Friday, August 17, 2012

Videos of demonic activity grouped by moon phase

Previously, I reported in SCIENCE | Demons, portals most active during specific moon phases that there was a correlation between the variety of demons that attack and the phase of the moon, basing it on the specific dates any given demon was shown in a video in my collection.
NOTE | My full video collection has not yet been added to the Demonic Activity Video Timeline Calendar; however, there are enough videos on it to accurately determine which demons appear when.
For your own research, I have compiled a list of the videos used to form the conclusions made in that post, and have sorted them by the moon phase under which they occurred:
Wikipedia has an exhaustive collection of resources on the phases of the moon, as well as other pertinent data
Demons Attack at the Law Library
When the lights went out on the empty third floor of the Santa Clara County Law Library, I knew that they were coming. After all, the Voices Demons had been threatening me, as usual, since I woke up (they even woke me up a couple of times in the middle of the night to do the same), and were doing the same at the library, so I knew it was time to turn on the camera on my cellphone.
As I hunkered down at the end of one book aisle (pictured, below), I began to see the tale-tell signs of demonic presence—small creatures, flitting back and forth, ghostly images of grotesque miniature-sized men, and the ever-present specter of some demon overseer, looming 8 to 9 feet tall.
After a few minutes of this, I was rushed by one or more demons—at least that's what it looks like in the video; however, all I remember is my cellphone falling off the book I perched it on, and then, recovering from an apparent black out (dizziness, confusion, foggy headed), as I picked the phone back up.
The video captured the partial visage of this demon, which highlights some interesting biological characteristics of demons. As is typical for demons recently arrived from their realm, this one is still producing its own light. As a result, its eye and skin appear to glow in the dark (the bright white, the orange glow).
Angry Power Cable
In order to make my life more difficult, inch-by-inch, several sucker demons try to keep me from maneuvering the power cable to my laptop between a rack and the refrigerator, and then from sliding it behind the refrigerator.
Assault by Demonic Intruder (again)
A red-bodied demon suddenly rises from the floor, roars, and then charges me before instantly disappearing from view. I try to ignore it and resume my camera work, but am clearly too shaken.
Blanket Demon II
The blanket demon, having hidden underneath my bedspread, which had fallen on the floor, suddenly springs up in order to scare me; he then scurries off towards a desk lamp before disappearing around a corner.
Camouflage Terror
This video shows the Spectre of Death, cloaked, standing next to a demon's face, which is blended with an adjacent wall; it also features a side-by-side comparison of the original video next to the video processed with the cloak-penetrating video-filtering technique, clearly proving that the shadow is actually a demon based on the roundness (or fullness) brought to bear by the filter.
You'll see three supernatural things:
  1. The demon with needles for fingers sticks his hand out from behind a corner I just came around (it's near the ceiling);
  2. My hand flys off my arm to grab a cellphone before a demon does; and,
  3. The demon slinks around the corner at the foot of my bed towards the cellphone while underneath the bedspread (all you can see is the movement of something under the bedspread, traveling towards the cellphone)
Two Demonic Entities Fly Into My Apartment
For years, demonic entities, such as these two, have been flying in and out of my apartment by sliding through the crack under the front door—sometimes all day and all night; however, until one day in September, they were too elusive to capture on video.
To catch these particular entities (my first ever), I hid in my bathroom with the lights off and pointed the camera at the door mirror, angling it so I could catch them as they flew in under the front door. Because this was (and is) such a frequent occurrence, all I had to do was wait for them to appear.
Swarm of Sucker Demons Invades The Watergarden
A swarm of sucker demons twirl and whirl in front of the camera while I pose in sexually suggestive ways in order to provoke them, and otherwise solicit their appearance.
Miniature Hobgoblin/Spectre of Death-like Demon Pulls and Shakes Pillow
A miniature version of the Spectre of Death pulls on and then shakes my pillow as I try to adjust it.

Sucker Demon Flies into My Apartment
This is my first video of a sucker demon, which had recently begun harassing me while in my bed. As it turns out, these creatures have been with me my entire life; but, only now am I able to catch them on video, and ascertain the nature of their purpose and existence, which is to perform the biddings of demons.

In short, a sucker demon can come in all shapes and sizes, but only white, black and red. They are invariably longer than they are thin, and range in length and width from that of a firehouse, to the size of a loose thread.

Demon in the Dark
Me, without warning or awareness (again), morphing into a green-faced demon, barking something at someone, then turning into a red-faced, imp demon, and then barking at someone again; then, as if nothing happened, resuming my computer work.

