Thursday, October 30, 2014

VIDEO | Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure

A portion of surveillance video footage made during this latest period of high demonic activity (i.e., last night) shows sucker demons taking their part in a three-day long, around-the-clock campaign of assault on my eyesight, which is intended to cause blindness very gradually and over a relatively extended period of time—at least long enough to give as many demon people as possible a chance to fire a demonic weapon or launch an entity into my eyeballs. Damaging my eyes was just part of the goal stated by demons and their people at the onset of this latest attack, who also aimed to "take my muscle mass," per the Voices Demons, while these, plus more, are planned for every target of demonic attack by the Voices Demons and their people [see Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control; see also Recurring demonic assault leads to permanent disability, self-neglect].
NOTE | To see what a swarm of sucker demons look like when launched en masse for attack by demons and their people, go to VIDEO | Sucker demons launched into home by demons, their people.
The assault was inadvertently captured on video when I stepped in front of the camera to adjust it. In that portion of the surveillance video, these semi–cloaked tendrils of evil are seen snaking all over my face and head, and then into my eyes (where they take on their natural black color; on my face and head, they appear as little, wiggling worms that are the same color as my skin):

The red glow of sucker demons buried in my scalp as they emit tissue-destroying radiation; a black sucker demon slithering from each tear duct; a black, tapered sucker demon circling each eye like a robber's mask; a grayish, flattened sucker demon covering my entire nose; greenish-yellow, coiled sucker demons on both cheeks (chin also covered by purplish, flattened sucker demon; 
In my eyes, they mostly congregate near the tear ducts; however, occasionally, they stretch as far as my corneas; while there, they impede proper moisturization, restrict blood flow, harden (and shrink) tissue, reshape (or scratch) the lens, and most likely damage much more (including related areas of the brain); but, that's all you can see them do on the outside. I often get conjunctivitis after an attack by sucker demons or material made from sucker demon-like matter [see PHOTO | Puss oozes from eye after pierced by cloaked demonic spike].
NOTE | Just because a sucker demon slithers into your eye doesn't mean it's attacking it; the eye socket is a primary entry point for much of a what a sucker demon does inside the head, particularly modifications to and boring of the skull.
In one portion of the clip, a sucker demon drips out of my eye, like a teardrop, as shown in this series of eight still frames (shown as an aniGIF):

The sucker demons in various other colors and forms seen throughout the rest of my face and head are for atrophying, discoloring and disfiguring skin and underlying tissue, and even destroying bones and teeth. At the very least, they wrinkle the skin. My laugh lines, forehead wrinkles and sagging skin are all mocked by demon people, who launch attacks intended to mar my appearance in those specific ways. In VIDEO | Sucker demons launched into home by demons, their people, you can watch how a demon person deploys a sucker demon for the purpose of damaging the skin around my eyes (to give them a sickly, sunken look), and how a sucker demon is instructed for said purpose prior to launch.

Several other posts discuss how demons and their people use sucker demons to disfigure a target at greater length, and some even contain images showing long-term and chronic exposure to sucker demon attacks of this nature:
The following clip shows the entire attack that was captured on video; it has been enlarged for better viewing of the sucker demons in the eyes:

Fighting, removing sucker demons
The consequences of pulling sucker demons off your face and out of your eyes, nose, ears, mouth and other orifices are, at a minimum, damage to the fingernails, as well as your fingers, hands and wrists [see Nerves, fingernails damaged from fighting sucker and eye spider demons]; this could happen whether it is the intent of the sucker demon or not. They are hot and electric, sharp as wire, and strong as steel—and, all of that, in extremely versatile bodies (for example, when you pinch them, they can turn their outer shell into an impenetrable, uncrushable tube, and pour (or fold) the inside of their bodies starting from your finger grip, through the center and then out the other end).

Although clever and noble enough to choose flight before fight—in spite of being the superior species in all respects—they will react to provocation. Fortunately for me, most (but not all) combat encounters were limited to an eye-lashing and neck-stabbing on one occasion [see VIDEO/PHOTOS | Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendril], and, on another occasion, a firefight, involving other humanoid demons to which sucker demons provided support [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Sucker Demons Flee Scene of Attack].
NOTE | If you're planning for possible life-and-death combat with sucker demons in the future, start by analyzing their weaknesses [see The two weaknesses of sucker demons: static electricity and clear plastic], keeping in mind all the while that they travel in gangs [see VIDEO/PICS | Possessed utility pole strikes, tree demons (or sucker demon hive) attack during nighttime walk].
Keeping this in mind, instructions for removing sucker demons and the like are provided in HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin. It's a relatively old post, and probably provides instructions that are incorrect from the standpoint of anyone but a victim of sucker demon attack, who may not be privy to their removal. Having received no new or modified instructions from anyone in-the-know since the writing of that post, I can only add one extra step, which I learned by mistake after many, many experiences with removal: sing to the sucker demon you're pulling on to make it come out all the way (they're about three to five feet in length, once planted). A low, lone note, hummed while gentle, slow, steady pulling works best. Think om.

I can also add a caveat: removing a sucker demon mutates your hand into a plucker—that is, a hand studded with fingers sharpened to a point:

Sharp, pointy fingertips on a hand that has handled a sucker demon are detectable with digital cameras during periods of high demonic activity [see VIDEO | Sucker demons launched into home by demons, their people]
This also indicates that you have a demon, and that you subconsciously accessed its abilities for you own needs—a bad sign that the demon came in through the back door while you were asleep, and robbed you of everything you owned without you even knowing it.

Origins of sucker demons
One way sucker demons end up in human hands is shown and described in How demonic entities enter our realm (and the injury they can cause) and Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon. These two posts together show the entry point and the receiving of a sucker demon by a human; however, not in one video.

Other other-worldly, demonic entities that arrive in a fashion similar to sucker demons can be seen in VIDEO | Glowing, scorpion/vole-like demonic entity climbs, leaps off backyard fence.