Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Voices demons say, "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]"

Today was not the first time I've heard the Voices Demons (now called Prophecy Demons, since "Voices Demons" sounds schizophrenic) say that the Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney will graciously offer me a plea bargain, in which I plead guilty in exchange for 105 years to life in the state penitentiary.

I have no idea what this forthcoming criminal case is about yet—and they won't say—so, I'm gonna hold off on making a decision.

They used to say it repeatedly, but, for some time now, they had stopped, primarily, because I have learned how to "push" back (I can make them say what I want them to, to a limited degree; and, I can zap them, sometimes).

But, now that I'm kicking things up on my end against people who work for them—I filed six major criminal complaints (4 forced sodomy and forced oral copulation cases, theft, and petty theft) against four of their most wealthy and influential people, and implicated one of the same in multiple sexual assaults against children, all of this just last week—the demons are upping the ante, considering yet another play for my freedom now a form of counterstrike or retaliation, instead of the problem that started it all.
NOTE | Not only have I filed criminal complaints against a few demonic cohorts, but I'm preparing another batch of lawsuits against others who have committed tortious acts at the behest of demons. Currently, I'm waiting for copies of police reports to submit with the complaints, however, so it may be up to 10 days before there is any news on these suits.
As in the past, I will engage in as many "dissuasive" maneuvers as possible, which will include, but will not be limited to, a spate of civil suits that not only lay claim for damages (in other words, I will take their money), but will procure testimony from witnesses and the targets of the suits themselves that can be used to implicate others in crimes that were committed in the past.

This particular type of maneuver is one that I have often employed since 2006 in an attempt to stop illicit and illegal behavior by the gang-stalkers and demons, but it has done little more than escalate the ongoing war between us, and has also spawned a rash of demonic incursions into the civil and criminal justice system in San Jose, which is now fraught with corruption, as a result. It is nearly impossible, even with a prima facie complaint, to win a suit in the County of Santa Clara.

Still, its potential is almost worth the backlash, in that, in the state of California and in federal courts, if you fail to answer a complaint within the requisite time period (usually 60 days), you effectively admit to all of the allegations in the complaint made against you.

In Bush v. Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, et al. [C 08-01354 LHK], one defendant defaulted, meaning that he (willingly) failed to answer the complaint. In the complaint, he is alleged to be a witness to many major state and federal crimes committed by others. By defaulting, he is, in essence, providing testimony against the other defendants in the suit by "admitting" that they committed the torts (which are also crimes, in this case) alleged against them.

Some defendants who have defaulted in the past have failed to answer or otherwise defend against my complaints due to the relatively small amount of damages requested; however, insodoing, they failed to protect themselves against any future criminal complaints that may be made against them for more serious crimes. One example is the theft of computer equipment, which was stated in the complaint to store evidence intended for use in a federal civil trial against the same defendant. By defaulting, this defendant not only admitted to theft (although the monetary damages were quite small), they effectively admitted to obstruction of justice and evidence tampering.
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So, one can easily see why both the gang-stalkers and the forces of darkness do not like lawsuits, especially after reading this draft complaint for the theft by a former roommate:
Complaint for Conversion Against Victor Salazar
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