Angry Earbuds
One way demons cause stress is cord-tangling. In order to tangle cords, demons move cords through each other, which is demonstrated in this video. They can also change the flexibility of a cord, i.e., make it stiff or shown in both videos, they can simply jerk the cords around as you try to maneuver them or reach for them.

In this video, the demons make my earbuds spring off the top of my microwave; they try to keep me from moving a power cord behind a mini-fridge; and, they hit my hand with the power cord of my heater.

Demon Jumps onto Bed
A demon jumps onto my bed from behind me, while I sat reviewing video footage for just that sort of activity.

Demonic Peep-Eye
As I prepare to capture demonic activity on video, a curious one-and-a-half foot tall demonic entity peers into the light tunnel aperture (a peanut butter lid with a hole drilled through it) on the lens of my video camera (my laptop), which I sat on the floor while making adjustments to the mount (a TV stand).
Scratchen's Ear Turns Into Demonic SnakeScratchen's ear temporarily merges with a demonic snake, which snaps its mouth at the camera. Although this only shows the open mouth of the snake, which looks like Scratchen's ear, rest assured her ears do not open and close like a mouth on their own. Also, although it can't be seen in this video, the ear elongated off of her head briefly. A frame-by-frame playback suggests that this happened, if you mentally position where her eyes should be in relation to her ear as she turns her head, and then calculate the difference as both reappear in the frame.

Blanket Demon, Face-to-Face
The blanket demon blends his face with my bedspread in this video, and talks. You can't make out what he is saying; but, his mouth is clearly moving.

This is the demon that, when I was a kid—and sometimes now—pulled the covers off of me right before another demon would jump out.

Demonic Intruders Attack
At least two intruders made this video using my cellphone, both being of demonic origin (you can tell whenever they are wearing black, and it appears oversaturated, or cartoon-colored. Apparently, they entered my apartment undetected and rendered me unconscious, dangled me by my arms, and then left the video for me to find later. Only a frame-by-frame review reveals what happened, which still has to be pieced together with information from past experiences.

You can hear the voice of one of the intruders say, "Pick him up," just before he turns on the light.

One intruder wears black gloves with what apparently are needles sticking out from its fingertips.

You can also hear a red-faced demon say, "Disease." And, at the end, when they are laying me back on my bed, you can hear the same person who issued the order to pick me up, say, "Hold him." Then, I'm not sure who says, "Bush, you know who we are."

Skull Demon Perched in Backyard
A giant demon with a skull for a face, posted outside Long's housekeeping client's house.
Tree Demon
A tree demon appears eight seconds into the video in the lower right corner of the screen. It looks to the right, to the left, and then the right again before the camera pans away.
Moving Cord
The power cord to a toaster is moved by an unseen demonic entity—a common occurrence during periods of high paranormal activity.

Oliver Prepares Portal for Demonic Transit
A pantless demon collaborator prepares a portal for entrance into our realm for demons; one of three videos, in which Oliver helps a conceal a sucker demon in his backpack, after having let at least two uninvited guests into my apartment through a portal in the floor, while I was unconscious, and back into an adjacent wall.

Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon
In the video clip that has generated so much of their ire, a grayish sucker demon slithers into Oliver's backpack from the floor, while Oliver nervously watches me, hoping that I don't see him. Fortunately, my camera was on, and I caught the entire scene.
The sucker demon comes from under the shoe on the floor, which is behind Oliver, and then slithers along the groove in the tile. Once it reaches the pants on the floor, which Oliver is straddling, it flattens into the shape of a backpack strap, and then leaps into the air, and into the backpack.

Oliver Moves Demons between Floor and Wall Portals
Oliver helps several uninvited guests out of a hyperdimensional portal in my apartment floor, up onto a chair, and into an adjacent wall. Strangely, the wall parallel to the camera (with the small window) is slid back into view somewhere in between. I groggily return to consciousness, after having been knocked cold sometime before the incident occurred.

Two of Me
Without warning or awareness, I morph into a slightly older, scruffier and serious version of me (in the face), and then back to a softer, younger and concerned me—all within mere seconds. Because the change is so subtle, a before and after picture is shown after both transformations.  
Green Orb of Light Dodges Camera
A green orb of light, which looks like—and, at first, attempts to disguise itself as—a lens flare, finally gives up on dodging the camera and dives head first into a laundry bin.
Demons Move Wall
The Voices Demons cause a wall to move at my hand as I am making my bed, which was an attempt to cause physical injury, a frequent occurrence.

Notice that the bed and the wire shelves do not move, and that the wire rack and wall are at different angles by the end of the walls movement.

Also notice the timing of the wall's move: it happens just as my hand reaches towards the end of the bed—just when I am in reach, just where my hand would have to be if it wanted to hit me.

Finally, notice that the camera stand didn't move with the wall, either.

Spectre of Death Flies into My Apartment
A demon that looks like Death flew into my apartment while I slept in order to turn off my cellphone video camera, which I left on overnight to catch such activity.

In the video, all you can see is its shroud; however, in person, its face looks like a skull, but with thin, translucent, white skin stretched over it.

Flying (Glowing) Demonic Entity
Upon entering a darkened apartment after a walk on an early December morning, a glowing demonic entity flies past my cellphone videocamera.

Face of Death
The Spectre of Death, after having invaded my closet to turn off a surveillance camera, leaves his calling card, which was made with coat hangers. With the lights off and from the angle one would view them while sitting on the bed, they form his horrifying skeletal face; with the lights on, however, they look like normal coat hangers. A perfect example of the supreme intelligence and capabilities and creativity of the demonic mind.

Hobgoblin Demon Springs from Floor
Having arrived in a horizontal position after transporting through a portal in the floor, a hobgoblin demon uses the inertia from the transport to right itself before quickly running to an adjacent, vertical portal in a nearby wall. These two portals were in constant use by demons at my apartment at 471 East Julian Street, in San Jose, California.

Blanket Demon I
A demon that was hiding in my bed tosses my bedspread as I try to get comfortable. When I noticed something moving under my sheets, I start to move away; but, just as I do, the blanket demon leaps up.

Angry Power Cord
After unsuccessfully resisting my attempts to tuck a power cord behind a space heater, the sucker demons hit my hand with it.
Cloaked Sucker Demon Slithers Down Neck
After a demon attack by a member of the Red Horde—a particular demon known for placing cloaked demonic entities into the living space of its enemies—I feel the tell-tale signs of a sucker demon perched on my head, which usually involves a burning sensation.

The sucker demon attempts to evade the camera as I pan it around my head, before it eventually gives up and slithers down the back of my neck to make its escape.

Its cloaked is revealed by the distortion of light around its borders.

Demonic Fast-Talk
Some demons speak so high or so low (in pitch), and/or so fast or so slow (in rate), that they can't be heard by the human ear without filtering their recorded speech with audio processing software—even if they speak English.

This is one such example. What sounds like the brisk rub of a hand against a pair of pants, is actually a demon parroting the oft-spoken phrase by other, more intelligible and audible demons, "F*cking f*g!"

Sucker Demon Tangles Sheets
A sucker demon attempts to evade capture as I try to locate it in a tangle of sheets; luckily, it slinks by my right shoulder very quickly without getting caught by anything but the camera.

Eye Spider Demon, Dismembered
The leg of an eye spider demon, decloaked, flails between my fingers before vanishing into thin air. It was pulled off the back of my hand. Eye spider demons look like daddy-long-legs without the joints in their legs and without a midsection (their midsection looks like a dot where the legs join).
Little Man Around the Be(n)d
A small demon, which looks like a baby doll with an adult face, jumps out of my bed onto the floor. After seeing himself in the mirror, which I placed on the floor to capture such activity with my cellphone video camera, he drops to the floor.

This hiding maneuver is standard among all such demonic entities, which is why they often congregate near piles of laundry or bed sheets. Once covered and concealed, they can then disappear.
Sucker Demons Flee Scene of Red Horde Attack
This clip from a video of the aftermath of an attack by the Red Horde shows sucker demons illuminated by the glare from the nearby lamp as they flit past it in the air. They look like fast-moving, white bugs, but are actually hair-like strands of demonic filth.

Demon Orb Flys to Safety
In another clip from the video documenting a demon attack (as well as my subsequent defensive maneuvers with a can of hairspray and a lighter), you can see the smoky orb of a demon ascend from the floor to the ceiling in an attempt to enter the room quickly and clandestinely in order to find safe ground, and in the hopes of springing an attack later.

Flying Sucker Demon Slinks Over Lamp
A sucker demon slowly slinks over the top of a table lamp, hoping to avoid retaliation by flames for having assisted the Red Horde in their early morning attack.

Cloaked Demon Revealed in Flame
A flame is used to expose an invisible demon. The normally round end of the flame flattens as it comes into contact with the surface of a demon's chest cavity.

Hobgoblin Demon Mother Holds Hobgoblin Demon Child
A hobgoblin demon, blended with objects on a closet shelf, cradles a hobgoblin demon child in its arms.
Eye Spider Demon, Traveling Under Skin
After feeling the tell-tale signs of an eye spider demon traveling somewhere on my head or neck, I use my cellphone camera to capture a better picture of it.

Doing so has been nearly impossible, in that they can cloak, as well as dive into your body; and, they sometimes emit a type of radiation that interferes with a camera.

But, even without all of that, they are lightning fast, and generally to quick for a cellphone camera—unless they are under your skin, that is.

The following video is of an eye spider traveling up my back and over my shoulder, while underneath my skin.

Because the camera is moving in the opposite direction, the sighting is brief; but, you can hear the sound of it moving under my skin quite readily, if your volume is turned up.

Based on a multitude of encounters with this particular demonic entity, I have learned much about the limitations of the cloak used by demons. One is that, although there is no tangible mass at first when touching a cloaked demon, the longer you touch them, the more tangible they become (also, the more pressure you apply). If they move under their own power, their cloak completely collapses.
NOTE | You may need to play the video more than once to see the very brief part where something is raising my skin where it is moving, and you will have to raise the volume in order to hear what that sounds like.
This particular eye spider could not stay cloaked because he was moving and my innards were touching him.
Peeping Ghost
The specter of a demon, which usually posts up around the same corner in my apartment every time it appears, watches me from behind.

The camera on my laptop does not capture video at the requisite resolution to capture it, especially in the dark. Only by using image editing software is the profile of the demon visible.
Ceiling-Crawling Demon
A demon crawls on the ceiling right above my bed, while I recorded paranormal activity occurring in my apartment. Although I heard it, I could not see it at the time. It was not until I processed the video later that I saw how enormous it was (and how close it came to me).

Devil on His Shoulder (Extended)
The extended version of Devil on His Shoulder, in which a centurion demon blends its face with the glare from a nearby table lamp, and hovers over the shoulder a demon collaborator, while a demon-possessed man confesses to acts of pedophilia.

Devil on His Shoulder
A centurion demon blends its face with the glare from a nearby table lamp, and hovers over the shoulder a demon collaborator.

Hobgoblin Demon Hops Past Camera
Unnoticed at first—but eventually heard by its characteristic squeak—a hobgoblin demon hops past the camera while my head is turned, making fun of me just as I start to give up on finding one to record on video.

Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare
While following a green orb of light with my camera, as it flitted to and fro in my apartment, I inadvertently captured a the specter of a well-known demon from my childhood, staring down the orb, which made haste for the nearest crack in the ceiling as soon as they got a glimpse of each other.

Spectre of Death Phased Out
The Spectre of Death camouflages with the window blinds and the shadows in my apartment.
NOTE | Read more about the Spectre of Death and demon camouflaging (or blending) at Spectre of Death blends with shadow and window shade, phases out in walkway.
Demon Swings Arm from Above
Attempting to capture paranormal activity on video, I encounter the arm of a demon, who was apparently poised on a shelf above my head.

Just as I realize that what I believed to be paranormal activity was, in fact, only my laptop bag swinging on a hook, the entities' arm swings down from a closet shelf from above, into my face.

Enraged Whisperer at Night
During a walk home at night, I captured this harsh warning, in a hushed—but enraged—voice, by a demon who did not want continued blog postings made about it and its kind.

Bail bondsman warned of Long's betrayal and subsequent "demise"

A paranoid rant from a bail bondsmen, showing the end result of who-knows-how-much haranguing from Voice Demons:
[T]hat's when they're going to shut me down—so, I have to pay the $50,000. I'm not gonna...I'm not gonna get shut down! I'm not going to close my office. And then, once, once they audit, audit me or audit my insurance company, they see that there's $1,000 that's unpaid because a discount was given...
This is your inside look at how the Voices Demons work with other people they try to pit me against, and what the psychological effects can look (or sound) like in normal conversation.

In a series of text messages sent to me in 2007 by my then-bail bondsman, Jake Peters, Jake’s Bail Bonds, Jake warns me about Long, saying that he will be my "demise," eluding to Jon Harrington's statement to Paul Casey, in which he says of the gang-stalkers' credo, i.e., “We prolong peoples’ inevitable demise...”:
Jake declined to elaborate on his specific concerns, but it's clear that he has been advised of, or has seen or heard something, that indicates that Long will betray me at some point.
Long "Kevin" Cao
Later, however, it was Jake I needed to be the most concerned about, in that he "forgot" to get my bail reinstated after it was caused by police to be forfeited, which resulted in my incarceration.

Following is a recording of a conversation in which Jake tries to explain how he "forgot" to reinstate my bail, the failure of which resulted in my incarceration. Several times throughout this conversation, he blurts out oddball statements, such as, "You're not going to get me shut down!"

This is a result of what I now know to be his exposure to Voices Demons, who constantly threaten and harangue people into compliance with their demands. Their demands on this occasion would have been for Jake to commit illegal acts to incarcerate me, which could have resulted in him losing his bail bonds business:

Following is a transcript of the conversation, with the interesting stuff in bold:
JAMES: So, what's going on?
JAKE: Okay. So, you're off the liability of the $50,000 [inaudible]. ...refiled the bail bond. Okay? Um, the first case on the bail for...
LONG: $50,000. And, then, you off $1,000...$40,000?
JAKE: So, here's the bail bond. It was posted on, um...
LONG: $50,000.
JAKE: ...posted on 12/20. That's the date.
LONG: [inaudible]
JAKE: That's hard to read. Bail bonds...bail bonds...okay. So, it's posted on 12/20...
LONG: Uh-huh...
JAKE: Uh, the bond...okay! So, this is current. [inaudible] liability.
LONG: Mm-hm. And, then, I pay off for you, uh, $40,000 here, right? And, you off, uh, owe me discount $1,000...
JAKE: $4,000...
LONG: $4,000...
JAKE: So, the bail bond was $50,000.
LONG: Uh-huh...
JAKE: So, $50,000...
LONG: Yeah, $50,000.
JAKE: Okay...
LONG: ...and, then, you off $1,000...$1,000...?
JAKE: Hold on!
LONG: Mm-hm...
JAKE: It was a $50,000 bail bond...
LONG: Mm-hm...
JAKE: ...and we gave you a 100% rate...
LONG: Mm-hm... $40,000... 
JAKE: $40,000 was the premium rate with a $50,000 [unintelligible].
LONG: Uh-huh...
JAKE: $4,000 credit car pay...
LONG: Uh-huh...
JAKE: ...the law.
LONG: Uh-huh...
JAKE: That'll pay the premium.
LONG: Wow. November 20...
JAKE: ...$4,000...[unintelligible]... Let's see: there's a $1,000 unpaid premium [unintelligible]. You were given a credit of a $1,000 non-easement forfeiture...uh, non-easement forfeiture and/or summary judgment...oh! Gotcha! Okay, so you're were given a credit...
LONG: Yeah, right.
JAKE: ...but, non-easement against forfeiture of summary judgment. Okay?
LONG: What? I pay...
LONG: $20,000...$24,000 left to pay, right?
JAKE: here's where we's where we posted bail bond...
LONG: Uh-huh...
JAKE: On February 1st, we got...on the first of February, The Superior Court of California, Santa Clara, August 6th invoice...where's that? Oh, that's the summary judgment date. So, they charged me $50,000, plus a $1,000 for your bail bond.
LONG: No, no! I mean, like...I explain for you: it's the...the first case, $4,000, right? I pay off $4,000 in credit card right now...
JAKE: You don' don't pay it off. You were were given a credit of $1,000 against...
LONG: No, wait! Hang on!
JAKE: ...against the bail bonds. See this rate?
LONG: Hold on!
JAKE: $4,000?
LONG: The first case: $60,000, right? I bail him out and you off $1,000, right?
JAKE: Hold on...
LONG: $1,000...
JAKE: $50,000 bail bond...
LONG: Yeah...
JAKE: That's how much.
LONG: And, then...
JAKE: How much does a $50,000 bail bond cost?
LONG: $5,000.
JAKE: $5,000.
LONG: And, you off $1,000. And, I pay $4,000 [unintelligible].
JAKE: $50,000. $4,000 [unintelligible].
LONG: I pay off already.
JAKE: A credit, right? Okay, so, $50,000 at a 2% rate is $4,000. [inaudible] pay it back.
LONG: Yeah, I paid that...this one with my credit card.
JAKE: That's step one.
LONG: And, then, he miss the court, right? And, he miss the court and $20,000.
JAKE: Okay...
LONG: And, then you said $1,000 off...
JAKE: See, I gave you...hold on! They gave you credit for non-easement of forfeiture and/or summary judgment. That means $1,000 forfeiture summary of judgment cost of $1,000 will be applied to you in the event that it's forfeited. I was willing to reinstate it and James can pay the $150, right? You have...
LONG: No, no! You didn't understand!
JAMES: Did you pay my fine of $237?
JAKE: I did! $235. Okay, so...
LONG: This one the first case!
JAKE: Well, actually, Long knows me. Out of...out of this whole thing, it's going to come down to Long owes me ###; but, pay it back, close the case out, be done with it, let's move on. Know what I mean?
JAMES: Okay.
