Monday, February 18, 2013

#515 - LAW | Court papers prepared against assailant for demons

Today, court papers were prepared against assailant, Adam Jose Lorenzo, who, during an attack last November, which was precipitated by threats of the same by the nefarious and widely despised Voices Demons, destroyed my only two valuable possessions; namely, my laptop and cellphone.

Following are the legal documents to be filed tomorrow in the Superior Court of California for the County of Santa Clara in the Small Claims Division of San Jose:
The following legal document is a request to the court for permission to file this claim, which, like all other requests, is likely to be granted:

Here is a description of the assault itself, as taken from

At an intersection near my house early this morning, some guy walked up to me and took a swing—a wide, almost drunken swing, almost like he wasn't really trying to hit me at all. He missed; and, I ran to Safeway, which was where I was going. He actually chased me, while shouting expletives.
My left hip, bruised and scraped from the fall and subsequent slide across pavement
While running through the parking lot, I had to jump over one of those flower beds where the light poles are typically installed. It should have been no problem; but, it was, in that, when I jumped into the air, I just kept going up—I'd say two to three feet higher than I meant to. On the ascent, it felt like my feet were being pushed from the bottom, but while in ski boots, in that the pressure from the lift was distributed evenly from the bottoms of my shoes, and all the way to my knees.
My left knee, scraped from the last part of the slide, when my legs (finally) joined the rest of my body
The problem was not so much that I went up a little higher than expected; rather, it was that, on my descent, my body fell, but my feet didn't. When I landed my feet were being held up in the air (like, intentionally away from the pavement). What's more is, when I stopped skidding across the pavement, my feet still felt like they were being held in the air (even though I could not feel a snag or grip).

I wasn't hurt by the impact or the skid, though, except for some bloody scrapes on my knee and hip; and, because I had been running at least twice as fast, the delay in falling, and then getting back up again didn't afford the attacker enough ground to close the gap.

The screen of my new iPhone 5 ($199; Sprint) is cracked; but, still seems to work reasonably well; a benefactor, i.e.,  the person who bought me the phone, said that an insurance policy on the phone will cover the cost of a new one (although, I think there is a $50 deductible for phones that are visibly damaged.

Like my iPhone, my MacBook Air's display was also cracked; and, like the iPhone, the laptop still works, although the screen will not do over the long term:
My only computer, a MacBook Air, was damaged by a fall during a flee from an attacker, which is visible at the top-right corner of the screen; aside from this, the laptop is working fine
Initially, I was hesitant to call police. After all, the guy seemed either crazy or drunk (or both), and he didn't directly hurt me, although I was hurt by the fall while fleeing. But, when I saw him approaching Safeway, I decided to try and find a way back home that was a little safer, and made the call to 911. That's, in part, due to the fact that he parted from a large group of people when approaching me, all dressed in black, and driving (mostly) black SUVs and the like. I don't know the neighborhood really well, but well enough to know that they were not from around here.

The dispatch officer told me to stay inside Safeway until an officer came in to talk to me; he also informed me at one point that Santa Clara officers were in the parking lot, and was questioning the attacker.

After waiting for awhile, I decided to go out and meet them in the parking lot; however, as I approached the two police cars presumably involved in all this, they drove away. And, neither of them stopped in the store.

So, I assumed that I could leave, and then I did.

An attack of some sort was expected; and, although the guy was initially friendly, I recognized it as a lure, especially after being threatened by the Voices Demons of such an attack continually, and for several months.

Although probably not related (unless there's just a whole lot I don't know), several threats of violence from people (versus demons) were sent by mail and e-mail, as more fully recounted in these posts:
Also, this is not the first time I have been accosted—or, rather, harassed—in my neighborhood, which is less than a tenth of a block from where the attack occurred. In Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark, I describe an incident in which a man threw a rock at my apartment from the neightbor's driveway across the street in order to scare me; it was intended to complement one of the hundreds of noise/harassment campaigns by gang-stalkers that was in progress at the time.
NOTE | Ironically, it was the gang-stalkers that first warned of such impending attacks as far back as 2006 [see Gang-stalkers warned of upcoming violence, death by demons].
Even with warnings from both my demon and demon-directed enemies, there is nothing about the attack that suggests that it is linked to any issue presented in this blog or elsewhere; however, the fact that this type of thing never happened prior to the march of the Voices Demons motor-mouth parade through my life, which began in 2006 and continues to this day, makes a relationship a distinct possibility, especially given the much-increased frequency of such threats lately.

Whereas that relationship may be about as specious and ambiguous as you can get, another attack—involving a "working handgun with readily accessible ammunition"—was clearly demon-plotted and planned, as well as fallout-mitigated [see Night of the Gun Chase].

This is the police report detailing the crime, as first reported in :

The police report detailing the incident described in , on which, incidentally, I learned how Spectre-of-Death demons fly, was obtained today at the Santa Clara Police Department:

On that night, after Voices Demons' repeated threats of impending physical violence, a seemingly random encounter on the street resulted in an injury that still bears scars, and a dead laptop that has still not been recovered:
My hip, which still bears a scar from this injury
My knee
A scar was left on my hip from the injury incurred duringt the assault

The laptop had data on it vital to the fight against the demons now attacking the Northern Bay Area of California; now, however, it is completely useless as it awaits data recovery at Gilware, Inc., in Madison, Wisconsin:
At first, only the screen was broken; but, a slight bend in the casing eventually resulted in a laptop that won't start up
The results of filing this report have been unfruitful, as is always the case with any complaint filed with the aforementioned police agency [see ].

Once the suit is filed, an attorney will be sought for seeking damages for the physical injuries sustained as a result of the assault. In addition, the district attorney's office will be contacted to obtain the status of their case. It is not likely they will pursue it, however; the Voices Demons claim that the DA's office is under their control, and is their tool, and not my resource. Everything that has happened since 2006 has suggested only that, and has never discounted that in any way, shape, or form.
UPDATE | The papers were filed on February 19th, 2013, at 191 North First Street, in San Jose, California.