Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#528 - PHOTO | Sucker demons pull on dog ears, too

Introducing Blanca, one of the few souls in this universe that still knows demons are bad for people, and one of the even fewer that is brave enough to stand between a relative stranger, i.e., me, and those who devise evil:
Unfortunately, the Devil does not recognize loyalty and chivalry as sacred ground, which means, of course, neither do demons, as made evident by a still frame showing a sucker demon pulling on Blanca's ear:
The glossy black tubule attached to Blanca's ear is the same type of sucker demon that is attached to mine in another photo
The glossy black tubule in the above image is a sucker demon, and was inadvertently captured in a video made of demonic activity three days ago; it is the same type as the one also captured inadvertently in a photo first shown in PHOTO | Sucker demons complicate every day activities; and, as you can also see, that sucker demon is also pulling on my ear:
A black sucker demon either pulls on my ear to make head movements more difficult, as part of an all-day effort to deplete my energy and otherwise cause exhaustion
Why are sucker demons pulling on my ears and Blanca's? The answer is simple: just as they do to humans, demons endlessly torment animals to the point of exhaustion to weaken their resistance to possession by other demons; and, just as I and every other human so beleaguered by tactics designed by demons to exhaust man and beast, Blanca bears the mark of the possessed, specifically, a demeanor that is a muted expression of her normally cheerful self, accompanied by a drawn, tired look.

In short, demons are making Blanca feel tired, and she looks and acts every bit of it. I do, too; and, so does her best friend and owner, who routinely falls asleep in his chair (or wherever), as you will soon see in an upcoming video to be posted here.

How does a sucker demon exhaust someone by pulling on their ears? It's coincidence that I have two photos of a sucker demon doing the same thing to two victims, and a fluke that I have any pictures of sucker demons at all; and, even though I have them, they don't really explain anything at all, let alone what I've said. So, you'll just have to take my word for it when I say they work to tire victims.

Where there is one such sucker demon, there are hundreds. They are fast and agile, and extremely smart. They know the human body like Daniel Boone knows the wilderness. They skim the surface and plunge the depths, anticipating and countering every body movement. When they are on you, they make eating and sleeping and doing anything with your head, mouth, eyes, arms, hands, legs and feet much, much harder.

But, it's not like you're getting a workout you can use because there's no rest. So, eventually, you simply exhaust. That's what they do to people and animals.

Can other people see them? Yes, but not usually. They work under people's clothing; and, if they are on the outside, they blend with the creases in fabric. And, although they look thick on camera, they are actually as thin as thread, and move lightning quick. Finally, they only complicate the initiation of a movement; they don't pull on you the whole time you're trying to move. So, it's barely perceptible that you even exerted any extra effort to move.

All of this, while Voices Demons rail at you all day long, amounts to total exhaustion, and all of the consequences that result therefrom.