Friday, December 14, 2018

Scratchen faces off with Death, loses life #2 of 9

Of course on the day Scratchen has an unexpected, untreatable and uncontrollable seizure...

...I find out that, in just one dose of iodine-131, her hyperthyroidism could have been cured. I'm not sure if that's what led to her present condition...

...but, I doubt it helped.

Around 7:55 AM EST, Scratchen arrived at the same emergency clinic that treated her for congestive heart failure [see The Door, The Cross and The Cat]; less than an hour later, she was transported to another clinic, IndyVet, for a neurological examination.

Presently, the clinic is pressuring me to spend more and more money, and is delaying the treatment I've already paid for pending my acquiescence to more expenditures.

Update | 9:02 PM
$2,700 later, Scratchen still lives, in spite of the treating veterinarian's recommendation that I "put her to sleep." When I visited her tonight, she had regained some awareness, although she saw extremely lethargic...

Long couldn't bare the thought of her dying—and since she didn't seem to be in any pain (and since a nurse said making that call was premature at this point)—I opted to let her receive the two more days of in-patient treatment and care I was allotted by the monies paid (up front, mind you).

Update on December 25th, 2018
It was a very Merry Christmas this year—no surprise there:
Although Scratchen's stroke(!) left her almost completely blind and deaf, she seems to be in good spirits, so long as I'm near, and as long as there is plenty of light in the room for her to see:

Monday, November 26, 2018

VIDEO | An exhibition of the comparative qualities between molecules groups by disparate time and space

The following is an addition to my collection of notes describing observations of the differences between cloaked and non-cloaked molecules when they retain enough of their separate qualities to be distinct from each other, but share enough of the similar qualities to be observed simultaneously...

Cloaked molecules relative to surrounding molecules not only differ in translucency, but also in their comparative rate of time flow. They are no different fundamentally, but they form a group that limits their interaction with non-cloaked molecules.

Molecules can temporarily transition from one group to another without changing into different molecules. Even though they are the same, they look different, just like gas molecules in a light bulb excited by heat from a filament. It's the same gas, whether the bulb is lit up or not; the difference is how that gas reacts under two different circumstances. That's not necessarily the same difference between cloaked and non-cloaked molecules; I only provided it to show that the same molecules can look and act completely different, depending, and, for us, it's as easy as flipping a switch in some cases.

By nature, the border dividing groups of cloaked and non-cloaked molecules is a sharp one; but, there are circumstances that permit a glimpse of entities made of molecules that are cloaked. The greater the wattage and power, the more similar to adjacent groups in visibility and speed. Sometimes, that makes them bright enough and slow enough to be seen by either a digital camera sensor or even our eyes, even if barely.

The following video was made with an iPhone video camera, which was set to an exposure duration of three frames per second and an ISO of about 2280. This allows more of the faint light from a semi-cloaked demon to make an imprint on the imaging sensor. Frames stacked with a larger collection of impressions than those made at normal speeds make otherwise faint objects appear brighter; but, because it takes longer to collect more impressions, it makes dim objects look blurry when they move. When such objects are already moving at high rates of speed due to their semi-cloaked nature, the blur is almost imperceptible. Instead, they appear to flit from one frame to another, just like this blue demon does in the video (he enters from the left to the middle of the sidewalk across the street in one instant, and then moves straight to the window between us in another):

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Door, The Cross and the Cat (or, "Scratchen gets it")

The following post is about Scratchen, my cat. Before you ask something stupid like, WTF does this have to do with demons?!—like one person in a Facebook group to which I post links to this blog, in fact, did—consider how you'll look to those who made a remedial effort to know WTF where you made none: lazy, pointless, hate-filled and uncompelled by a world-sized factory of motivation.

Point being is, read all the posts about Scratchen, and figure it the F out before you open your F mouth, MF.

Second point: Scratchen and I are fine, thank you for asking that first, you hateful piece of S...

Third point, while I'm on a roll: until your cat traverses time and space for you, I'll decide WTF is and WTF isn't.

On Friday, October 19th, at 10:30 PM, Scratchen was admitted to a local animal hospital with symptoms of congestive heart failure, specifically, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, severe lethargy and muscle weakness. Although a tumor near her heart has not been ruled out, the primary cause has been attributed to untreated hyperthyroidism:

Scratchen was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and hyperthyroidism
Unless an echocardiogram reveals a cancerous tumor (originally thought to be the cause of the heart malady), her life expectancy is six months to one year. She will require daily doses of four different medications to treat both conditions:

