Sunday, January 20, 2013

#491 - VIDEO | Neighbors participate in demonic torture ritual

Fear goes along with the pain my demons inflict during their torture ritual, which is, in part, fear of one's safety. They usually accomplish this at night by surrounding my house with a numerous amount  of monsters and, of course, by filling my house with them, too.

These monsters aren't as effective as they used to be when I was a kid and, about six years ago, when they started up again; but, they used to be. They can look and sound like any threat imaginable; but, after so many years of this, it's more of a nuisance when it's not a painful reminder of the very hard-to-solve problem that continues to persist for me, some family and others.

So, to reacquire the element of fear that I outgrew, demons have employed people whenever they can. Doing so adds a cornucopia of anxieties for them to work with, they seem to think (even though, to me, it's simple: people can be dangerous, especially when they act that way).

As you can see from two videos I made during such attacks be demons and humans alike, by and large, these acts would look pretty innocuous to anyone else if they weren't known to be accompanied by the acts of torture at the hands of demons, and if they weren't done over and over and over.

In the first video, you can see a neighbor (different apartment) throwing a rock in order to create noise outside my window and, of course, frighten me-—this at the behest of the Voices Demons [see VIDEO | Gang-stalker caught on camera throwing rock at apartment].

In this segment from a video made during last night's "Anger Management Ritual," as so-named by the Voices Demons, a stick is held, presumably, by a neighbor, just above and behind the top of a fence adjacent to my apartment (behind the gate) in order to get my attention. When I pan the camera in its direction, a Voices Demon instructs the person to lower it (or, I assume; that's the way I've overheard them doing it in the past—that is, telling people when to do something like, "Drop down!"):
This video only shows one little, tiny part of what is done; but, it is a start to telling a very complex story. It's also rare, in that it's hard to catch this type of activity on video. Most of the items used to draw my attention are too small, too far away, and swept out of sight in the nick of time.

This same type of activity goes on inside and outside my home, non-stop. Indoors, sucker demons are mostly the culprits behind visual distractions like the one shown in the video; they snake far enough around a corner to catch your eye, and then snap back after giving you about a second to look at them. 

All of this while other demons and people make noises, which consist mostly of footsteps, and cat-calls [see ].

They do this to other victims, too. In San Jose and other parts of the Bay Area of Northern California, demons routinely use groups of people trained by them to scare victims during torture. In fact, it is one way one can reliably identify victims of Tuzzo, the horde of demons who induce insanity in their victims, if you combine it with the presence of Voices Demons and a particularized style of interaction with said victims, which involves violence and threats of arrest and confinement.
NOTE | These control tactics are not dissimilar to those employed by human traffickers, who threaten their victims with violence and with law enforcement involvement; I was able to determine that a man suffering from delusions was also a victim when he described to me, verbatim, what "his" Voices Demons say to him, even though the rest of his story was clearly concocted [see ].

Landlord caught hiding in driveway
A second video made on the same night shows my landlord running past my window after being caught on camera by surprise:

Apparently, he was hiding between two cars in the driveway outside my window. I caught him by surprise when I suddenly pointed my yet-unfocused camera at him. With the blinds shut, he couldn't see me approach.

This and other things like it went on for over 36 hours straight, all while I fended off a zoo of demonic entities released inside my apartment.