Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blood-soaked sucker demons spread HIV (DRAFT)

I'm tired of working on this one for now; so, I'll publish it early and call it a draft. There's much left to write, and it's not all that coherent, either. After being put through another Anger Management Ritual last weekend, I'm busier than ever (lots and lots of demon pictures to post).

Basically, it's about demons who infect people with HIV (and how and why they do it), and how they accelerate the debilitating effects of the disease, also using demons, when the disease itself is either not working fast enough...or is not present at all.

The Voices Demons have said on multiple occasions that the HIV virus is demon-made, and is given to humans as a means to effect control of society in a way that makes peoples' emotions and attitudes of easier use to them to affect their agenda, which is to do evil on levels that don't make sense to people like you and me, being as elaborate as their agenda is.
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Apparently, making someone look like they have HIV disease, which is their constant threat to me, is one way to achieve their ends, and they can do this using sucker demons, even if the person is not infected with the virus. Having developed this ability means that they know just how to turn people against you most effectively, and are adept and elaborate at causing the kind of pain that demons love to inflict (long-term, prolonged).
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However, the other way to achieve this is simply to infect someone with the HIV/AIDS virus, letting the illness run its course. Surprisingly (or, not so surprisingly), they use sucker demons for this, too. It was reported as far back as last April in Voices demons recruit special-type sucker demon for night-time blood-drains of victims that certain kinds of sucker demons were being used to draw blood from victims.
A blood-saturated flying red sucker demon, captured on video at The Watergarden

Now, combined with the intense interest the demons have in gays, The Watergarden, HIV/AIDS, and in hurting people, it's not a stretch to say that the usually white or gray sucker demons are only red because they are saturated with blood, and that their presence in a bathhouse is indicative of an effort to infect others with HIV/AIDS using that blood.
The white/gray sucker demon in my bed captured on video rustling my bedsheets is the typical color of its kind
SEE | Watch Flying Red Sucker Demon to see a blood-soaked flying red sucker demon at The Watergarden; watch Sucker Demon in My Bed to see what a regular sucker demon looks like.
While it's true that HIV/AIDS generates nothing but negative emotions in people (read God gave you AIDS because you deserve it), including hate, anger, sorrow, grief, fear and worry—all of which the Bible says to avoid—it also generates bodies for demon use, which is an issue the Voices Demons skirt around, but is something I know, now that I have seen where demons live (inside people), and what happens to them when those people are not available to them (they weaken).

Human bodies are the home-away-from-home for demons; they need them to recharge without leaving our realm, and they need them to be within their roaming limits. Healthy people are too mobile, and can get up and leave the area at anytime. That could relegate a demon back to its realm, precluding any further incursions into ours for some time to come.
NOTE | A person possessed by a demon has a crown of smoky-white rays, which are barely made visible by the bending of light as they wave like hot air above pavement in the summer.
By contrast, an AIDS patient abandoned by family and friends to a hospice or care home, and is too sick to leave, makes the perfect abode. That is true for inmates and mental patients, as well. A rash of false incarcerations are always an indicator of a burgeoning demon population, as inmates are highly disregarded, so nothing out-of-the-ordinary is noticed or cared about, and they are, obviously, immobile (read "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]"). Creating mental patients by harassing a person into insanity is another way that is used just as often (read Demon-induced stress key to gaining strongholds in the mind).