Scratchen will require administration of four different medications—twice a day, at 12-hour intervals
The following is a phone call between me and a veterinarian at an emergency animal clinic in Indianapolis—just a few miles from my current home, and less than a quarter of a mile from my childhood home(s):
The culprits weren't hard to pin down:
A still frame from a video made of Scratchen during a period of high demonic activityThe same still frame, but with an overexposure filter applied to just her mouth to reveal a demon similar to the one shown on the rightAn image made of a demon using a home-brewed technique designed to capture cloaked demons using a digital imaging sensor
Here's a line-up of the usual suspects (the ones usually assigned to carry out threats such as the one issued in Scratchen's case—i.e., "Scratchen gets it"):

Passenger-pigeon demons, such as these, are the culprits behind Scratchen's maladies overall; prior to leaving California, they made an open declaration of their intent to hurt her (still searching for the video of this—thanks YouTube for being such SHIT-FUCKS and deleting my account without explanation...BURN IN HELL WITH THESE CREATURES, YOU VOMIT BAGS!)
These demons and the people who follow them cull tidbits from known torture practices of various cults to assemble a mish-mash of mayhem with which to beleaguer their victims. Animal torture, which the Illuminati are known and confirmed to use (or have used) to warp the minds of children—not adults—is (apparently) one of the things they will do to anybody at any age for no logical reason and without any understanding of the point to be made and purpose to be served by those from which they adopted it. It seems that, to them, they think that they can inherit fame and intelligence by simply imitating someone famous for being intelligent. That would be a good plan if you're all in and none out; but, cherry-picking and experimentation as a pattern and practice has yet to yield the stature they desire. So far, they look base, crass and dominated by a lust for violence that redefines out-of-control. Unfortunately, failure does not dissuade those with a hunger that cannot be satiated.

The following videos were made this morning during and after I went to pick her up from the hospital:

As you can see, another one of the usual suspects was at-large during this latest demonic debacle—albeit, in His case, a welcome one.

These are her follow-up instructions per the technician:

Sunday, September 23, 2018

TECH | Planetary Hour Calculator/Calendar App

I wrote an Objective-C class that calculates the planetary hours for the current day and night based on the location of iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, and adds those as events to the Calendar app on any MacOS or iOS device, as well as an app that displays the current planetary hour via a complication on the face of Apple Watch:

The graphic circular and graphic corner complications, displaying the previous, current and upcoming planetary hours on the Apple Watch Series 4
Although the specific intent of the code is to supply a means for developers to add this data to their own apps, I've provided a few sample implementations showing the code at work:
My Planetary Hour app for Apple Watch Series 4, as it appears in the Watch app for iOS
Here's one for WatchOS:

My Planetary Hour app, running in the WatchOS simulator
The video below shows an example implementation of calendar events being added for each planetary hour in the Calendar app on iPhone using the class-supplied data:

Here's another iOS app that shows the coordinate of each planetary on a map in real-time:

Here's a similar app showcasing the ability to determine the coordinate of each planetary hour at a specific time of day (not just the current time), which was used to create a "fast-forward" of the progress of each planetary hour as they transit the globe over the course of a day:

These are a couple of basic examples of ways planetary hour data can represented in apps. My original intention was to display the data on an Apple Watch Series 4 via a complication using ClockKit; I think a time graph that encircles the clock face and counts down each hour would be nice.
Now that I have a working planetary-hour data provider, it should just be a matter of supplying ClockKit with the data for the various complication templates it provides [see Developing Complications for Apple Watch Series 4].

Update on January 11th, 2019
I finally managed to get the complication on the face of the actual watch:
Of all the things that I thought would be difficult, this wasn't one of them; but, four months later, this is the best I've done so far:

When the strength of demons' weaponry was observed to be stronger during some planetary hours while weaker in others, I made a wildly incorrect and very ignorant human assumption that it was a demon horde somehow associated with a particular planetary body could only provide power to deployed weapons because of the actual physical position of a given planet [see reading past posts on the relationship between planetary hours and astrology and demonic activity]. As it turns out, planetary hours do not correspond to a planet locations; they correspond to demons' locations.

These locations are called "houses," in which demons divide themselves into "bands" by cloaking to exhibit identical characteristics that keep them together. If that doesn't make sense, search for cloak on The Life of a Demoniac | Quora and read each post.
NOTE | Think Bacchus, who travels with the springtide as it progresses around the globe.
A house is one of 24 (almost) equally was divided longitudinal sections of the globe; they are bordered by sunrise and sunset, and divided into two: day and night. The length (or size) of a day hour is the duration of time between sunrise to sunset for a given day divided by 12; same for night, but from sunset to sunrise of the next day. Demons of the same house all dwell within the geographic border of a planetary hour, and move with that house (or hour) as time progresses. In their cloaked state, they can actually be moved by the sun's "current," which varies in "strength" depending on how close or far a demon is from solar noon. All demons in the same house modify the strength of their cloak in the same way, so that they all are propelled or pushed at the tail of their house by the head of the house behind as it sweeps across the globe (or something like that).

The reason why the strength, then, of weapons varies from planetary hour to planetary hour is because not all bands get along. If they did, bands wouldn't be akin to different countries; rather, they'd be more like states all belonging to the same country.
NOTE | That's only one of a dozen reasons for a lack of participation; but, because opposition increased in strength every time demons decreased, I'm concluding that there is (or maybe was, but definitely can be) animosity between adjacent houses.
The following Xcode Console output generated by NSLog shows the planetary-hour dictionary keys and real-world values for each, which were derived from the actual sunrise and sunset times acquired by

2018-10-13 09:11:06.652273-0400 PlanetaryHoursFramework[14349:720599] Planetary hours dictionary desc: {
    0 =     {
        Saturn = "planet_name";
        "2018-10-14 01:33:21 +0000" = "start_date";
        "\U2644" = "planet_symbol";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        "2018-10-14 03:28:38 +0000" = "end_date";
    1 =     {
        "2018-10-14 05:23:55 +0000" = "end_date";
        "\U2609" = "planet_symbol";
        Sun = "planet_name";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        "2018-10-14 03:28:38 +0000" = "start_date";
    10 =     {
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        "\U2642\Ufe0e" = "planet_symbol";
        Mars = "planet_name";
        "2018-10-14 20:46:14 +0000" = "start_date";
        "2018-10-14 22:41:31 +0000" = "end_date";
    11 =     {
        "2018-10-15 00:36:49 +0000" = "end_date";
        Mercury = "planet_name";
        "\U263f" = "planet_symbol";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        "2018-10-14 22:41:31 +0000" = "start_date";
    2 =     {
        "2018-10-14 05:23:55 +0000" = "start_date";
        "2018-10-14 07:19:13 +0000" = "end_date";
        "\U263d" = "planet_symbol";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        Moon = "planet_name";
    3 =     {
        "2018-10-14 09:14:30 +0000" = "end_date";
        "2018-10-14 07:19:13 +0000" = "start_date";
        "\U2642\Ufe0e" = "planet_symbol";
        Mars = "planet_name";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
    4 =     {
        "2018-10-14 09:14:30 +0000" = "start_date";
        "2018-10-14 11:09:47 +0000" = "end_date";
        "\U263f" = "planet_symbol";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        Mercury = "planet_name";
    5 =     {
        "2018-10-14 11:09:47 +0000" = "start_date";
        "\U2643" = "planet_symbol";
        Jupiter = "planet_name";
        "2018-10-14 13:05:05 +0000" = "end_date";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
    6 =     {
        "\U2640\Ufe0e" = "planet_symbol";
        Venus = "planet_name";
        "2018-10-14 15:00:22 +0000" = "end_date";
        "2018-10-14 13:05:05 +0000" = "start_date";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
    7 =     {
        Saturn = "planet_name";
        "2018-10-14 16:55:39 +0000" = "end_date";
        "2018-10-14 15:00:22 +0000" = "start_date";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        "\U2644" = "planet_symbol";
    8 =     {
        "\U2609" = "planet_symbol";
        "2018-10-14 16:55:39 +0000" = "start_date";
        Sun = "planet_name";
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        "2018-10-14 18:50:57 +0000" = "end_date";
    9 =     {
        location = "<+37.33233141,-122.03121860> +/- 5.00m (speed 0.00 mps / course -1.00) @ 10/13/18, 9:11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time";
        Moon = "planet_name";
        "\U263d" = "planet_symbol";
        "2018-10-14 20:46:14 +0000" = "end_date";
        "2018-10-14 18:50:57 +0000" = "start_date";

The source code for JBPlanetaryHourCalculator is available on GitHub.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

BIBLE | Why God gets me, and why you should, too

The following is my definitive answer to Why all the pics of demons? It is an explanation for my perplexity at a lack of support, participation and interest one would reasonably expect from having made the world's hidden dangers visible—even without ever having to lift your gaze from your cellphone.

Not everybody ignores my posts, and for that I am exceedingly grateful. There are notable exceptions, of course—one such person who makes a point to let me know when he likes something I post, even while others haven't (he doesn't mind standing out at all); In this short note of gratitude I wrote to him yesterday, I'm not only giving praise for his right choice in these wrong times, but am also giving glory to God for making good choices viable for those who make them: “Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked?”
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭7:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬

I can't think of a better solution to a problem or a better packaging of it. Can you? I don't get my sanity and worth to the world questioned as much as I used to, at least not since I started posting by the hundreds the most stunning images ever wrought throughout all of the world's history. These images—if not in and of themselves the most well-founded argument I could ever hope to proffer—handily beat down any notion that my time and effort in making them was anything but worthwhile.

Even still, I argue my case in my own words so as to provide encouragement to anyone who might follow suit in their own way and under their own set of circumstances, and to anyone who may have seen the deplorable derision I endured and be afraid to let their light shine in their moment of darkness.

[God] hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.
— ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬
To say that God made man inquisitive and explorative by nature would be an understatement; rather, He made it a desire of their heart to solve every mystery that presents itself:

All this have I proved by wisdom: I said, I will be wise; but it was far from me. That which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out? I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness...
— ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭7:23-25‬ ‭KJV‬‬

He has placed no discernible limits on their quest for knowledge and wisdom, having never made an occasion without a need for plenty of it.

The world God created for man was designed specifically for the purpose of provoking that desire; having filled it with wondrous and curious and seemingly incomprehensible works, while giving men the ability to comprehend them, He paved their way to satisfy their hunger.

The mysteries of God's world are intended to perfect mankind as a whole, in that the journey of discovery leads man from pauper to king, from poor in knowledge and wisdom to rich in same. This is a long-recognized fact, which has been the subject of praise for millennia:
It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.
 — ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭25:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬
In sum, there’s been no circumstance whatsoever where devising a way to visualize the plethora of invisible life around me should have be anything less than a thing my heart wanted most, even as my world and my life seemed to crumble around me; it was the correct and intended function of my design, and because I functioned as designed—even in my situation, and even in the face its fall outs—everything I did to that end was a hygienic and healthy expression of my nature—not to mention wise:
And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven...
— ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭1:13-14‬ ‭KJV‬

My present success—as evidenced anew by every demon pic I post—when coupled with the magnanimous implications of the achievement itself, doubles as testimony to an extensive personal history dominated by consistent growth, focus and drive. Although I may not be much to look at, given all that I've endured and, to some extent, continue to endure, where virtue and character are concerned, many would say God agrees. He even said so, in a way, quite recently:

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips [Proverbs 27:2]
Each demon pic is like a rock, which, in their sum, are forming an ever-growing mountain of evidence that overshadows the most highly reasoned doubt that I was taking care of myself and others as sufficiently and efficiently as could be done by any man—and, that, while being subjected to an around-the-clock effort by invisible forces to create a contrary image (pardon the pun) and, to no lesser extent, my own people.

Success under these circumstances form the basis of an answer to anyone who would ask (having seen nothing but the bad), Where God was during all of this?
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
— Romans 8:28
The only blame or fault in my case that could have ever been during the times when I endured the doubt and veiled derision of those who purport to be friends or family would have been a failure
to use what God gave me 
to do what He designed me to do 
in the world in which He placed me, 
which He did for my edification—not my demise, the inevitability of which notwithstanding. (I miss the days, in a way, when nobody liked me but me; this rare form of confidence is highly underrated.)

You’ll have to trust God, if not me, that my success in my prodigious availing of God’s willing and abundant and expert tutelage led to more than just the knowledge made apparent by the work; but, if not Him, then your own reasoning, which should conclude that I’ve neither gone downhill nor am anywhere near the bottom of it, and that thinking so, portraying me so, arguing so, or acting so is as much of an injustice to me as any other I’ve suffered. It’s incorrect, and evil—and, it robs you of a pride in your own kind to which you are entitled. God granted you the right to have it whenever He lifts up the humble and the teachable, and you rise to the occasion.

To see the images that are the subject of this post:
The Life of a Demoniac
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Links to notes, photos and videos of demonic activity as made by James Alan Bush, in San Jose, California, posted to The Life of a Demoniac blog at: ...

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

More intercepted demonic communiqué (or, Thing demons have said behind my back, Part Two)

The first installment of Intercepted demonic communiqué (or, Things demons have said behind my back)—which, originally, was meant to be the only installment—has been so popular with people and demons when I published it at the beginning of February that I haven't had to intercept a single communique to learn new words and phrases demons and people use in their communication (although, I have been doing that); rather, demons have been handing all kinds of new information to me directly, claiming that it's fun to watch people react to them. My (or should I say, their) explanations and stories tend to tell readers a lot more about topics I generally don't cover anywhere else on the blog, even though they sometimes still leave a lot unsaid.
NOTE | There are lots more words and phrases unique among demons and their people on the Factoids page. I call them, demon idiom.
To make this post a bit more interesting, I've included a few more things I've intercepted (versus handed to me directly) even where I do not yet have explanations for them. I'll call them mysteries for now, albeit mysteries I, myself, have no intention of solving (but the solutions to which I will not refuse should they come to me outside of my own effort).

By the way, if you've heard any of these somewhere else and failed to make that known, please read A Call to Arms | Your duty as a victim of demonic activity (or otherwise), You should share what you know, no matter what—even with people you wouldn't normally think to share with. The first in the list of demonic communiqué is the perfect illustration of my point:

"If we tried to tell you how they did anything they do, they'd accuse us of souring their candy—a big no-no for our people."

This was the response given me by demons that afflict me, and of whom I am aware and with whom I communicate as freely and even more easily than any given human, when I asked them for information about a specific horde of demons that also afflict me, but have employed various means to minimize my awareness and remembrance of my encounters with them (called incognating by demons, in general). It is a serious trespass among demons that exploit humans for one horde to give any human they exploit information about another horde that could lead to a complication or burdening or undoing of another horde's exploitive use of that human, particularly if that human has a demonstrated propensity for using information given them (whether it appears to be related or otherwise) to avail themselves or others of their exploitation. That can be inferred by the question itself, if for no other reason, if the question pertains to a horde that did not intend to be identified, and if the question is material or the answer consequential to the inquisitor's interaction with them.

The agreed-upon restriction imposed by demons among themselves that forbids acknowledging or otherwise making known the existence of any other horde that has not made itself known and that has not specifically consented to being acknowledged or discussed by other demons with a human (which is to be assumed as required on every occasion in which such a discussion occurs) is not covered by this term; while doing so could effectively sour a horde's candy, it could sour the candy for future hordes who rely on a human's complete and total ignorance of demon exploitation overall. Poisoning the well would be more apt.
NOTE | This is but one of several universally adopted and practiced fair-trade policies among all disparate species of demons. 
Great care must be taken to comply with this rule around humans who have established partnerships with a horde of demons through which they receive (or think they receive) protection from demonic exploitation as compensation or incentive. No horde of demon can rightfully claim total and complete protection of exploitation by every horde that exists; there's no horde large or powerful enough and no human-habitable space secure enough to fend off all possibilities. Moreover, demons cannot always detect the presence of other demons, and are may be subject to exploitation themselves (or at least limited in resources by their own self-protective efforts). If a human is unaware that they are being exploited or are, in fact, not presently being exploited, a horde is expected to claim that they provide protection, even though it is incidental, and that the protection is unbreakable. In this case, the candy can be soured not for other hordes, but by other hordes, by purposefully or incidentally advising the human of the falsity of such claims. Destroying the foundation or basis of a relationship between a horde and a human as paramount as the protection of one's life, which is carefully cultivated and constantly reinforced throughout the entire life of that relationship, undermines, hinders and complicates every subsequent effort made by the horde. This is so important, that this often obligates hordes that encounter a human to make a special effort to reinforce the lie, making either mention of it or behaving in any other manner in their interaction with a human than ways that reflect how they truly feel about humans in general.

This policy is an alternative and companion explanation for thefts of documents and/or recordings of demonic activity by humans that describe or reveal their involvement or activities with demons, such as described in Demon people steal secretly made recordings years ago, even when a threat to demons and the humans involved is unlikely. Any information at all that effectively demonstrates that exploitation occurs may make aware those who have yet to discover or believe it. It also provides a secondary and perhaps more plausible explanation for the violent reaction I noted whenever playing back audio recordings of demons' conversations with me, which, when noted, was ascribed to shame [see Shame, exposure angers demons most]. In sum, both theft and violence under these circumstances is probably primarily motivated by compliance with this common rule of confidentially, and not the particulars of the recorded data.
NOTE | I base my assessment of the lack of the relevance of any given recording that could be made of the problem based on a sufficiently thorough examination of it and a conclusion shared by everyone who has even had a glimpse of it. It is so obvious, that most people arrive at the same conclusion by mere instinct; it's not debatable. Neither demon nor human in-the-know would disagree with my conclusion that there isn't really any activity that one could record that would solve it. In other words, people who know about the problem have no means to address it or even reason with it; if you weren't placed in a position above it, then you're at least subject to it (and likely are). You're many thousands of years too late, as the threat from notifying the herd so that it can collectively protect itself was buffeted against long-ago by a magnanimous and gargantuan effort by the demonic kingdom at large from being unseated by a cellphone recording or a leaked document. The land (or, Earth) has been plowed and furrowed, and weeding and fertilizing of the fields is as big and important of a job as the planting and the harvesting, so nothing you can post or submit is going to destroy the crop. The Devil created the world we know to be a fertile land for his kingdom's economy, which relies solely on its forced exploitation of humans for its dealings in our realm. If your recording leads anyone to believe otherwise, you've made a fool out of two people, and you have strengthened the protective measures actively working against you.
"There's something special in the air."
This is the standard announcement by the demons constantly in my immediate vicinity that they issue to every demon and human who exploits the phenomenon that occurs whenever I do what I do that somehow, among other things, causes portals to open between here, there and, well, almost everywhere (at least to wherever I'm tuned to the emotions—negative—that resonates with portals demons who do the tuning want to open—also negative). It's borrowed from the well-known and long-running American Airlines ad campaign, and makes a jest out of it by pointing out one of the most obvious and visible signs of the onset of what I call a period of high demonic activity (which others might also call a demon-induced bender); specifically, the air, which fills with snowflake-sized travelers from other places and spaces. Here's what that looked like in my apartment a couple of nights ago:

Believe it or not, there's no snow machine hidden somewhere off-camera; you can see that by the pattern of flight at various points in the video. Like a school of fish, the swarm turns together, while each member maintains his relative distance and speed from those next to him. So, there's no wind machine involved, either.
NOTE | This video confirms what I've said countless times in past years: I have encountered many, many different varieties of sentient life, and, most of my time as the Door (or Engine, as demons call me), i.e., the cause and center of the opening of portals, I got to know as many as I could, as well as I could. While much was learned by observation, much was also learned by conversing. The most frequent topic of conversation was the problem this blog describes; the one thing that can be said that's true no matter where you go and who you are is this: good and evil are the same as we know them, as are the benefits and consequences we know to be associated with them. With only a complete and comprehensive knowledge and perfect practice of the differences between the two, you can make it anywhere. Literally.
"He rolls his tongue like a mountain of money."
This is how I was announced by a demon to other demons as a prodigious and exceptionally persuasive speaker, one whose jokes cause uncontrollable laughter in even his enemies, and whose infallible logic causes uncontrollable agreement among same.
“He’s got a rickety skeleton in his pocket."
Demons deform a human's bones by exposing them to the natural radiation emanated by their cloaked molecular state, using various means to direct the radiation into concentrated beams or fields and accelerate the deformation process. The skin is also affected; not only does it stretch, but it loses its elasticity. A person who is subjected to this form of torture and treatment is said by demons to look like a pocket (made of skin) that is full of their own bones; this is how they say it when they point it out.
“He has sensations that describe his belongings to other worlds."
This was said of me several times by passive or uninvolved demons observing the melée between me and my demon enemies. This is an incredibly complex war, which takes place not only in this world, but—apparently—others like it. On occasion, I get a glimpse into my lives in those other worlds that can simultaneously be witnessed by demons. A Voices Demon told me that's what they were talking about once, saying that they had no better word for my recollections than sensations (since dreams or memories didn't quite fit). I'd call them flashbacks.

This is a work-in-progress; more to come...

Monday, August 6, 2018

TECH | Machine learning: Image classifier model automatically, instantly recognizes demons in images

But wisdom is justified of all her children.
— Luke 7:35

Anything but another demon pic, every one of my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Path, LinkedIn and Swarm followers have thought at one point or another–if not outright said. Are you obsessed with demons or something? all have thought—if not outright said.

I've always ignored these questions in the past, as they are so stupid to ask, and too stupid to answer; but, if I had answered them, I would have said, I hear ya, and, No, respectively.

Ironically, insodoing, I would have begged what I consider to actually be a valid question: Then, what's the deal?

I wouldn't have answered that one, either, though, until I finished that which is presented in this post. The answer would have sounded crazier than taking pictures of violent demons sounds; but, now that I am finished—and alive, thank you very much—I will answer that question:

Introducing the world's first and only machine-learning image classifier model for automatic and instant recognition of demons in digital media:

Registered Apple Developer Connection members can download the first version of the world's first and only demon-recognition CoreML Model (17 Kb) to integrate into their iOS 11.4 (or higher) camera or video apps

To make the model required lots of demon pics. Fortunately, lots of demons were available for recording on digital video. I posted hundreds of them over the past several months to my social media accounts as I acquired and processed them [see Social Media Ad Promos (2017-2018) on]. As of yesterday, I fed about 100 of them into Apple's CreateML playground per the instructions in Creating an Image Classifier Model posted to the Apple Developer Connection site.

I got the idea to create the model after integrating Core Image's facial recognition plug-in into an experimental version of my upcoming app, Chroma. Although the framework supplied by Apple for integration by developers purports to recognize only human faces, it also captured some demon faces, too—albeit less than half. It stood to reason that a model trained with only demon faces would perform even better.

The process for creating and testing the model was incredibly simple, although preparing that many images for doing so was a bit tedious. Each image used for creating had to be cropped to just the demon's face only:

Once the images were cropped, they had to be categorized. To start, I separated the individual demons that sometimes group to create the facade of a much larger demon (they look like birds with outspread wings) from images showing actual larger demons (like the one shown in the video above). Then, using the Create ML developer tool in an Xcode playground, I trained and tested my image classifier model:

NOTE | Ever since Google shutdown my YouTube account (without warning and without reason—and without remedy), I've been uploading videos directly to the posts versus hosting them on YouTube; for whatever reason, some look okay (like the first video), while some don't (like the video above). You know, they sure do get a lot of investor money; what are they spending that on, exactly?

The following screen shot shows the statistical (and theoretical) end result of my efforts:
Version 0.1 of my image classified model identifies the smaller, bird-like demons that sometimes stack on top of each other to form a single (assembled) demon 98.91% of the time, whereas it recognizes an assembly of them 93.75% of the time; the model was trained with only 100 out of literally ten of thousands of images showing demons
Reactions to the release of this ground-breaking news can all be generalized based on this single comment:

Stubborn stupidity is a cross no one should bear under the circumstances
COMING UP | Incorporating the image classifier model in an iOS app (for developers only)

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Return to Indiana: Restored health, imperiled freedom, peace and quiet

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
— Isaiah 40:31

It was the best of days; it was the worst of days—depending on how you look at it.

On one hand, it is clear that my health is on the mend if my leaderboard ranking in three of the Nike Run Club Monthly Challenges, which pits its members against each other in a race to get the most miles in the allotted time, is any indication. As of the time of this writing:
  • In the August Weekly Challenge, I rank #9 out of 49,923 runners world-wide, having in just two days logged 75.43 miles;
  • In the August 100K Challenge, I rank #10 out of 39,879 runners worldwide, having in just two days logged 45.97 miles;
  • In the August 50K Challenge, I rank #8 out of 63,672 runners, worldwide, having logged the same amount of miles as in the August 100K Challenge.
I am one of only three Americans placing in the top 10 of three of the Nike Run Club members' challenges

So far this week, I'm averaging 17 miles per day, having achieved nearly 22 just today:

I started off the month of August with a bang, having used the month of July to warm-up
Surprisingly, I'm suffering from only one (bad) blister on one toe; fortunately, new Nikes are on the way:

My new pair of Nike Air VaporMax 2s (Laser Orange) should arrive by August 7th
On the other hand, I was arrested while walking home from Walmart today. The Greenwood Police Department rolled up on me from behind about a half mile from the store, put me in cuffs, read me my rights and then shuttled me to the store to be identified:

The police car that shuttled me to Wal-Mart for suspect verification
When the officer and I arrived at the store, he pointed me out to the employee hired for loss prevention (pictured below); fortunately, he said it wasn’t me who shoplifted, so I was released at the scene.

The hero of the day, a loss prevention officer employed by Wal-Mart, whose honesty corrected a mistaken identity made by police
I don't have to tell anyone who has read this blog how unnerving unwarranted and surprise police contact can be for me. Nevertheless, I had my own apartment to come to, which, so far, has been extra quiet, and otherwise quite nice:

My living room needs curtains, but is otherwise finishedMy patio, while small, is rather invitingMy bathroom, a little overwrought decoration-wise, but clean 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The (Multilingual) Life of a (Monolingual) Demoniac

A few weeks back, I took a pop quiz to test my bilinguality via Busuu, an app for iPhone that purports to teach people new languages and to expand their fluency in foreign languages already known. Demons have periodically taunted me for having once claimed to be bilingual on my résumé, saying that I can't honestly make such a claim after so many years out of practice (I studied German from 6th grade to 9th grade, and from college freshman to college junior, but never again since). So, when I recently saw an ad for the app via a recent Apple WWDC 2018 promotion, I decided for scheiße und kichert to settle the argument by testing my skills.
I scored a Level 18—about 18 levels higher than any of the demons with which I exchanged loud obscenities as I took the test thought I'd score, and about 10 levels lower than I could have scored were I not shouting, Fick dich, dämonischer Schmutz, while trying to interpret the words of the German speaker, the part of the test overshadowed most by our arguing.

Anyway, that level rates me as an intermediate-level speaker; basically, that means that, even as Hell and high water do their worst, I can ask for and understand directions to nearby grocery stores to buy milch in Germany; unfortunately, it also means that if I needed help finding, say, juice, I could potentially be out of juice.
NOTE | That's fine with me, though; juice has too much sugar, whereas milk has a lot of protein. I prefer milk over juice any day of the week, so long as its extra fresh and ice cold (odorless, snowy white).
Unfortunately, even were I an expert German speaker, knowing the exact Schimpfwörter for any given moment dämonisch wouldn't be nearly enough to make things work for this blog.  Just because the subject matter addresses the single most pressing concern every man, woman and child has doesn't mean an automatically growing audience that makes its own effort to discern and apply that information:
    Applicants to The Life of a Demoniac | Indonesia Facebook Group are asked a series of questions in their native language prior to group membership in order to identify those with a legitimate interest in the group's topic and entertainment-seekers
    Without specifically asking people from foreign nations in their language whether they have a demon problem–and without having a means to interpret their answer and to offer help—this blog would have in no-wise any relevance outside its home borders, and would alienate itself from over half of its readership:
    Using translation software (such as Google Translate) enables me to identify and prioritize the needs of a diverse, world-wide audienceIndonesian, Hindi, Italian and Spanish are the top four non-English languages by which I communicate with readers of this blog
    Nearly half of the 750,000 readers in the past year hail from 178 non-English speaking countries, the languages spoken ranging from Hindi (the largest) to Quechua (the smallest, but by no means insignificant):
    A brief but vigorous and comprehensive ad campaign targeting India several years ago continues to pay off today
    That number is expected to double in a year's time, if the rate of yearly growth remains steady on other, non-social media venues, such as Quora:

    A relatively minor year-long effort to establish and maintain a relevant presence on non-social media venues such as Quora have been disproportionately successful, forming a well-founded basis for estimates pointing to exponential growth in exposure in the near-term

    Being able to communicate in my audiences' native tongue is essential to grow it and to be of consequential help to it; being able to do both serves the purpose of this blog: to provide vital information to as many people as possible.

    Extending an invitation to poke your own nose in the business of foreign nationals worldwide is made easy by the extensive reach of social media and with the help of translation tools, such as Google Translate
    Shortcomings of translation software
    No matter how accurately a language is translated by any given app, it will never be sufficient to fully assess a victim's situation. Demons routinely lace their daily conversation between themselves and their victims with idiomatic phrases that, even though perfectly translated will make absolutely no sense to even native speakers who are not familiar with this style of speaking.

    Knowing what a demon is saying about or to a victim could mean the difference between life and death. For example, in English, anger has at least five variations in meaning, which cannot be deciphered or inferred by the traditional definition of the word. Per the Factoids page on this blog:
    The word, anger, when used by demons and their people within the context of the culling of the human population (The Exclusion), means killing or death. It is most commonly used in these ways: an anger management ritual involve a mobbing of victims by both demons and their people, who bombard them with demonic weapons in a public setting for days on end; a demon or person with anger issues for a victim implies the means, the intent and the consent by their peers to injure the victim in ways that will eventually, if not immediately, lead to their death; anger management concerns label and warn of actions that the victim may have at their disposal to either protect or defend themselves, or retaliate, in like form; stupid people make us angry is a threat (with the ability and intention to carry it out) to cause debilitating brain injury to a victim, and then to kill them slowly using demonic weapons, as well as by conventional means. 
    Anger also is used to describe the signs of physical and mental injuries caused by demons and their people as a part of The Exclusion. Someone who looks angry means someone who bears the marks of specific types of inflictions of injuries; when a demon or person is said to have anger for someone or has had anger for someone, it means that they have and intend to use (or had and used) the types of demonic weapons and other means provided by demons to inflict injuries that leave marks recognizable by others. When a demon or person says they're not as angry as they want or need to be, it means they intend (or wish) to acquire such weapons and/or means in the future, and already have in mind a specific target. 
    We don't mess around is another idiom used by demons that it is also associated with killing and death, but is used in quite different contexts. Anger is always associated with the joint effort by otherwise disparate groups of demons participating in a combined campaign of wide-spread and systematic murder, i.e. The Exclusion; by contrast, not messing around pertains to the (usually) murder of a single (or few) individual(s) by a given group for the purposes of the group, which may involve planning, but never preplanning, and is often justified as a response to a perceived provocation, such as an offensive act or violation of arbitrary and contrived (or an arbitrary and contrived violation of) turf law. To an adversary or victim, it is a veiled death threat or warning of a pending but certain attempt to kill; to all others, it is either a masked confession to murder when used while recounting a past event, or a declaration of intent to murder a third party when discussing any future plans or expectations.
    To see what the problem is, try to convey the differences between the various meanings in any other language besides English; or, try interpreting those differences from another language to English. Unless you know how something is said in that language, you miss the meaning. What is translated as, "My demons said they are angry at me" could really mean "Demons have stated their intent to kill me."

    Banter has value
    The following conversation may not look all that productive; but, it is, in that banter with foreign audience members lets them get to know you on a more personal level, which is a bare minimum requirement to get a stranger from, say, Italy, to open up to you about a problem many consider more personal than shared:
    A seemingly non-productive conversation with an admirer of this blog's media collection has made foreign audience members more likely to share their experiences and knowledge than not down the line

    So, it's never a waste of time to spend time with anyone expressing an interest in the blog's subject matter no matter where from or how interested