Saturday, March 25, 2017

VIDEO | My demon-zapping power in hi-fi

This post is about my zaps (what I fire as a defense against demonic attack). If you don't already know what a zap is, there are two other posts to my blog that explain it; they both include a video:
Dangerously high levels of demonic radiation had at least one advantage today: I finally got to see on video what my"zaps" look like in detail I could never have hoped for without it; specifically, I was able to see three things for the first (and, probably, last) time:
  1. the energy build-up between and around my fingers just prior to firing a zap; it looks like white, semi-transparent patches that quickly appear just before I perform the flick of my two fingers that is akin to pulling the trigger, and then disappears as soon as I flick them;
  2. the actual zap, which looks like a white worm, which flew straight for my chin, and then buried itself head first on impact; and.
  3. the explosion of the zap, post-impact, which looks like the same as the energy build-up between my fingers prior to zapping, but spread out on the surface of my face.
In this new clip, I flick my fingers five times before firing a zap; the last flick of my fingers (the fifth one) in the first clip shows a zap flying right into my chin. Prior to the zap-launching finger flick, you can see the energy build-up, which is not present with the previous finger flicks. Following that, the white worm that is the zap itself darts towards by chin and the burrows itself into my face. As soon as it disappears somewhere underneath my skin, the energy-build up reappears, but this time, over the surface of my face:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

VIDEO | Demons perform surgical operation on Long to install weapon that may have hurt Scratchen

This is a post in-progress; but, it contains enough information to indicate what it will offer when finished, specifically, new and shocking discoveries about demonic weapons, such as how they are surgically installed on a human by demons. It contains some new images of this; it's a matter of pointing to their relevant parts, and writing an explanation of what they are:
Entire arms are replaced with mechanical equivalents, which project the likeness of a real arm until prior to and after firingA new demonic weapon, which extends from the bearer's hand and stretches to its targetMetal rods replace fingers prior to and after a demonic weapon is fired from the han
There's also this video, which shows a "Claw Hand" replacing a human hand, and then opening 180° wide before transforming back again (below); it's not the best video to introduce readers new to the concept of transforming and replacing limbs with weapons and the like. It's a great video for those who have seen this kind of thing before—or do it themselves; I doubt it's been shown to such persons with the same clarity:

A post such as this has garnered a lot of interest. Even though it is, as of yet, just a smattering of words and images, reader interest has been high:

Reader interest in the the blog swelled to mass proportions with the introduction of new images showing more demonic weapons and clandestine surgical operations performed by demons [Source: Facebook Ads]
Not surprisingly, much of that interest has come from India, which has, for the first time in its history, been hit with waves of demonic activity of the same magnitude as the Western Hemisphere (their point of origin):
Within a few days after this post was started, over 19,000 "liked" it [Source: Instagram]
It takes approximately 30 days for a period of high demonic activity that started in San Jose, California (United States) to reach Salem, India. It is not yet known how quickly it dissipates; however, in San Jose, it takes between five to eight days after the "door is closed" for demons to return to the cloaked state native to their realm, i.e., a state that is insufficient to achieve and maintain tangible interaction of consequence with our environment.

Still frames capture Long firing surgically installed demonic weapon at my head
A new demonic weapon was captured on video as it was deployed by Long into the back of my head less than 24 hours after it demons surgically installed it on his hand. Still frames (plus the source video) are provided in this post (below):

Demons perform surgical operation, install weapon that may have hurt Scratchen
Clandestine surgical operations on humans by demons is not a new topic for this blog; rather, it's about two years in the making. The first post that introduced the topic [see Clandestine surgical mutilation, hidden demonic "bomb" uncovered via demonic-activity video filter] contained images at the time that were acquired using a home-brewed image-processing filter, which was based on my years of observations on the principles of physics as they pertain to demonic cloaks, and was designed to reveal evidence of cloaked demonic activity by applying those principles to the science of image-processing (ironically, those commonly used by astronomers). At the time, readers were amazed to see in front of their eyes the things they knew were happening, but could not relay to those who didn't. They didn't seem to mind that the quality of the images was so poor, that unless you knew from first-hand experience what was depicted in the images, you wouldn't believe that the images depicted anybody's real experience.

These latest images will afford any such naysayers no leeway. True, they're blurry; but, motion is how you capture cloaked activity in lieu of non-cloaked activity 99% of the time—the only exception being environments with artificially elevated levels of demonic radiation, which, when high enough, can reveal cloaked demons and entities with amazing clarity, and without moving the camera [see VIDEO | Super-high concentration of chroma-producing radiation show demons emerging from picture frame; see also VIDEO | How demons, their people manufacture victims to ease murderers' conscience]. Even still, usually the only objects in an image showing cloaked activity that are blurry are the non-cloaked objects; the cloaked objects are not such much blurry, but simply semi-transparent. So, in a way, the distinction between the two kinds of objects (cloaked and non-cloaked) made by the disparate ways they are rendered by motion is a good thing: not only can you tell the two apart more easily once you get used to the way they look, but you can also validate the authenticity of the image, in that no one can make some objects blurry and others semi-transparent by moving their camera while it's recording; and, even if they could, they couldn't select which objects to blur, and which to make semi-transparent.

In addition to clandestine surgical operations on Long, part of the following still frames [see Typical Night at Casa de Scratchen during Periods of High Demonic Activity at 00:42:00.00] show a demonic weapon that is worn like a glove on the left hand. To fire its five hot, tissue-penetrating tendrils into a target, the weapon-bearer simply points his hand at the target with his fingers outstretched. Its range is unknown; so far, it has always been fired at my face and head, point-blank.

None of these images show Long firing the weapon at me; that's shown elsewhere in this post and other posts to this blog. What is does show is what looks like an inadvertent deployment of the spikes of the glove/demonic weapon, which appear to be penetrating Scratchen, who is laying next to Long, asleep. I'm still investigating the issue.
They also show several demons surrounding Long, two of which are the most prominent, and are located standing on the floor next to the bed. One is a hobgoblin demon; the other, a demon of a yet-unnamed species. In most still frames, the remote control laying on Long's chest appears to have transformed into a surgical tool of some kind(?); its spikes are pointed directly at his heart.

It looks like other surgical items have been placed on Long in some of the stills, the most shocking of which is the one that appears to be a rubber head cover wrapped tight around his entire head and face, with only a small, thin tube extending from a hole above his nose, presumably, for breathing. That still when combined with others seem to finally answer the question, Who was that masked man?, which was first posed on The Life of a Demoniac | YouTube:

In the video above, two repairmen are installing a smoke detector in the bedroom; you can overhear Long talking with them, but you cannot see Long until midway through the clip as leans into the view of the camera for a brief moment. You expect to see the dark hair and complexion typical of many Vietnamese; however, instead, you see nothing you would recognize of Long—save his sunglasses—as his entire head and face appears to be covered in what looks like a sheet of rubber, wrapped very tight. The hand he leans against the wall is not only disproportionately large as compared to the rest of him, but just large in general; and, it appears damaged—deformed, burnt...?

Following is a screen recording of the source video, playing inside a web browser (you cannot export Periscope TV live broadcasts, for some confusing reason); it offers nothing of value as do the stills, but is provided for nonetheless:

Demonic weapons are deployed everywhere, en masse, simultaneously
Where, in one house, demonic weapons are being fired, you can be assured they are firing in every house where they are found, and where victims are found, too; and, in every house in which no victims live, but go to, they are firing there, too, while the victim is inside it.

This is a still frame taken from a video made at another demon person's house within 24 hours of the videos above, showing a demonic weapon that looks like it may have been installed somewhere in the room, rather than on a person; however, it could have simply snaked around the laptop from a weapon installed on the person shown in the still frame, given the color and the proximity of an individual (who fired weapons at me repeatedly), and the indications of surgical replacement of his hand and arm similar to those shown in the still frames of Long (above). The sharp tip of the long tendril looks like a cross between the two primary shapes of tips of tendrils that have them—the triton and the arrow (my best guess is that it was a triton by the time it pierced me):

VIDEO | Super-high concentration of chroma-producing radiation show demons emerging from picture frame

I'm sure whatever type of radiation that produces the same EMF emissions resulting in chroma in digital media was far more dangerous than normal; not only was I told so by a demon as the first wave hit Casa de Scratchen in the wee hours of the early morning, but it was made quite evident by the abnormally high degree of interference to my digital camera:

Like X-rays, demonic radiation reflects off of tissue beneath the skin; however, instead of bone, flesh—and, in living color (apparently)

The level of detail of cloaked, demonic activity afforded by the higher-than-normal levels of demonic radiation revealed vital information regarding the means by which demons inflict harm on humans; in this still frame, a metal prong is seen emerging from a hole that inexplicably appears in my pillow (bottom-left), which struck me in the shoulder
At the beginning of the video, everything appears as normal; but, like the ever-increasing raindrops of a thunderstorm, chroma drips from above, appearing to rip the skin off my body wherever it hits (right eye, shoulders, neck and chest), and exposing the blood-soaked underlying tissue


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

VIDEO | Demon shapes face out of possessed plastic head wrap

Instead of waiting, I've decided to publish any I post I've started, but haven't finished, wherever I leave off, given the importance of them. Lately, there has been a high demand for information from my end of things; so, I feel like this is the best thing to do.

By the way, I base importance and high demand on the following:

High demand......importance

Masking out the irrelevant portions of a discarded plastic head wrap revealed the bright-eyed, smiling face of a demon—one of many overlapping each other in this particular one

The plastic head wrap I sometimes wear is intended to minimize or negate the effects of demonic weaponry aimed at my head; unfortunately, that weaponry comes from unexpected places, including the tip of my finger


Demons can twist and shape and otherwise form nearly any shape or structure from any object a given shape or structure can be formed before you could drop that object to the ground. The best example of this posted to this blog so far is the video showing the morphing face of a demon possessing a scarf [see VIDEO | Demon shapes scarf into multiple variations of face on-the-fly]. In the video, the face of the demon evolves into 30 different variations—one for each frame per second.

A few days ago, I dropped my iPhone cable; when it hit the ground, it had formed into a character that appears in hundreds of light streaks in the 19 or so videos showing those which form characters of the Demon Code [see CHALLENGE | Decipher the Demon Code]:

An iPhone cable I dropped landed exactly as shown in the image above, having even placed itself slightly under the toe of my shoe in order to keep it from unfolding from such a sharp angle at the base of the characterStill frames from a video showing the first occurrence of characters similar to the one formed by the cable

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

How demons, their people manufacture victims to ease murderers' conscience

If you're a demon-allied human finally feeling a little guilty after years of providing material support and resources, and concealing or disguising the nature, location, source, or ownership of material support and resources, of demon terrorists, knowing or intending that they are to be used in preparation for, or in carrying out their plot to subvert the world's governments and enslave its peoples, and after having murdered and attempting to murder your [innocent, unsuspecting, and defenseless] neighbors on their behalf using illegally imported weapons of mass destruction, perhaps you could use a little refreshment this Friday after work. Surely, if treason and conspiracy, plus the mass culling of the world's human population, is making your throat a bit dry, a relaxing drink among like-minding individuals is just what the doctor ordered.
NOTE | As persons allowed to receive adequate medical care with impunity, unlike your victims, you are permitted to actually follow your doctor's advice without harm being caused to your beloved pets. So, feel free to do so.
Demons recommend Blocker's Lounge (aka El Mariachi Restaurant), the perfect watering hole for the conscience-laden mind of a human killing machine like yourself. From top to bottom, start to finish, it appears to be designed to harden the heart of the human beleaguered by the Moral Law, that pervasive sense of morality that comes from all corners of the Universe and presses on us all, the same that was once the only evidence may ancient cultures had of God, and which gently, but persistently, impresses on us the concept of right versus wrong, and which tends to get in the way of a demon person's lethal quest for more power and social standing among his peers.

