Thursday, April 12, 2012

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GANG-STALKING | Gang-stalkers warned of upcoming violence, death by demons

As far back as 2006, the gang-stalkers warned and threatened me about future violence and death on an ongoing basis, even while they deconstructed my life. All the while that they took every asset I had, which included my house, my car, my savings, my credit, my reputation, my career, my health, and my family and friends, they eluded to people who intended to hurt me, incarcerate me, and, eventually, kill me.

Now that I have experienced all but death at the hands of those they eluded to—the demons and their human followers—I more clearly understand what their role was: they knew I was going to die, and they wanted my stuff while they could still get their hands on it, and to get away with doing so, too.

And, that is exactly what happened. They took my stuff, and the demons have (and continue to) stymy every effort I make at obtaining recourse, whether I've tried to obtain it through civil or criminal means.

Clearly, these people were never my friends, but nor were they the worst enemy I could ever face. I know that now. But, at the time, it appeared that the macabre interest in the Devil's plaything, i.e., me, would be the death of me (read Night of the Gun Chase to see how they actually tried to be the death of me).

I recorded many conversations between me and some of the gangstalkers, and the gangstalkers among themselves, talking about what was going on in 2006, and the future problem.

Warnings recorded on audio
The single most telling recording has already been posted in Secret Recording Reveals Demonic Agenda, in which two discuss what they were being told by demons and/or their human followers, in regards to what they were to do, and, if needed justification beyond money (Danny mulled over the lies told to them by the demons; Bobby said, "I don't give a shit about all that stuff; I just want my money, bro.").

Produced in 2007, a compilation of excerpts from conversations recorded in 2006 was created (below), and was intended to introduce my vast collection of those recorded conversations to a given audience at that time:

Self-predicting future violence and death
I also predicted future violence and death, and had plenty to complain about, injury-wise, even back then. In this series of audio snippets, you can hear me describing to others what consequences I have faced and will face at the hands of these demon collaborators. At the end, you hear one of them laughing at the pain he and others have caused:
NOTE | The remainder of this blog has been deleted by persons unknown, although likely the persons I speak of here; however, I will restore it from backups, time permitting.

Serious injuries mounting fast

In addition to burning my left eye, as discussed in Demons Burn Left Eye as Previously Threatened, the demons and their human counterparts have inflicted several other injuries lately.

Prior to the demons' involvement in my life, I never had any serious injuries of any kind, let alone from violence; however, since 2006, however, when the demons first announced their arrival (for the second time since age 5), I've had three broken bones, four lacerations, and once was electrocuted, just to name a few.

And, what's even more disturbing than going from no serious injuries to so many—over 30 in less than 5 years, to be exact—is that most of them were sustained by violent demonic acts.

Following are a few of the injuries sustained by and through various incidences of violence within the past several months (the Taser prong photos are from 2008):

A blood-draining site of a sucker demon, one of the safest and easiest to access on a sleeping body
Due to the close proximity of the officer, the Taser prong he deployed embedded itself in my rib
The rib in which the Taser prong was embedded both broke and shattered
After breaking my rib—twice—while simultaneously electrocuting me, a police officer twisted my arm behind my back until a shoulder bone snapped
A minor scratch from the sudden withdraw of a needle-like appendage, which was applied to my neck by a demon, after having placed a hand over the intended injection site
My fingernails, torn up and with bruises underneath, from having had to rip apart snake-sized sucker demons that invade my bed every night
A bruise under the thumbnail, and a wound opened by a sucker demon to make it more painful, incurred after four straight of hours of fighting these bedtime creatures; the exhaustion is plain on my face
A minor head and cheek scrape incurred when the Voices Demons pushed my head into a  steel easement outside in two separate incidences that day, which marked the first act of overt violence that has continued every day since
Cuts to the scalp, from the piercing appendage of sucker and spider demons, and from a demon pushing my head into a sharp object inexplicably mounted on the window pane

Demons Burn Left Eye as Previously Threatened

In Left Eye Focus of Demonic Assault, I wrote that the Voices Demons were routinely burning my left eye, and were threatening to blind it. I also reported that it had been going on for awhile, and I can report now that it has been ongoing since.

Tonight, they spent considerable effort in order to injure it, and damage is now visible on the surface (they said before that they were cooking it from the inside out).

The left eye and lower eyelid, top, show visible damage compared to the right ones, bottom 
The increase in violence and torture is just part of their routine. It's what demons do. But, they are also angry because I have a court hearing tomorrow in a case that could effectively expose which humans they have contact with—as well as what they do with those humans—their most guarded secret.

Many might say that the logical step would be to drop the lawsuit; but, believe me, that would not solve the problem. In fact, it would make it worse. By posing an actual challenge to their superiority, you've already made a problem for yourself that is as big as any; but, if you actually commit an act of mercy, that would make them feel humiliated and degraded, in addition to feeling vulnerable. And, those added emotions would not make things go any easier.

So, if anything, I am forced to maintain the lawsuit, which I intended to do, anyway. I just hope that the Judge Barnum's of the world do nothing to subvert justice, and therefore preclude me from keeping demons busy, and out of as many other peoples' hair as possible.