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#422 - Blanket demons possess bedsheets, humans possess clay

There is an interesting parallel between the demon spirit and the human soul: both animate inanimate matter. For demons, that's just about anything, including your dirty clothes and head-greasy pillows; for humans, it's dirt.
An ashtray demon, at work in my laundry bag, possessing clothes with demons A blanket demon, having taken possession of a pile of clothes laying on the floor A pillow demon—one of many in that pillow—taking swipes at my head as I try to rest Dirt
The animator (or Creator) makes the difference
The difference, then, is who put our (and their) spirits into those things. For demons, it's Jawa-lookalike demons, hobgoblin demons and ashtray demons, and their spirits were (and are) put in dolls made by man; for humans, it's the Spirit of God.

My source of information for demons is my own two eyes; for humans, the Bible.

I have personally witnessed on two separate occasions the animation of homemade dolls with the spirits of a hobgoblin demon and a Jawa-lookalike demon.
Oliver animates a homemade doll with the spirit of a hobgoblin demon (see links, below)
This is what I learned on each occasion:
  1. A hobgoblin demon's body can be made out of fabric that is twisted into a man-like shape. The person who did this was of Filipino origin [see note, below]; perhaps doll-making of this kind can be found among their culture. He pulled a spirit out of a glowing hole in the floor and pushed it into the doll; it animated almost immediately; and,
  2. The dolls made for Jawa-lookalike demons are designed more elaborately, in that they look like very accurate representations of these demons, except for one strange difference: the dolls have white fangs, which are made of two thin strands of fabric that hang down to the feet of the doll.
NOTE | To see someone animate a homemade doll with the spirit of a hobgoblin demon, go to Oliver Prepares Portal for Demonic Transit [see also Oliver Moves Demons between Floor and Wall PortalsSliding walls (and the uninvited guests who go through them)Oliver Conceals a Sucker DemonNaked, demon-possessed man writhing on floor helps animate, transport demons].
In Genesis 2:7:
The LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." [King James Version]
Quantity versus quality
But, that's only the first difference. The second is how many spirits are put in each inanimate object. God meant for man's flesh to be occupied by one spirit, and Jesus later drove home that point with exorcism. It is a vile and disgusting practice to possess a man's body with another spirit in the eyes of God. It's like washing a cherry-red, vintage 1960 Ford Mustang with rocks to God. He made your body for his own pleasure and purpose; and, neither you nor any other thing touch it, because your body doesn't even belong to you—it belongs to God. In 1 Corinthians 6:19, it says:
Don't you know that your body is a temple that belongs to the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit, whom you received from God, lives in you. You don't belong to yourselves. [GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)]
On the other hand, demons will squeeze as many of themselves in a thing as possible. For example, in a bedspread at a hotel in Fremont, there were dozens of faces. Following are two of them:
A medieval-style cap on the head of a portulent-faced blanket demon (upper right)Another demon possessing the same bedspread, wearing a medieval bishop's hat
Possession and hoarding (or blending) is a demon practice
In the past, I have called this blending, but, to be precise, I should have called it hoarding. This makes more sense than blending, particularly, because it kind of goes with horde of demons.

Regardless of the term used, however, both refer to the specific form of possession of inanimate object by a group of similar or like demons (or horde) that is characterized by the creation of each demon's respective facial features using elements comprising the object, either by modifying the object itself to create a given facial feature, or by positioning its face directly over an area of the object that resembles said feature. When the object is possessed by a horde, as is nearly always the case, the re-created faces of the demon will overlap, each sharing a subset of each others' features.

Since demons see people as worth nothing more than blankets, they possess us, too. The distinction between hoarding (or blending) and possessing is not made among them. I have made the distinction in my vernacular based on the many differences we perceive between the animate and inanimate objects.

#421 - The police report from the false arrest perpetrated by Wells Fargo, Sunnyvale police gang-stalkers

Following is a copy of an April 2006 Sunnyvale police report, documenting my arrest at a bank near my former home. It is being provided as background information for readers who want to know more about the way demons use incarceration against their targets and victims. Assume the charges and the statements made therein are false (because they are).

They do this to intimidate and control victims [see Voices demons say, "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]"], and to keep them in their local area to do with as they please (demons have a limited range).

Note the story the accomplice provided to the police; it's wild. He is the one who set me up in conjunction with other demon collaborators—and, as I came to find out much later—at the behest of the very demons I fight today.

You can tell from his story and what you know about me that the demons were trying an entirely different approach at that time—mainly, to incarcerate me as a drug dealer; of course, when that didn't work, they tried (and are trying) other things, albeit just as unsuccessfully.

Police Report from Bogus Arrest

This is also the police report in which the officer (or someone else) forged my mother's signature on the Miranda Admonishment page, as is described in BIBLE | Fear should not be a factor for you.

Also, following is a phone conversation between me and the then-leader of a group of demon-trained gang-stalkers, Jon Harrington, in which he briefly mentions his disbelief over the authenticity of the charges against me, even though he is the enemy:
The relevant portion of the phone call, as it pertains to the arrest follows:
Jon: ...You need to make sure you, uh...I don't want you to get in any kind of trouble ever again. Not because of me, you know...
James: No. Absolutely not. I, um...I actually don't want to get in any more trouble either and I'm real stupified by that whole situation to begin with. You know, looking back, I can see how just explaining it very simply would confound people as to why I even agreed to do it; but, I mean, if you were there, you'd get it. That's neither here nor there. The fact is: I did it. I didn't know, and the law says you have to know and, I'm going to fight it. And, I'm gonna play dumb, 'cuz I was. And, I'm gonna play, you know, intimidated a bit, because I was. And, just the truth. This...the situation, I think, speaks for itself; but, I don't know how good of a defense that is. But, I said, I gotta talk to an attorney and, uh, figure all that out real soon, because that's coming up...
Jon: When you say you're going to be playing dumb, you're talking about the situation with J, correct?
James: Yeah.
Jon: You got played in that situation by J or whatever.
James: Totally.
Jon: Um, yeah, that's definitely what, um, my stance is on that situation I said, you pick up a random guy Danny drops off and just happens to be from the neighborhood that all the family's are, okay...
Here's what I wrote about this phone call back then on The Sunnyvale Knock (2006) web site, and the partial transcript I included, as well:

Jon calls to discuss my arrest on May 18th—for which no charges have been filed yet—and other issues. He employs his oft-used tactic of pretending to be my friend (which I am using right back) in order to get me to relax—and, as a result, tell him information I otherwise wouldn’t.
I play along, sometimes mixing the truth with outright lies, as he does. It wasn’t hard to mix up the facts, though; I was exhausted from two days and two nights of constant street theater and a night in the holding area of the San Jose jail.
NOTE | For an example of what I use to call street theatre, read VIDEO | Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark. That's right; the demons and the gang-stalkers have been at this for over 6 years now.
My fatigue is most evident towards the end of the call, when my tactic is too transparent (I change my story four times on one topic, for example).
This phone call is very telling; he acknowledges that Danny and Bobby have been trying to drive me “into the ground even further.” What he didn’t know at the time was that I knew—from both taped phone conversations and people who told me—that he was working directly with them (and Spyder) to achieve this.
This is only a partial transcript (more later):
Jon: Boo!
James: What's going' on?
Jon: I just wanted to check in with you and...
James: Okay, well, um, let's see...I've got three court cases: two, uh, under the influences and, then, one with four felonies—uh, robbery, uh, conspiracy, fraudulent check and possession of stolen property, all combined into one case.
Jon: Well, what happened last night?
James: Well, let's see, um...Long and I left for McDonald's, we saw, um, some police cars parked over...right...kinda by the liquor store, in that same parking lot, which is unusual. There's nothing out here except my house, you know, as far as what they need to be watching, and, so, they, uh, were obviously [inaudible] there. So, we called Bobby and we said, "Now, that looks weird." Not that we had anything to...we're doing anything wrong, per se, but Bobby gets so scared, you know, and sketched out that we wanted to warn him, you know. And, um, so, we drove back and, um, they were all over the neighborhood. So, I thought, "Ugh. I don't think we should be here, Long." Long's like, "Oh, it's no problem. It's no problem." I kept trying to yell at him, you know, "Get outta here! Get outta here!" And, he pulls up to the, uh, fucking driveway and there they are. So, we get out and they say, "Where's Danny?" Well, I told Danny to hit the road along with Bobby. Bobby was still...I don't know why Bobby was there because he was supposed to hit the road already, too. But, anyway, um, [Danny], uh, wasn't there, and they go, "Can we check?" And, I'm, like, "Yeah, go right ahead." And, they go, "Well, can we have your keys?" And, I said, "Yeah, sure, go ahead," because they're not going to find Danny. Well, unfortunately, then, Bobby jumps out from behind the hallway or some shit and, like, has a knife and won't, like, put it down or, you know, put his hands or anything, so they asked me to go talk to him. So, I did and he calmed down. I kind of know how to work with him now and, um...but, they arrested him, still, for possession of a deadly weapon and one other charge...I can't remember what it was. Me, for under the influence and that was it.
So, then, I come home from [inaudible] and Danny comes by maybe a half hour later and he's, um, breaking into the back window. It's already broken; but, I mean, he's was, like, pulling it out of the whole frame and everything. I think he was going to fix it, but I'm not quite sure. But, anyway, um, so, I called them and I said...while I was talking to 'em about, like, where my keys were and everything like that—because those are gone—and reporting my credit cards and iPod with video and digital camera mi...uh...stolen, um, you know, I mentioned that there was someone coming through. And, then, I called back later and I said, "Oh, no, no, no. So sorry. That was my ex-roommate Danny, blah blah blah..." They sent people anyway. So, Danny and I had been on a walk for almost, like, half an hour or so, but, I...we went our separate ways after we met, like, somewhere near the middle of the park. They picked him up, supposedly—that's what they said. And, they stopped me and did another little drug test thingy and I passed it, so I didn't get arrested again; but, I came pretty close to having to UI's in one 12-hour period, more or less. And, then, I guess, apparently, before all this happened, um, this girl named, Lorraine, I think it is, got arrested for under the influence, I think. And, uh, so, everybody just kinda went to jail. [laughs] I mean, like, literally everybody.
NOTE | Danny is actually Daniel Anthony Napolitan, who, in Secret recording of conversation reveals demonic agenda, apprised Bobby Malnburg of the plans the demons had for me.
Jon: Because...what happened, um...
James: Hold on! One more thing I left out. So, uh, Bobby said Josh stopped by and tried to get him to leave the house when we went to McDonald's. And, then that was it. Yeah, that's everything.
Jon: When my phone still worked, I got two messages that said that you'd been trying to...from two, like...Danny and somebody else—I don't know if it was Josh or not—um, that said that you were having trouble with Bobby and...and, in regards to leaving your house and, then, um [laughs]...I called Danny to check if that was, you know, true and he said, he wanted to meet me. Um, I came over there the same time as and Long went over towards McDonald's.
James: Yeah.
Jon: And, I saw the same three cops that you guys saw...
James: Okay.
Jon: ...and some chick running across the street. I guess it was that chick.
James: Okay.
Jon: I came back around to make sure, maybe, I could save Danny or you or whoever that chick was running after and then there was only one cop car left: the white one, stopping that chick.
James: Oh, okay.
Jon: So, I left.
James: Oh, okay.
Jon: And, um, Danny got in touch with me a few hours later and asked me to drag him out of the bush that he was stuck in and I did. And, then he ended up going downtown to meet with that chick. Then, I guess he met up with you again; but, I didn't know that you were on a five-hour. I figured that Bobby got busted for something and they...because there was charges pressed, right? And, they...they decided to go with under the influence again and that you'd be out in five to six hours and you weren't. So, we made a call to make sure that you were alright and then you'd already been released by 7 a.m..
James: I mean, I wasn't supposed to be charged with it again? Oh, you mean the second time?
Jon: No, no. This, uh...this afternoon, uh, it'd been longer than five hours without hearing from anybody or even, you know, uh, or knowing what's going on. And, I'm...was like, well, they don't...they released you by three or four o'clock and it was almost seven...
James: Yep.
Jon: And, so, I made a call to our bondsman and, I was like, "Look, I have no idea what he could possibly be in on. I thought it was gonna be an 'under the influence. Because, he doesn't do anything wrong in his own home.'
James: Right.
Jon: And, um, they said that you'd been released by 7:30 and I was, you know...that was the end of it [and] I went about my night. Because, I'm supposed to be in Santa Barbara.
James: That, pretty much, I mean...more or less...[stutters]...the times are a little off, but, um, yeah, I...I...I'd gotten released, probably around, I don't know [sighs] 1, 1:30. And, then, a couple hours later...I'd say, uh, I was out takin' a walk and they...I saw 'em swooping on to my house and, of course, no one was home. And,, I just turned right around and...of course, they saw me and they caught up to me and did the second test and everything. And, it kinda know? It's all just bullshit is what it is and...
Jon: Um,, Danny is incarcerated right now? Do you know anything about that?
James: No, I don't. This is what I was told, so...last night, they said that they were looking for him. They said, "Do you know where he's at?" I said, "No, I don't" and, all that shit. And, uh, they volunteered later what it...what it was they were looking...[sighs] know, what it was he had on him that they were looking for and I guess they said, "He has a whole lot of warrants." Well, I talked to Danny. Danny says, "I got two, and they're small." Well, then, when they caught up with me today, they said, "No, no, no. He doesn't have two. He's got a lot." So, um, and I think they're probably right. I don't know. And, I think they're probably pretty major and I think the quantity's high as well. I don't know this; but, I'm just...the way they kinda said it...
Jon: That's weird because—just on the off, like, for some reason, I don't... Two days ago, I was asked to run [inaudible] and warrants and to check it, because he needed help with something: a bench warrant.
James: Yeah.
Jon: And, the only thing that came up was, uh...they were all less than $5,000 and, um, one was a $2,000 complaint for, uh, failure to appear on, uh, misdemeanor (under the influence)—the only one that came up... 
James: Uh-huh.
Jon: And, um, something to do with the rental car, um, but only to deal with the fact that he didn't have a license at the time...
James: Right. Right.
Jon: ...and that, that the car wasn't physically insured and [inaudible] property, the...almost like theft, but not really. It wasn't like the car theft thing.
James: Uh-huh.
Jon: It was like conspiracy to, uh, [inaudible] destruction of property...
James: Right.
Jon: ...from the vehicle. And, um, those were supposed to...supposed to be cite-and-release things. So, I guess, um...he was supposed to meet with a lawyer tomorrow and they're going to take $200 from the fund and just go to the sheriff's department and fingerprint him... [inaudible]
James: Uh-huh.
Jon: It's kinda surprising that that's what they brought him in for. Anyway, that chick...she's gone, correct?
James: She's not what?
Jon: She's gone, correct?
James: Yes.
Jon: Okay.
James: I think so. [laughs] [inaudible] Long saw her leave, I think. She's kinda, a little bit, uh, off-kilter, uh, tonight and yesterday night, especially. So, I was kinda glad to see her in jail. You there?
Jon: Yeah, she' main reason that Danny was, was leaving last night...I thought...well, it was brought to me that you were not necessarily trying to get rid of Danny,, you didn't want to make Bobby feel bad by not getting rid of everybody...? But, if that's not true, I mean, that's...
James: No. Well, I mean, there's nothing wrong, per se, with either one of them at all. It wasn't like I was just pissed off and said it. What had happened was, basically, this: um, they were 1) in general, they allowed too many things to happen that they could have prevented. And, they wanted to stay neutral. But, in my house, you can't be neutral. You gotta be 100% on my side. And, then, 2) uh, you know, [inaudible] like stolen mail. I think, like, maybe they might've stopped Josh once.
Jon: That...
James: All the other times, they didn't do shit about it when they could have. In fact, they probably participated a little bit. Um, things like that; but, the...the big thing that day, uh...Bobby had hidden, um, drugs in my house, which is a big no-no; but, he had also hidden them inside a cat toy, which is, basically, your balls get chopped off. Now, the second thing is: I don't know if it was both of them or one of them or what, had been telling potential buyers of the home to skidaddle, the house is not on the market. And, that's not the case. So, when I found that out, that was pretty much, "Okay, you know, that's it." That...that was the last straw. 
Jon: Yeah. So...
James: They're eating my food, they're not [inaudible], they're not paying a dime, so I said, "Fuck it!" You know? That's ridiculous. So, I just said, "Fuck it." You know? It's not gonna happen. So, they're all supposed to leave, and then all hell broke loose. But, I'll tell you: they're out. They're gone. [laughs] I mean, it's not funny, but, I mean, like, I was real...really, really torn up over the Bobby thing. Um, I was a mess, actually. I didn't care about my own situation, you know. [inaudible]
Jon: gotta be careful, like, uh, as far as, uh, giving a shit about, like, the...the situation that you want is, uh, now, you know, slightly eradicated and his...his reaction to simple situations and his fear and, like, certain things that he, [they're] not only irrational, but they're, um...kind of grotesque. Um, like...I, I feel that, you know, okay: when you...when you see an animal shot or wounded or something, feel sorry for him, uh...but, if you're a...if you're the victim of the situation and, uh, [for the] most part—even if...even if there's slight...slight enabling's going on—that you feel bad for know...they're homeless...
James: Yeah.
Jon: Make sure that you, um, you know, realize the situation is: they're actively making it so you cannot sell your home and driving you into the ground even...even further...
James: That's exactly why I kicked...oh, totally, totally. And, I mean, finally, you know...
Jon: Dude, are you still...are you still playing the...are you still playing the coin that you think there's a side that involves me in any way, shape or form?
James: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. That was over a long time ago; but...I let people think that; but, it really wasn't an issue. Um, the Paul Casey thing...I mean, at that point, I was little less learned, I guess, and know: the fact that he became a roommate: that's not what I was looking for. You know, I didn't even really say they could be roommates. They just did become  them; but, um...I enjoyed it while it lasted, except for that one fateful night. But,, uh, you know,
NOTE | The night being referenced is the Night of the Gun Chase.
Jon: Danny, s—...
James: [inaudible] and it was, you know, something to do, I don't know.
Jon: Danny, solo, as a roommate, would have probably been [an] alright situation and, um...he definitely just wanted a place to lay his head. He wasn't trying to, uh, be malicious. Um, I don't know once, um...once I find out what's going on with him—if I care to, or if he cares to, you know, uh, call who he's supposed to call, um...I mean, and I'm supposed to, uh, express the...uh, that you do not want to see him there and that you need to get on with stuff.
James: Definitely, yeah. There's no point in us hanging out, you know. I mean, like I said, he's fun; but, um, you know, he's eating me out of house and home and he does steal stuff and he damages stuff and I don't know if he means to, like, damage things, but he does and he eats my food and, you know, it's just like, you know, "No." [stutters] If he doesn't steal it, he asks for it; but, I mean, he keeps asking and keeps asking and, you know, you gotta give it to him eventually or just go nuts. And, it's like, I don't need that fucking shit, you know? If he paid money, this would be a perfect situation; but, he doesn't pay a dime.