That's because a plethora of participants in The Exclusion congregate there, and they seem to be fine with who they are and what they do. So much so, they sing songs about it all day and night, proudly blasting them loud enough to be heard for at least half a mile. Based on the constant, in-your-face display of pride in their life choices and seemingly unshakeable confidence in and belief that their road is a high and profitable one, I'd say, clearly, they must be adept at erecting a wall around what they do and who they are to exclude what mankind has traditionally defined as holy, and have managed to find a way to have a good time while inside it. Misery loves company and all that, I suppose, so, it stands to reason you'd be welcome there.

It's possible they accept those who have yet to participate in The Exclusion, but have yet to take any action against it or to provide help of consequence to their victims, i.e., "not get involved." Perhaps they could consider your presence an opportunity to increase their numbers, and ease your inevitable transition to the next level, i.e., "getting involved, but on another level." While victims only make you feel guilty and bring fear to your life, this bar seems more than willing to stay open an entire Friday and Saturday night to help you drown these bothersome emotions for just $6 a drink and forget all about images such as these (which happened to occur across the street from the bar):

The fruit of the typical Blocker's Lounge patron's labor: the flooding of artificially produced, tissue-eroding demonic radiation by demons and their people, as evidenced in this still frame taken from a video made as it was pumped into the my home across the street from the bar. In such high concentrations, it works like X-rays on film, in that, when imprinted on a digital camera sensor, it reveals the flesh underneath skin (versus bone) in the output media—and, that, in living color
If drowning your sorrows isn't your cup of tea, Blocker's has a Plan B. This plan allows you to fixate on a target they call the embodiment of everything that is wrong. Not just wrong with this world. But, everything that is wrong. The target is their only publicly stated reason so far for the world-wide massing of natural-born killers, whose diversity crosses all colors, creeds and nationalities, and which includes sentient life from hundreds of other worlds with long-established policies of hostility towards humanity, and which serves as the justification for arming these killers by and through the mass construction (fewer cars have been manufactured than the number of demonic weapons that are now deployed and in active use) and deployment of the weaponry so sophisticated, it finds no equal in even the wildest works of science fiction. The target, apparently, also justifies the piles of bodies that be, and the piles of bodies to be.

The morning following this late-night post...more of the same
Blocker's Lounge is just across the street and provides the only direct line of sight to the apartment, where I, the target, have been in the molding for quite some time. This makes it the natural choice for demons and their people to launch their attacks during the periods of high demonic activity that enables them to do so, and that, on a person who, at one time, bore no resemblance to anything less than respectable, but like any other human, has been no match against radiation or the impact of hundreds of thousands of strikes by demonic weapons:

Where demon people, who are armed with demonic weapons in constant use, and who are extensively trained for helping demons cull the human population (called The Exclusion), join for lively song and revelry; the music and conversation, which can be heard for half a mile, are themed according to the work they perform at the behest of demons, and is designed to provide entertainment to patrons while continuing the agenda at the same time
Indeed, the attacks are physical, but due to the nature of demonic weapons, you usually can't see the effects, and you can barely see the strike itself, it happens so fast, and is semi-transparent, to-boot. All you have to see, if anything, is the melted form that is product of over a decade of exposure to the demonic melting process; and, that product is a carefully crafted one, in that it provokes the human instinct to shun those bearing its hallmarks. Even though not disease, it looks like disease, and that's all instinct considers. So, you can fire weapons that don't look like they do anything on a person you naturally dislike. Plan B is perfect for the sick fuck who needs to fool themselves into thinking they have morality and a conscience to satisfy.

Sucker demons protrude from my face (see under my bottom lip), stitching holds the skin on my forearm to my bicep, and my right eye looks like it was extracted for a just little too long
As stated, the attacks are physical (using their cadre of sophisticated demonic weapons), but also verbal (via all day and night cat-calls and name-calling, which are yelled from the porch outside the bar and up to any of the two windows facing it). This post provides a video of the latter, which you can view on Periscope:

Blocker's Bar, as viewed through the kitchen window of Casa de Scratchen, during a period of high demonic activity
The cat-calling you hear intersperses another, rarer form of verbal harassment, which extends nearly the entire length of the video showing the bar (above), and which takes the form of a contrived conversation between two or more loud-mouthed people.

The cat-callers repeatedly shout fag, the image of which demons have gone to inarguably psychotic lengths to manifest in my person, in part, by:
NOTE | I can tell you what reaction demon people expect by taking or aiming certain actions around or at  a victim of this kind of abuse, but I fail to see the value given the effort. In other words, I have yet to ascertain its value to them.
  • maligning and otherwise altering the physical shape and apparent health of victim, part of which is accomplished by a constant barrage of demonic-weapons fire by demon people and demonic weapons situated in the homes of victims and (usually) all over the town in which they live; and, by flooding a victim's home with tissue-eroding demonic radiation, which is shown above, and in Sucker demons buzz camera, radiation poisoning caught on camera (finally)
The rest relies on physical modifications to the body, which are directed by demons assisted in various ways by demon people, and performed repeatedly over an extended period of time (although some modifications are made in a single instance practically over night). They are made to external and internal elements of the body, and are evident in each by sight. Not all modifications are deformations of some kind; damage inflicted to the brain manifest themselves outwardly as abnormal behavior, which those involve can call like a ball they intend to pocket on a pool table.

Because AIDS has been made synonymous with fags, as they were, physical alterations are often incurred versus sculpted. Nearly any demon can alter the shape of bones and atrophy body tissue by mere prolonged, direct contact with a human; this is done to everyone to varying degrees—even demon people—usually at night, while they sleep—but is also done with sucker demons, which line the stitching in one's clothing, and rest against the skin or body of the wearer. Not only that, but limbs can be replaced in the blink of an eye, and that with damaged or maligned ones.

But, to reproduce the image of those portrayed in the media during the early onset of the epidemic, damage must be inflicted to the lymph nodes and other organs, primarily the intestines, liver and pancreas. Lymph node damage is also caused by sucker demons, except that they are not placed against the skin, but through it. Sometimes, that's one long, thick one planted straight into each lymph node; other times, that a line of several, thinner suckers demons, planted in a row that follows the jawline from about halfway from the chin towards the back of the ear.

When pressed for time—as the demons so inflicting me absolutely are—the same type of tissue-eroding radiation emitted by the demon cloak is pumped into the sleeping area of a victim in large doses. This was first shown on video in Sucker demons buzz camera, poisoning by radiation (finally) captured on video, but is also shown most recently in one made just a few days ago. Just as in all digital media, the presence of demonic radiation in this video is evidenced by chroma, a form of color noise that only appears at or near the source of the radiation, thereby giving away its shape and revealing the identity of a cloaked demon, demonic entity or weapon (or at least the presence of any of these three); however, because radiation levels are exponentially higher than can be generated naturally, more cloaked activity than has ever been seen before is made plain before the human eye.

In one portion of the video, the demon culprits at work pour into the room en masse from the shadow cast by the picture frame on the floor, against the wall, behind me and to the left. Although this is a world-wide first, the significance of this video is that it allows for the demonstration of nearly every means employed by demons to create a fag, even as he attempts to sleep in his own bed; specifically, it captures the following activity:
  • miniature-sized demons crawling in and out of holes, which open and close intermittently over various parts of my body;
  • weapons implanted in my pillow, periodically emerging and then firing into my body (they look like tubes or spears poking me);
  • damage to the body and face, in the form of disfigurement and evidenced by deep and loosely stitched lacerations
Watch this video at 720p at full screen, and in a dim room only, periodically stopping the video to examine individual frames (which reveal much more individually than collectively):

More later...