Friday, October 12, 2012

#429 - Fourth death threat contains another gory photo

If it weren't for Night of the Gun Chase and many other nights like it—as well as the forewarning given by the gang-stalkers of violence and death and the song about my pending murder in prison and my pending murder in the near future—threats like these would be easier to dismiss:
The fourth death threat, received by e-mail
It reads:
you will die real soon, the top of your head sawed open, your brains cut out and examined for the demons. this is what is going to happen to you - Jesus Tejada
This is the fourth death threat that I believe was sent by the same person, and, just like the others, it follows the advancement of my case against a demon-allied man who is now being investigated by a California county sheriff's office as a suspect in a sexual assault against me.

Just hours before receiving this e-mail, I contacted the investigator in that case in order to impart additional information. Several weeks before that, I received the second death threat an  a third death threat within minutes of telling others about the sexual assault.
NOTE | Like the fourth death threat, the third one also contained a graphic image, specifically, of severed penises placed in the mouths of severed heads.
The first threat by e-mail followed an interview with the sheriff's office about the case; it was preceded by a death threat by mail, which consisted of a letter with a bullet taped to it:
A death threat by letter, received at Heaven's Gate Recovery Homes at 650 South Fifth Street in San Jose, California
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