Friday, August 29, 2014

Voices Demons claim "total responsibility" for deafening Scratchen

I just found out today that my little baby girl can no longer hear. If her back is turned to you, she'll only know you're there if she feels the vibration of your steps on the floor or if you enter the periphery of her (thankfully) excellent vision—though, if you yell loud enough, and look at her when you do, she might notice you're saying something to her; but, it's clear she does not know what you're saying like she used to. When you play with her using her favorite toy—basically dragging any long, thin and flexible stick, a piece of string or, strangely, a trash bag tie along the floor while she chases it—she can't hear where it goes anymore. If you move her toy too fast, and she loses her visual track, she has to look around for it, no longer being able to hear where it is:

READ | An update to the story at the bottom of this post, written on the same day this video was made.
Finding this out explained a lot of the startling and disheartening behavioral maladies that I noticed since my release from the county jail last April, like:
  • not coming out from under the bed to see me when I visited like she always has (she had her back to me the last time I called under the bed for her; she didn't move. I wondered if she was a stuffed replica of the real thing, that's how still she was);
  • not answering me when I call (I used to be able to say her name and get a meow back; I would call her when I came to visit, and, although she might not have come right away, she wouldn't have hid for a whole two days straight before coming out from under the bed);
  • not responding to anything I say in the usual way (or, worse, by running off);
  • sleeping virtually around-the-clock;
  • always hiding under the bed;
Scratchen now spends most of her time crouched under Long's bed
  • stopped playing with her toys, none of which she has for reasons Long won't disclose;
  • stopped going outside (once the most exciting thing to Scratchen was an open door to the outside; she never went far or stayed out very long, but you could never keep her inside unless the door was closed. Now, Long says that she doesn't go outside anymore, and I've noticed that whenever I see her, too);
  • stopped meowing (she used to meow as her food was being put into her dishes; but, not only does she not come when you put food out, she doesn't ask for it, either);
  • doesn't eat as much or as frequently (and her weight loss is significant, although she needed to lost weight—so, we're still at healthy, but it happened the wrong way, and is inconsequential relative to the larger problems, demons and her infirmity);
  • doesn't use the litter box as often (Scratchen used to be my poopy-cat, until she corrected my usage of that little name of mine for her, which I felt mirrored her status as an eating-and-pooping machine; now, the litter box is not just cleaned more often—Long hates that job—but is clearly not used as often; I don't measure her food intake—Long is supposed to do that as her round-the-clock caregiver—but the trips to pick up cat food are far less, and the quantity purchased is lower, as are the serving sizes); and,
  • does not preen at all (her fur is okay; but, her formerly jet black, shiny coat has taken on the color of ash-black, and looks dry).
Now, I have it figured out: in short, Scratchen is scared and stressed out, no longer being able to be vigilant and alert while nestled in a neighborhood of Satanics [see Spectre of Death Guards Entrance to Scratchen's Apartment], being virtually alone.

A recent pic of Scratchen, taken by Long, at his apartment, where the Spectre of Death was once seen standing at the entrance to the building [see Spectre of Death Guards Entrance to Scratchen's Apartment]
Housing concession failed to stop renege on agreement to end abuse by demons, demon people
I'm at a loss to explain how anyone justifies this, especially seeing as I conceded to demands to give Scratchen up to Long almost two years ago [see Demonic plan to oust me from new apartment backfires on roommate] in exchange for assurances that she would no longer be abused by demons or their people [see Grandma, Long assign blame for others' demonic behavior]. This abuse, at that time, constantly entailed:
Scratchen's dish setup at the old apartment, where food and lighting—and demons—were bad
Clearly, in spite of my concession, in spite of moving Scratchen into Long's apartment per their demand, the Voices Demons and their people reneged. They deafened her, which, to a human, is the equivalent of being blinded.

Demons', demon people history of obsession with Scratchen
I should have known. The Voices Demons and their people have been threatening Scratchen since at least late 2011 [see Demons threaten Scratchen; see also Voices Demons snippets from today's footage reveal clues about operations, future plans: Yeah, Scratchen's got to go, Jimmy], and they have never stopped. Back then, all they would say, over and over, is Scratchen is dead meat.

