Friday, April 6, 2012

Sucker demons use 'acupuncture' to immobilize victims

As previously mentioned, sucker demons can easily move through most material by "phasing-out."
NOTE | Phasing out is a term I coined in order to describe the physical state that allows a demon to pass through materials, such as solid rock. When phased out, a demon becomes nearly invisible.
The ability to pass through material is very beneficial for sucker demons, which prefer to reside in bedding and clothing, which is where they find exposed skin in order to attach to you.

When attached, a sucker demon will usually drain blood or break down muscle tissue; however, they can also incapacitate you in the same manner as acupuncture. A sucker demon accomplishes this by forming a needle at its end, and then penetrating the skin while phased out; then, it punctures a nerve under the skin by phasing back in—amazingly, only at the tip; the rest of its body remains phased out.

When they do this, it's only as painful as acupuncture (which is negligible), but, when applied to the right nerve, can cause total—but temporary paralysis—and loss of sensation in the limb in which the nerve resides. They also use their form of acupuncture to cause tiredness that identifies with any other cause but the true one.
NOTE | Leeches also excrete a mild analgesic in order to mask their presence when sucking blood from a victim.
In fact, the only time I ever felt pain from a sucker demon—besides when they intended to cause it, such as when they've shocked me or when back pain comes in handy for an "angry" Voices demon—is when I recognize that one of them is attached and pull it out (and off). But, even that is no worse than the pain of pulling out a hair somewhere on your body.

The fact that it is easy to pull off (and out) a sucker demon suggests that partial phasing is a delicate operation, and is easily disturbed. That may explain why the two sucker demons who entered a hand and a foot, and then proceeded to somewhere in my chest cavity, didn't do so without causing pain. This suggests that when they have to move fast, their ability to phase out is limited somewhat. This is further supported by the fact that you can easily catch a sucker demon that has entered your sheets or clothing, whereas, otherwise, you will never catch one.

Characteristics of the voice of a Voices demons

Data acquired by and through my interaction with telepathic demons suggests that psionic eavesdropping can be limited or eliminated, and consistently demonstrates the same characteristics, allowing for theories to be formed and results from testing that can be predicted (in other words, applied science will work). This fact may be relevant to anyone attempting to block such demons from their "mind's-eye" (a frequently used demonic term, not mine).

The data was derived from observations made of Voices demons, which use telepathy almost exclusively, and which use it to keep a mental and physical eye on a victim around-the-clock. They include:
  • At first, the Voices demons, the most telepathic of all demons I've encountered so far, could only reach a certain distance. That was about as far as two houses down from where I used to live in 2006. This suggests a limited range—both in telepathy and mobility—and, that distancing yourself from a Voices demon may provide you with peace of mind.
  • Over time, the Voices demons gradually expanded their reach. The farthest I've traveled since their incursion into my life is San Gregario beach in 2008 (approx. 50 miles). Then, only one voice could speak to me at first, and it sounded distant and muffled; then, within an hour or two into my stay at the beach, a second voice made it through. That's when I decided the trip was ruined and headed for home. This suggests that the range can be extended.
  • The voices speaking in the higher octaves (i.e., a high, girly voice) come through first, and always speak the most often. They are almost impossible to block out, even with headphones blaring music in your ears. The high-pitched voices also generate the strongest emotions, quicker than the others; whereas, the low-pitched voices almost never generate negative emotions, and are the easiest to block out. This suggests that noise can block a Voices demon from speaking to you, depending on the type and volume of the noise, and the capability of the Voices demon, as indicated by the pitch of their voice.
Following are additional observations from which I was unable to derive possible defenses:
  • The high-pitched voices are the most often recorded; however, when recorded digitally, static masks much of what they are saying, depending on their proximity to the recorder. This suggests that, like red light from the sun, a high-pitch voice of a Voices demon can reach farther than any other voice pitch.
  • The high-pitched voices are the most intuitive, easily recalling memories that you've long forgotten of events that happened years and years ago; they will invariably know more details about you or your memories than lower-pitched demons will. This suggests that there is a quality about a high-pitched voice that works best for whatever method they use to read a mind.
  • The high-pitched voices always lead the horde. This suggests that Voices demons defer to leadership to the best mind-reader and controller of emotions.
  • The pitch of the voice of a Voices demon does not determine the gender it identifies with; they are all neuter, but tend to identify themselves as male or female on occasion. This, and the fact that the Voices demons will become physically and mentally abuse if "ignored," suggests that a Voices demon needs you to acknowledge them in your mind by picturing a characteristic of them in order to be the effective.
This data may also indicate why the Voices demons travel in hordes; what one demon can't hear (or do), another can. And, traveling in hordes delegates responsibility or tasks within the giant task of managing a victim's thoughts and memories, while manipulating them at the same time. In other words, it's a team effort to mess with someone's mind in the way that demons intend.