Saturday, January 26, 2013

#499 - PHOTO | Tendrils pull on face hard enough to expose entire eyeball

It's not a camera illusion, caused by poorly manufactured equipment or motion blur; my eye is, in fact, bugging out for real:
These tendrils whipped out and pulled on the skin of my face so hard that my eye bugged out
The tendrils of a demon have gripped my head on its left side—the same side of the head they punctured in VIDEO | Demons strike head twice from across room, around the corner and VIDEO | Demon pierces skull with tendril—and have pulled on my face. This has been happening all day long, all night long for quite some time. It is demonic torture, and it's done to age people and make them insane [see also VIDEO | Another demon torture tool or just the window?]

While demons do this, Voices Demons tell victims that they are bad people, and it is for their mistakes that this is happening to them.

They also threaten to hurt or kill people they have already hurt or plan to kill. In my situation, they are threatening to kill Scratchen [see VIDEO | Scratchen's disembodied eyes appear out of thin air]. They've already hurt everyone.

#498 - PHOTO | Sucker demons complicate every day activities

From laying in bed to taking a shower; from adjusting your pillow to drying off with a towel—these things are impossible to do easily and without frustration in a house infested with sucker demons.

As shown in the photo below, adjusting my head comfortably was not possible while a sucker demon pulled on my ear:
A black sucker demon either pulls on my ear (or adjust the sheets underneath from an anchor point behind my ear) to prevent comfort and to otherwise harass
This sucker demon is one of hundreds in my home—and in my body; and, this is not my first photo of a sucker demon in my bed (although it is my best) [see PHOTO | Sucker demons attach to face through sheets].
NOTE | To see a video of sucker demons flying out of my body, go to VIDEO | Swarm of sucker demons invade bathhouse.
Take a sucker demon I captured on video in my bathroom. It looks like a thread between two towels; but, actually, it's a sucker demon, poised to make using either towel I choose difficult:
A sucker demon is poised between two towels in order to make using them (or holding them, for that matter) difficult
Because of their similarities—and the fact that it's on a towel—I almost didn't publish this photo; but, a second glance convinced me, considering that it is the clearest image of a sucker demon in my collection.

Sucker demons are routinely employed to make towels heavier than they should be, slap you in the face (or elsewhere, including my eyes and penis), slide under your feet, twist, unfold, reduce or increase its slack in your hand, or to snag onto something—all while you're trying to use it. Yes, they are that fast, that strong, and that smart.

There are no blue sucker demons that I've seen; but, nearly every shade of white is available.