Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#448 - PREVIEW | Former jailhouse lover's photo lures demon-possessed pedophile into rape confession

This is a preview of an upcoming post; I'll announce the final version when it becomes available. It'll include a description of my interaction with the police department investigating this case.

Following is the first pretext call facilitated by police, which was made in order to get some of the information needed for an investigation of the sexual assault allegations made against a confessed pedophile, namely, the demon collaborator shown and heard in CRIME | Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children.

Here is the complete transcript of the pretext phone call, in which the demon-possessed, self-confessed pedophile tentatively agrees to commit another rape, this time, against my former jailhouse lover:

Paul! What's up?
How ya' doin', fucker?
Yeah, this is Paul, right?
Okay,  Paul, what's up, man?
What's this guy into?
Well, I…pretty much…you know, I'm…I'm thinking…I've been with him before; so, I know a lot about him because he was my cellmate.
But, basically, you know, I think he'd be down with whatever you and CJ were doing. He might even want CJ to be there, I'm not sure; but, eh…uh, the only thing is, you know, I'm not real sure, like, for example, if he's going to be down with, like, the vomiting thing. Like, um, you know how, like, you guys were, like, pushing, uh, like, choking me out, or whatever? You know, like, pushing my…pushing your dicks, like, down—or, at least CJ was—like, pushing down my throat, making me, like, [wretches]—shit like that? I don't know if he's down with that; but, then again, it's not necessarily true because I was, uh, here with a dude the other day, and he pulls up porno on my computer, and there's a whole fuckin' selection of pornos where dudes are doing that. So, I guess it's a thing. I thought it was just a you-and-CJ-thing because you guys were not even talking about it; you guys were fuckin' just doing it. And, I was just, like, what the fuck? And, um…and, then, I…he showed me these pornos, and I'm, like, "So, dudes do this shit." So, I was, like, "Okay, cool." So, anyway, I was talking to Jesse, and Jesse's like, "Yeah, If he's got shit, I'm down." And, I was, like, "Like that?!" And, he's like, "Yeah!' He goes, "I fuckin' am into that!" He goes, "You know that." And, I said, "Well, I don't know that." I said, "The only thing I knew about you is that you like to get fucked." Well, he goes, you know, "Well, I like to be the bottom." And, I was like, "Cool! Whatever. Alright." So…but, he's like, "But, he's gotta have shit." And, I'm like, "Yeah, he's got shit; so, don't trip." You know? So…anyway, um, the only other thing is, is, uh, like I say, he likes to fuck, but, um, you know, uh, probably don't hold him down, and don't… Well…but, you could do that, I guess, if you want to; but…which… You know, I…I didn't like that shit; but, uh, I would not do the thing where they can't breathe. I…I don't know how he'd take that—he's younger than me. That scared the shit out of me; but, uh, I think it would probably petrify him even worse. I don't know! I don't know! I haven't asked him that. I didn't talk to him about that day; but, definitely, uh, ask him, like, feel him out first. But, uh, I don't know.

Have you talked to CJ lately? Would you be able to get CJ involved or not? I would not…I probably would not be involved at all. I know I wouldn't, actually.  But, um, would CJ be into this or no?
I don' t know; I haven't seen him for months.
Alright, cool; have you seen him since that…that day we both saw him?
Yeah, I tried to get ahold of him, and dude just slammed the phone in my fucking ear; so, I don't know.

Alright, so, what's up with you?
Nothing. Right now, I gotta get going, unfortunately. 
Okay. Alright.
I'm on my way out of town today; but, I'll be back around on the weekend.
Alright, you wanna talk back, er…talk then or do you want me to hook you up…? What do you want me to do with this dude?
Well, I don't have free time in my schedule probably until next week.
Okay, you wanna talk then?
Yeah, sure.
Alright, talk to you later, man. 
Okay, sounds good.
Okay, bye.

Here is a photo of Jesse, who was used as a lure to initiate the pretext call:
Jesse Thompson's photo was used to lure the suspect into a confession of sorts
Jesse was my former cellmate and jailhouse lover while I was incarcerated at the Santa Clara County Department of Correction:
Jesse's wristband, which all inmates are required to wear while in custody

This is the series of text messages that preceded the phone call (in reverse order, for whatever reason):

San Jose Police Detective John Lynch gave me the following Pretext Call Kit to make the call:
It includes the recorder, extra batteries, instructions, and a ear/speaker piece, which you insert into your ear, while holding the phone up to the other end.

