Sunday, May 10, 2015

TECHNOLOGY | Decloaking Demons | Frequency, spatial domain & morphological filtering

I'm putting this post together right now; you can check back every 5 minutes or so for updates. I post early whenever I think I've got something interesting to share that shouldn't wait. In spite of my circumstances, that's not very often. Most people already know what they are doing (or not doing)—which this post sort of eludes to in so many ways, but directly—so what "news" do I really have? That a sucker demon flew up my nose?! They already know that, by reason that they are the ones who sent it.

By the way, here's the video of that sucker demon flying up my nose:

What I think this post will offer, then, is not new information, but a new way to see it. People may know what they are throwing on people, and they may know and/or have seen the damage the things thrown on people by them inflict; but, I know for a fact that they do not have the equipment or know-how to see the actual demonic entities they wield as weapons and instruments of torture (and are also damaged by), and therefore cannot fully comprehend the gravity of their actions (nor be truly aware of the own status as victims of similar injury, albeit due to ignorance, and not malice). I also know for a fact that, even if they could see what they were doing, they wouldn't want anyone else to see them, even while I think it's a good thing that everybody know everything about anything related to creatures misused in this way. That's not to mention the people who smuggle, conceal, bear as arms weapons of mass destruction on American soil and abroad, and who have and do and have vowed to and have the capacity to continue to use them for the purposes of assault and murder of U.S. citizens (and abroad) for the purposes of worldwide sedition—which, by the way, marks the opening salvo of their oft- and long-stated plan to overthrow (or at least subdue or subvert) governments everywhere, and otherwise conquer the world.
NOTE | At least that's what I'm told. Personally, I've seen none of the requisite competence or ambition—just assholes.
When I'm done writing the post, I'll say so in the usual places; but, I wouldn't wait 'til then if I were you. There is no other place on Earth with images like those posted here. You are seeing up-close sentient life never viewed before on this level—life that is the source of all aging, nearly all disease and injury, and, depending, healing and defense/protection, too.

An interesting sequel: Obviously, I cannot say for sure; but, it is possible that Jesus used these particular entities shown in the following images to reattach the centurion's ear, lost to one of His disciples in a skirmish during His arrest. That's a guess based on my narrowing down ... extensive knowledge of most "unknown" sentient life around town, and at least two experiences of healing by them.

Last summer, a demon person used them to heal a severe cut to my face, which occurred during a very physical confrontation between me and other demons/people. They shot straight out of his fingers, and when they reached my face, they turned the skin around the wound to that ethereal clay that skin becomes in the ether [see VIDEO | Spider-like sucker-demon variety burrows under skull], molding the wound into a scarless replica of the original area. In the following spring, a gaggle of them slithered from the hand and arm of a doctor in the demon-addled emergency room of VMC Hospital; they opened a hole in my armpit similar to the one shown in VIDEO | Hole opens in left armpit, and instantly repaired whatever damage five heart attacks had caused.

Anywho, all conjecture. And, now, on to the post...

I've made so many variants of band-pass (frequency domain) filters and so many more morphological filters in my quest to decloak demons that my collection of imaging filters almost rivals the product offerings of many leading image analysis systems companies that develop products using the same filters for the medical industry; but, even with all those resources now at my fingertips for finding hidden demons, it always seems that it takes just one to make breakthrough discoveries, such as my new Variance filter.

Although other filters posted in the past have shown entities like sucker demons flying through the air and eating away at my face, eyes, bones and other body parts [see TECHNOLOGY | Gaussian + Laplacian, standard deviation high-pass filters = decloaked tissue-eroding entities], none have portrayed them as realistically as this one. Following are stills from the first video employing the filter to find the same kind of entities shown just two days in Minutiae detection solutions needed for small entities' attacks, that were (and are) attached to my face today:

They look like fangs (or even tusks) jutting from my cheeks, just under my inner eyes, but are actually yellow sucker demons, slithering from out of my skull and onto the surface of my skin [made on iPhone 5s using my new Variance filter]In the original (unfiltered) video, the still frame shows no evidence of any such thing, even though they could be felt on my face and with my hands (you can, however, see things in the original that you cannot in the filtered version)
This is the work of my new Variance filter, one of a growing number of imaging filters I've added to my collection recently that perform morphological transformations to images in both the spatial and frequency domains; in short, that means a filter that enhances certain elements of an image by blending a specific frequency of that image by subtracting the variance between pixels in the frequency-sliced image and the original. By first applying a properly formulated Gaussian kernel to one of the images prior to calculating the difference between the two, the result is practically a brand-new image, in which all formerly invisible (or, more accurately, camouflaged) portions of the original are revealed, and in which all formerly visible take a back seat to those newly revealed portions.

The Variance filter is easy to use; just touch the filter to apply it.
Using it, I was able to ascertain exactly what disfigured my head and body, and what is being now used to do even worse, in under two minutes. The original video is about 15 seconds; the Variance filter took about as long to process it, producing in record time these startling images:

I'm done working on this post for now (except for the blurb that follows); hopefully, though, I'll return to it so to highlight and caption the still frames' points-of-interest. Until then, here is filtered version of the source video:

To-date, the Variance filter is available as an Apple Photo Editing Extension; it filters both video and still images made with the iPhone 5 and 6 built-in camera and stored in the Photos app. It is applied using simple and familiar touch gestures, none of which require any user input, other than the selection of the filter itself.

Following is the source code for both the Core Image Filter and the OpenGL ES kernel that comprise the Variance filter:

The Variance Core Image Filter (Objective-C portion)The Variance Core Image Kernel (OpenGL ES)