Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Door, The Cross and the Cat (or, "Scratchen gets it")

The following post is about Scratchen, my cat. Before you ask something stupid like, WTF does this have to do with demons?!—like one person in a Facebook group to which I post links to this blog, in fact, did—consider how you'll look to those who made a remedial effort to know WTF where you made none: lazy, pointless, hate-filled and uncompelled by a world-sized factory of motivation.

Point being is, read all the posts about Scratchen, and figure it the F out before you open your F mouth, MF.

Second point: Scratchen and I are fine, thank you for asking that first, you hateful piece of S...

Third point, while I'm on a roll: until your cat traverses time and space for you, I'll decide WTF is and WTF isn't.

On Friday, October 19th, at 10:30 PM, Scratchen was admitted to a local animal hospital with symptoms of congestive heart failure, specifically, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, severe lethargy and muscle weakness. Although a tumor near her heart has not been ruled out, the primary cause has been attributed to untreated hyperthyroidism:

Scratchen was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and hyperthyroidism
Unless an echocardiogram reveals a cancerous tumor (originally thought to be the cause of the heart malady), her life expectancy is six months to one year. She will require daily doses of four different medications to treat both conditions:

Scratchen will require administration of four different medications—twice a day, at 12-hour intervals
The following is a phone call between me and a veterinarian at an emergency animal clinic in Indianapolis—just a few miles from my current home, and less than a quarter of a mile from my childhood home(s):
The culprits weren't hard to pin down:
A still frame from a video made of Scratchen during a period of high demonic activityThe same still frame, but with an overexposure filter applied to just her mouth to reveal a demon similar to the one shown on the rightAn image made of a demon using a home-brewed technique designed to capture cloaked demons using a digital imaging sensor
Here's a line-up of the usual suspects (the ones usually assigned to carry out threats such as the one issued in Scratchen's case—i.e., "Scratchen gets it"):

Passenger-pigeon demons, such as these, are the culprits behind Scratchen's maladies overall; prior to leaving California, they made an open declaration of their intent to hurt her (still searching for the video of this—thanks YouTube for being such SHIT-FUCKS and deleting my account without explanation...BURN IN HELL WITH THESE CREATURES, YOU VOMIT BAGS!)
These demons and the people who follow them cull tidbits from known torture practices of various cults to assemble a mish-mash of mayhem with which to beleaguer their victims. Animal torture, which the Illuminati are known and confirmed to use (or have used) to warp the minds of children—not adults—is (apparently) one of the things they will do to anybody at any age for no logical reason and without any understanding of the point to be made and purpose to be served by those from which they adopted it. It seems that, to them, they think that they can inherit fame and intelligence by simply imitating someone famous for being intelligent. That would be a good plan if you're all in and none out; but, cherry-picking and experimentation as a pattern and practice has yet to yield the stature they desire. So far, they look base, crass and dominated by a lust for violence that redefines out-of-control. Unfortunately, failure does not dissuade those with a hunger that cannot be satiated.

The following videos were made this morning during and after I went to pick her up from the hospital:

As you can see, another one of the usual suspects was at-large during this latest demonic debacle—albeit, in His case, a welcome one.

These are her follow-up instructions per the technician: