Friday, August 28, 2015

VID | Completely invisible cloak detection, at last

Before reading this post...
If you're new to the blog, read up on chroma (color noise commonly seen in digital media, mostly when made in low-light conditions), and how it relates to detecting cloaked (invisible) demons; then, read up on Chroma, software that renders an image from the chroma (which, as you'll find out, is created by the EMF radiation emitted by a cloaked demon by interfering with the proper operation of the CCD sensor.

About this post
This post shows a video of an otherwise invisible demon made visible via special image-processing software specifically designed to render an image from the color noise produced by cloak demons in digital media. It was made last night during a period of high demonic activity, and is a clip from a much longer video (which shows nothing, cloaked or otherwise). The clip is first shown in its original form as made on my iPhone, and then again as filtered by Chroma:

Although the image-processing procedures rendered the visible objects poorly, it succeeded in revealing a cloaked demon, which is completely invisible in the original video. You can see a two-foot tall demonic entity darting from right to left near the base of the door frame, just outside the room.
NOTE | This video also shows how quickly chroma dissipates, a useful fact for anyone attempting to ascertain the properties of specific type of EMF radiation that produces it.
The video was processed by the Chroma Photo Editing Extension for iPhone by subtracting an inverted copy of the video processed by the FAST Corner Detection filter from the the original.

The steps to produce the video shown in this post, and any other that may contain a cloaked entity, using Chroma:

Step one: Open the original image in Chroma

Step two: Choose the FAST Corner Detection filter

Step three: Invert the colors

Step four: Subtract it from the original
These steps can also be used with any video-editing software package.

PICS | Shadow demons have faces + how they move

Still working on this one; there's a couple of pics, and some of the copy (mostly just a couple of paragraphs, not in any particular order or coherence at this point. At the end is a video showing three men conjuring and transporting a shadow demon to my apartment.

Everytime I see (or have seen) a shadow demon, it looks like a shadow—nothing more, except that it sometimes has appendages I or the other person whose shadow it's representing doesn't, namely, a demonic weapon in place of fingers, known as The Claw...

For most of the time I've been made aware of them, they've always seemed to prefer imitating the person they are shadowing, which they do almost perfectly, save the occasional imperfection [VIDEO | Shadow demon revealed by inability to cast beer bottle's shadow].

Because for so many years that's all I saw them do, one could have assumed that they had to actually stand in someone's shadow to interact and otherwise be seen. ...Within the past several months, they have been stabbing and poking my eyes, head and body cavity, legs, arms, hands—well, pretty much everything on my body—including testicles. It generates a sickening feeling whenever they poke somewhere in your torso, too. And, they don't just do it once; they keep at for long periods of time.

What's more, is that they are not afraid of cameras, as they are more easily disguised than other demons, looking no more than a shadow to all but the untrained (read, unfortunate) eye. That, by the way, made it hard to proffer convincing media to show that they exist, and, to an even lesser extent, what they do.


Today, proving them got a little easier, thanks to the discovery that their facial features that can be seen after all. In the following still frame taken from a video made yesterday, Long's shadow can be seen with two eyes and a mouth, peering at him from the door as he enters the room:
A barely-but-visible pair of eyes and ghoulish grin on the face(!) of Long's shadow suggest that shadow demons can be seen as more than just shadows (click to enlarge)The same still frame shown left, after applying a high-contrast image-processing procedure to add depth to the shadow demons face (click to enlarge)
In other parts of the video, that's not all his shadow demon can be seen doing; he also hits him in the head a couple of times from behind, although Long appears to be unaware of it. This is kind of what one reader was referring to when they left a message on this blog's backup site at WordPress:
The type of assault freqently carried out by shadow demons on me is not unknown to other persons, either (apparently)
A couple of other notes about the physical characteristics of shadow demons that have yet to be published to this blog:
  1. The color of a shadow demons rarely matches the color of real shadows cast next to it, which is due, in part, because the shadow is more like a cloud that has somewhat visible volume;
  2. Shadow demons actually cast their own shadows.
"Making a run for our people..."
That's the pathetic vernacular demons and their people use to describe the conjuring and transport of a shadow demon to its target location, which these three trespassers on my property are doing (whether it's evident to you or not):

Standing on the sidewalk in front of the vacant lot next to my apartment in a circle-of-three, one dude conjures a shadow demon, which uses the second dude for traction and momentum to enter the third dude, from whom it will have just enough energy to detach once that dude traipses to a location just under the window from where I'm recording.

If you're a demon or demon person—or victim—you know exactly what you're looking at; if you're clueless (?), this video will leave you so. Ignore it, then.

About shoddy renderings of demonic activity
Sometimes, I wish some of my readers were more like this guy:

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He knows those blips on the screen don't look exactly like airplanes; but, he's not trying to be retarded—or blatantly dangerous to himself and the persons in those planes—by pretending he doesn't know what he's looking at, or that what he's looking at are, in fact, airplanes. In spite of the really raw rendering of air traffic, he's satisfied with what he has, and makes prodigious use of it for the benefit of others and, not least of all, himself.

Then, there's readers like this:

When you get messages like this from people who know better—who are part-and-parcel to the problem when asked to be—it's a Debbie Downer, to be sure