Friday, December 14, 2018

Scratchen faces off with Death, loses life #2 of 9

Of course on the day Scratchen has an unexpected, untreatable and uncontrollable seizure...

...I find out that, in just one dose of iodine-131, her hyperthyroidism could have been cured. I'm not sure if that's what led to her present condition...

...but, I doubt it helped.

Around 7:55 AM EST, Scratchen arrived at the same emergency clinic that treated her for congestive heart failure [see The Door, The Cross and The Cat]; less than an hour later, she was transported to another clinic, IndyVet, for a neurological examination.

Presently, the clinic is pressuring me to spend more and more money, and is delaying the treatment I've already paid for pending my acquiescence to more expenditures.

Update | 9:02 PM
$2,700 later, Scratchen still lives, in spite of the treating veterinarian's recommendation that I "put her to sleep." When I visited her tonight, she had regained some awareness, although she saw extremely lethargic...

Long couldn't bare the thought of her dying—and since she didn't seem to be in any pain (and since a nurse said making that call was premature at this point)—I opted to let her receive the two more days of in-patient treatment and care I was allotted by the monies paid (up front, mind you).

Update on December 25th, 2018
It was a very Merry Christmas this year—no surprise there:
Although Scratchen's stroke(!) left her almost completely blind and deaf, she seems to be in good spirits, so long as I'm near, and as long as there is plenty of light in the room for her to see: