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READER | Is it demonic possession or mental illness?

About this post
This post is my reply to a comment regarding my answer to a question posted to Quora (whew!), specifically, How can I cast a demon out of a room? It's a partial reply, in that not all of her questions and concerns were addressed. I intend to supplement this post with more as time permits.

What's not working...
Her issues are not small, and they warrant much more than the "Dear Abby" format afforded by Quora and this blog. It's not that I can't answer her questions; it's just that they are loaded with major world concerns. What's at stake are the souls of two people, both of whom clearly can't make sense for themselves, let alone each other.

What's working...
And, yet, love conquers all, even still and even though. The person making the comment is definitely in love with the subject of her comment. So, there's a way, so long as there is a will. If that same will is demonstrated by the subject, then the benefits of the effort to rectify his mistakes will be mutual. We're dealing with two different kinds of lost: we have the man who abandoned God in word and deed and by explicit and outward effort; we have a woman whose lifelong lukewarm reception of God has left her powerless over her (and his) problem, although she does at least acknowledge the solution (unlike the guy).

If she is to help him, she is going to have to shore up the deficits in her faith; if he's open to receive her love, then he becomes her motivation for seeking God. That's how she would be saved by saving him (since both need saving, as I implied).

Anyway, here's the comment and my reply so far:

My reply to a question that, essentially, asks, "What's the difference between a crazy person and a demon-possessed one?"
The (verbatim) comment
My friend is possessed. I haven't fully ruled out mental illness bc I'm not a psychologist. However, I dont think he's crazy or skitzo or whatever. Bc he tells me things that later apply heavily to my own life when he's not around. Like confirmation.

He hasn't tried to hurt me. But he has expressed that he doesnt like for me to say Jesus's name. He has clearly been dabbling in some kinds of satanic rituals. There are clear signs: an alter with skulls and talismans; a sword I have seen blood on; mention of blood sacrifices of animals; crystals and colored candles and incense throughout the house; a 666 tattoo he doesn't remember getting. Idk if that's how he became possessed or if that is a symptom of the possession.

Anyhow, the other night at his home, I was briefly possessed. I remember very little of what I said or exactly what happened. But I remember feeling powerful & electric. Then I started speaking to him about where I stand- with Jesus Christ. After that blurry talk, I went outside for fresh air & he came out with me. He got me in my car. Once I came to, he kind of fled from me back into his house. I left, but I came back bc I was so confused. That's how I found out what happened exactly. He TOLD ME I WAS POSSESSED.

But, in hindsight, I believe the purpose of this possession was to make me reveal that I still stood in Christ. Bc, while he knew this from the beginning, he has been trying to convince me that Jesus doesnt exist. He also tries to convince me that the devil doesn't exist. My answer to his arguments is that I know that these powers exist bc I have seen them at work. I do know that the name of Jesus has power on Earth. That is why it upsets him.

I will be honest & say that I'm totally fascinated by the things he tells me. He has been sharing with me what he calls “forbidden knowledge" in which I have to attain an understanding of. The two equal wisdom. But some things just dont click. I believe those are lies. So, I do believe there is some truth to his words.

He doesnt spend time around many other people. With the exception of short visits. It's like strangers are drawn to him. But he keeps me around and talks to me about the changes he's experiencing & this “knowledge.”

Am I in this position to cast the demon out of him? I feel this is a powerful spirit. It almost made me question my own beliefs.

Hence the revealing possession mentioned before. I dont believe he has the power to hurt me, as I am of God. And he is very careful with me. He tells me to be careful with him as well & to “play nice.” By “play nice," I believe he speaks of not calling on Jesus or using His power.

Since I am here & nobody else would be able to get this close or this deep, is it my purpose to cast out the demon? Is it part of the plan? Maybe I need this practice for later. God works in mysterious ways. However, I have no full understanding of the powers at play.

Only that it is demonic energy & it is draining to be around for too long. Being in his home is like a whole different time zone. Time moves faster. A day can feel like only a few hours. I get trapped there, listening and watching. I am free to leave, of course. However, I get entranced. Like time isnt real & I absorb all of this information. Not only is this draining, but it gives me extreme headaches.

Some things have been revelational, changing the way I now see the world. I now feel I recognize evil more often in more forms. But the problem is still that whatever is controlling him is not himself. He told me that he killed himself & burned all of that self's possessions and pictures. So, I believe he made a conscious choice to go through this change. However, he only mentioned it briefly as to what's in it for him.

He said that God made this his fate & he will receive spiritual blessings of great magnitude. He didnt say exactly what they are. But he did say that he was taking his time to finish what he must do and that most people would be rushing toward the end to receive their gifts.

I just need some spiritual advice. I know there will be people that say I'm just as crazy as him & we should be locked in the nuthouse. But they are in denial about the true nature of life on Earth. This is something all of our ancestors knew to exist. Denying it doesnt make it disappear. And I feel that I, specifically, have been placed in this unique situation for a big reason.

I'm the only one he spends so much time with. He calls me “the last of the Mohicans.” So, if someone with deep Godly wisdom can confirm anything for me and/or give me some tips on how to beat this spirit without anyone getting hurt, it will be greatly appreciated.

My (partial) reply
A couple of thoughts:

Your difficulty in assessing the situation stems from a serious flaw in logic. Mental illness and demon possession are not mutually exclusive; they can co-exist, but neither rules out the other. Moreover, is it possible that a highly stressful scenario such as demon possession could be the root cause of mental illness? If you knew as much as I did, you’d assume that mental illness is a sign of demonic possession (either in the past and/or ongoing in the present)—not a precursor to it.

Make sure you also understand that most of the brain damage inflicted by demons on people (for the purposes of control, etc.) are either disguised as or mistaken as mental illness. I can tell the difference because I’ve been looking at the problem HARD for over eight years; but, generally, most people would not know the difference. Even still, here are some general guidelines:
  • Does he provide for himself all six basic life needs (housing, medical care, transportation, employment, food and clothing)? If so, you can rule out mental illness.
  • Can he carry a conversation from start to finish with strangers in a pleasant and comfortable manner? If so, you can rule out mental illness.
  • Does he have steady hygiene habits that he practices on a daily basis (weighs himself; bathes frequently; takes vitamins daily; cleans teeth after every meal)? Again, all signs of a perfectly healthy mind, especially if all three are actually in place.
Regardless, the starting point of your help begins with the “reality” of the person in distress—and that reality, as it were, is too big for you (or your friend) to handle alone. You need people; but, people are definitely not what you have at your disposal.

I know demons, in-and-out. They cut people off from each other, either wittingly, unwittingly, willingly and unwillingly because, to be a significant influence in someone’s life in a short period of time (particularly, when high stakes are involved), you have to limit their interaction with other, contrary or obfuscating influences. Help is not on the way.

So, you’re probably asking, Do I give up on the name of Jesus thing or what? I’d say that, unless you’re ready to make some big changes that you never intend to stop making, absolutely. The maker of the ear and mouth has no problem hearing the words formed by your lips; but, the maker of the brain and the knower of the heart cannot be fooled. Neither Jesus nor God are genies; calling on His name is tantamount to the biggest waste of time for non-believers and those not actively engaged in the work of the Lord. You may know of Jesus, but you do not have a comprehensive, documented and witnessed practice of faith; accordingly, calling on His name is of none effect unless doing so is necessary to facilitate your role in His plan.

In sum, you're being toyed with on two levels:
  1. Your friend is beginning a series of “drama maneuvers” on you, which are designed to establish control over your behavior and thinking when he’s around. Telling you what to say and what not to say is absolutely never acceptable in any relationship. The name of Jesus never hurt anyone, ever. It’s not like you’re calling him a traitor to his own people or something. Rule of thumb for interactions from now on: your tongue is bridled by no man but your man (Jesus).
  2. Your friend seeks to diminish your confidence in Jesus, and establish a confidence in him instead. Calling to Jesus didn’t work, as you can see, he wants you to note; calling on my demons to see your future (or whatever you said he was doing) does work.
The purpose of this toying is to lead you away from the voice of the Saviour and towards the voice of his inner demon. The demon inside him saw easy prey in a woman who has little or nothing to do with Jesus but a passing, relatively uninterested and not-at-all motivating affection now and again.

Look to prove me right in all your future dealings with him. I bet no matter what he says or does, nothing will exactly disprove or counter what I’ve told you here.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

BIBLE | Three things I learned from my encounter with the Holy Spirit

The unfolding of your words gives light. 
— Psalm 119:1
"So, how do you know it was the Holy Spirit?"

Certainly not by being told by anyone. It's obvious by the conversation, and even more so as time goes on (see the above verse). Even if it weren't, it doesn't matter. The words spoken were truth; and, truth can be spoken by anyone—even the Devil—and never be any less truth. All I need to know about someone can be determined by their conversation with you. If you know what is good, holy, righteous, prudent, wise, you will know value when you see it.

What's included...
This post lists three vital facts about your salvation as imparted by my direct encounter with the Holy Spirit in April 2014. They all have a basis in Scripture; so, don't think I am trying to change or add to what you should already know. By informing you of these, I am merely supporting with experience and not just biblical knowledge the same assertions heard in many a sermon.

What's not included...
There is one thing that most might expect to find in this post, but which is absent—that, of course, an accounting of events and circumstances that precipitated the encounter. That's a real barn-burner of a tale (to use the demonic idiom), believe it. Maybe I'll tell it someday; but, it would be an affront to the Spirit to do anything at this point but to pass on what I learned. An encounter with any member of the Trinity has something to offer everyone. The experience is never for just those so encountered. That means I am obligated to pass on only what I learned to others unless the circumstances of the experience relate to what I learned. They do to an extent; but, they can be omitted without detracting from the knowledge born of them.

Even still, I would not be inclined to do it without the 20 or so people who can witness to it. I absolutely do not mind sharing the details of my encounter; but, there are witnesses to it that do not like to speak on it (namely, the Voices Demons and various medical personnel employed by Santa Clara County Health and Hospital Systems). To this day, they find the event unnerving and counterproductive to their agenda. Unless and until they are ready and willing to disclose their recollection as well, I would say that a single man's voice does a great injustice to all concerned.

Besides, without corroborating testimony, what merit would my story have? If my audience does not have any stories of their own, how could they rightly evaluate the merit of mine? My story does not entail any facts that could not be corroborated by the Scripture; but, how does that tell anyone anything they should not already know? That I had an encounter should be sufficient to advise anyone who could be made to believe that such a thing happens can readily believe my story based on my key takeaways from it.

NOTE | It also violates the long-standing policy of this blog to publish any information that cannot be substantiated by reproducibility, published testimony from a trusted source, or by evidence in the form of digital media.
There has to be a highly credible body of testimony—many people from all walks of life, some with things in common, some with nothing in common, and all with the same story to credibly tell it to those who have had no such experience. There is not a man alive who would believe it otherwise. I have such a body of witnesses, as I said; but, the only thing I am missing is willingness (the event worked out for nobody present but me, if you're wondering about the source of their unwillingness).