Jon: Yeah, it got really weird there. Just, uh...[chuckles]

James: From the outside it looked very weird, actually. Is that what you're saying?

Jon: Yeah, I mean, it's...for...well, Bobby was...Bobby is a conundrum [chuckles] for almost anyone to understand. That guy's, uh...I hope that he didn't leave a bloody mess like I figured he would. Um...

James: No. No, um, he didn't. He kept it off the carpet and, but, it was, you know, actually, um, we got along famously; except for when he would do something kind of scandalous or whatever, and then I would call him out on it and be pissed off. But, you know, I'd get over it and we'd move on. I actually got pretty close for Bobby. Really close, actually; but, um, that's neither here nor there, I guess; but...[stutters]...I see exactly what you're saying. You're definitely describing the way it would it would go down [inaudible] and, uh, it would be a big problem, there'd be blood everywhere and it'd just be too much. But, um...actually, I could handle that. That's why police asked me, you know, to step in front of their guns and talk to him, you know? So, um...and it worked! [laughs]So, somehow they knew there was a rapport there; but, anyway, I'm sorry...

Jon: Okay, so, in this situation, I believe that, um...uh...Joshua gonna be in Clear Lake for at least a week. Um, I'm gonna be back-and-forth from LA for three or four days. I don't think that anybody's gonna be, like...I don't think Danny is gonna be released. I don't think Bobby is going to be released. So, you won't have any problems. Anything that you'd need from me as,, before I leave? Because I'm going to be out-of-contact for awhile and I don't want to, like...[chuckles] know, Long...Long's a great guy in some regards; but,, he causes a few more problems than he, than he's worth sometimes for you.

James: Okay.

Jon: Before I leave, I...I'm trying to make sure there's no loose ends that are gonna, um, affect, um...

James: Yeah, I know what you mean. I know what you mean.

Jon: in the coming days. Well, 'cuz, I also, too...I left you the message the other day, um...I did try to find a way to make your credit card problems go away; but, we need to talk in person because, uh, like, I...[laughs]...I'm happy with what could ha—like, what'll happen for you. You need to make sure you, uh...I don't want you to get in any kind of trouble ever again. Not because of me, you know...

James: No. Absolutely not. I, um...I actually don't want to get in any more trouble either and I'm real stupified by that whole situation to begin with. You know, looking back, I can see how just explaining it very simply would confound people as to why I even agreed to do it; but, I mean, if you were there, you'd get it. That's neither here nor there. The fact is: I did it. I didn't know, and the law says you have to know and, I'm going to fight it. And, I'm gonna play dumb, 'cuz I was. And, I'm gonna play, you know, intimidated a bit, because I was. And, just the truth. This...the situation, I think, speaks for itself; but, I don't know how good of a defense that is. But, I said, I gotta talk to an attorney and, uh, figure all that out real soon, because that's coming up. The, uh...the UI cases are coming up as well, and the credit card situation? Yeah, my monthly payments are really—excessively—high and, because there're cash advances, mostly, a lot of them are over the 30% APR with finance charges every month. So, in addition to the high interest rates, there's finance charges on top of that. So, um, it's eating me out of house and home, literally, and it's kind of upsetting.