Threats to Scratchen started as far back as 2006 [see Night of the Gun Chase]
This continued for about a year, at which point the threat became:
We'll hurt her little head.
The only departure from the Voices Demons' usual broken-record, mantra-style rhetoric as it pertained to Scratchen was noted in early 2012 [see Excerpt: 15 seconds of Voices Demons' threats, rambling], which consisted of a single, flat and direct statement:
We are not your friend; so don't make us angry. We will hurt your cat.
How they intended to carry out these threats was not clear; but, I never doubted them, especially after all the things they did to her while she lived with me, and even more so after overhearing the Voices Demons discussing amongst themselves and with other demons ways to harm me by harming Scratchen [excerpted from Voices Demons' weigh options to deprive me of freedom]:
Now, I think he's very, very angry for his cat, Scratchen. Scratchen isn't really thought of [as much as when we falsely incarcerated him for three years], but [still should] not be disregarded [as a catalyst for our demise] ... He loves the fuck out of her; but, [he] cannot do anything for her [or will not place her in harm's way, while he tears our souls apart] ... If hemming up on his cat is not his forte, then that's what we'll do.
Once started, not only did demons and their people continue to issue threats against Scratchen on a regular basis, they infused those threats with a disturbing display of magical prowess, consisting of eerie illusions of Scratchen's eyes during periods of high demonic activity. I made a passing mention of this phenomenon first in Demon-induced stress key to gaining strongholds in the mind, and then continued to document them more thoroughly in subsequent posts:
At first, I was skeptical that the Voices Demons were responsible for Scratchen's hearing loss, even though they insisted they were totally responsible when I discovered it, saying immediately afterwards, We claim total responsibility. Because they have threatened me specifically with deafness—and have demonstrated their instant ability to impair my hearing on any number of occasions—I would have assumed that they would have threatened Scratchen specifically with deafness, too, had they intended to deafen her; rather, the threats allude only to a general head injury and death, so I wasn't sure if they were merely trying to take advantage of the moment to anger me, or if they were serious.
NOTE | In the past, they said that "Paisa People" would hurt Scratchen (I do not know what Paisa People are to Voices Demons; people (when used by demons and appended to an adjective that is otherwise always used as a noun, i.e., paisa) suggests practicers of shadow magic that are utilized exclusively by demons for their handiwork, while paisa is a sometimes derogatory label used to describe immigrants from rural Mexico, who overtly maintain their former agricultural characteristics and nationalistic traditions as a means of differentiating themselves from Americans and even other Mexicans).
A little after that, though, they repeated what Long used to say about Scratchen's ear medicine out of the blue, verbatim. Instantly, I remembered all the times Long called me to tell me that she had mites or an ear infection, and that he had to take her to the vet to have her treated. After doing this spot-on imitation, they paused, waiting for to catch up.

Finally, it dawned on me that they could have said Scratchen used to get a lot of ear infections, but by imitating Long's manner of speech and his words so precisely, they were essentially telling me that they coached him back then on how and what to say to me as he advised me of Scratchen's condition.

In other words, they wanted me to feel as if they had this planned all along.

Possibly (and likely) caused by multiple, unsuccessfully treated ear infections
As I mentioned before, demons and their people induce infection in the sinuses, ear canals and skin routinely until they are labeled by doctors as a chronic condition. Scratchen was clearly a target in that regard, sustaining a plethora of ear infections, which, even when treated, never seemed to go away for long. I believe that is how they deafened her.
NOTE | Death by a thousand cuts is the demon-preferred method of killing people and animals; it's called creeping normality, and is the only form of murder or assault humans tolerate.
Feline health websites all say that deafness in a cat's later years is usually the result of long-term untreated ear infection or poisoning; otherwise, it is a congenital defect, present since the time of birth. Scratchen has had an unusual number of ear infections, which I know from the numerous times Long told me he was treating with the medication prescribed by a vet.

Scratchen peers out the window of our former home in Sunnyvale (2006), where she never had any ear problems; those started around the same time as the introduction of the Voices Demons' anger management rituals, which constituted nothing more than violence and harassment and criminal acts around the clock for days—and sometimes weeks—at a time, depending on whether humans or demons or both were involved
Whether this was the cause, though, I can only say that Long stated on a couple of occasions that he was having trouble clearing some of them up; so, it's possible some infections were severe and/or long-term enough to cause deafness. As of today, I'm wondering if he noticed all of the infections she might have had, and whether they went untreated; after all, he didn't know she was deaf until I told him, and that's been a fact now for at least six months.