What I learned
Even still, I'll offer some of the key facts about sin that I learned from my encounter with the Holy Spirit; if you choose to believe them, you will do exceedingly well in the Judgment:
  • The Holy Spirit—not God, not Jesus—is the only member of the Trinity that you are likely to have a direct encounter with—and, that only by calling out to Jesus, and by having a true, dire need for intervention. To be answered in the affirmative, it has been made abundantly clear that you have to have profit-sharing status with Heaven (the Scripture teaches that, of course, but in different words—mine are better). Not only does your past faith have to be evidenced by at least some of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but your future faith has to evidence a clear understanding of why these are vital in the form of a plan for building on them. You'll note from Revelation 2-3 that past good works cannot be repeated in the future and still be called good works. They are stepping stones to greater works. Without a clear plan of increase and a foundation on which to increase, you have no pull with Jesus. Believe it. Regardless of the nature of your call, there will be a discussion about your sin. You will be given the soundest of minds and all the incentive that can be given for engaging a truthful question-and-answer argument to defend (or deride) your wrongful actions. The point is to ascertain your recollection of the wrong, exhaust your excuses, and then determine your attitude afterwards. At the end of up, if you can say, "I guess I was wrong; I'm sorry," because that's honestly how you feel, you're good; otherwise, I shudder to think. This conversation happens while literally dangling over the pit of destruction—and, you know it the whole time. It's how such encounters begin.
  • There is no big sin or small sin that is determined by the particulars of the sin. Guilty of one, guilty of all holds true in that vein. There is a difference, however, in the magnamity of sin. The small ones are any you acknowledge, contemplate and regret; the big ones are the ones you overlook and later forget. Were you rude back to someone who was rude to you first? If you fail to recognize the error or fail to apologize are not as bad as failing to remember even doing it until you were reminded. That kind of error—not the size of the sin or the justification you had for it—is damnable in the literal sense. It is hard for people to see how small stuff like that can be worthy of Hell; but, it is every bit the error that any other sin is when you judge a wrong as right and then dismiss it from your mind altogether.
  • Judgment by the Holy Spirit never addresses the sin you commit that you acknowledge and grieve, but only the sin you don't. Let's say you're a raging homosexual that you didn't mean to be; if you're sincere in your lament of your condition, the Holy Spirit will find no occasion to berate you for it. It's not whether you sinned (that's a given for everyone), it's your attitude towards it. You will never stop being tempted until the day of salvation anyway; you will not be fixed of your propensity for sin anytime prior to then. But, God is not expecting you to be fixed; but, rather, to desire a respite and to add something better than sin into your roll. You can take comfort in the fact that, while you still may be tempted to sin or are still be burdened by a history of same, a policy of never encouraging that same sin in anyone else is an act sufficient to achieve and maintain a firm confidence that you can be saved—even when others are adamant that you cannot. In the six years since, I have tested beyond testing that a Spirit-reinforced confidence is as unshakable and unmovable as any of its gifts or fruits. Call it like you see it, if you must; see how that avails you in the end or in the present. The opposite of a refusal to promote sin is to demote because of it. Bring no one down because of their sin; simply keep your own in check.
The true gift imparted by an encounter with the Holy Spirit is the repurposing of your God-given knowledge accumulated by a life of true faith. It all makes sense, is what you'll say by the end; and, you won't stop saying it anytime soon afterwards. From this, those who are serious about life and what they read in the Scripture can take heart that all the intellectualizing and emotion poured into the Word holds value for a later time. You may find knowledge rewarding at anytime; but, nothing compares to the fire lit inside you by the Holy Spirit using that knowledge. A lifetime of soul-searching combined with a single encounter with the Holy Spirit, and you will never be moved, and no weapon formed against you will prosper. Amen. This fact should bring a lot of comfort and confidence to those who struggle with sin. Conversion from sinner to saint has a negative and positive element: repentance (taking away of sin) and faith (adding knowledge and practice). You can struggle to take away the sin while adding to your knowledge and good works. One does not supplant the other; but, one is not dependent on the other for the same benefit. My strategy prior to my encounter and my strategy ever since for justifying myself before God has been to do all the good I can while chipping away at my sinful nature. It is indeed hard to be tempted and to succumb to it after having gone a long time without and on top of a monumental effort to increase your faith by knowledge and works; however, what will lift your spirits every time is a comprehensive course of study and an ever-increasing involvement in the charity of Christ. God still wants you as long as there is something about you to want. Appealing to the pragmatic needs of the earth, which remain regardless of your righteousness, will get you through a rough patch every time.
By the end of it, I had a balanced and accurate perspective on the gravity of sin. I was not led to believe that sin was less serious than I thought; rather, I was informed as to how to productively and resolutely handle it. Ignorance and lack of outside perspective are the only strengths sin has to work with; remove these obstacles, and then you can move ahead.

Moreoever, I came out of this knowing that, regardless of whether I use that knowledge, the fact that the Holy Spirit imparted it to begin with meant that, at least at that time, I was capable of achieving salvation, and that salvation was still being offered to me. As rare as these things seem to be, and as precious as God's time likely is, that statement cannot be overvalued. The life of a demoniac can always use that kind of affirmation. It didn't hurt that my opposition witnessed it, either. It nailed to the Cross shame and guilt as a tool for dissuading a sound mind from reasoning correctly, and from being brave enough to appropriate the free gift of salvation being offered to him.

I could say more; but, suffice it to say, anyone who would not have already expected this as an outcome, and, I'd say anyone who could not add a couple of things to it on their own, would not find my story anything but one of magical fantasy, and that would make the Spirit mad. Believe that.