.
This blog provides for the first three, specifically, in:
Basically, a Jawa-lookalike demon looks sort of like a black-cloaked Jawa, but the cloak is sharp-edged. They are also narrower, height-wise. They are almost always cloaked, and are very fast. You cannot see their faces; but, you can see their eyes—they glow red. Their magic is highly injurious.
The one photo I have is a one-in-a-million—a still frame from a video in which one of these demons was inadvertently captured running from my entryway to my bed at my Julian Street apartment:
A Jawa-lookalike demon, captured in a single still frame
In the still frames from the new video, the demon (bottom, right) is not oversaturated because it is not cloaked (read Invisible demons detectable by radiation emission to understand why that's relevant):
Pointy top of the Jawa-lookalike demon's cloak, which moves at a different rate than the pillow, and is not in a shape that the pillow would take under any circumstance

The pointy top of the cloak catching wind

The pointy top of the cloak sort of blends with the fringe on the pillow, but the fringe is not that long, and goes all the way around the pillow, and not just on its corner like a tassel
NOTE | The Jawa-lookalike demon is not fully shown in these still frames or in the video; rather, you can only see the top of its head as it follows the pillow. It probably helps to be familiar with my pillow, too; but, for now, let's just say it wouldn't look like this, even when captured on a cheap cellphone camera, while moving really fast.
In these still frames, all you can make out is the pointy top of the demon's cloak, which is not at all like the demon in the first still frame, but more like the cloak on the hobgoblin demon in Hobgoblin Demons Hops Past Camera.

Keep in mind that, if you're not familiar with how demons blend and move, you will have to look at the still frames and the video to get an idea of just how perfectly they blend, and how quickly they move. They can match colors, time things just right, and they can stay out of your line-of-sight; unfortunately for them, however, they can't stay out of two lines-of-sight (i.e., mine and the camera's). That is how I caught the glimpse of this demon that I did.

Again, these horrible still frames are why it's important to have experience seeing demons move with objects and try to hide from you and move at the same time.

If that's not the case for you, all I can say is this: that the video you see is what it looks like when they do what I've described here; and, all I can do is describe roughly what these two things look like.

First, when a demon enters our realm—or comes out of a hiding spot—and wants to move to another location, they prefer to do this out-of-sight. If you're where you could see one of them, then they'll hide behind something moving in the direction they want to go (if available) until they can duck around a corner and make their way to wherever, or hide somewhere else until you leave, and then go wherever.

Since demons can change their size from Lilliputian to gargantuan, I've seen them hide in the paws of dogs and cats. Since demons can alter the flow of time, I've seen them travel on the far side of a pair of walking legs, keeping in time with them almost perfectly.

All demons whether moving or not, are pretty adept at staying in the periphery of your vision. I believe it is part of their magic; but, they have made it a part of their schtick—you see something out of the corner of your eye, turn to look, they give you about one second, and then duck behind something (if you're lucky, that is).

The odd twist of the pillow puts it at an angle with the camera that makes it look like it is paper-thin, and it almost disappears in one of the frames. This is the hobgoblin replacing himself with my real pillow.
NOTE | Usually, you see a red spark or two when demons do this, but that probably happened on the other side. Also, sepia color mode filters out glowing reds.