Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AIDS | Appointment with Dr. Crapo's replacement

As of September 10th, 2015, 10:14 AM PST, I'm still typing this one up; so, get out (unless you've been explicitly invited to read it). You can, however, read all about Dr. Crapo, the subject of this and other posts.

In addition to updating readers on the most popular series of posts to this blog of all time, this post also attempts to establish the connection between VMC doctors' refusal to follow the common and general medicinal practices and procedures for treating chronic and incurable hypogonadism and demons' aloud-where-everybody-could-hear-it, street-corner, rooftop, years-long proclamation and declaration of their intent to emasculate me. I've angled in that direction a time or two in the past [see Blood test confirms suspicions VMC/doctor-demon connection], but I think this post does this better in these three ways:
  1. Physician misconduct. Points out the odd-but-strangely-coincidental-to-the-demonic-agenda behavior by VMC doctors;
  2. Documentation and media evidence. Recaps all the posts to this blog over the years in which I noted demons' stated intentions for me, one of which shows a video of smoke pouring from my head when demons damaged by pituitary gland, as well as one showing that my penis has been surgically removed in-the-ether; and,
  3. Third-party foreknowledge. Presents an audio recording of two people in contact with demons back in 2006, who were told of demons intentions; shows the search terms used by readers to find my blog, 85% of which have to do with my penis and emasculation [see E-mail reveals others' knowledge of demonic agenda]; demonstrates my stalkers' knowledge of same by and through their plethora of harassing e-mails.
Stanford overrides VMC
Stanford is a good hospital, with no apparent agenda other than to make sick people well. Unlike VMC, none of their time and resources are spent punishing the poor and/or disapproved of. Long story, short: yesterday, the best I was able to get from Dr. Crapo's replacement, i.e., Dr. Laurel McClure, was a pseudo-guarantee that, after another round of blood tests, I would get some testosterone, but, at most, half of my original dosage.

Being unacceptable in all respects, I did an end-run around her, and obtained the full-dosage prescription from my former doctor at Stanford—all by phone, at no cost, while I sat in the examination room with Dr. McClure:

MyHealthOnline app, showing the prescription sought after—not the one Dr. McClure intended to prescribe; Qapla' is all I'm gonna say
Going forward, I will be treated by the doctor at Stanford, if insurance permits. In the meantime, I will continue to entertain Dr. McClure's rigamarole, and will keep placing pressure on the problem at VMC by and through my attorney, Joseph Nazarian.

Had I not had an ace up my sleeve, I would not have my prescription at all—not even the half-dose—because, as I said, Dr. McClure stated she would not write any prescription until she got my test results back (tests which have now been run three times in about a week, by the way).

Partial filling of my prescription testosterone at VMC; apparently, they don't carry much in stock—which doesn't surprise me, seeing as I think this is a systemic problem, and not one unique to just me
Tomorrow is a follow-up visit with Dr. Crapo's replacement, Dr. McClure. I contacted my attorney regarding my concern that a return visit to the clinic may be contraindicated by a conflict of interest. I've never met Dr. McClure, but I'm guessing he's more inclined to a closer friendship with Dr. Crapo than me. My concern was that he would uphold Dr. Crapo's decision, as wrong as it may be, which, in turn, may support any case against Dr. Crapo down the line.

My attorney disagreed, saying that I should give things a chance to improve. So, off to the visit I will go, a day after having filed my claim against the County of Santa Clara just today:

I hand-delivered the above today, and then proceeded to the Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney; I wanted to know if criminal charges could be filed. The deputy district attorney that responded to my request for such information stated, "Yes," but that criminal case referrals are made through the California Medical Board in Sacramento:

In the meantime, readers may be interested in reading more legal documents related to a similar (if not almost entirely identical) situation with another VMC doctor, namely, Dr. Dean Winslow, and, perhaps more so, this document, which alleges criminal conduct on the part of the employees of the Santa Clara County Counsel, and which is referenced at the end of the above letter:

Relationship between demonic agenda and VMC doctors' betrayal of humanity not-so-coincidental
Does the demonic agenda to emasculate me [see Excerpt: 15 seconds of Voices Demons threats, rambling; see also PHOTO | Demons infatuation with penis evident in video still frame] and Dr. Crapo's bizarre and unethical behavior to deprive me of prescription testosterone mesh somehow?

Confirming damage done by demons/people
Before attempting to make a connection like that, let's confirm that damage was intended and done with these posts:
Blog search parameters, death threats demonstrate readers' advance knowledge of 'emasculation'

I want to note what I find odd with respect to the song-singing: it would be one thing if just demons sang songs about my penis, and another if just humans did; however, we have both [see AUDIO | Chorus of female voices demons sing about penis, homosexuality and pending murder] and that to me suggests some kind of tie-in, especially after having overheard a conversation between demons and people in regards to same [see AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment; see also AUDIO | Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006].