Friday, August 3, 2012

SCIENCE | What it looks like when a demon dies

There are only two major differences with respect to the finality of a demon's existence: for the animal variety, such as sucker and eye spider demons, death is eternal; but, for others, such as centurion or half-breed demons, death is a painful—albeit temporary—inconvenience.

But, when it comes to what it looks like when a demon dies, the differences are as many as there are demon varieties.

Sucker demons (and the like) death rehash
When the demonic entities that resemble animals more than man, and are difficult to distinguish one from the other (like any given fish in a school of fish), they fire off an electric jolt—some so powerful that it scorches metal and marble—which is accompanied by a flash a blue light. They convulse once or twice, leak a small amount of transparent fluid that evaporates into a powder before disappearing altogether.

The entities that perish in this way include:
There is a smell, which varies from entity to entity; but, generally, it is non-offensive, and diminishes rather quickly. These entities are not made of flesh-and-blood as you know it; rather, they are made of a material that is intended to conduct electricity and survive in anywhere from non-atmospheric to toxic to underwater environments. This means they do not respirate, and also means that even sustaining a minor cut can be fatal (like the equivalent of popping a big balloon with a small needle), as bleeding is not staunched by platelets as ours is.

The act of killing any of these creatures is beyond one's ability, unless the entity is caught off-guard. You kill them with your bare-handed without being electrocuted; however, if a sucker demon is in your bedsheets or in an article of clothing, you can grab it through the material in order to pull it apart without sustaining any appreciable injury, as long as you do it fast enough (the act of electrocution is not autonomic; they must consciously do this, leaving them susceptible to unexpected attack).

For more information on the electrical properties of sucker demons, see:

Generally, any sucker demon larger than the one sliding down the back of my neck, as shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Cloaked Sucker Demon Slithers Down Neck, would be too difficult to kill, even while using cloth as a buffer. They will shake you off with muscle and/or electric jolt. And, a sucker demon of any size can easily sluice through your pinched fingers... In order to kill a sucker demon of that size, you would have drop a refrigerator on it, as described in Sucker Demon, and only then when it didn't see the refrigerator coming, as sucker demons can simply cloak to allow any object to pass through it seamlessly.

Imp-variety demons
Demons of the imp variety are the kind that are usually no more than a foot or so tall (and are usually much less), and that all, basically, look the same. They are to be distinguished from other demons of their size and likeness that wear clothes (see SCIENCE | Why some demons wear clothes; why others go naked).

These have an electric smell, and are usually a single-color. They die by blunt force trauma, or by being left out of the overlap between their realm and ours (think "twilight"), as our realm does not support their existence; rather, they de-cohere, and turn into a statue similar to that of the victims now made of volcanic ash at Pompeii.

I've smashed many a demon such as this with various items (books, for example). And, once, I saw a too curious demon of this kind, which are O-mouthed with tongues stuck out dead-center, stray to far from the horizon of the realms overlap. When the overlapped faded as its realm retreated, it froze in place, and then turned into the same material that a fireworks "snake" does after it extinguishes itself (sort of brown and foamy, but crusty and light).

Some, however, are decidedly physical, as evidenced by the peeping eye of the foot-tall demon in VIDEO TIMELINE | Demonic Peep-Eye.

At age 8, I took advantage of this fact to ward off further demonic incursions originating from under my bed. At that time, a blanket demon, which is shown in three videos on this site, would drag me off the top of my bed, and into a waiting horde of two-and-a-half-feet-tall, purple-blue-silver-grayish, google-eyed demons down below; but, after night after night after night of sheer terror, I finally snapped, and gouged my thumbs into the eyes of as many of the little demons as possible. The ones I was able to get to howled in pain; the others retreated into the darkness under my bed (where I now know a portal was situated). The price that horrifying experience rendered was worth it, as I was not attacked again until age 32—at least not directly.

Like the sucker demon variety, the death of imp-variety demons is final.

Centurion and half-breed demons
The man-like demons that range in height from 4.5" to 13" tall don't die; rather, they resurrect, in time, as they were, albeit with a grudge. But, what they do when severely hurt is quite fascinating to watch.

A centurion demon turns into a round sphere, which I've referred to as an orb. It is gray and smokey, and has a pattern on it not dissimilar to a soccer ball. A video of a centurion demon's orb, which was the result of a firefight between me and said demon, can be seen retreating for the ceiling in VIDEO TIMELINE | Demon Orb Flys to Safety (see other peoples' photos of demon orbs in PROOF | Other people have evidence of cloaked demons, orbs).

To read more about this firefight, see:
The half-breeds, which look anywhere between a somewhat natural man and a centurion demon, emit a cloudy smoke from their mouths, which always travels upwards, before shriveling into ether. I suppose this is where "giving up the ghost" came from.
NOTE | They also emit this cloudy smoke from their mouths, after first tilting their heads back, before flying away.
When I burnt several centurion demons with a hairspray and a lighter, they turned into the orb I described. This was, of course, before they adapted their cloak to withstand heat from this source.

When I splashed boiling water into the face of a half-breed, he fell backward onto the floor, emitted the smoky cloud I described, and then withered into nothing before vanishing altogether.