Thursday, July 7, 2016


Black dots and holes that suddenly appear—and then just as quickly disappear—at the onset of periods of high demonic activity (i.e., right before the appearance of demons or other similar entity), are probably wormholes, just as a demon told me years ago in 2006, my first time witnessing one. They are used to transport demons to, and, presumably, from, one location to another. From where, I do not know; to where, I know.
Unlike those I witnessed in 2006, wormholes are silent, and are a flourish of color; they are now mostly invisible, the only means of detection being a near perfect match between the rotation speed of the wormhole and the rate of spinning of the camera (above: an enhanced and original still frame showing a yellow-faced demon emerging from a wormhole)
A cropped, enhanced version, providing a close-up of the demon's face, made cognizable using the Liquify filter in Photoshop CC; with it, I was able to smudge the parts of his head smeared by a moving camera into alignment

Wormholes can be created by any object in our natural environment that spins (or can be spun), from electric fans to washers/dryers—and even a camera rotated by hand (as shown above)
Wormholes are visible even in the dark, as they seem to swallow what little light is in the room where they appear. They have very defined edges, and are circular—but irregular—in shape. They range in size from the width of a pencil, to the width of the average man's shoulders (typically, they are no bigger than the circumference of your thumb, or even less). The bigger wormholes stay open longer than the small ones, allowing for a better look.

Unlike lightning, wormholes usually strike (or open) in the same place twice (or more)
But, even when you can't see them, either due to their short lifespan, or that they are likely to appear outside of your field of vision (in order to increase the element of surprise), you can hear them. The larger ones—say, the baseball-sized ones—open and close with a single popping noise; from thumb-sized to pencil-sized, more of a hiss or crackle. The largest one I have witnessed—the shoulder-width sized wormhole—made a pop-crackle akin to an electrical burn-out in a transformer.

Light emerges from the center of a wormhole prior to demon emergance
 It is probably no coincidence, then, that the larger ones are accompanied by a smell that I would describe as "burnt electricity." And, when you smell such a wormhole, you know—by experience, if you're very unfortunate—that a large wormhole opened, and transported a man-sized (or larger) demon.
Faces (and heads), emerging from wormholes
The smell left by a large wormhole pervades everything, particularly soap and clothes, as well as your skin; it also finds its way into any liquid in your refrigerator somehow, whether milk, water, or other. It is especially strong on the breath of the demons who use them, but, is much stronger than the paler version left after a wormhole event. In fact, I have seen these demons blow this smell from their mouths intentionally to scare their victims, or ruin the taste and smell of their food; several have sidled up to me, and gently blew a very toned-down version of their scent into my nose. This suggests that the smell originates from the demons, and not the wormhole, and further suggests that the there is some sort of connection between the biology of a demon and the physics of the wormhole.

Everything appears to bend inside and around a wormhole—even metal
Another, opposite possibility is that there is absolutely no smell to a wormhole at all, whether a man-sized demon used (or made?) it or not, and that, rather, it is simply what a demon does when he enters a space in which he intends to wage combat.

As a wormhole expands, its perimeter appears to grind away everything it touches, including a computer desk (bottom left)
It could also be that, in order to use a wormhole, a demon must be fully "phased-in," or completely solid, and that it is then that it can be smelled.

It is probably both.

It is assumed that, in the video, "Assault by Demonic Intruders," when I fall back into the arms of the needle-fingered demon, I am carried through a wormhole by him, as, in the original clip, you can see a few frames of the aforedescribed demon running very quickly into my body and pushing it forward, along with himself, just before everything goes black (regrettably, the Voices Demons had those frames deleted, along with a somewhat audible diatribe by a red-faced demon, whose face you can only now barely make out in the darkness). I assumed then, that I was transported to wherever this red-faced demon is/was by and through a wormhole.
NOTE | I didn't share all of this at the time the videos were made, for obvious reasons. Even with video (and science) to support my statements, it all sounds way too crazy. Because of this (and the consequences of sounding crazy), I have learned to wait until I have photographic or video or audio evidence before I volunteer any information to others. Even then, I tone the description accompanying a video way down, usually just to what is contained in a video. This is, frankly, quite irresponsible on my part, I believe; other similarly situated persons out there may need the information I have in order to cope and otherwise survive; but, my reluctance is well-founded, and is an act of personal protection. There are those in my present situation who have used anything and everything I have said or done to handle this situation, and even normal situations resulting from it, to my extreme disadvantage, and vow every day to do so again. As a result, I am sitting on a mountain of data, and that's useless to anyone like me, who, at first—and for years afterwards—thought I was dead, and, somehow, unknowingly and without remembering, judged by God, and condemned to Gehenna; the demons did nothing but encourage this, and it was them, in fact, that led me to believe that in the first place). When I was younger, I simply thought my encounters with these entities were nightmares, that sometimes happened while you were awake.
NOTE | I am not a scientist, and I have not read a thing about wormholes; I know of them through Star Trek, and that's the entirety of my education on them, for what it's worth. All of the things I've said about wormholes are based on my personal observations and experience. Any conclusions I've made about wormholes—such as about what they do or who uses them, for example—are not based on science; but, on speculation, however logical said speculation may seem.
And, here is probably the greatest speculation I'm going to make, and it is not very logical, but I'm looking to explain something that happened in the video clip, "[name]". It is possible (or definite?) that wormholes also distort time, and not just space, which may be evident in the "wake" they sometimes leave, if, in fact, they leave wakes. If strong enough, time will slow down for those in the wake, but without their awareness. You can see the effects of time slowing down in the wake of a wormhole in the aforementioned video clip, in which my laptop videocamera shows me caught in a sudden, but temporary, decrease in the flow of time, after which I, and the mattress I'm lounging on, jolt back into the regular flow of time. (For those skeptical of my theory, I bow to any and all input—I'm just guessing on "wakes of wormholes"; but, for those skeptical of whether time slowed down or not in the video, I stand by that assertion. A digital video recorder does not act like an old-time tape recorder, which, when the batteries are low, record or play a tape slowly; and, neither a video nor tape recorder shake you and the bed when they speed back up.)

Although both spin, a demon morphing from one thing into another is not the same thing as a wormhole [see Spun]
More later on wormholes that emit light, and which are sometimes similar in appearance to a welder's flame as it appears through a welder's mask (i.e., elongated and dim), and, other times, as pinpoints of red or green light, a plethora of which you can see in dozens of my unreleased video footage. The entities from these types of wormholes emerge miniaturized, but expand to their original size once in normal time and space (I'm assuming that's the correlation here). Also, these types of wormholes have always appeared on vertical surfaces, usually, a wall, whereas black ones usually appear in the air. This could mean that the black spots on the floor are not farm holes; but, rather, anchor points for the sucker demons.