Sunday, June 11, 2017

Apple approves DemonNet Data Acquisition Client for App Store distribution

If the Voices Demons had their way, they'd say that somebody like me putting an app on the App Store would be akin to Rosa Parks sitting at the front of the bus instead of the back, where they think people like her are supposed to sit (albeit, in my case, the modern day equivalent); but, as it stands, neither they nor their people relegated anyone they exploit to that life just yet. Rather, just like every other experience in which demons have said I can't do something and I say I can, this one can be defined the same: a Battle of Bunker Hill, Gettysburg and D-Day all-rolled-into-one affair.

Apple approved DemonNet DAQ Client for distribution via the App Store
Losses aside, victory was worth it, especially considering that the app is the only tool the world now has available to protect itself from demonic exploitation, collectively and en masse, should it decide to take that step; it doesn't mean the world will take that step, nor does it mean that it will avail itself of my app in order to do so, although I don't see why not. No matter what steps are taken (if any), the world needs to know as much about its enemy as it can—things it doesn't yet know, but things the data collected by my app will eventually answer. This includes where the enemy goes and when, how much time it spends in each place, and how fast it can move between places. No defense nor offense can do without such tactical information.

Regardless of how effective and convenient the app may be, the biggest hurdles to widespread adoption (or taking that step) remain. Most people don't realize just how far a little information can go, regarding just those few bits as having no potential for formulating any effective strategy for harm prevention and protection; and, for those they do know the value of that information, don't see an effective strategy that can (or will) be carried out by people.

As to the value of information, no matter how minute, I know all-too-well as a demoniac in constant danger; as to whether people could affect a strategy that would conquer the problem, I have nothing to go on but this: I think that it was ignorance that led many demon people to become the traitors to humanity they now are, and their lack of knowledge about them forced them into a corner that compelled them to make that choice. I have ascertained that they knew (and can readily see that they still know) nothing about demons, but rather took (and take) stock in all the lies told about them (you can only cast out demons with a priest or in Jesus' name; you can sell your soul to the Devil, etc.), and the misinformation (and disinformation) that persists even now (that demons are spirits that have no physical presence, that demons are limited in their mobility and power).

How a given demon person became one is much, much, much more complex than a lack of knowledge can explain, I know; but, I think it played the most significant part, in that it prevented them from entertaining and exploring other options. No matter what a given demon person's story about their involvement may be, it boils down to the making of one of two choices: to be involved with demons or be consumed by them; and, if not consumed by them, have nothing to do with demons at all. In their minds, there was no concept of the option to refuse involvement and address the problems demons cause proactively, and with a strategy of any kind that could be carried out in conjunction with others.

Some may say I'm giving a group of murderers the benefit of the doubt, whereas one is not warranted; but, the fact remains: they did not (and do not) see options others than those that were present all along. But even if a change of mind is possible through knowledge is unlikely, there are still plenty of people who have not had to face the join-us-or-die decision, but someday will; for them, my app aims to widen their perspective on the situation and balance their consideration of their prospects with vital information prior to when they do.

To that end:

DemonNet DAQ Client on the App StoreTo find the app, search for demonnetdaqclient
The app is also listed on Apple's web site...:

DemonNet DAQ Client on Apple's web site
...and iTunes:

DemonNet DAQ Client on iTunes

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