Sunday, September 30, 2012

#418 - VIDEO | Demon(?) plays chicken with oncoming car

In three segments from a video made just outside my home, there appears to be a pair of glowing eyes, dodging an oncoming car
The two, side-by-side lights move in front of the tire of the car, implying more than just a reflection of headlights along the curbThe two lights move behind and between the two cars, in the opposite direction, in the absence of a passing car, once again negating the car as the sourceThe two lights trot off in the direction they originally came from, again, with no other source of light than themselves
In the first of three segments in which the eyes appear, it looks as if they belonged to a demon that cloaked a millisecond before the car would have impacted it.
NOTE | A cloak not only renders a demon semi-transparent, but allows them to pass through most materials, as well.
Following is the YouTube-compressed version of this video:
If this is the variety of demon that I think this looks like—a variety I have yet to name or mention—then it's bad business from here on out.

These have a Space Needle-shaped head (just the round top, not the tower it sits on), with two glowing eyes recessed into the ring around the middle. They are all brown, and their brown cloak falls straight the ground; their arms and legs, if they have any, are concealed under the robe. I have never seen them walk or move; they always appear instantly, and fade out shortly thereafter. The memory of your encounters fades into faint snapshots; most of the time, you can't even remember what you were thinking at the time you saw them. What lends me to believe that this is part-and-parcel to a meeting with this type of demon is simply that I do not have a problem remembering any other events in my life in this way. In fact, an encounter with a demon like this will be remembered exactly like a dream that you forgotten, and then, when somehow reminded of it, you can barely recall any details or draw any images in your mind.

My earliest memory of them was at 4326 East Stop 11 Road, in Indianapolis, Indiana, at or around the age of 5 (maybe younger?). A group of about 5 or 6 of them stood in our family room, talking to my mom. I saw them as I came from another room; before I entered, I turned around and walked away, saying nothing, and never telling of the incident until now (never even thought about it again, actually).

#417 - Another secret conversation (with a demon)

Unlike the first secret conversation, which only vaguely referred to demons, this new secret conversation actually has a demon talking in it:

When I left the room, there were three people in it, all of which I can easily identify in the recording.

One of the persons in this recording is the visitor to my apartment, whose Voices Demons, with which he has a personal relationship, were harassing him for being there, as described in Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment.

Obviously, someone (or something) came in after I went to the bathroom; and, I believe that thing was a demon. In the recording, it speaks in a scratchy whisper, meaning it was probably a centurion demon (or similar), as their tongues are long and forked, rendering them unable to speak in a normal, human way.

It is not dissimilar to the voice I heard while walking home one night, which sounded like a yelling whisper, and came from all directions:

There are several locations in the new audio file where a demon that is talking is doing so at a pitch and rate too high, just like in this previous example:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

#416 - VIDEO | The body-hair variety of sucker demons, decloaked

In this video clip, a horde (or crop?) of sucker demons forms the letter 'S' on my chest, which turns up often during periods of high demonic activity, almost as frequently as the number eight during hobgoblin demon attacks [see also Hobgoblin demons attempt to induce insanity by blocking pleasurable experiences].
A crop of body-hair variety sucker demons, forming the letter 'S' on my chest
This video shows that sucker demons can pose as body hair, similarly to eye spider demons, which can (and do) look like a crop of hairs, all growing out of the same root:

This probably comes as no surprise to those who have seen a crop of sucker demons on my legs and arms in still frames taken from video-in-motion (see image, below); however, unlike those sucker demons, the sucker demons in the new video can be seen throughout the entire video, without requiring the camera to be in motion:
Until now, sucker demons were only seen in still frames taken from video in which the camera is panning, which, for some reason, makes cloaked demonic entities visible

In other words, they are not cloaked, and they obviously want to be seen, allowing one to assume that there is a particular variety of sucker demon that looks like body hair.

It's rare that one would get an image of this variety, as sucker demons—like all other demons—are camera-shy. As shown by the still frame above, until now, sucker demons could only seen in still frames taken from video in which the camera was panning across them at the time of recording. For some reason, video in motion reveals cloaked demonic entities visible in still frames, if the camera runs is moving at the right speed and is at the right distance.
NOTE | I'm not sure what speed and distance are optimal, exactly; but, it's rare that you won't capture a cloaked demon by moving your camera from side-to-side in a room—or even outside—in which a demon is cloaked. I'd say that the smaller the demon, the closer you have to be and the slower you should pan your camera.

#415 - VIDEO | Demons open and close gate to frighten

In a video made just minutes ago, demons open and close the gate next to my bedroom, in order to create the illusion that people are outside my window:
This was part of the same routine that is partially described in Voices Demons plot for supposed future custody stay and VIDEO | Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark.

This type of activity is usually accompanied by the same antics heard in SECRET VIDEO | Fake fighting, barking police arrest and "drug bust" commands by humans collaborating with demon stress-inducing aims.

