Monday, July 28, 2014

CRIME | Darius "Doll-Maker" Domingo, murdered; jailed killer brags to me, inmates

Update on September 16th (AM)
If this e-mail I just received is any indication, Darius the-demon-dollmaker Domingo is still alive:
An e-mail I just received, which suggests that Darius is using a common workaround to an unpaid phone bill
I previously reported that he was murdered by a demon-run murder club—this *was* reliable information at the time. So, either he's raised from the dead (it happens), or there was a major mixup (not likely), or this is a hoax (they happen).

Catch up (below), while I follow up:

His voice message says, "Hey, what [sic] up?"
Update on September 16th (PM)
So, no, he's not dead, and pretty much up to the same thing as usual:

"Just send me the money...""I got that sh*t right here..."
He said he doesn't know Aaron Lewis (read below); but, then, later, asked me how I knew him, and identified him as his former landlord before I did. So, do the math.

Based on the hour-long brag-a-thon by Aaron Lewis, an inmate at the Santa Clara County Jail, it would appear that Darius Domingo, both a demon person and a doll-maker (i.e., someone who manufactures hand-made dolls in the Filipino tradition and then animates them with a demon), was murdered. It also would appear that the braggart was an accessory to the crime.
NOTE | Read Accused doll-maker admits to corn husk doll-making, connection to "voodoo" for information about another Filipino doll-maker.
Last August, while incarcerated, I overheard Aaron talking to other inmates about his friend, Darius, who was struck in the back of his head with a iron mallet by his drug dealer, who was already wanted for three other murders.

A glass pipe for smoking crystal methamphetamine, held in Darius' hand

Darius resting the same glass pipe on his leg

A closer look at the glass pipe resting on Darius' leg

The motion blur from the camera reveals Darius' inner demon (look at the eyes)

Apparently, Aaron was Darius' landlord, who I heard much drama about from Darius, but had never met until I was in custody with him. Shortly after Darius was struck, he somehow made it to the home he rented from Aaron, who also lived there.

Aaron recounts Darius' final moments
Pausing to laugh here and there, Aaron recounted the details of Darius' last moments alive, specifically, that he begged to be taken to the hospital, and that Aaron pretended he couldn't understand him. He did this until Darius bled to death in the passenger seat of his own car.

Afterwards, Aaron drove Darius to the front of the hospital, and left him after notifying the sheriff's office of Darius' death.
NOTE | According to Aaron, the investigation into the death of Darius by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office deputy took less than 15 minutes to conduct.
The reason for Aaron's actions was not spelled out; but, my guess is, it's prison gang-related. Aaron is covered in various white/skinhead gang tattoos, and his history of incarceration in California state prisons covers most of his adult life. He is also a demon person, possessed by multiple demons, and frequently assaults by conjuring demons and using demon-fashioned weapons in the same manner as that shown in VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon and PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs.

Aaron had many stories about how he chided Darius endlessly about his sexuality (Darius was gay), some of them involving elaborate prank calls and double-blind dates that no one knew about ahead of time, and no one wanted.
NOTE | In spite of the large number of gays involved with demons and their people, they are still the frequent target of discrimination [search for 'fag' on this blog for the prevailing attitude against gays among this group].
Police notified by two confidential informants
The story was so heinous and callously relayed by Aaron, that two confidential informants held in the same area as Aaron told police his story, even though they were not assigned to look for murder tips.

Darius' history on this site
Initially, Darius had a rather uneventful introduction on this blog in Bizarre communication usually follows demonic attacks; however, later, he played a larger role the demon drama at the time. He is one of the speakers that can be heard in an audio recording in Another secret conversation (with a demon).

I was introduced to him by the same person seen in AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment; both were extensively involved with demons, and played a large role in my troubles with them on various occasions.