The ever-present and copious amount of debris in Scratchen's ears is not mites, according to Long, unless he was misinformed by the vet he said examined her. Now, I wonder. It seemed right at the time. Her canals were never swollen or red, and there has never been any bleeding; plus, the debris doesn't look like any mites I have seen in any other cat I've owned (it looks like dirt, just as the vet advised Long). So, I always thought that Scratchen's favorite thing to do was to get her ears cleaned because it felt good to have her itchy ears rubbed by a Q-tip; she actually kicked her leg like a dog that's enjoying a scratch on its itchy back, and readily responded in the affirmative to the interrogatory, Do you want me to clean your ears?, by perching in front of the Q-tips I piled on the floor.
NOTE | Long—not I—taught her the meaning of that question by initiating and regularly maintaining her ear cleaning ritual, and even somehow taught her to sit in front of the Q-tips in answer.
But, now, I think it might also have been because her ears bothered her, and she quickly equated the ear cleanings with relief from pain or discomfort. Long said he only took a look into her dirty ears after observing how frequently she scratched them (something I never noticed, and still haven't).

The face of demon, blended with a tree (left) just outside Long's apartment, where Scratchen now lives
Continued demonic activity ensures bleak future for Scratchen (in-progress)
And, they probably did. And, knowing them, Scratchen's hearing loss is just the beginning of a whole new tact for them, her eyesight now being a liability in that regard more than anything else. Now, they'll torment her by sending creepy-crawlies that she used to be able to hear up close before they drop into her vision. I'm sure that, given their skittish nature, cats like being snuck up on less than any other creature.

Scratchen may have survived the Scratchen-is-dead-meat days, but I bet she wished she hadn't. The Voices Demons and their people were extremely cruel, pulling the same type of hijinks, antics, and generally scaring her to death, around-the-clock, everyday—just as they do to people they don't like. At the time they were doing this, I remember thinking that they were not randomly choosing ways how to harm Scratchen, but working towards a specific goal that could only be attained by a very specific set of problems. It was not just their obsession; it was the way they spaced the problems apart, and the interval of time between each problem that made it seem scientific to them. Also, the problems they caused weren't the worst they could do; it's clear they weren't intending to injure Scratchen right away, but wanted to space things out to savor the experience for as long as possible. The problems were the kind that would not bother someone once, but, if it kept happening, and just at the wrong time, over and over and over, it'd cause issues for you mentally and physically down the line. The Voices Demons and their people relish that journey, spending nothing but everything on it.

Scratchen, climbing under my bed sheets to bring me a leaf to play with (taken at our former home in Sunnyvale in 2006, right before demon-allied gang-stalkers attacked)
Update (Nov. 28th, 2014): Voices Demons finger demon peoples' demonic weapons testing
To note: the Voices Demon today flatly stated that it was demon people who deafened Scratchen, having fired at her head the same weapons they fire at mine; they are waffling on whether they will indicate specifically the identity of the culprits. These are the possibles they've mentioned so far:

  • the patrons of Blocker's, the bar across the street from the building in which Scratchen lives, and one of three primary locations where demon people congregate to fire their weapons at me when I'm visiting her;
  • other tenants in the building, who use their apartments to stage their attacks in the same manner and at the same time as the bar-hoppers; and,
  • paisa people again, of whom I have no knowledge (perhaps the occupants of the vehicles that circle the block for hours at a time when I'm with Scratchen?).
Regardless, I am sure that the cloaked pin inserted into her head—which is visible in the presence of chroma—and the sucker demons sprouting from her ears (no doubt anchored deep into her head), aren't helping.
NOTE | To see what cloaked pins look like when inserted into one's person, as seen through the snowy haze of chroma by a digital camera, go to Cloaked pins inserted into fingertips; to see what sucker demons look like when burrowed into your head, go to Demonic bombs, noggin' crunches and flying demonic snakes for breakfast; and, to see what sucker demons look like when crawling all over you, go to Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure.