Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#564 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Subdermal white light makes second implant (also, the Bathwater Demon)

Update on April 10th, 2013:

When I say that demons can blend with anything, most people assume material objects; rather, I mean anything, including rays of light.

The story below starts with demons in my bathwater posing as the strips of light that reflect from the crest of the ripples in bathwater. As I skimmed the video in which I discovered a glowing point of light under my skin, I discovered demons in the frames where the camera was pointed at the water (which only appear in the frames where the ripples are blurry).

Even though I found more than one demon, here's my best example, which looks like a seahorse with a camel's head, wearing a Turkish hat:
A demon with which I am familiar concealed itself as a strip of light at the crest of a ripple in my bathwater
I've seen this demon before at an apartment I helped Long clean last year [see VIDEO | Man Conceals Ginseng Root Demon Up His Sleeve; see also VIDEO | What fire from Hell looks like]; then, it appeared as a streak of light reflecting from a door knob in the video made there during a period of high demonic activity. If this was the first time I had seen it, I wouldn't have posted it. I have captured thousands of these types of demons on camera; it's pointless to post them, however, unless they reoccur, which usually means they're involved in something you should be concerned about.

In this case, since this is the second time I've seen this demon, I'm thinking that maybe it is a demon that glowed from underneath my skin, and not electronics of some kind, as suggested the two-day old story, below.

After several hours of the constant itching provoked by eye spider demons, sucker demons, and the never before mentioned razorback sucker demon (more on this later), I was surprised when I felt, instead, burning. So, I pointed my camera at my head to record any activity in the area of discomfort, and where a sizzling noise was just now starting.
NOTE | This is not the first incident of being burned by demons; in , you can see a trail of smoke rise from the back of my head and from right between the eyes due to the burning of tissue from somewhere inside my skull.
But doing so didn't explain the burning; rather, it presented a new mystery to unravel. That's because a white light under the skin of my temple lit up, twice, as shown in the following still frames:

A white light less than the size of a  No. 2
pencil lead blinked on and off, twice, near
my temple
My temple, when the light went out,
itched after having been burned to the point of sizzling; strangely, the burning did not feel as bad as it sounds
In the video, the light is much brighter than it appears in the still frame above (left); it blinks on and off gradually, like a lightning bug:

Unlike most sucker demons, which is what I thought it was at first, I could not feel a stub, which feels alternately like a wet, stiff noodle or a sharp, metallic spike. When I touched the skin just above the light, it was smooth; and, aside from some residual itching, I did not feel any annoyance or discomfort in that area again.

Questions of nature of danger, injury foremost on mind
The question of what it is and what it will do to me are the two most important questions I have that are specific to this particular occurrence. You would think with the hundreds of demons that traipse through my apartment each month, I might have heard about something like this, and would have therefore known what it was; but, even with the dozen or so squeezed into my bathroom at the time this happened (I was in the bathtub), no one was willing to say anything for fear of reprisal by the Voices Demons.
NOTE | The Voices Demons repeatedly threaten other demons with death if they even consider being helpful to me in anyway; and, they tell stories to me hourly about demons and people they have killed for not having been loyal to their efforts, truth notwithstanding. 
Having been attacked all night and day for the past several days, one question pertains to the danger posed by this light under my skin, as well as the injuries it may incur. Since it burned me and was implanted under my skin without my consent or knowledge, and because no one will tell me what it is, I'm assuming it's dangerous, and is also meant to be, and that it can (and will) incur injury (although some things done to me seem to just cause headaches).

I guess I'll have to wait and see, like always, in that it seems that part of the whole shebang involves keeping me completely in the dark on everything that might be happening, have happened, and so forth.

Fortunately, I don't need to know much more than I know, so I am rarely frustrated by the tendency towards concealment.

Electronics v. demonic entity
Demon technology is unbelievably advanced, and burying a hot, light stick in my skull sets the bar way too low for their expectations of themselves. So, unless this light does something fantastical that I don't know about, my second guess is that it could be a living, demonic entity that glows, similarly to the one shown in  [see also ]; the fact that it's under the skin means nothing, as nearly all demons and demonic entities inhabit the human body in some fashion.

Green light in eyelids first to be implanted
Believe it or not, this is not the first light to shine from somewhere under my skin. In 2007, a green light in my lower eyelids, the left one more frequently, would roll along the top of the eyelid, back and forth to either side. Although I can see it really well from inside my eyes when it lights up, it can only barely be seen in the low-quality video made in 2008: