Saturday, September 17, 2016

VID | Miniature-Joker Demon

Today, I captured a Miniature-Joker Demon on video, who is so named for its bone-white complexion and blood-red lips, both of which look painted on รก la a circus clown (or, obviously, The Joker):

In addition to the eerily similar likeness of his lips and complexion to that of The Joker [see image, below], the demon shares a pair of dark eyes, sunk deep into sockets as black as pitch:
The Miniature-Joker Demon (circled)The same demon (shown left), baring his teeth

Unlike The Joker, however, this demon stands only three feet high (or so).

This is not the first demon to appear in this location, which is just in front of a closet in the living room of the apartment in which I am staying. In fact, demons can be seen congregating here nearly always.

Several months ago, I posted a video showing a green, not-quite-hobgoblin Rabbinic Hobgoblin demon in the same location; the Vacuum Cleaner Demon is now known to occupy that same space.