JAKE: But, what happens is, when you buy a $50,000 bail bond, all bail in California is 10%. I can give you an 8% rate, which I did! But, with the attorney discount/referral/what-have-you, which, legally, it wasn't an attorney referral. [unintelligible] We're good. So, it's $4,000. We paid...we paid $150 to reinstate the bail bond...
JAMES: But, they threw it out...
JAKE: [inaudible] ...was, you got arrested...
JAMES: Mm-hm...
JAKE: ...but, [unintelligible]...reinstated...
LONG: If one...and, then, you know, this one and, uh, and, then, miss the court and, and the bail $20,000, right? The bail $20,000 and you owe me. And, then, you off me $1,000 and then I pay for James (down payment, $1,000). And, then, [unintelligible] arrested right? And, then, I, I meet you in the courthouse and I pay $31,000 by credit card...
JAKE: I know...
LONG: And, then...
JAKE: It's right here!
JAMES: Back up...back up just a minute, guys! Because, I want to understand what happened that day. So, I paid you $150 to reinstate the bail bond, I'm on my way to court, I get picked up...
JAKE: You get arrested.
JAMES: Yeah! Well, they actually didn't arrest me. They didn't say, me my rights or anything. They just picked me up...
JAKE: They picked you up because there was a warrant in the system.
JAMES: Right! So, they put me in jail and I said, "Well, I'm on my way to court. Here's my papers that [Jake] gave me." And, then, that didn't work for them, apparently. And, then, they make me miss a court date.
JAKE: It doesn't work that way.
JAMES: Okay.
JAKE: Because, because here's what happened. In this court...
JAMES: Yeah...
JAKE: ...your bondsman has to bring you in and get it reinstated.
JAKE: You can't can't just, like...I mean, you can bring the letter in that I gave you...
JAMES: Yeah, why didn't you do that?
JAKE: Did you bring it in?
JAMES: How come...?
JAKE: Because I was gonna meet you down at the courtroom...
JAMES: Uh-huh...
JAKE: ...if the letter didn't work. I was gonna stand up and say, "Your Honor, I'm willing to reinstate the bail bond. I...I have reason to believe that he's going to make good on his bail bond."
JAMES: So, maybe we should have done that, uh, ahead of time.
JAKE: Yeah! But, the problem is, is you got arrested and you were detained prior to me meeting you...
JAMES: Detained—not arrested! Yeah, detained!
JAKE: ...detained prior to me doing that.
JAMES: Yeah.
JAKE: Law enforcement took it from you in order to reinstate your bond.
JAMES: Okay...
JAKE: That would have reinstated it only for the $150...
JAMES: Then, the judge—the next day—waived it.
JAKE: He exonerated your bond.
JAMES: Or, mandated it. Yeah...
JAKE: He exonerated your bond.
JAMES: I had to pay it again, right?
LONG: And, this one, I confused about it's $2,000...
JAKE: Hold on, hold on, hold on! We're not even there yet! We're not even there yet! You gotta follow along, okay? He exonerated it! I had to pay $50,000 to the leave my $50,000 there. My insurance company—in order for me to work on getting my $50,000 back—I had to file a motion with my insurance company.
JAMES: Mm-hm...
JAKE: The cost of that is the difference of premium...
JAMES: Mm-hm...
JAKE:'s the full amount of premium...
JAMES: Mm-hm...
JAKE: ...the bail bond is $5,000, right? I only...the only time I make money is when they...the case closes out.
JAMES: Uh-huh.
JAKE: Okay? And, it's good. So, my insurance company charges me $5,000 for the $50,000 bail bond and they're going to charge 10 points; but, he's already...they take my $4,000 and then they charge him another $1,000. So, when he [unintelligible] on February 14th for a new bail bond, they reverted it back to...they reverted his transaction back to the unpaid amount of the premium. He's already paid $4,000. They reverted the transaction...the credit card transaction for new bail is reverted.
JAMES: Uh-huh.
JAKE: And, we paid the...and, you paid the $5,000 bail, okay? Not only that, but, this unpaid amount is paid...gets paid. Not only that, but, in order for me to get that $50,000 back—so he's not charged for it—I have to pay the bond cost on it.
JAMES: Uh-huh.
JAKE: [The] bond cost's 2%. And, that's the...because that's the rate that's negotiated with the Department of Insurance, my insurance company and all the bankers—not only me, but every [inaudible] Banker's Insurance gets 2%. And, 2% of $50,000 is a $1,000. They charge me...for them—instead of charging, then, they...they took your payment of $1,000, which I'm working on trying to get back...they took your payment and then they chargedyou, again, $1,000 "for the cost and liability of the $50,000..."
LONG: And, then, I concerned's, it's...I met you in the courthouse, right? And, then, you charged me $1,000 for [unintelligible]...
JAKE: This is 867809. 867809.
LONG: But, I don't have receipt for this one. And,then, they automatic [inaudible].
JAKE: Yeah, they, they probably did a phone order on that one. Right here's the transaction number.
LONG: [inaudible] this one. How come they charge me $1,000?
JAKE: Okay. So,, this...$1,000... Look! Look! This $1,000 right here...
LONG: Mm-hm...
JAKE: ...867809 right here...
LONG: Yeah...
JAKE: ...paid for the difference of the $50,000 bail bond.
LONG: He said, he missed the court and you have to bail him out. You didn't do anything [on] this one.JAKE: I know!
LONG: You didn't...
JAKE: Because...okay. Because this $1,000 is...was gonna be applied to the new bail bond.LONG: But, you didn't bail him out for this time, you know?
JAKE: I know!
LONG: You didn't bail...
JAKE: I know! Because, when they took...when they took his file to court, instead of keeping it as $20,000 for bail, they included...they reverted it back to the original bail that they...that the judge exonerated.
JAMES: He remanded...he said, "remanded."[unintelligible]
JAKE: ...on the bond. He exonerated his bond—no longer holding you liable for $50,000—so I can get my money back because I have to front that money for you as to not charge you right away. I have to put up this money and the cost of that is $5,000, plus 2%. It's $6,000 total on a $50,000 bail bond. You paid $4, put a $1,000 for a new bail bond...they took that because that pays for any unpaid balance [unintelligible]. [answers phone] Do you have court? What happened? Out of breath, or...? Okay, um, I'm gonna have to call you right back. I'm with a client; but, let's...that's good news. Um, can I call you back in, like, 15 or 20 minutes? Okay. Okay. Alright. I'll call you right back. Okay.
LONG: I concerned that, this one, and you told me and...
JAKE: This $1,000, I wanted to refund back to you because it wasn't going to be used...
LONG: Mm-hm... And, then, another $1,000...I don't know where this come from.
JAKE: That's because this...this amount is unpaid, the only...we gave you a discount...
LONG: Mm-hm...
JAKE: ...and we don't get easement against forfeiture of summary judgment. Here's the forfeiture letter: "Notice of bail forfeiture sent to..."
LONG: Why we...why...?
JAKE: "...Banker's...Banker's Insurance and Jake's Bail Bonds, forfeiture of insurance in the amount of $8,607; so, I thought they put a [unintelligible]...Superior Court on February 1st...February 1st, the day you missed court, the forfeiture, notice of bail forfeiture, Banker's Insurance and Jake's Bail Bonds on this bond number, failed to go to court on 8/6/07—that's when they're going to shut me down—so, I have to pay the $50,000. I'm not gonna...I'm not gonna get shut down! I'm not going to close my office. And then, once, once they audit, audit me or audit my insurance company, they see that there's $1,000 that's unpaid because a discount was given...
LONG: Mm-hm...
JAKE: ...they're going to take any money for the new bail bond...that's why I was hoping to get you refunded; but, they saw that there was a $1,000 payment on your credit card. They took $2,000 to apply it toward[s] any unpaid amount. They charged me another $1,000 per the 2% rule; so, what? They charged you...the insurance company charged you a $1,000 with 2% so you don't have to go to civil court. So, you don't go to civil court for $50,000. And, then, the $150 that, that James gave me, I applied to the $235 because, on May 1st, they're saying I need to pay [unintelligible] "notice of process, bond exonerated, notice of cost assessment on or before May 1st. Notice of process assessment: $235 on or before..." Oh, 3/19—they made a mistake; but, nonetheless, thank God I paid the [inaudible]! [inaudible] identification [inaudible] says 3/19; so...but, that was, the $150 [inaudible] wrote an $85 check (check number 1076), $235 paid, his bond was closed out. They made [a] credit to $235 because I paid it. They charged you a total of $6,235. That was paid to the court for $6,235; $85 of that goes to the client and I wrote it off because I just wanted to close it out and it got you a new bond. And, the new bond went for $20,000 [unintelligible] this one. This was a down payment on the $20,000 bail bond, which $1,000 was used for this current bail bond...uh, divide by 017687. 