Sunday, January 24, 2016

GALLERY | "Spun"

Yet another gallery of interesting (but uninformative) pics of demonic activity, which don't tell enough of a story or have an explanation sufficient to warrant posts of their own, but which couldn't be ignored, either. They are just neat to look at, especially knowing they are not only one of a kind, but show a phenomenon unique to demons, particularly, their ability to morph and transit between dimensions (for lack of a better term). The still frames posted to this gallery (aptly named, "Spun") show one or both of either of those things, wherein objects and surfaces are literally whirling like a pool of the same name.

They were captured by my iPhone while recording video during a period of high demonic activity (the only time when such images can be made). That which spins in a given still frame spun without any spinning of the camera; the videos from which they were taken might show movement, but no circular motion of any kind, whatsoever. Look closely enough, and you'll realize that, even if the camera was spinning, the images could not have rendered in the way they are. Try it with your own camera, if you don't believe it.

Bedroom carpet

Scratchen's fur

Walking at night

A possessed T-shirt 

Image characteristics showing demon-possessed blankets
There is another indicator of demonic activity in digital media in addition to spinning, which indicates movement. When a demon possesses, say, a blanket, they fold it (or, themselves, depending on the perspective of each of the pairs), even while they possess it. They can also use the blanket to smother, trip, entangle, uncover, and cover you. The following images show the midpoint (or so) of such movements:
The blanket shown in these still frames appears to be reknitting itself whenever the possessing demon(s) molded it to exhibit characteristics of their original form (such as their heads)
In the above still frames, the blanket appears to be reknitting itself, which happens as a possessing demon(s) molds it into its own shape. Threads elongate and separate, cascading from one part of the blanket to another, which looks like waves crashing onto the seashore [see still frame, bottom-right]. In this still frame, part of the blanket/demon-possessing-the-blanket juts upwards, right from the middle of the blanket:

Near the upper-right, two ropes are shown interwined as they rocket from te 
Near the upper-right corner, you can see two, intertwined ropes, likely made out of the threads in the blanket, which can be seen shooting out from the surface of the blanket in the video:

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