Thursday, January 10, 2013

#484 - Scratchen teleports through space (and, possibly, time, too)

The story of Scratchen's travel through time and space, believe it or not, begins around the same time the attack of my demons began: about age 5. I'll write more about that later.

But, in the interests of expediency and prioritization (in other words, for now), I'll limit my narrative to what happened two nights ago:

On that night, just as they began back in March of last year, as first described in Demons Threaten Scratchen, the Voices Demons were threatening Scratchen with injury and death, all night and all day; whereas they used to say, "Scratchen is dead meat," they are now saying, "We're going to hurt Scratchen's little head." The change in the words they use to threaten Scratchen occurred several months ago; but, the threat, overall, is fairly the same.

What was different on this night, however, was an actual appearance by Scratchen herself, outside my window, right when the Voices Demons told me to look outside:
Scratchen doesn't have three front legs (or three tails) any more than she has a snake for an ear
When I saw her, I decided to take a picture; and, I'm glad I did because no one I know would believe this story if I hadn't. For one, Scratchen is an indoor-only cat, and, here, she is clearly outdoors. Secondly, she lives over four miles away, and the Spectre of Death guards the entrance and exit to the building she lives in (the significance of that being is that he and I don't get along, among other things):
A Spectre of Death-like demon guards the entrance to the apartment building in which my baby girl, Scratchen (cat), currently lives (from VIDEO | Spectre of Death Guards Entrance to Scratchen's Apartment)
In this video, the Spectre of Death slowly fades into view as the car pulls up to the entrance:
Finally, Scratchen doesn't have three front feet or three tails--as the picture seems to suggest, and as did my eyes at the time--unless her inner demon is expressing itself (demons teleport, instead of fly, when they need to carry something or someone, such as the person, animal or object they are possessing). In the past, Scratchen's ear turned into a sort of demon-like snake, which took a snap at my camera:
The tip and openng of Scratchen's ear nearly touch as the demonic snake it channeled snapped at my camera

You can actually see the snake in this video:

NOTE | For a better quality version of this video, download Scratchen, Possessed; also, search for Scratchen on this site.
When I spotted her, she was absolutely motionless, staring only at the window, ignoring everything else around her; in short, she was in a trance. This is what happens to the person or animal when they are being transported: they are transfixed by what they see at the end of the tunnel in front of them, which is a scene coming into focus, at a place where they know (or think they know) they are not. They are also very sedate, similarly to lucid dreaming. It is not until the person (or animal) has fully arrived at their destination does their consciousness fully kick in.

A second picture shows Scratchen's reaction to waking up outside, underneath a window, at a place she's never been:
Scratchen, now sporting only her original number of body parts, reacts with shock at hearing her name called from a place she was teleported to over four miles away
She paused for this picture only after I called her name, before running into a shadow and disappearing (the way demons do).

My baby girl stays with Long right now (search for 'Long Cao' on this site); here's what he had to say about these pictures:

I guess since Long lives with her now, this wasn't worth discussing to him any further than he did, as things like this that Scratchen does must be as commonplace for him to see as they were for me when she lived with me at my old apartment on 471 East Julian Street (which is now known as the "Nexus of Hyperdimensional Portal Activity").