Background: Confessions of a pedophile
During a January, 2012, sexual interlude, he surprised me with his confession that he's a pedophile, as recounted in CRIME | Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children; you can actually see his demon looming in the air over his shoulder, blended with the glare from a nearby table lamp [see also Childhood demon behind most recent attacks]; you can also see a demon's head floating above his shoulder in the glare from of nearby lamp:

Following are audio excerpts of the relevant portions of the video:

Another time, I was in a wedding; I was one of the groomsmen. And, [the groom] knew I was gay, and set me up with his partner, and [he] made me put out for all the other fucking groomsmen—even for, like, his 14 or 15-year-old brother. Fucking hot!

I like going to the porn theater at night, real late. There's a couple of young kids that ride their bikes there that are not old enough to get in—Mexican boys with big dicks. They take me behind [unintelligible] and fuck me. I buy them some porn once in a while. They're, like, 15 or 16—they're hot! They'll put me on the ground and throw my legs up in the air, and [unintelligible] I will fuck [them] and I get fucked [by them]. [Voices demons roaring in the background] First, they [unintelligible] and then they decided it was better to get their dicks off [unintelligible].

It's not like I'm raping them, right?

Do you think it's wrong that I let them fuck me?

And, they know what they want. [pause] They fuck hard, too. [pause] They cum, and their dicks stay hard, and they cum again...whew!

I got a motel room one time, and [unintelligible] suck me off [inaudible] middle school. It was hot!

I'd love to be a sex [educator] for boys like that—8th, 9th and 10th grade boys.

Take, like, the whole football team or something...or wrestling team.

Monday, October 29, 2012

#447 - The (tweaker sex) Life of a (bag whore) Demoniac

Following are videos of sex between me—a (lamentably) demon-possessed gay man [see PHOTOS | The demon possessing me, revealed]—and other demon-possessed men [see also TECHNOLOGY | Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video and The most comprehensive collection of demon-possession videos in existence]; there is nothing significant about these videos, except that they show how enclosed my space is, in that the demons attacking do not allow interaction of any kind with anyone that is not affiliated with them. It is not a celebration of any kind, neither is it an endorsement nor a badge of pride; it's the opposite, if anything. More accurately, it's a record of what happened during a period of high demonic activity.
WARNING | These videos are advertised to gay men only who are 18+ years old, and who consent to viewing adult material of a prurient nature.
In these videos, I am high on a demon-made blend of crystal methamphetamine, which was provided to me free-of-charge by well-known and unabashed collaborators with demons, which happen to be the men shown in the videos [see Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession; see also READER | Crystal meth addict lauds mention of connection between demons and drug and Crystal methamphetamine use common denominator among demon-led local terror groups].

There are a few things you'll notice across the entire collection, regardless of when a particular video was made or who I was with:
  1. The sex is awkward at best. I'm high, had just been inundated by demons, and am well-aware of the fact that I and my partner are being afflicted by demons.
  2. I look sucked up and tired. And, although it has been said that dehydration and insomnia are side effects of tweaking, physical abuse by demons' is the cause in this case.
  3. In spite of the recent and ongoing assault by demons, we feel compelled to carry on. There is a reason for this, and it has to do with efforts of demons, who have been hard at work for years to ensure that things go a certain way for them, regardless of what those things are. That process sometimes starts even before a victim is born; but, before you accuse me of looking for sympathy and support, know that I am aware of this, and, in the end, will not allow it to continue.
About my dick, in my own words and others'
You will also notice in the videos that my dick is limp and about 1 inch in length, even though it is normally 6.75" erect when sober. That is what crystal is purported to do; it's called crystal dick, and that usually only happens in high doses, and when the user has abstained for some time. If I were a daily user, it would not be; however, since, at this time, my use is spaced anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks apart, and then only a day or two in length, I "suffer" from this "problem." Why the quotes? The funny thing is, when you're high—like, really high—you like your dick like that.

