Monday, April 2, 2012

Attacked by demons at law library

When the lights went out on the empty third floor of the Santa Clara County Law Library, I knew that they were coming. After all, the Voices Demons had been threatening me, as usual, since I woke up (they even woke me up a couple of times in the middle of the night to do the same), and were doing the same at the library, so I knew it was time to turn on the camera on my cellphone.
As I hunkered down at the end of one book aisle (pictured, below), I began to see the tale-tell signs of demonic presence—small creatures, flitting back and forth, ghostly images of grotesque miniature-sized men, and the ever-present specter of some demon overseer, looming 8 to 9 feet tall.
An old, slow elevator is the only exit from the third floor on which I was attacked
After a few minutes of this, I was rushed by one or more demons, and one of them ripped my laptop out of my hands—at least that's what it looks like in the video (you can see him looming over me from behind the laptop after he snatches it from me); however, all I remember is my cellphone falling off the book I perched it on, and then, recovering from an apparent black out (dizziness, confusion, foggy headed), as I picked the phone back up.
The video, a higher-quality version of which is available on Vimeo, captured the partial visage of this demon, which highlights some interesting biological characteristics of demons:
One of the demons that attacked me in the law library, which looks identical to the demon that photographed itself using my cellphone camera
As is typical for demons recently arrived from their realm, this one is still producing its own light. As a result, its eye and skin appear to glow in the dark (the bright white, the orange glow).
At the end of the video, you can vaguely see tiny, demonic hands fishing for something in or near my laptop bag.

Demon problem has but one solution—prayer

Is anyone among you afflicted, ill-treated, suffering evil? He should pray. — James 5:13

Demons think in four dimensions, whereas we humans, in three. That's the best way I can describe the difference between them and us. This disparity affords them the upper-hand in every encounter, even when they are not trying.

So, no matter how clever or resourceful you are, you will always lose with a four-dimensional (or better) thinker working against you.

Fortunately, there is such a person who thinks not only in four dimensions, but in infinite dimensions, namely, Jesus Christ. Not only is He more than capable of outsmarting any demon, but he has a strong distaste for them, if I'm reading my Bible correctly.

Even still, that doesn't mean he's going to be handy automatically when you need him; you have to ask God. When the apostles could not cast out the demons, they asked Jesus why. The answer was—and is—"You have to pray."

Demons intend to "hem up" gays now working for them

Some quotes gleaned from audio recordings made of the Voices Demons and humans in collaboration with them talking in and around my vicinity, and in regards to the demons' attitude towards and intentions for gays, specifically, gays they've infected with HIV/AIDS, which includes (and sometimes refers to) me:
  • One human to another, in regards to the type of activity the demons are engaged in with respect to me: "They're culling him." Here, they are referring to me, meaning that I have been earmarked for death, like so many others. While it may be true, the speaker is clearly unaware that they'd be cutting their nose off to spite their own faces insodoing. I am pivotal in their culling efforts, in that my high enables the requisite "power boosts" to affect their nefarious agenda.
  • One Voices Demon to another, on their intent to kill the gays now working for them after killing me: "We don't really like our gay friends; we will hem them up after this one." At the time, many gays were heavily involved in advancing the effort to kill other gays in San Jose, most actively at The Watergarden, where demonic assault still continues unimpeded:
  • A demonic collaborator to me, insinuating that the reduced gay population of San Jose was a product of demon effort: "Did you notice there aren't as many gays in town as their use to be?" Demons and their people don't usually announce future plans, even when it sounds like that's what they're doing; rather, whenever they say they're going to do something, in all likelihood, they're already doing it—or have done it. In the comment prior, they seemed to announce their intention to kill the gays helping them kill other gays at the time; but, in fact, they'd already started that process, and wanted me to be take stock of their results so far.
  • Kenneth Pinto, my former attorney and demon collaborator, issuing a veiled threat to me once during a period of high demonic activity that the demons have a plan to reduce my lifespan by and through various means at their disposal: "Do you like being involved with all your lifespan options?"
NOTE | Italics indicate text added on September 4th, 2015, intended to further explain the comment or statement made.