Monday, February 4, 2013

#503 - VIDEO | Little demon runs off with woman's lipstick

A little black-cloaked, white-faced demon suddenly appears in front of the TV before running off with a woman's lipstick after she sits it down on the table. The demon, which looks like a character on the TV until you see it move, can be seen in the following still frame at the bottom left corner of the TV:
A little black-cloaked, white-faced demon (bottom-left corner of TV) looks up at the woman, ready to return a tube of lipstick to its owner; to see it in the video, you must enlarge the video by the amount shown in this still frame
After the demon shrinks away with the lipstick, she looks around nervously to see if I noticed. To see this in the video, zoom in on the TV: I think the demon "borrowed" it from someone else, and then returned it once she used it. It is these types of incentives that are offered by the Voices Demons in exchange for people's participation in their schemes.
NOTE | At the time this video was made, my camera was pointed outside; because someone turned on a light in the room, both the reflection from the room behind me and a car in the driveway can be seen at the same time.
Demons come in all sizes, and many can resize themselves to suit a particular situation. Those that can resize themselves seem to prefer the size of the demon shown in the still frame above, as well as the size of the demon shown in the still frame below [from Secret builders of blanket demon faces revealed]:
On yet another "blind-and-surprise date" with a demon collaborator a couple of nights ago, a horde of miniaturized Jawa-lookalike demons attacked; upon seeing the camera, one of them is shown spreading its arms before blending with the bedspread (click image to enlarge)
Another, less fluid variety of miniature demon can be seen mocking my attempt to catch it on camera in this video:

Just as I turn my head to look at the camera screen, it hops merrily past the camera, just out of full view.
That's actually a specialty of theirs, too; they can actually determine how to be just in your view enough to be visible to you, but just out of view enough for others to be skeptical, or to keep from being easily seen by the camera. What threw the demon off in the lipstick video is, it didn't anticipate the reflection from the window once the light was turned on by someone else.
The next video showing a demon this small is the one that pulled on my pillow, trying to keep me from getting comfortable in my bed:
More like these are forthcoming...