Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Drive-Thru Demon

Not a drive-thru demon; but, the drive-thru demon. I'm not labeling an entire species (such as hobgoblin demon) or naming a horde (such as Red Horde); rather, I'm calling out a single demon, giving him a name that he shares with no other, as I intend to do with every demon I encounter that possesses—and changes drastically—the person they possess. Now, here's his face:
My acquaintance does not have a green face, nor does her hairline recede to the top of her head (the three eyes are the result of an in-motion camera; even still, she has only two)
I do this because they are the worst kind of demon, and therefore deserve the most attention. Just like everyone I've known who are possessed by demons, the demon that possesses my acquaintance (above) changed her personality dramatically. Bubbly, fun, energetic, lively, dynamic, creative, peace-loving were the qualities I assigned her the first time I met her and for years afterward.
NOTE | I would say the same of my long-time friend, Long, who never would have fired any kind of weapon at anyone [see "I think I'm finally getting to him" Part II] were it not for demonic warping [see Sucker demons (finally) crawl on somebody else].
Long's hand transforms into a demonic weapon prior to firing it at me [from PICS | More hand-based demonic weapons]

As far as I can tell, tonight, however, marked the end of her inner joy, which was so intense, it actually distracted me from my misery while in jail whenever she was there also. Now, she is sullen, distracted, slow, depressed, tired and also reckless (like walking through the Taco Bell drive-thru, and trying to order food, as shown in the first image to this post).

These two are not the only people that I would have described as beacons of light, but are now grossly and adversely impacted by their demonic possession. Both my grandma [see READER | Did your demons follow you to Indiana?] and my mother [see Voices Demons: Your family will be arrestable].
NOTE | During periods of high demonic activity, the effects of demon possession are amplified to levels that create a danger to others; otherwise, the original personality of the possessee is somewhat restored (although still markedly diminished).