But, before you say, "Yeah, right, buddy," take a look at these.m For comparison, following are pictures that were taken a few minutes ago, while sober, which show my dick hard, semi-flaccid, and flaccid:
6.75" hard (when sober) [taken Oct. 23rd, 2012]
Semi-flaccid (after nutting) [taken Oct. 23rd, 2012]
Flaccid [taken Oct. 23rd, 2012]
My sober face, albeit burnt to a crisp by the Spectre of Death, who can use his own body to narrow the rays of the sun into a beam of skin-burning fury [taken last month]
NOTE | These images were provided so that the issue of my dick size doesn't overshadow the primary issue, which is, of course, demons on the prowl for gay men to devour.
Demonic collaborators have made songs about my crystal dick, singing in one song:
Your dick is very sad, little-dick, little-dick fag!"
You can hear this song and read the lyrics in TRANSCRIPT | Yet another song about my sexual preference and penis and HOME | Resident's family heckles about sexuality, penis; there are also references to it in the death threats I've received, as shown in Bizarre communication usually follows demonic attacks [see also Third death threat adds decapitation to penectomyTactics advisory riles long-time cyberstalker]. Demons that communicate with other persons besides (or in addition to) me have made references to it in their conversations with those persons, an example of which is provided in AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment; demons also sing about it, as heard in AUDIO | Chorus of female voices demons sing about penis, homosexuality and pending murder.

My penis has also been the target of physical assault, as discussed (and shown) in Doctor cites 'Testis Contusion' as the basis for prescribing testosterone injections and PHOTO | Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable.

Demons and/or human collaborators caused this permanent disfiguration around the shaft [see PHOTO | Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable]
The intent to damage my penis was known and announced to others two years before the damage was done, as heard and described in AUDIO | Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006.

The purpose of this post and its benefit to its target audience (gay men)
In providing these videos, I hope to garner the attention of persons otherwise not interested in the topic of demons; generally, this means gay, bisexual and curious men. Insodoing, I hope to preserve the life of the next target of the Voices Demons, one of which, in Voices Demons' weigh options to deprive me of freedom, stated that:
He's not going away for long; but, he'll do some time. Then, we'll wack off to a whole 'nother fag.
Simply put, that could be you.
NOTE | To see how fast a demon can knock you out and hang you by arms, go to VIDEO TIMELINE | Demons Attack at Law Library, Another Demon Assault Caught on Video and Assault by Demonic Intruders, respectively; to see what they can do to your dick while you're knocked out, go to PHOTO | Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable and Doctor cites 'Testis Contusion' as the basis for prescribing testosterone injections.
This is not new, by the way. I mentioned something similar on this blog as far back as last April, in Demons intend to "hem up" gays now working for them, in which I wrote that one Voices Demon said:
We don't really like our gay friends; we will hem them up after this one.
You can avoid this if you take the time to read the rest of this blog, which will educate you in two ways:
  1. You'll learn what you're dealing with, and how to deal with it.
  2. You'll see that nothing about you should ever hinder your efforts to reach out and get help. Demons use a person's shame and fear to garner their silence.
For those of you gawking at this post in disbelief, keep in mind that this is not really the risk for me that it may appear to be. I am a dead man, and no hold are, therefore, barred. Plus, the demons need to know (again) that I will do anything to defeat them—no matter what cost to me.

How this post threatens the agenda of evil
There are four people in these videos that create living bodies out of dolls for demons to inhabit. I'm sure that it will not be as viable an option for them in the future to launch these demons into unwitting households, as they are likely doing to others, as they have done to me. After all, this site is about my notes, which I choose to share with others due to the benefits associated with doing so; and, as the note-taker here, I have to document everything demonic and everyone involved in demonic activity, if I intend to make progress towards a solution to a deadly and devastating problem.

Measuring this post's success
In the few days my campaign of awareness has been underway, I have raised my average daily hit count to an average of 2,500 hits a day:
Since the campaign started on October 23rd, the blog has seen a record-breaking 2,718 pageviews (on October 25th)
That is a sharp increase of the typical 300 to 500 hits per day it has seen since its inception nearly seven months ago.

The tweaker + demon-possessed men sex videos
The first set of videos were made at The Watergarden, where many demon videos and photos were also made. These can be seen in the following posts:

    This is the one where demons are in our bed with us (at The Watergarden), which you can only see in the stills, as shown in VIDEO | Demons caught in bathhouse sex video:

    This is the guy who, along with me, assumed some of the physical characteristics of an orlock, which are only visible in the still frames when the video is in motion, as shown in PHOTOS | Physical attributes of orlock expressed during periods of high demonic activity:

    This is the guy who changed his face six times during our fuck date, as shown in PHOTO GALLERY | The many faces of the demon-possessed:

    The man in the video below morphed from an orlock to himself right in front of my cellphone camera, as shown in VIDEO | Orlock-like face morphs into a human one; but, this is just the sex video (you may notice strange things going on in the room—or not):
    Are you nervous about going to a bathhouse? If it's The Watergarden, that's understandable, as, in this video, you can clearly see a swarm of white sucker demons flitting around my body in various parts of the video:

