Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#410 - Cyberstalking defender-of-demons wants a showdown

Before reading this post, you should first read Tactics advisory riles long-time cyberstalker, which provides some background on a cyberstalker that has issued death threats by mail, specifically, by taping a bullet to a letter showing altered nude photos depicting me, and complaining of my "disease-spreading" ways.

A new e-mail from the same cyberstalker as before; however, this time, he wants a face-to-face meeting. I am sure the person listed at the bottom of the e-mail will be there; but, I'm also pretty sure that's not the person sending these e-mails, or the person sending bullets taped to death-threat letters, either:
A bullet, taped to a letter threatening murder
This e-mail was received just today:

Nomen Nescio nobody@dizum.com
5:55 PM (11 minutes ago)

not only are you boring but also:

meth addict
scat eater
you sue your own mother
clipped your genitals
have aids dementia
sex pervert addict


Will be at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Cocoanut Grove food show on
October 3 see you there!

Joseph Ortiz
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