Monday, March 25, 2013

#545 - PHOTOS | Demon tendrils protrude from each palm

About a week ago, what I guessed to be a cloaked demon tendril emerged from the palm of each hand; from what I could feel at the time, I estimated that each tendril stuck out approximately one-half of an inch. Being invisible and in a state that allows matter to pass through it unaffected, all I could do at the time was feel, and what so felt were those two things.

Today, though, I got to see what was there by and through a few still frames taken from a video made by mere happenstance of my hand. They show these tendrils uncloaked, confirming (much to my dismay) that I do indeed know by touch the feel of a cloaked demon tendril. Ugh.

Here's what they look like, close-up:
A demon tendril, protruding from the palm of my hand
The tendrils are not visible in every frame; rather, just these few. In all other still frames, my palm looks normal (i.e., no discoloration, etc.).

I'm not sure what their role is, though; but, I'm sure it's not a good one. Demon tendrils snaked through a human's body is always bad. For example, sucker demons of the tumbleweed variety implant themselves in the backs of Voices Demons' victims. There, they mete out punishment and abuse as dictated by said demons. They also serve as a leash. If a victim tries to go somewhere or do something that would be contrary to any plans his captor-demons may have for him, the implanted demon can render the victim too ill to do anything. It can also incapacitate (induce sleep or paralyze) or kill a victim.

There's been nothing like that in and around my hands, though; so, I'll have to wait and see. I just hope my guess as to their likelihood as a future problem isn't as accurate as my guess was as to what they were when they were invisible.

#544 - CRIME | Falsified legal documents filed in collections suit

As suspected in CRIME | Fake attorney: Falsified legal documents filed in hijacked lawsuit, falsified documents were indeed filed in a collections suit abandoned last year when it was discovered that my attorney was, in fact, not an attorney, and had repeatedly lied about the status of the case, while having done absolutely no work on it at all.
NOTE | You must read all of the referenced posts to understand this one. You should, by the way, because this scenario represents how powerful demons make problems for humans that they can understand, without resorting to zapping them with a lightning bolt and ending it all.
Gil Kreiter, who is still falsely posing as a NYC attorney, and who froze my mother's bank accounts without my knowledge or consent [see ], forwarded to me copies of what appears to be falsified legal documents purportedly filed by the defendant. If true, this confirms my suspicions of foul play that arose when a notice was received from the court two days ago, which stated that the defendant was granted a motion for satisfaction of judgment; moreover, this marks the second crime committed by the defendant in this case, the first being evasion of service of summons.
To explain: per California and Indiana state law, only the plaintiff can declare a judgment as paid by the defendant; and, in a collections case, that must be done first in the state in which the judgment was awarded.

In this case, that state is California, a form for which is issued by the Superior Court of California for plaintiffs who are awarded judgments to acknowledge receipt of payment by defendants. Sure enough, among the documents filed in Indiana, is an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment form that I didn't file. Although it appears to be my signature in the lower right-hand corner, I did not sign this form. Even still, the form is not filled out or stamped by the clerk; moreover, it is not accompanied by the requisite affidavit, in which the plaintiff must certify that the judgment was indeed paid:

Finally, as Mr. Kreiter pointed out, the case number is not even included:
Gil Kreiter points out to a fine degree what the incomplete form was missing
In short, it was never filed in a California court by anyone [look up Bush v. Bickel on the court web site], and that is a prerequisite to obtaining a satisfaction of a foreign (out-of-state) judgment in Indiana.

In spite of these flagrant omissions and impossible-to-miss errors, somehow, an Indiana court accepted this as a valid document, even while ignoring its own procedures for filing motions such as this, which specifies that the plaintiff must file this paperwork, and that a notice of any hearing or the filing of these documents be given. No proof of service of these papers on the plaintiff is on-file, meaning that the matter should have been rescheduled for hearing until notice was properly given.

Regardless of the unbelievable series of events that took place in order to bring this motion to 'granted' status, it's all irrelevant. There is (nor was) any intention to pursue this case beyond the portions that involved criminal conspiracy, specifically, demons employing people to block my income and steal things I need or use [see ].

This issue was pointed out many months ago to my mother (and other interested family members) a long time ago; however, as soon as her bank accounts were frozen, she assumed that I did it, and there was no way of convincing her otherwise, even with facts.

As far as the computer goes, which is the subject of the suit, I'm not sure if it works or not. Only the CPU was returned. All cables, the keyboard and mouse, the display and the converter cable were not returned. It's been collecting dust in Long's closet since 2008.

As a consequence, I've lost my phone service, and will lose my home shortly.
COMING UP | What to do about Gil's crime and the defendant's crime? Anything? Nothing? The answer...everything. They won't get in trouble; all the process will do is expose demonic influence in our justice system. (In other words, don't take anything I do personal; it's all about the demons...never people.)