55507687. They took $1,000 and applied it tothat bail bond. This bail, actually, includes the $50,000. Once the judge exonerated the bail bond on the 14th—they exonerated the bail bond on the14th—not holding you or myself liable for the $50,000. The courts gave back my $50,000 and didn't hold me responsible for suing you because I asked totake you to civil court for $50,000. And, they..."notice of cost assessment: $235," which I got $150 from James that he paid me to reinstate the bailbond—because I was willing to do that. But, the's where the problem came in: is that you were arrested before we could help him out. Does that make sense?
LONG: [We paid] you $2,000 [and] you didn't do anything. You didn't bail him out for this time. And, for the second case, the police arrested [him]. I pay $50,000.
LONG: And, $4,000. You discount $4,000. I pay off.
JAKE: I know. I gave you credit on the new...
LONG: And, then, $2,000—I pay $2,000—and, $2,000 more. I owe you payment[s], monthly, $200 a month, right?
JAKE: Okay.
LONG: Mm-hm... And, then [inaudible]...
JAKE: I see...I see what you're saying. His $50,000...the first $50,000 bail bond, he gave $4,000 [inaudible]...
JAMES: Long's a math genius.
JAKE: He is?
JAMES: Yeah!
JAKE: He...they forfeited; so, the total cost [unintelligible] is 50...uh, $51,335—that's the total cost to you. You think that's...
LONG: The court case [is] $60,000 and, then, I bail him out. And, then, $4,000, right...
JAKE: Yeah, yeah! Right here! I showed you that!
LONG: Mm-hm...
JAKE: I just showed you that! Right's this right here. $50,000 bail bond for $4,000. It's forfeited. So, the total cost that you owe is $51,235; but, what they did: because you only paid $4,000...
LONG: Because you said you discount $1,000.
JAKE: Hold on! We're going to go line-by-line! You paid $4,000. Um, that's 5...that's 5...
LONG: 1...2...
JAKE: That's 2... That's 4... That's, uh, 6... And, that's 4. So, you owe $46,235 because you paid $4,000. Cost assessment or the $1,000...or bond cost was $1,000—it says it right here—$1,000 bond cost.
LONG: No, no! I think I...
JAKE: So, $47,000—I'm doing it line-by-line for you. This is how I understand it and this is how I'm reading it—line-by-line! $150 was paid...minus $150...[unintelligible] 150...47... Um, $1,000 was paid. [unintelligible] ...that credit card receipt?
LONG: Yeah.
JAKE: Instead of [inaudible] bail bonds [inaudible]. They then charged you another $1,000 [on] the same day for the bond cost, which is this credit card number transaction right here (279772).
LONG: Why did that $1,000...because this time...
JAKE: It's a 2% rate. The bond cost on the...
LONG: 2% rate; but, and, then, he arrested again. But, I bail you out $4,000.
JAKE: In order for you to stay out of civil court, that's what the cost is. So, it's $45,000, and, then, um...
LONG: You almost charge me $8,000 in credit card already.
JAKE: I gave you a $50,000 credit...that's great. The math is wrong here. $47,000 becomes $3,000. The difference on here is a $1,000. $1,000 for the bond; so, that's $38,000. This one doesn't have any bearing on it. This one doesn't have any bearing on it. So, it's $48,000...085...$48,085.
JAMES: [unintelligible]
LONG: [inaudible]
JAKE: Okay...
LONG: $50,000. And, then, you off 10% [inaudible] $4,000 only.
JAKE: That's the rate.
LONG: Yeah...
JAKE: No, no, no! You don't pay $40,000. It's still a $50,000 bail bond.
LONG: I...$4,000...$4,000!
JAKE: It's still a $50,000 bail bond.
LONG: And, then, you off $1,000, right? And, then, I pay credit card, $4,000.
JAKE: Yeah. Yeah. You got it.
LONG: Yeah. I got it.
JAKE: You got it.
LONG: And, then, he miss court.
JAKE: He missed court...
LONG: Yeah...
JAKE: So...LONG: And, then, $20,000...
JAKE: So, you're charged the difference.
LONG: Yeah, the $20,000...
JAKE: $20,000...
JAMES: Are you guys capable of working this out [unintelligible] implicate—or, um, not implicate...
JAKE: Yeah,! We're...we're capable...
LONG: [unintelligible] And, then, you told me...and, then, uh, um, you have to pay $1,000...$1,000, and, then, the court, the police arrested him, right? And, then, I go to the court and pay $1,000.