Jon: When you say you're going to be playing dumb, you're talking about the situation with J, correct?

James: Yeah.

Jon: You got played in that situation by J or whatever.

James: Totally.

Jon: Um, yeah, that's definitely what, um, my stance is on that situation I said, you pick up a random guy Danny drops off and just happens to be from the neighborhood that all the family's are, okay, then, 2) word came from, uh, above me that, um, Barron's been a slight problem for you?

James: No. No.

Jon: So you're're not...

James: Well, okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know, he absolved himself from responsibility. He said—and I believe him, I really do—he did not know this guy was up to what he was up to. He knew this guy knew...had connections in that arena, to where they could get information about individuals if they needed to—and they did. But, um, he didn't actually go there with that intent. What happened he described me to this particular friend, and this particular friend is a con artist himself. And, so, basically, he saw a knock in me, asked Barron to bring him over...bring me over to him with...under a totally different premise: art...modeling for his art (he's an artist). And, um, then, segwaying right into, uh, the protection slash eradication slash know, data collecting services or whatever. And, the contingency was, of course, money, uh, abandoning my home and living with him and all that crap. He didn't get a dime and I stayed with him for the weekend and called it quits after that. Never even got a number for an attorney out of this guy. Um, but, he didn't get any money [laughs].

Jon: Did he, um...did he express what affiliation that he had? Because, um...we're getting...

James: No. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely. So, he was, um...there were a lot of black people coming in and out, let's put it that way.

Jon: Huh!

James: And they were mean as fuck; but, they don't dislike anybody. They had...what was cool about them is that they had no emotional involvement in that situation at all. They just said, you know, "We don't care," basically. And, they meant it, because, know...Brent asked us to get some information for you, we'll get it, here it is. And, they gave me information that described Spyder to a T, except for one aspect: they said, "The Spyder we're thinking of is real, real dark," and, as you know, Spyder's light. And, so, I was like, "Well, everything else is dead-on. So, maybe you guys just got that wrong." So, I was thinking that whole...I was thinking that whole weekend that the person they were describing was know, was Spyder when, in fact, it was this totally other different guy and, so, like, for three days, I was just fucking terrified, so...

Jon: Um, yeah, um...shit. I'm pretty much heading out of town right this second, um, 'cuz I need to be down in Santa Barbara before sunrise almost.

James: Okay...

Jon: Um...definitely, um...I can't give...I can't give the out over the phone for, um, who you could speak to this weekend that could, um, actually sit down with you, you know, an attorney that would cost us $600 an hour, most of the time, but can handle this situation, at least with the J. Tyler thing because, uh...I'm sorry...the J thing. It doesn't necessarily have to be Tyler's, right?

James: Right.

Jon: Um...but, um...definitely, uh...have you spoken to Daniel? Don't speak to him today; it's his birthday and...and I don't want him to be, uh, disconcerted.

James: [clears throat]

#420 - God's plan for Voices Demons spelled out in Bible

God's plan for the Voices Demons, who continuously stir up strife among humans, encourage them to commit sin, and antagonize people on a daily basis, is pretty clearly stated in various parts of the Bible.

The most notable record of the Voices Demons' handiwork in the aforestated regard is documented in The Sunnyvale Knock (2006) web site [see The web site that launched the demonic war]; however, there are even more examples, and the results of their work can be seen or heard in a few posts on this blog such as these:
Another perfect example is from two nights ago, in which an unexpected guest, accompanying someone who was invited to my home, attempted to cause discord and strife among neighbors and other residents of my home by practically yelling a non-stop diatribe about his sexual exploits. Following is about 9 minutes of his hours-long attempt to please the Voices Demons, who instructed him on how to ruin my evening:
NOTE | Another—and more clear—example of demon collaborators talking just to annoy or frighten can be heard in SECRET VIDEO | Fake fighting, barking police arrest and "drug bust" commands by humans collaborating with demon stress-inducing aims.
After hearing this and reading the aforementioned posts, most would agree that God's plan is more than fitting for demons and people that have based their entire existences on talebearing, whispering, evil surmising, and cursing.

In an online article on Let God Be True!, the difference between the works (or fruits) of Voices Demons and those with love in their hearts is spelled out very clearly, particularly in this excerpt:
Love hears rumors, or even factual news of others' sins, but never repeats them; hatred craves private information and spreads it to any listeners.
It is by this very means that the Voices Demons gain persons' acquiescence and participation in such illegal activities as those described in the links above; and, insodoing, they cause others to sin, as well.

The article also describes the fate of such demons—and those who collaborate with them—that justify their behavior in this way:
Hatred of sin is holy and good (Pr 6:16-19; Ps 45:7). But hatred of others, shown by anger at personal offences, ignoring repentance, whispering about sins, and talebearing is murder in God's judgment (Matt 5:21-26). It proves a person to be without eternal life and living for the devil with a spirit from hell (John 8:44; James 3:14-16; I John 3:15).
Following is the entire article, which clarifies for those afflicted by such demons what love looks like, and what hate looks like:

Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.

Where there is strife, there is hatred. Conflict cannot exist without hatred. And unless love prevails, the strife will get worse. Love does not fight - it covers offences and sins. It seeks peace and pursues it. It cannot tolerate strife; it tries to end it as soon as possible.

Strife, a word we do not use much today, means antagonism, enmity, discord, contention, or dispute. It is fighting and conflict. While it is godly to strive for truth against sin and error, here we have personal strife caused by the hatred of those who do not practice love.

Where there is envy, strife, enmity, conflict, or tension, all you need do is look a little deeper to find one or both parties guilty of hatred. Fighting and antagonism do not and cannot exist where each person is practicing Christian charity, or love.

But there are wicked persons, with hearts full of malice and hatred, which we all were by nature (Tit 3:3), who delight in stirring up contentions and quarrels by talebearing, whispering, evil surmising, and cursing. These profane persons have no conscience or compassion, as Ham and Shimei; and they shall receive a similar fate from the holy and just God and noble men (Gen 9:20-27II Sam 16:5-14I Kgs 2:8-9Is 29:20-21).

Charity forgives sins and forgets sins, just as the Lord forgives and forgets them. Love hides and conceals sins under the same forgiving cover that Christ provides every saint. This is covering sin, and it is a rule of life for saints of the most High (Pr 17:9Jas 5:20I Pet 4:8). But hatred, growing from anger and pride, loves to dig up evil, spread evil reports, and create strife and trouble (Pr 15:1816:27-2826:2128:2529:22Jas 4:1).

Can we cover sins like Joseph, whose brothers could not believe his forgiveness, even after many gifts, favors, and passage of much time (Gen 45:1-1550:15-21)? Lord, help us. He put the very best perspective on their horrible sin and wept over all of them. How did the Lord reward this one son of Jacob? He gave him two tribes in Israel (Josh 14:4)!

Here is a golden opportunity for child training for dedicated Christian parents. Children must be trained and corrected strictly in this matter of hatred and love, strife and peace, covering sins or spreading them. The natural antagonism and competitiveness of children creates a perfect setting for teaching love, graciousness, forgiveness, and peacemaking.

Love has many facets (I Cor 13:4-7), but our proverb emphasizes one of them - covering sins. Love overlooks offences against it; hatred gets offended, holds bitterness, or plots revenge. Love forgets and hides the sins of the repentant; hatred remembers them or spreads them to others. Love hears rumors, or even factual news of others' sins, but never repeats them; hatred craves private information and spreads it to any listeners.

Can we cover all sins, as the Preacher taught here? Peter once sought a limit of seven times for covering sins, but our blessed Lord pressed him to seventy times seven (Matt 18:21-22)! How can we stir up trouble over a few pence, when our Lord has forgiven us ten thousand talents (Matt 18:23-35)! These things should never occur among those who name the name of Christ, and the judgment of the wicked servant is just and appropriate.

Covering sins is not compromise. It is not withholding Scriptural judgment, whether in the family, church, business, or nation. The rightful authority should speedily execute judgment, where God has ordained it. But covering sins should occur when the offences are against you, where there is repentance, or you are not in direct authority.

Hatred of sin is holy and good (Pr 6:16-19Ps 45:7). But hatred of others, shown by anger at personal offences, ignoring repentance, whispering about sins, and talebearing is murder in God's judgment (Matt 5:21-26). It proves a person to be without eternal life and living for the devil with a spirit from hell (John 8:44James 3:14-16I John 3:15).

