Saturday, December 15, 2012

#474 - READER | How do you kill a childhood demon?

Facebook reader, Will Gaines, asked me how one who has been haunted by a demon since childhood can rid himself of such:
Will Gaines
hey man

How do you get rid of a Demon that has been haunting you since childhood? I am serious not joking. I need some help.

James Bush
If you can see it, a can of hairspray and a lighter. Tell me more.

Will Gaines
this demon has lived in my folks place since before they moved in. That's over 40yrs it feeds on all of family strife. It is a powerful demon.

James Bush
I was serious, though; you can burn them. Boiling water works, too. 408-569-1634, if you want to chat. This problem definitely has a solution.

And, by the way, I want to reiterate from my blog: this is a town-wide problem. There are so many of these entities afoot, they outnumber people [in the Bay Area of Northern California].

So, never be afraid to talk openly and honestly with anyone you meet about this situation.

Will Gaines
thanks James. A lot demons in this valley. I always knew bout em. But most people don't like to talk about these kind of things. I know we all carry entities in us weather they are good or bad. They shouldnt be dwelling in us. [see God's plans for demons that possess spelled out in Bible] I'll call you this week... You know a lot about this stuff.... I may need to excircize this demon [see What are the qualifications to be an exorcist?]. It dwells in the attic

The demon is not a typical everyday demon. It is very strong and powerful, you can feel it is presents all day but at night is when his present is strongest he likes to make noise in the Garage at night and sometimes mumble words to me in a langauge that sounds like Latin. I have noticed he doesn't like candle lite much or the burning of inscents

James Bush
Funny you should mention incense; the Voices Demons rail against that.

Will Gaines
Really. Thats good to know. I like burning it
The interim advice I gave toWill should be familiar to long-time readers, who may remember the day when seven demons of the Red Horde attacked [see ESPAƑOL | Demonios ardientes con el fuego], first by stomping on my mattress to launch me into the air, and then by giving my body a twist just enough to let me know that they could have broken my back that simply, that quickly.

Long story short, I improvised a weapon from a can of hairspray and a lighter, which the demons were not prepared for (although they have since adapted to). Two demons were forced into an orb-like state [see Demon Orb Flys [sic] to Safety], the rest descended back into the floor from which they came, albeit with burn injuries.
The giant nose, lips, cheeks and chin of an invisible, 9-foot tall Red Horde Demon, wrapped in flames, as it descends into the floor
All of this while weathering a flock of flying sucker demons, who—lucky for me—were too confused by my tactics to be of use to their demon counterparts [see Sucker Demons Join Attack with Red Horde; Sucker Demon Slinks Over Lamp During Fight and Sucker demons flee scene of red horde attack].
NOTE | The Fighting Hell with Fire tactic was used on three unsuspecting (and uninvited) demons shortly after this to great effect, as described in Three name-calling demons 'flamed' last night, which means that the word on how to adapt to a particular style of counter-attack does not proliferate instantly throughout the demonic kingdom. Tactically and logistically, that's great news to a demon fighter.
Other means of physically fighting demons without fire or boiling water
To make physical contact sufficient to ward off an attack by a cloaked centurion demon, you must use an object with a mass and at a speed sufficient to reach the threshold of energy required to affect molecules that have been altered to pass through solid floors and walls.

This also seems to apply to any demon in humanoid form, after having warded off one just today by flipping (hard) a heavy, thick shower towel several times in its face. After about the third snap of the towel within its head, its orb appeared, which is a sign of mortal distress in a demon.

Shortly thereafter, a blue flash light appeared on a box in the closet near the demon's former location, which is usually indicative of short-range teleportation of objects, even though I assumed it was the demon itself making a quick get-away.

A large, full paper grocery sack swung at a high-rate of speed is the only other object known to sufficiently discourage a demon from continuing its attack; when hit, they have to increase their cloak, which decreases their physical presence. Insodoing, you are less vulnerable to physical assault by them.

Demons can die...temporarily
Demons can be vanquished, which is about as close to death as you can get. That means they can resurface; but, are highly likely not to. I've only had one demon come back to haunt me after flinging boiling water at it in order to protect myself from being electrically shocked and burnt by its hand; but, he looked injured, and did not attack on its second—and last—appearance.

Demonic entities, on the other hand, can die quite easily; you just have to know how and when, which varies from variety to variety.

If you want to know what it looks like when some demons die, read SCIENCE | What it looks like when a demon dies.

'Childhood' demons are common
As it turns out, demons that follow a person from childhood to adulthood is quite common, and is something I share in common with Will [see Childhood demon behind most recent attacks]. Although it was not known to me for the first five years of the second wave of attacks (from ages 34-38), it is a fact that at least four demons I clearly remember as recurring figures in my childhood nightmares that eventually found their way in front of my camera as an adult.

The sucker demons' the threat; not the other
It's the sucker demons that have the most powerful. If they were good, they would be considered God's most perfect creation. They are agile, smarter than any other demonic entity or human or demon, virtually indestructible, and can pass through solid material, as well as open and close wormholes at will, anywhere they want. Finally, they can fly and become invisible—and, just one of them can clean your bones faster than a school of pirana, while cooking your meat at the same time [see Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks and Voices Demons use sucker demons to deform, bore holes in skull; see also VIDEO/PHOTOS | Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendril].

All of this, in the body like that of a worm.

But, mostly, they are just annoying, as shown in the two videos in MAGIC | High sound volume limits Voices Demons' magic, in which they mess with my headphones while I try to use them [see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Angry Sucker Demons Manipulate Power Cords].

What's a sucker demon look like? I have more video footage of sucker demons than of any other variety of demon:

NOTE | If sucker demons were Will's problem, though, I'd recommend he read HOW-TO | Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom.