Tuesday, December 9, 2014

VIDEO | Hole opens in left armpit

A couple of nights ago, a demon or demons opened a hole in my left armpit, right next to my heart, which was captured on video:

Two nights ago, a hole opened in my left armpit
To quash any skepticism likely to arise from such an incredulous claim, my normal armpit is shown just a few seconds before and after the portion of the video showing the hole in it:

My left armpit looks normal seconds before a hole in it is opened

Not only that, but you can actually see the hole closing the third time my armpit is shown (below), followed by the cloaked stitching holding it closed (not shown):

The hole can actually be seen closing in the video, negating any skepticism concerning shadows
The following video clip highlights those four things, specifically, my normal armpit, the hole, its closing, and the stitching:

Hole targets, damages heart
The Voices Demons stated only that it was part of their ongoing and continual effort to destroy my health and appearance, but would not say how opening a hole did any damage or even how the hole was created.

My guess, however, is that it was meant to damage my heart, which has long been one of the primary targets of demons and their people—second only to the brain [see PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs], and pulling only slightly ahead of the eyes [see VIDEO | Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure]—and which got the most attention in this latest round of attack; that round has lasted nearly three days, and has persisted literally around the clock, and the results have led me to believe—once again, after so many times over the past decade—that I would die soon.
NOTE | It could also be my shoulder, which was broken—in part—by San Jose Police Officer Flores in a December 2008 arrest staged by the Voices Demons as part of one of their anger management rituals. It has been broken ever since, and the Voices Demons and their people have kept it that way, in order to cause neck degenerative disorder and other maladies generally associated with poor cervical support.
I also base that assumption on the damage a hole like this one caused when opened over my right knee, which was being targeted around April 2012—which was no small amount, by the way. After it happened, it was quite a while before I was able to walk without pain; and, now, even today, my knee pops loudly nearly every time I stand up; likewise, the pain in my heart these past couple of days have led me to believe that I might die on multiple occasions.

Clear video, flowing in normal-time negates necessity for in-the-ether body mutilations
Although this has occurred over various other parts of my body with some regularity, this is the first time I've captured it on video in more than just a few, motion-blurred still frames. It is because this type of demonic activity was only seen in under a second (and only in still frames in which either the camera or the subject is in motion), I assumed that it only happened in-the-ether, where time virtually stops and matter and flesh become as malleable as putty; however, now, with a video showing it happening in normal time—and clearly—I'm not sure where the ether fits in.
NOTE | If you haven't been following the blog, that is a Voices Demons-derived term for the state of molecules by which they are rendered semi-invisible, permeable and timeless, and the state in which body holes and the like have—up to now—happened.
Taking this new discovery into account, the role of the ether has to be reconsidered, and any new observations will now be paired with whatever theory I might come up with along those lines. Before, I thought that matter could not be manipulated in this way (preserved, malleable, and, apparently with shape-memory) unless it was in-the-ether; and, I thought that, because ether time stands still, it served to keep people alive while they were mutilated. In fact, I assumed God put Adam in-the-ether when he removed a rib from him to fashion Eve; now, I see it could have been done either way (I should have known before, though, as the deep sleep God put Adam in is not necessary in-the-ether).

Going forward, I'll look for a connection between the species of demon opening holes (or what have you), as there are some that exist primarily in-the-ether, such as the imp demons and trolls, and either prefer or need matter to be likewise in order to interact with it in ways shown in the video above.

Other (unpublished) videos show holes opening behind ears
Things actually come and go at various times in the holes behind the lobes of my ears; however, because the quality of the videos showing this (they were made during nighttime walks), I did not post or mention them, waiting instead, until I had a video of exceptional quality like the one shown in this post.

I'll post them once I develop a post-processing technique for such videos.