    When this guy goes to sleep, his room fills with man-like, skull-headed demons that call me fag, and then proceed to exchange "zaps" with me (their's burn; mine open holes):
    This surprise guest brought with him the miniaturized Jawa-lookalike demon you see in my bed in Secret builders of blanket demon faces revealed; in the video, however, you cannot see it without freezing it in just the right spot:

    This man decided to interrupt our sexual interlude with a surprise confession that he's a pedophile, as recounted in CRIME | Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children; you can actually see his demon looming in the air over his shoulder, blended with the glare from a nearby table lamp [see also Childhood demon behind most recent attacks]; you can also see a demon's head floating above his shoulder in the glare from of nearby lamp:

    Following are audio excerpts of the relevant portions of the video:

    Another time, I was in a wedding; I was one of the groomsmen. And, [the groom] knew I was gay, and set me up with his partner, and [he] made me put out for all the other fucking groomsmen—even for, like, his 14 or 15-year-old brother. Fucking hot!

    I like going to the porn theater at night, real late. There's a couple of young kids that ride their bikes there that are not old enough to get in—Mexican boys with big dicks. They take me behind [unintelligible] and fuck me. I buy them some porn once in a while. They're, like, 15 or 16—they're hot! They'll put me on the ground and throw my legs up in the air, and [unintelligible] I will fuck [them] and I get fucked [by them]. [Voices demons roaring in the background] First, they [unintelligible] and then they decided it was better to get their dicks off [unintelligible].

    It's not like I'm raping them, right?

    Do you think it's wrong that I let them fuck me?

    And, they know what they want. [pause] They fuck hard, too. [pause] They cum, and their dicks stay hard, and they cum again...whew!

    I got a motel room one time, and [unintelligible] suck me off [inaudible] middle school. It was hot!

    I'd love to be a sex [educator] for boys like that—8th, 9th and 10th grade boys.

    Take, like, the whole football team or something...or wrestling team.

    In this one, both the man and I shows signs of post-surgery pinning and stitching, which you can't see in the video, unless you look at individual still frames [shown in PHOTO | Cloaked pins and stitching attach face to head]. If you cannot see this video, go to http://youtu.be/Y3i0DKIKPyE:

    This video shows a man who was actually operated on by demons before my very eyes [see the photos at PHOTO | Camera in motion reveals demon-possessed (or surgically assaulted) guest; read the story at READER | Man admits to more than just a couple of random demon sightings; eyewitness recounts demon surgery in bathtub]. If you cannot see this video, go to http://youtu.be/yagX-bDkeuA:
    The demons in these videos were blurred out before I had a chance to post them; but, you can still the witness to them clearly. If you cannot see this video, go to http://youtu.be/nMjFaLy3vNY:
    If you cannot see this next video, go to http://youtu.be/mudvLeu_g5g:

    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    #446 - SCIENCE | Seeing the eye of an invisible demon

    In The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained, I introduced several principles of the science of light (or optics) that explain why you can see cloaked (or invisible) demons in the dark, and which also explain what causes their ghost-like appearance.

    In this post, I will explain how diffraction, another scientific principle of optics, allows you to see a cloaked demon in the light.

    Just like the science behind polarized light explains why cloaked demons appear illuminated in the dark, the science of diffracted light explains why an otherwise invisible demon can be seen in the daylight.
    One of the most easily observed facts about light is its tendency to travel in straight lines. Careful observation shows, however, that a light ray spreads slightly when passing the edges of an obstacle. This phenomenon is called diffraction.
    [Source: McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, Volume 10, 8th Edition (1997)]
    Applying this principle, I was able to capture on video the curious eye of a one-and-a-half-foot tall imp demon, which moves faster than time, and which is virtually invisible in the daylight, as it peered through a hole drilled into a lid taped over the lens of my camera:
    The eye of a demon peers through a hole in a lid fastened over the camera lens
    NOTE | This type of lens covering is called a light-tunnel aperture.
    In the video, you can barely see through the hole, but well enough to see a rapidly approaching shadow, which then instantly transforms into the fast-moving eye of a deadly, imp demon:
    What made this demon visible—at least when a part of it was close to the hole—was the fact that the light reflecting off the eye passed over the edges of the hole, and were therefore spread out before entering the lens. When spread, they intersected with light rays passing straight ahead, which assumed the same wavelength upon collision. This increased the amount of light reflected from the eye, thereby making it visible, whereas a cloak words by decreasing reflected light.

    Substitutes to lids with holes punctured through them
    You can also make a fist while leaving a small hole in the middle and then point your camera through that to see hidden demons in the daylight; and, once, I was able to see a dragon-like demon out of my window as long as I looked through the slats in the blinds from a certain distance, but couldn't when I raised them.
    NOTE | The demon in the video is probably an assassin, looking for its kill, which it assumed was hiding in my apartment (a common occurrence), as my apartment was a nexus of hyperdimensional portal activity, and saw constant demon traffic [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Maskless Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor]. Combat of this kind was also common, even for me, as shown in ESPAÑOL | Demonios ardientes con el fuego.
    Other videos employing the light-tunnel aperture
    On the night the Blanket Demon II video was made, while I slept, a demon had entered my room at my old apartment on Julian Street, which, as I stated above, is actually a nexus of hyperdimensional portal activity. Demons came and went all day and all night at that apartment, although not necessarily to see or otherwise interact with me. So, this was not unusual.

    As you can see in the video, I'm trying to find it using my cellphone video camera and a makeshift light-tunnel aperture, specifically, the back cover of my cellphone and the lens hole. As I pan the room, the demon slid under my bedspread, which lay strewn on the floor from a mad dash for the light. As I get closer and closer to it, it suddenly springs up from the floor—with the bedspread still over its head—in order to scare me so it could make a safer getaway. You can see it move across the floor, knocking the lamp askew in the process:

    Thursday, October 25, 2012

    #445 - Demon, demon on the wall

    I have another video clip of a demon's head on the wall, talking, similar to the first one seen in SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained, and which has a complete set of facial features (the lower jaw is missing in most of the frames of the first such video):
    In this still frame, you can see the left eye and three upper teeth; on the right, my initial attempts to add a 3D quality easily using GIMP (it'll look better in motion)
    In the video, you cannot see any of this without enhancing each frame; but, you can make out the shape of the demon's mouth moving like a mouth, which is how I discovered it.

    Original still frame

    An enhanced version

    Another enhanced version
    Here's another close-up of the face:
    The left eye is clearly visible, but is nearly halved by obstructing chroma in the air; three large, spaced upper teeth are jutting from a partially opened mouth; the entire nose and mouth are visible, but the upper-right portion of the face is blocked by more chroma
    NOTE | An enhanced version of the video is forthcoming.
    By the way, for those interested, here are a couple of screen shots showing how I made the enhancements in GIMP:

    #443 - Is telepathy akin to hypnotic suggestion?

    Human telepathy is possible...and easy; but, it tricks the human brain like a dream, dangerously suggesting on a subliminal level that a given topic of conversation (or the mood it conveys) is real, even when it isn't.

    If you (or someone you know) "communicate(s) with the spirits," then you (or someone you know) are being hurt, physically and mentally—even if that is not the intent.

    Generally, "spirits" are not medical doctors, and may not know that what they are doing is harmful to you. Others know quite well, such as Voices Demons, and talk incessantly to their victims to cause injury to the psyche.

    Although any information from Voices Demons should be considered unreliable when provided to a human, when they acknowledged this fact upon my own discovery of it, I believed them, in part, because they were able to demonstrate their apparent ability to use telepathy to make my head spin and ache, as well as to make a popping noise somewhere inside my head (by increasing pressure in the eustachian tubes, perhaps?).

    Also, on a walk home late one night last fall, I recorded a demon saying, "Let [him] feel my talk" [download Enraged Whisperer.wav (203.32 KB)]. At the time, I wouldn't have suspected that what the demon was implying was that telepathy harms (or can be used to harm) peoples' minds; rather, I would have assumed that it meant it wanted to take verbal gibes at me á la the Voices Demons. Seeing as the demon did not do that, and based on what I know now, it was probably signaling its intent to harm me via telepathy.

    The Voices Demons' telepathy is either akin to hypnotic suggestion or they are able to hypnotically suggest while projecting telepathically, which is the likely explanation for their close partnership and reliance upon dreamweaver demons.

    Those are the possibilities, but, either way, it explains how they can create fearful expectations of non-pending events without reliable or complete or logical outward signs of them, as they did, for example, in Voices Demons plot for supposed future custody stay.

    Like a dreamweaver demon, which creates a scenario in a sleeper's unconscious mind for them to navigate within (a tool used to explore the psyche of a victim), a voices demon creates scenarios for the conscious (or awakened) mind; but, unlike a dreamweaver demon, the resistance to which is virtually null by merit of the unconscious state of the victim, a voices demon must have the victim's attention.

    That's probably also why they insist that their victims "listen, listen, listen," even though they repeat themselves constantly or seem to talk non-sense all-day long or talk about things that may pertain to or be about me but would never carry the weight in their lives they act like it does. It's probably subliminal programming of some kind, even though I know nothing about any of these topics.

    All of this is just a guess, but a really good, educated guess, though. I'll explain how I came across this once I have a better way to support it.

    This is the role of drugs in certain overall plans and goals, just as drugs play a role in possession, as described in Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession.

    I will elaborate on all of this later, and I will also include what I think may be the reason why Voices Demons consistently choose a particular location out of a set of locations when talking to you. They don't sound like they are inside your mind, but somewhere around you, at various distances and positions; sometimes, they even move while talking to you, albeit nearly instantaneously, and always to one of their usual positions around your head. I remember that there was one other significant thing that I noticed when the skull-head chased a voices demon into a corner with his snake-like tongue: that the voice demon could be traced in a line as it moved to the corner (because it was talking non-stop), and it was in a position that was not usual for them to talk to me from. Since this was a one-time occurrence, I can reasonably conclude that position and distance is important to achieve a particular effect, since they can move to any position, but with victims, don't; and, when they don't, it probably means they are working your mind somehow for some reason).

    By the way, if you are communicating with Voices Demons or any other entity telepathically and are human, it is important to realize that if you have not been taught to block them from communicating with you in this way, then you are—or will be—a victim, even if they do not intend for you to be. It is harmful for you to communicate in this way, even if you are capable of doing it. ("My" Voices Demons just said, "Bullshit! It's only harmful when it's done in certain ways." My reply: you mean like insulting and threatening someone around the clock for years in a row, while physically harming through other demons?')
    NOTE | The fact that they don't intend for you to be a victim in the way that I and others are, but still talk to you telepathically—knowing how harmful it—gives you a good indication of the general demonic attitude towards the lesser evolved and capable species called human. The fact that they ask you to do bad things (if that's the case) should be the other. In fact, what they talk about should be all the indicator you need. That, humans can understand and apply to protective effect.
    Other notes about Voices Demons
    I already knew that Voices Demons communicate using existing sound waves; they need them in order to be heard, which might be because they cannot generate them on their own. It might be a form of masking; or, it could be that sound carries their communication further than they could on their own—I just don't know.

    But, knowing that they get louder in a loud environment may pave the way for recording them when they don't want to be recorded, and when they don't want to shut up. The way I tried this recently was to play an obnoxious, loud siren on my computer while recording Voices Demons shouting. Then, in Audacity, I overlayed the siren with the recording, and then used the siren track to filter the siren sound from the recording of the Voices Demons in order to hear them only.

    It worked, although the siren was not completely removed (that's because I don't know how to use Audacity and/or because Audacity sucks). Anyway, it's a safe bet to say that, if I stick with it—just like the images and videos that were once unviewable—I'll get something I can use.

    Another observation of note: while loud, consistent noise does not block the sound of their voices, it blocks the effects of their telepathy.

    More about the Voices Demons
    Other posts which speak exclusively about the Voices Demons include:

    #442 - PHOTO | The eyes of another demon possessing

    Possession in a single person by multiple demons is more common than not, as the Bible teaches, which also states that demons are more likely to run in hordes than not; specifically, in Matthew 12:43-45 [ESV]:

    When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, but finds none. Then it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when it comes, it finds the house empty, swept, and put in order. Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that person is worse than the first. So also will it be with this evil generation.
    In the case of my demonic possession, I am no exception. Since posting images of at least two different demons superimposing their faces over mine in PHOTOS | The demon possessing me, revealed and TECHNOLOGY | Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video, I found in the stills taken from a portion of a video in which I look down very fast a pair of yellow-green eyes, one slitted, the other round. As stated many times, demons possessing a person can often be seen in still frames blurry from the motion of the camera or the subject. That is the case in this photo:
    A pair of yellow-green eyes of a female demon possessing me, shown in this still frame taken from a portion of video in which I am in the process of looking down very quickly (enhanced)
    The original, unenhanced version of the still frame above
     This is not the first time I have incidentally acquired an image of my eyes assuming the appearance of a demons; but, it is the first time it's happened since reasonably demonstrating that I am possessed by at least one demon, which makes it feel more appropriate to post for some reason.

    #441 - VIDEO | Sucker demons dance on fingertips, connect

    In a video clip made earlier this month, you can see sucker demons dance on my fingertips as I scratch my head, as well as connect between them and my scalp on contact, kind of like static electricity; in it, my head and hand is covered with eye spider demons and sucker demons:

    NOTE | Although sucker demons are not static electricity, they seem to go hand-in-hand with it in other ways besides just sometimes looking like it, as in the above video [see The two weaknesses of sucker demons: static electricity and clear plastic and Sucker Demons Interfere with Electronics on Contact, Spark when crushed; see also Electrical conductivity of electronic device affects cloaked demon's ability to maintain contact with human skin].
    The quality of this video embedded in this post is not as good as the original for several reasons:
    • YouTube compression blurs videos, and sucker demons are thin;
    • These demons are small, and sucker demons move very fast;
    • The quality of the video camera is low, capturing only 15 frames per second at 640 px x 426 px.
    • Because they are cloaked, the eye spider demons and sucker demons look like jagged, black lines and squiggly white ones, respectively;
    NOTE | The reason why these particular types of demons appear this way in digital video when cloaked is loosely explained in Invisible demons detectable by radiation emission, and the fact that they look like this has been mentioned (and seen) before, particularly, in HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin.
    For greater clarity, you can view the original, uncompressed video at DropBox.

    The video plays at a speed of 33%, so you can see the sucker demons moving between my fingers and connecting my fingertips to my scalp; otherwise, they move too fast to see.

    Wednesday, October 24, 2012

    #440 - Reader talks to Night Fright Show about sister's death by demons

    Jodi Polos, the reader featured in Is Wicca the answer to the demon problem? on The Life of a Demoniac, was also featured on the Night Fright Show with Brent Holland.
    On the show, she discussed her twin sister's death at the hands of demons, which was also mentioned in the post:

    The post includes a Facebook conversation between me and Ms. Polos, in which she simply states that her sister was killed by demons; she did not elaborate beyond that. To-wit:
    I feel really bad for you. I lost my identical twin to a demon. It's wrong that there's no real way to combat them. I didn't know you were a California person, too. I do occassionlly read your blog; but, I limit it because I have a demon problem, and I don't want to give it more power over me, by being more susceptible to it, by reading about the harm it does to you. I saw what it did to my twin, and I am so traumatized to this day—and, it's been 7 years! I despise demons! Good luck, my friend, and GOD BLESS YOU!
    Have you tried using WICCA philosophy to help yourself? We are Christians, and when we brought in the priests, it was like it infuriated the demon, and [it] took her life and tried to kill my family. I do have to give credit that the demon was stopped before killing my daughter; so, GOD must have intervened. Have you read my book?

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    #439 - DRAFT | More of what a hobgoblin demon looks like (and other things about them, too)

    This post is a draft; I'm working on it—right now—as you're looking at it. It's messy, I know, but the enhanced images were so much better than the originals, I wanted to share them now.

    Since my last post on what hobgoblin demons look like, I have obtained several new photographs of them. This post includes those additional images, and, for the sake of convenience, also includes the ones previously shown in that post, namely, What a hobgoblin demon looks like.

    Videos of hobgoblin demons
    This post also includes all videos in my collection that show hobgoblin demons, which, by the way, are extremely rare, quite pathetic (except for the first one, below), and which were missing from the first post.

    In Hobgoblin Demon Springs from Floor, a hobgoblin enters my apartment through a hyperdimensional portal in the floor—which is always the way demons enter—and then exits through a wall—which is always the way a demon exits:

    In Mother Hobgoblin Demon and Baby Hobgoblin Demon, a hobgoblin demon, which is blending with a bedspread and pillow case, and which has female facial characteristics, cradles a smaller hobgoblin demon, creating the appearance of a mother and child:

    NOTE | Because a hobgoblin demon's cloak is more near-perfect than most, you will likely see one blended before you will ever see one cloaked.
    In Hobgoblin Demon Sneaks Behind Me, I review video footage of a recent demonic attack as a hobgoblin demon slips behind me and jumps on my bed in order to escape into a hyperdimensional portal on the wall, which is the same one used by the hobgoblin demon in Hobgoblin Demon Springs from Floor, above:

    In Hobgoblin Demon Sneaks Up Behind Me, the light glaring off the back of the chair looks like the white mask of a hobgoblin demon, which, at first, I thought was creeping up behind me:

    Hobgoblin demons, described
    Hobgoblin demons stand about 3 to 4 feet tall, wear black or brown cloaks and what appear to be white masks, but are actually material (or flesh) malleable enough to contort into different facial expressions.

    The reasons why hobgoblin demon faces look like masks is most likely because they do not emote with their facial expressions often, and because their faces probably start as actual masks, as their bodies are known to start with dirty clothes [see VIDEOS | Naked, demon-possessed man writhing on floor helps animate, transport demons]; however, generally, the masks are frozen into a somewhat of a caricature of a human's face.
    They appear to have an innate interest in human medicine and psychology [see PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons attempt to induce insanity by blocking pleasurable experiences]. This translates into macabre and obscene experiments and modifications to the human anatomy and behavior, as is described in Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control.

    Hobgoblin demons stay cloaked, and move outside of regular time, specifically, faster (too see what this looks like, watch Demonic Peep-Eye, which features a demon that moves faster than normal time, just like a hobgoblin demon). This means that you will rarely see one with the naked eye, and, if you do, it's only a glimpse.
    At 3311 Princeton Way #5 in Santa Clara, California—a minor hub of demonic activity
    Their cloaks can only be breached by photographing light reflecting from their bodies, which must be bent by motion in order to be seen (read more about Nature of demonic cloak revealed). Normally, this is accomplished by accident, and usually when a video camera is being panned and a hobgoblin demon just happens to be in the picture and moving, as well.
    At VMC Hospital on 750 Bascom Avenue in San Jose, California, where hobgoblin demons conduct medical experiments [see Rare Photo of Voices Demon at VMC or Hoax?]

    Hobgoblin demons are world-renowned, and a Google search for stories of black- or brown-cloaked entities invading sleepers' beds corroborates much of what is written in this blog.
    usually only captured by a fast-moving video camera as the camera lens passes over their position—and only then, when the hobgoblin demon is blended (or possessed of) an object that may slightly resembles its body shape or striping (white on top, but black in back; black from the neck down). That's a lot of variables that have to be present in order to capture a segment of video that has a hobgoblin demon that can be seen in the still frames.

    Last night, I was able to capture quite a few still frames of a new hobgoblin demon, which is by far the highest quality set I have so far. You can see a lot more detail; in fact, the mask even appears glossy in a few of them. And, unlike the other photographed hobgoblin demons, in which there are multiple photos of the same demon, this one changes expression and turns its head slightly several times:
    In fact, that is how all of the photographs of hobgoblin demons were made (i.e., while the camera and the hobgoblin demon were in opposite motion).
    From Intruder Attacks at 471 East Julian Street in San Jose, California—the nexus of demonic activity
    Video in motion reveals cloaked demons, even when they are possessing a human, as shown in these two still frames taken from a very interesting video:
    While the video camera was still...
    ...and when it was in motion

    Hobgoblin demons are almost always the instigators and overseers of all demonic attacks. A perfect example of this is the hobgoblin demon detected in one of the frames (shown above) from the Demonic Intruders Attack video. In that video, it can be heard instructing two other demons to, "Pick him up," referring to me, of course, and my unconscious body.

    They also have the most powerful magic, which works sort of like "mojo." My belief and experience suggests that the black tar-like smoke that hits you when a hobgoblin demon works its magic on you decides what bad happens to you next, and that it's not necessarily up to the hobgoblin demon who cast it at you. I do know that it requires kinetic energy (motion) on the part of the target to work. So, you can temporarily ward off any ill effects from getting hit with hobgoblin demon magic by simply not moving; however, because the magic doesn't wear off quickly, you may have to move at some point, even while it could still do damage.

    A good example of the results of their magic is shown in the photo below, in which my head was injured by a pipe that literally bent down—as if it were made of marshmallows—and struck me on the head (as if it were made of metal):
    A pole mounted on a rooftop bent down and knocked me on the head after I was hit by hobgoblin-demon magic
    NOTE | More injuries can be seen Other injuries since '06 and Demon fighting injuries.
    Not only do hobgoblin demons cloak, but they also blend with similar looking objects. They even move in motion with said object, just to stay out of sight. In the case below, a hobgoblin demon moves with my hand as it passes in front of the camera, in part, because the shape of the side of my hand was nearly identical to the profile of its head (read more on this particular type of demonic camouflage).

    Hobgoblin demons appear by moon cycle, use demon graffiti to announce displeasure
    As shown in PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts, hobgoblin demons always leave demonic graffiti in and around their area of operations, specifically, their stylized eight.

    This photo was taken at a laundromat where a hobgoblin demon was seen animating a few pieces of dirty clothes; to show me how close it could get, it took my shoestring—without me seeing or knowing—and created this stylized eight:
    Like all hobgoblin demons, when first spotted, this one collapsed into the pile of clothes it animated, just like the baby/midget-like demon in Little Man Around the Be(n)d (below):