#414 - VIDEOS | Three new segments show bathhouse blanket demon

Additional video showing the bathhouse blanket demon was discovered last night while perusing unreviewed footage; following are still frames taken from this video, which was divided into three segments:
These videos show the same blanket demon in VIDEO/PHOTO | Second bath house blanket demon video shows expert blending at any angle, but closer up and from different angles:

These prove that the blanket demon face is not just a trick of the eye that can only be seen from a certain angle and at a certain distance.
The surly, old demon face is shown much closer in the new video segments, above

Thursday, September 27, 2012

#413 - Childhood demon behind most recent attacks

My entire collection of videos and photos of the demon of my childhood "nightmares" is bigger than most peoples'.

He started when I was 5, resurfaced at 38, and—lately—has been the lead in nearly every demon attack over the last couple of months. Who is he? I don't know; but, he has a skull for head, with hair sticking out the back on either side.

A still frame from a video, showing my reflection in a passing car's window, and showing my childhood demon about to possess meA slightly brightened and sharpened enhancement of the original still frame (left), for a better view of this demon running into me from behind in order to possess me
The demon shown in the still frame, above, looks similar to the one shown in Spectre of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare and in 'Spectre Illuminated by Light Glare' resurfaces as matching drawer handles

And, he's not to be trifled with. His horde is immense, spanning from Indiana to California, from 1977 to 2012. He even has human fans, one of which fashioned dresser drawer handles that look like this demon's head:
Two dresser drawer handles closely resemble the skull face of my childhood demon, with his trademark tuffs of hair sticking out from either side of his head
NOTE | This is a typical terror tactic employed by demons, which is sometimes modeled by humans. In fact, in Palestine, the Israeli army will sometimes publish the obituary of a target in local newspapers a day or two before assassinating them.
Most recently, he was seen indoctrinating his subordinates, in the middle of the night, in my bedroom, as I recorded him on video [see The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained]:
The top half of the ghostly visage of my childhood demon, as he issues his edict against me in my bedroom in the middle of the night to other demons
On the bright side, he has aged considerably, just like "Aunt Bee," another childhood demon that resurfaced briefly to demonstrate the device she used on children to make them feel immense fear. And, if he's getting older, he's likely not immortal. And, if he's not immortal, he can be vanquished, just like several other demons that have perished at my hands by fire and (boiling) water [read Demonios ardientes con el fuego] or by the pinch-and-pull [read Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom].

The videos from which the above still frames were taken are shown below:
The face of a demon can (faintly) be seen in front of the wall, talkingThe same demon can be seen next to a table lamp, illuminated by its glare

#412 - Another death threat

Some people assume that, if you have a demon problem, it's only the demons you have a problem with. But, that's just not true. Demons have people, just as much as people have demons; and, some of those people like demons, as was demonstrated on many occasions, yesterday being no exception.

Case in point: last night, I received the second death threat in as many days from someone I am probably supposed to believe knows me (or about me), but, in actuality, is likely only relaying a message at the request of the demons I am fighting; otherwise, I can't imagine someone having that strong of an opinion about a web site that simply provides photos and videos of demons, and recounts stories of their attacks:

you always have caca on the mind

David Michaels
1:28 AM (11 hours ago)

you will die soon
It would also seem that the sexual assault that was arranged, instigated and participated in by demons is generating much publicity among that crowd, as I also received another e-mail pertaining to that:

FROM: <> 

Hey you micro-dicked fucktard,Go prostitute yourself and score your drugs on the street with the other fucking whores and addicts. 

...if you really were "raped" then judging by your past..., you set yourself up for it.

A third e-mail received last night made reference to a "penectomy," which, for reasons unknown, has been a point of interest for gang-stalkers and demons alike since 2006 [hear a gang-stalker reference a penectomy in his conversation with another gang-stalker pertaining to the demonic agenda in AUDIO | Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006]. He asked whether my penis was cut off during or as a result of the sexual assault:
FROM: Hand Lover <> 
did you get de-dicked?
Cuttin it off is the only way to get over it...
The first death threat received was reported in Cyberstalking defender-of-demons wants a showdown.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#411 - The two weaknesses of sucker demons: static electricity and clear plastic

Two observations made while watching and interacting with sucker demons has shed light on two biological characteristics previously unknown about this demonic entity, which has already led to the discovery of two exploitable weaknesses.

These weaknesses have only been observed in the flying variety of sucker demons, which can be seen circulating around the bell of a lamp in Sucker demons flee scene of red horde attack [34 MB].
NOTE | For those 18+ and who consent to viewing adult material, Swarm of sucker demons invades bathhouse in second sex video shows a horde of sucker demons that are clearly visible, and require no extra effort to see.
Sucker demons run on electricity
Based on past observations of the electrical properties of sucker demons, and on their susceptibility to capture and dissolution by trapping them between two pieces of metal (specifically, pliers) and/or between your fingers, one could conclude that a sucker demon's strength is dependent on its electrical charge and/or its availability for use to contract in order to pull objects between its tendrils and the like, and its electrical current is short-circuited by contact with an object or material that conducts electricity (e.g., metal). Specifically, this appears to occur under one of these two conditions:
  • if the object or material cannot hold a charge, then the material must be applied to the sucker demon in two places, for example, by pinching them with a pair of metal pliers; and,
  • material that draws electricity by nature, such as the human body when holding a piece of metal, will act as a magnet to a sucker demon, once contact has been made with it
NOTE | This suggests that the material or object must be grounded so that the flow of electricity from the sucker demon will not be impeded by an existing charge in the material or object.
Pulling them off of your skin is now as easy to placing a grounded piece of metal on your fingers while skimming and pulling (or trawling) hairs to which they are attached. So, instead of the fingertip-numbing exercise of pulling them off of you or your sheets in the manner described in Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom and Removing eye spider demons from your skin, which entailed a hard pinch, followed by a fast jerking motion, you can now lift them off once a grip has been established by simply placing your aluminum MacBook Air, for example, on the back of your hand first. In fact, if you pick up a sucker demon tendril, it will stay between even lightly pinched fingers, and will dissolve once detached from its body.

Flying-variety sucker demons' radar is absorbed by clear plastic
The agility of the flying sucker demon is astounding, and is on a par with both the dragonfly, hummingbird and a bat, combined; but, when it comes to clear plastic, they're about as blind and confused as a fly that is repeatedly banging its head into a window, trying to get outside.

That's because clear plastic either absorbs—or fails to reflect—whatever radar-like emissions that, like a bat, serves as its eyesight in flight.

It stands to reason that a demonic entity would use such a method for seeing, particularly, because it has no eyeballs and because it mostly feels around between two sheets and inside people's clothing, where there is no light.

NOTE | The sucker demon videos above are nearly unwatchable due to YouTube's video compression scheme, which removes details from videos uploaded to their site. To see any sucker demons clearly, you must download and view the video source, which is available at Sucker demons flee scene of red horde attack [34 MB].

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#410 - Cyberstalking defender-of-demons wants a showdown

Before reading this post, you should first read Tactics advisory riles long-time cyberstalker, which provides some background on a cyberstalker that has issued death threats by mail, specifically, by taping a bullet to a letter showing altered nude photos depicting me, and complaining of my "disease-spreading" ways.

A new e-mail from the same cyberstalker as before; however, this time, he wants a face-to-face meeting. I am sure the person listed at the bottom of the e-mail will be there; but, I'm also pretty sure that's not the person sending these e-mails, or the person sending bullets taped to death-threat letters, either:
A bullet, taped to a letter threatening murder
This e-mail was received just today:

Nomen Nescio
5:55 PM (11 minutes ago)

not only are you boring but also:

meth addict
scat eater
you sue your own mother
clipped your genitals
have aids dementia
sex pervert addict

Will be at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Cocoanut Grove food show on
October 3 see you there!

Joseph Ortiz
PROUD and OUT about my homosexuality and 1" penis
Customer Service Inside Sales Representative
Performance Foodservice Group Corporation Ledyard
1047 17th Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA  95062

Saturday, September 22, 2012

#409 - What it feels like when a demon possesses you

Following is a description of what it feels like when a demon possesses you initially—not what it feels like during or afterwards—which are topics too broad for this article's narrow focus on the sensation and experience of a demon invading your person.

Factors making possession and post-possession difficult to cover in a single post
Whereas the physical sensation of being first possessed is nearly universal, the "during" and "after" varies from person-to-person. The factors that cause such variance include, the duration and frequency in which one is (or has been) possessed, as well as the consequences that possession entails for them, particularly, where it impacts health and survival—as it does in my case; further variance includes such factors as a given victim's awareness and understanding of possession.

Awareness and priority are key differentiation factors from victim's standpoint
Finally, there's the priority a victim gives the matter (if any). Someone who is handling the problem with an appropriate sense of urgency will be unique among his peers, to say the least, in that he will act, see, hear and think differently in a myriad of ways, obviously.

Knowledge of possession by possessed and non-possessed determine coping ability

What will be the most unique among the possessed is the fruits their lives will bear, the quality of which is invariably determined by the level of understanding of possession and demons a given person has, in general. The more knowledgeable the possessed are about possession determines how effectively and creatively they can devise solutions to the problems possession brings. It's a given that such solutions will likely differentiate the possessed from those non-possessed; but, it may also differentiate the possessed among other possessed, in that each solution is likely to be as unique as the person devising them. On top of that is the equally unique problems demons add to the lives of the possessed—demons are not only adept at making things difficult or impossible for their victims the same things that are simple for everyone else, but do so with flair and creatively, custom tailoring difficult or impossible scenarios for their victims based on the particulars of that victim.

Lack of knowledge is an open door to the creative mind of a demon
Speaking of knowledge: the behavior, attitudes and actions of the non-possessed with respect to and towards the possessed will cause wide variances. More knowledge enables the non-possessed to approach the problem with more compassion (in the form of patience, mostly); it also reduces their stress as compared to the less educated, ignorant people being the Devil's plaything. Demons use people's ignorance to inflict pain on their victims, and, in some cases, extend their infliction of pain to those not possessed; the degree of knowledge between the possessed and non-possessed dictate the extent and effectiveness of that pain.

About my credibility
So, that's one reason why I'm sticking to just initial possession in this post, specifically, the physical sensations associated with the entry of a demon into your body; the other being that I'm reasonably confident that readers will find me more credible when I describe things they've also experienced, instead of tackling topics that they may or may not have. Even though common ground is sought by the limited treatment of demonic possession, I still only speak from my own, personal knowledge, having only one, real account of demon possession in-the-making, and that from a third-party witness:
A third-party witness to demonic possession describes the moment a demon entered the body of a co-worker

Before you feel it, you can sometimes see a demon enter your body, particularly, the ones that are only waist high.
A female imp demon approaches from behind, at the angle typical for possession
Those always run up on you from an angle behind that is just inside your peripheral vision—if you happen to have your head turned, that is—before slamming into your legs; you only catch a glimpse of the last three or four steps before you're possessed.
A still frame from a video, showing my reflection in a passing car's window, and showing a demon about to possess meA slightly brightened and sharpened enhancement of the original still frame (left), for a better view of a demon running into me from behind
The demon shown in the still frame, above, looks similar to the one shown in Spectre of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare and in 'Spectre Illuminated by Light Glare' resurfaces as matching drawer handles
Physical sensations and mental reactions associated with initial possession
While other scenarios are similar, this post describes the sensations associated with this specific kind of possession, which always include at least two of these three once you know what being possessed feels like:
  1. When you see the demon coming, startled and alarmed. Seeing something that doesn't look quite human running at your legs full throttle from behind is startling, to say the least; but, because it's over so quickly, there's no time to get over disbelieving eyes and develop any palpable sense of fear (even though, on a subsconscious level, you know you're headed in that direction). If it's not the first time you've seen this, though, it won't be a fear of the unknown, but that which you feel right before an unavoidable attack while in an indefensible position. Obviously, you don't feel this if you don't see the demon coming.
  2. When it slams into your legs, shocked, literally. Upon impact by the demon, there is an electric shock throughout your entire body; it is evenly distributed, with no emphasis on your legs. In fact, the sensation reaches the furthest points of your body so completely, you will instinctively search your body mentally for a source of the shock, even though you know you felt it at the moment in which the demon collided with your legs. The intensity varies, demon-to-demon, but is so unique that, even if you don't see any demon, you know what hit you.
  3. As it acquires a minimum, requisite possessory interest inside your body, dizziness and disorientation (and, sometimes, disassociation of awareness and/or loss of consciousness). At the same time the shock melts away, the spinning in your head increases until you zone out. Afterwards, short-term memory recall is temporarily impaired, in that you do not realize what just happened until you notice that you had just lost track of what you were doing or thinking, but don't remember why. If you didn't know you were just possessed, you'd eventually dismiss it, unless it was so persistent that it became worrisome or disruptive in some other way.
What happens afterwards is anyone's guess. Maybe nothing, maybe something. If it something significant, such as use you as its own body, and won't be conscious of it during

Running style, direction telegraphs demon's intent to possess, transport
I can't really describe the style of the demon run as a professional runner might; I usually only qualify a run as fast or slow, quick- or long-strided, and so on. But, I guess you could say that it's a run of purpose and intent, concentration and single-minded focus; and, like the low-to-the-ground, smooth but forceful strides of a cat running toward a mouse, aiming for the right moment and place to pounce, it says that the demon is not just in a hurry or that its on urgent business; it says clearly to anyone seeing it that the demon is about to do something significant and, by merit of its direction towards you, that this something involves you.

In short, it's a run that makes you feel like a mouse with no future.

The combination of characteristics particular to the demon run are so unique that you probably only need to see two different demons run like this a couple of times each to know that this style of running is ubiquitous among them, like popular dance.

That's beneficial for knowing whether someone else is a victim of possession (if you see a demon or spirit run into someone in this way).

Other demon runs mentioned in this blog
Before it was cut out of Demonic Intruders Attack by the Voices Demons, you could see the needle-clawed demon that grabbed me after I fell backwards, run off with me into a distant, unseen point on horizon (as if the room were a mile long), while carrying me through a hyperdimensional portal. The stretch of video that follows is nothing but blackness, whereas before, it showed a meeting with a red-hued demon that could pronounce English, and who pronounced his intention to use people's fears to cause problems in my life.

The hyperdimensional portal run looks similar to the possession run, but, since the demon isn't running towards you—but, instead, might actually being carrying you—it has a different sensation altogether.
NOTE | The chroma-skinned, nude demon of my childhood did not render me unconscious before transport, probably because I was small—and asleep. I would wake up, though, right at the point of being thrust into the air straight up from my bed (demons always arrive from the floor up; that's why people think Hell is down, so Heaven must be up). There is no gravity during transport, primarily, because there is no gravity in the fourth dimension; so, imagine the sensation of suddenly riding in the Vomit Comet airplane, in the middle of the night, without warning, on any number of occasions from the ages of 5 through 8, and that's what it feels like not to grow up on Leave it to Beaver.
More about possession
Following are a couple of the other posts on this blog that provide further information about possession, and, in particular, what it looks like to be possessed:
To learn how a demon possesses a person, read Sucker demons connect demons to humans for 'possession'To see what it looks like to be possessed, read Second "Demon in the Dark" video proves demonic possession
As to how a demon possesses a person, read Sucker demons connect demons to humans for 'possession'.

Friday, September 21, 2012

#408 - VIDEO/PHOTOS | Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendril

A video made several days ago during a Voices Demons-initated attack by sucker demons shows a tendril of a sucker demon piercing my neck in as I (try to) lay in my bed; and, it shows a second tendril lashing my eye after I pull the first tendril out of my neck. Because the video is difficult to follow, these two still frames from that video are provided below, showing both of the aforedescribed events:
A tendril of a sucker demon pierces my neck (enhanced) A second tendril lashes my eye after I pulled out the first (enhanced)
This is the video, which is still being edited:
The following still frame shows a sucker demon similar to the one that attacked me in my bed, as shown above:
The tendrils of a sucker demon, spread out over the top of my head as I reach to pull it off, while at a beach in San Gregario Cuts and scrapes from earlier attack by sucker demons at the behest of the Voices Demons, which have lasted for hours each, and have continued for several days at a time, for nearly a year
Previous posts also complain of needle-like pain in neck and trapezius
Although this is the first video showing a sucker demon piercing my skin with its needle-like appendages, it's not the first time I've complained about it, as these posts prove:

And, as shown by these posts, sucker demons are not the only demons with a propensity towards needling people, and, in particular, in and around their heads:

For more information on sucker demons, search this blog for sucker demon.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

#407 - VIDEO | Second "Demon in the Dark" video proves demonic possession

Most times—if not always—I post to this blog while being screamed at by half-a-dozen voices demons, burned in (not on) the fingertips by sucker demons and in the eyeballs by a centurion-like demon, as well as on the scalp by same. Apparently, the pay-off is substantial enough for them to make this effort (or, so they say); and, for my efforts, I believe the same (even though I would opt for a safer, less painful venue, if one were available).

Nevertheless, under these circumstances, my posts are continually updated after the intial posting to correct the many mistakes that creep in them, including missing explanations, bad video or photos, and the like. Consequently, you should return often in the event that something that wasn't explained well the first time around in a post was clarified later in a subsequent revision.

In a video clip made early this morning, the red face of a fanged demon superimposes itself over my face, an effect similar to that shown in the original Demon in the Dark video, in which my face appears to turn green before morphing into something demonic:
The red face of a fanged demon superimposes its face over mine early this morning, which is shown in a new video clip, below A green-faced demon with dentures(?) appears to overtake my person long enough to communicate with another, apparently invisible demon also inside the room
Although this latest video clip is virtually the same as the original, it does offer two new pieces of information that sheds more light on this phenomenon; specifically:
  1. The level of lighting determines whether the subject's face or the demon's face appears most prominently; and,
  2. A demon's face becomes more visible and attains more detail if close enough to a surface reflecting light (the reason for how this really works is provided in SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained).
These facts, when combined with things I know and have seen throughout this ordeal, all mean one thing: I'm possessed.

For improve the clarity of the demon face, the still frame shown above was adjusted for color and sharpened per the instructions provided in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like); however, the source video is being provided in advance of similar enhancements, now pending, for authenticity purposes, and to demonstrate and prove the two aforementioned facts:

[post-processing is still underway; check back later today or early tomorrow]

In one portion of the video, you can see the demon talking to another demon, just like Demon in the Dark; however, just like in Demon in the Dark, you cannot see the other demon. Having seen two demons performing the same act in both videos, I am drawing the conclusion that a demon possessing a human must poke its' head out of said human first in order to talk to another demon.

The demon has to do the same to speak to a human; and, as for the human it possesses, a mirror in very dim lighting, surrounded by chroma-filled air, projects the demons face onto the mirror in the place of the human's face.
NOTE | Today, I spoke to the demon shown in the video, albeit only briefly (after all, one just wouldn't make casual conversation with the guy throwing the switch on one's electric chair).
The Tuzzo (demonic possession) business targets victims in their childhood years
Now that it's clear that I've got demons, it's now equally clear that demonic possession was nothing more than an eventuality from the start of my life. Since at least the age of 5, I have been "a customer of the Tuzzo business," lingo for possession targets.

The Tuzzo business, it would seem, is the ancient art of preparing a human for an ideal demonic possession—no frothing at the mouth, head-spinning, and so on—which is different than what a demon would experience if it found a human on its own and possessed it by itself [for more on Tuzzo and the industry of preparing humans for ideal demonic possession, read Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession].

This is very important to a demon, in that, not only are some of the most common problems solved as they stem from demonic possession of humans, but, according to the Tuzzo Voices Demons, allows the demon to more fully experience life as an incarnate being of the third-dimension.

Of course, what the demon gains, the human loses; and, what the human loses, he pays for upfront and afterwards. That's because the methods the Voices Demons employ for prepping a human for possession, or their "program of recalcitrance to the lord god Tuzzo," amounts to nothing but torture, psychological conditioning, constant emotional blackmail and stalking and harassment [see AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment], forced surgeries, including on the brain itself, and physical assaults [see, for example, Sucker demon sent to punish caught on video].

Even worse, is that this "program" is started in children as early as age 5, and is done right under the nose of parents (see Demons exploit children's fear of the dark and monsters and physical abuse by parents). For example, some childhood nightmares are not nightmares at all, as is described of my personal experience with demons as a child in VIDEO | Gang-stalkers caught on camera throwing rocks, skulking in dark; they even induce some parents to physically abuse their children, which causes the requisite susceptibility to a specific kind of behavior modification employed by the Voices Demons to prepare a human for possession).
NOTE | To this day, the Voices Demons precipitate acts of violence against me by first announcing their intentions using the description of the type of abusive punishment I received as a child (for more, read Demons mock childhood abuse prior to committing acts of violence); moreover, at least two of their "staff" I recognize from my childhood, including one demon that orchestrates and/or participates in acts of terror to this day [related videos and more information are available in VIDEO TIMELINE | Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare and VIDEO | 'Spectre Illuminated by Glare from Lamp' resurfaces as matching drawer handles.
The Voices Demons have made the following statements, on average, at least 10 times a day:
  • There's no business like the Tuzzo business.
  • We're #1 in the Tuzzo business.
  • Customer satisfaction is #1 [in that, when we're done with you, we are going to kill you].

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#406 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Newly discovered demon variety prone to voyeurism

A new variety of demonic entities were inadvertently discovered from two videos made a couple of days ago, two of which can be distinctly seen in this still frame (look at the upper-left corner to see two smiling faces, peering to the right):
An color-enhanced and sharpened still frame taken from a video showing two newly discovered demonic entities of a previously unknown variety (picture-in-picture shows the original)
Nothing is known about them, except that they are comparable in height to the average hobgoblin demon and Jawa-lookalike demon, and appear to be the approximate mass of a Jawa-lookalike demon (which, unlike their nearest cousin, specifically, hobgoblin demons, are all nearly the same size and weight).
A color, contrast and sharpen-enhanced still frame, showing the two new demons (left-bottom)
They appear to be cloaked, in that they were invisible enough that I didn't notice them at the time the video was made or the video itself until I applied the color-enhancing and sharpening procedure outlined in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like) to individual still frames:
A second video clip follows the first, which was made with my Huawei Ascend M860, showing a different face that is a "blend" of the two. Blending is the overlapping of facial features of each demon in a horde that collectively possesses inanimate objects. It is most evident in hordes of demons that possess blankets and pillows due to the abundance of pliable fabric, and any patterns and stripes thereon [see PHOTOS | Horde of blanket demons captured on video in Fremont hotel and VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons].

Monday, September 17, 2012

#405 - PREVIEW | Unedited screen recordings show procedure for enhancing blue-light demon photo

I'm posting these screen recordings that show how I captured, found and enhanced the blue-light demon photo.

Later, I intend to use them to create a video that provides instructions for enhancing photos of demons in low-light and other special conditions; however, for now, they may be useful to experienced users of photo-editing software, such as Photoshop and/or GIMP, and to those who might be in a similar situation, and want to start sharing their photos with others.
Using GIMP to highlight the demons found in still frames of videos in motion
The photo enhancement procedure mirrors that which is described in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like), and which has now been used in two subsequent posts, namely, VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons and VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Dragons in the trees (and curtains).

Step 1: Searching for demons using Quicktime Player X
A video made during a period of high demonic activity is skimmed frame-by-frame for demons using Quicktime Player X (using the arrow keys, which you can't see):

Step 2: Enhancing in GIMP
A screen capture of the still frame showing the blue-light demon is sharpened and color-corrected in the GNU Image Manipulation Package (GIMP).
Step 3: Blending original photo with enhanced
The enhanced photo is blended with the original to undo some of its overdone qualities.

Preview other demonic activity videos on Vimeo

Saturday, September 15, 2012

#404 - READER | Demon stalks man and his family for years

Ripley Erin Greeff stumbled across this blog while seeking answers about a demonic entity that appears to be stalking him, and asked if I could shed light on his situation—probably, in the hopes that I can allay his concerns.

In an e-mail received this morning, he wrote:
This is going to sound crazy; I was going to ask if you knew anything about a tall, dark-hooded figure.
I've read and searched so many things online and at the library trying to get answers. There's always people that encounter something similar but they don't get answers either—just more questions; [but], I noticed you had blogged about how you can see a demon, [and] I was going to see if you knew what kind it would be based on what it looked like.
My brother and sister have seen it in a moving vehicle. I, on the other hand, had an encounter at my mother's house a couple of years back in the middle of the night. My baby boy slept in the bed with me at the time. Don't know if that helps.
If you don't find me competently cooky, and know anything about these things, please write me back ASAP. My number is 1(580).273.6158. I am nurse aide [that] works nights; so, it doesn't matter how late you contact me back.
I'm sorry again for this weird message. I just came across your blog by accident and it helped me more than anything else had.
Thank you for replying,
Ripley Erin Greeff
My answer is this:
Most demons that resemble the image of man are at least people, and can be confronted directly in the absence of communication barriers, such as language differences, physical limitations that inhibit (or prohibit) speech, relative time flow, willingness to communicate, and, of course, their overall intentions.

SEE ALSO | Read how the anatomy of some demons' mouths prohibit speech in the human tongue in Three things you never knew about a centurion demon's mouth; and, hear what a demon sounds like in an altered time stream in Demons can alter the flow of time.

So, the next time you see it, simply ask. Walk right up to its face and ask it—point-blank—what it wants, keeping in mind that manners and courtesy are all-important, in that they bridge the gap between man and demon that is created by the wide distinction between the superior demon and the inferior you.

KEEP IN MIND | I use those terms only in the biological sense—the only way they could ever be used  when comparing demon to man.

Believe it or not, there are many demons who harm no one, and, in fact, enter into relationships with humans, some based on friendship, others on business, including other types of partnerships, even criminal syndication and politics; some involve sex, where love may or may not be a factor, but where children can be born.

READ | For more on demon-man sexual relationships throughout history, and, in particular, in the Bible, read Why some demons wear clothes; why others go naked.

Your situation, however, looks very bad. I say this because, due to the overall superiority of the demon mind and body, it is difficult for demons in general to think of humans as valuable enough to take care of in their interactions with them. Of course, this is true of many humans, too, in regards to other humans; but, it is more natural for a demon to feel and think this way, and to act according to that nature without a conscience.

So, set your expectations accordingly whenever you meet any demon, and realize that any overture a demon makes to you that involves interaction with it or a relationship of some kind usually serves the demonic agenda to conquer by assimilation and integration, and is probably not what it appears to be on its face.

Based on your description of the demon, it could be any number of demonic entities, as any one of the billions out there will wear a standard black, traveling cloak, primarily, to keep from freaking people out with their appearance; but, I'd say that this is an aristocrat in the demon world, who is head-hunting within your family (like when a rancher goes to a cattle auction), judging by these factors:
  • it makes appearances without fear
  • it does not cloak (in other words, make itself half-invisible)
  • it does not speak directly to you
  • it is shaped like a man
  • it wears a black cloak
Unless, like me and others, you have had extensive involvement with many demons over an extended period of time, you wouldn't know why the aforementioned combination means what I say it does; but, let's just say that it means you are being watched by a farmer of people, who is surrounded by a myriad of very, very powerful demonic consultants that are probing you and your family for data this particular demon will evaluate to determine whether you and your family meet his needs.

Take a look at the black-cloaked figure in the photos, below, which were taken from a video showing the Spectre of Death conferring with a giant demon head, a video showing it standing next to my window, and a video in which it is standing in the doorway to my old apartment:
Demon head on wall Spectre of Death standing in entryway
Spectre of Death in front of window Spectre of Death standing in doorway
It may also have already begun its work long ago, and is just checking in; or, it may be a potential buyer. Most commonly, people are used as hosts for transport and respite, which is called, "possession."

NOTE | To learn about the industry in which demons farm humans to other demons for the purpose of possession, read Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession.

My advice to you is to move very far away from where you are as soon as possible. You are in danger, to be sure.

Friday, September 14, 2012

#403 - VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Dragons in the trees (and curtains)

Within the past few months, dragons have become more and more the theme of demonic art, especially over the past several days, when the new moon brought its usual hobgoblin demons, known for their blanket demons and tree art and the like:
A dragon's head made out of tree branches A flying dragon made from twisted curtainsA perched dragon made from a tree trunk
Two days ago, hobgoblin demon-generated dragon imagery appeared in two videos made during the period of high demonic activity at that time. First, in a video made while on an early morning walk, a dragon's head was created using tree branches; then, in a video made at another Santa Clara residence, a flying dragon created from a pair of twisted curtains:
A dragon's head made out of tree branches A flying dragon made from twisted curtains
The culprit behind the flying dragon-curtains
In one of the still frames, the culprit—an angry, skull-faced demon of miniature proportions—was revealed:
A skull-faced demon, wearing a black cloak, arranged curtains into the shape of a flying dragon
Symbols synonymous with hobgoblin demon attacks
I would not have made the connection, per se, but, victims of hobgoblin demon attacks are inundated with symbols that are few in number, but found in a multitude of things (more on symbols at Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts; see also Hobgoblin demons attempt to induce insanity by blocking pleasurable experiences).

Dragon theme began earlier this year
This is not the first time a dragon has been found in a video clip made during a demonic attack, as was first discussed in SCIENCE | Peering into the fourth dimension of overlapping space, and is seen in this still frame:
The original still frame, showing a dragon with outspread wings, made from a tree trunk (neck and torso), shrubbery (wings), and light passing through the branches (head) A copy of the same still frame, color-enhanced and sharpened to increase the distinction between the natural elements in the scene and the representation of the dragon
The elements that make up the image of the dragon, when the camera is not in motion or in sepia color mode
The address of the house in which this dragon appeared is 666 South First Street, in San Jose, which was first mentioned in Neighbor's house number is 666—the Mark of the Beast.

Dream of dragon preceded its use in demonic art
The only other time I've seen a dragon in relation to the demons I now face was in one dream. In that dream, I was back home again in Indiana, accompanying a man who was clearly in a hurry, as he shouted for me to get in his truck. I just stood there for a second, trying to get my bearings, as I had just suddenly appeared at the passenger door a few seconds earlier, not knowing how I got there or where I was. Right after he said this, I heard an explosion and saw a flash of light.

So, I jumped in his truck, and off we went down a street I am familiar with from my childhood to a natural gas company known for a giant, round blue tank that sits near the road. It's the only structure on that southeast side of Indianapolis that stands over six stories tall:
The battle with the dragon happened at Beech Grove Natural Gas Company; Refined Metals Corporation, a neighboring company, was cited by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 for polluting the area
On the way, a conversation with the man revealed that the demons had finally launched their long-planned attacked, and people were fighting them. There was no army or law enforcement of any kind in the scene. (I was encouraged to find that gas and working automobiles were still available, though.)

Before I was able to get anymore information or make further observations, the truck had swerved onto a dirt road leading to the tank, and skidded to a halt right before a locked gate. We jumped out after he unsuccessfully trying to pry the gate open. He grabbed a long rifle from behind the seat, before looking up at the sky in wide-eyed terror.

A hot flame jetting across the sky made me do the same, where I saw a large, very slow-moving, very quiet dragon gliding smoothly through the air. Like a water snake in a pond, it slithered to the right when it turned, and in a very unaffected, non-chalant way. Occasionally, anger would creep over its face right before it'd open its mouth to throw fire. Otherwise, it seemed very unaware of the mayhem it caused the people beneath him.

Then, that was it for that night, and was the end of dreams with dragons (even though that story does pick up in other dreams).

Demonic tree art responsible for destroying the unique beauty of San Jose
When I first moved to the Bay Area, I couldn't shut up about how beautiful it was to people back in Indiana; and, I'd say that the only thing I mentioned the most was how well-landscaped everything was. The greenery was lush, and classy.

It stayed that way until sometime recently, when I noticed that the trees don't look full and healthy, and that the well-selected type of shrubbery that once had graced every street and sidewalk (like rosemary and lavender) had been replaced with odd, ugly flower plants that bloom once a year, and only for a week or two at a time.

In short, what made the Bay Area beautiful was taken from it, even though I couldn't explain it. Well, at least not until I made the connection between the sickly trees and what is being done to them by demons.

Examples of local tree art by demons
In Demons sculpt tree into skull, use street lamps for eyes, the branches of a tree were manipulated into the shape of a skull, that you could see from a vantage point on the train platform; it even used two streetlights for a pair of glowing eyes:
A tree was sculpted into the shape of a skull near the San Fernando VTA Light Rail station
Other demonic works of tree art (and the culprits behind them) are shown in the following posts:
One culprit behind at least some tree art is shown in a video in VIDEO | A Tree Demon, and appears to be made out of a kind of metallic body armor that glistens in the sun like the broadside of a leaf.

Other demonic artwork
Other demonic artwork is discussed and shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | The Face of the Spectre of Death; the culprit behind that is shown in Demonic 'art' passé de mode.