Monday, August 27, 2012

#378 - VIDEO | Porn actor's face morphs into demon's in porn video

A porn actor is apparently possessed by a demon, which has undoubtedly reeked havoc on his present life, and has all but precluded any hope for a life of his own in the future. On top of that, producers of Ink Kink decided to make that fact known to all who watch this video.

A porn actor's face morphs into a demon face in a commercially distributed video titled, Ink Kink
Shown to me by an acquaintance last night, the actor's face suddenly morphs into a blend of his face and the face of a demon. In this segment, the actor opens his eyes, which have a slight red tint to them, and then rolls them into the back of his head. He then closes his eyes again and squints real hard. That's when his face morphs into that of a demon (actually, it looks like a demon face is superimposed over his, just like it does in my videos):

The camera is affected by the demonic activity, just as mine is in many of my videos. Also, like all demonic morphs shown in my videos, the change is limited to the neck, up.

This is the third video I have of someone else's face changing into something demonic; but, unlike the other two, namely, VIDEO | Orlock-like face morphs into a human one and PHOTO | Video in motion reveals woman's hobgoblin demon underpinnings, which were made by me using my equipment, this video is distributed commercially and was produced by a video production company.

There are five videos in my demonic activity video collection in which I morph into something demonic, and one in which my hand actually flies off my arm. They include:
  • Demon in the Dark. Turn the brightness of your screen to its highest setting to see a green demon face superimpose itself over mine, which is then followed by an orange orlock-like demon:
Half-breed demon The pointy ear of an orlock demon
  • "Thing". My hand flies off my arm, taking on the likeness of Thing from The Addams Family, in order to grab my cellphone from off the floor before another demon, which you can (barely) see rapidly moving towards it from under the bed spread at the foot of the bed, gets to it first. In this video, I caught a glimpse of the needle-fingered glove of the demon that spikes peoples' brain and other internal organs in order to cause injuries that won't manifest into major illnesses and/or disability until sometime in the future date.
My hand flys off my arm and grabs
my cellphone before a demon does
The needle-fingered, Freddy Kreuger-style gloved
hand of a demon briefly appears at the top right
  • Two of Me. I transformed into a slightly different version of me and then back again in a matter of seconds, which is hardly noticeable without a comparison of two pictures, showing me before the morph and after it, respectively.
Before I morph, with a thin and elongated face, as well as smooth (unwrinkled) skinAfter I morph, looking older and scruffier, and with deeper creases in the face
Without orlock fangs......with orlock fangs
Raised brow and cheek bones, red color (look at the contrast between my face and body, row of sharp teeth, flat nose, ridged forehead, bald head, snake eye(s), and pointed ear add up to a centurion demon-orlock blend
Bearing the pointed ears, sloped nose and angular face of an orlock demon

In all six videos in which my body is shown undergoing some kind of supernatural transformation or performing a supernatural act, I am completely unaware of anything unusual. It was not until after viewing the videos did I see what happened.