What if a person says, "Oh, how I love Jesus," but they stir up trouble, do not forgive personal offences, ignore repentance, and reveal sins to others? They are lying hypocrites, for the Bible says they are murdering descendants of Cain (I John 3:10-15).

Dear reader, let us take on the character of our Lord Jesus, who came into the world to save sinners. He has no use for the self-loving "righteous," for He knows the blackness of their hearts. Let us choose to forgive and cover sins in love, so that we might easily and honestly pray, "Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us."

Our lesson here is the basis for true peace - love. Where there is strife, contention, and tension, there is hatred lurking behind the false handshakes and lying words of murderers. It is our wisdom to live this lesson ourselves, avoid those wicked persons, and train such evil out of our children. Let us be the greatest peacemakers in the world by practicing the wisdom of this proverb. May the Lord Jesus grant us the grace and wisdom for the task.

Our lesson here is also the great gulf between the wise and foolish, between the righteous and wicked, between the sons of God and the sons of Belial. When Jesus met repentant sinners, He freely forgave them; when Pharisees see sinners, they despise them and hate God's full forgiveness (Luke 7:36-5015:25-32). But wicked persons shall have their day, as did the Jews. As the forgiving Lord did not forgive the Jews but miserably destroyed them, so shall these hateful, strife-causing murderers be burned up (Rev 21:8).

Here's Joyce Meyer's take on what God says about the power of words (watch the free podcast):
Satan uses peoples' mouths to bring pain and hurt; but, God wants to use it to bring joy and peace. You can build up with your mouth; and, you can tear down [with it]. You can edify and exhort; or, you can just totally deflate somebody. We can cause people to succeed by what we say to them; or, we can cause them to fail by what we say to them. What a responsibility we have! 
If you want to enjoy your life, keep your tongue from evil. What are some of the things that would be considered evil? Gossip. Criticism. Isn't it amazing how fast bad news travels? It's amazing that someone can do something bad, and within 24 hours, everybody knows it. I wonder what would happen if good news spread like that? Because there are good things going on; but, for some reason, the human flesh, apart from being controlled by God, is not as interested in telling good things as it is bad things.
Here's what the Book of James has to say about the tongue:
When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go. Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.
All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures are being tamed and have been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.
With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.
Here's another article from from Let God Be True!, which describes the qualities one takes on as a liar, and the power of a lie to destroy the liar's world and the world of people who perpetuate lies:

Proverbs 25:18

A man that beareth false witness against his neighbour is a maul, and a sword, and a sharp arrow.

Do you smash, slash, or pierce others? Do you crush them? Cut and wound them? Pierce them deeply? If you ever exaggerate, lie, or remain silent to put a person in a bad light, you are guilty. You are like a maul – a large and heavy hammer. You are like a sword. You are like a sharp arrow. You hurt others painfully. Destroy these weapons today!

Similes and metaphors are figures of speech that make a comparison between things to explain or illustrate one of them. A simile admits the comparison by using comparative words such as “like” or “as.” A metaphor assumes the comparison without identifying it. This proverb is a metaphor. If it were a simile, it would read, “A man that beareth false witness against his neighbor is LIKE a maul, and a sword, and a sharp arrow.”

Noble and righteous men always tell the truth, especially when a reputation or life is at stake. When they are witnesses in any matter, they are careful to say all they should, as accurately as they can recall it. They do not remain silent, when their word would shed light on a situation. This matter is important enough to God that the ninth commandment reads, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” (Ex 20:16).

This is no light matter. When God writes a nation’s laws, perjury in court will get you the same punishment as the crime being tried, even if it is death (Deut 19:16-21). Such a wise law would help witnesses tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Memories would improve and consciences would be much more active. God hates all lying, but especially when another party is at risk (6:16-19; 19:5,9; Ex 23:1-9; Lev 5:1; 19:11-18).

You can smash a person’s hopes, reputation, or life, if you testify falsely against him or do not tell the whole truth. You can cut him deeply, as with a sword, if you fail to deliver him from trouble, when you know the truth about a matter. And you can fatally wound him from a distance, if you were a witness to some event, but you withhold the truth from those adjudicating the crime. A false witness is a hateful and terrible enemy to men.

You would never lie in court? Good. Would you tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth, without exaggeration or bias, about everything you know? Good. Remember that stretching the facts or remaining silent when you know more is also being a false witness.

What is your reputation? Is it always and only to tell the truth about others? Are you known for never backbiting, never slandering, never talebearing, and never whispering? Do you always put the actions of others in the best light possible? If not, start today!