Monday, March 18, 2013

#537 - E-mail reveals others' knowledge of demonic agenda

I've written several times in this blog that it is widely known in the Bay Area of Northern California how the demons I face operate; so, it doesn't surprise me when a citizen of San Jose (or wherever) makes a comment or two that implies knowledge I didn't impart to him or any other human. But, the truth is, they only think they know my demons, in that they only know what they were told and see, and that turns out to be not that much.

It's those things which they have heard and seen that they have come to terms with; it is the things they haven't that they struggle with. Those things would be a lot of what I show (and not just talk about) on this blog, e.g, torture and the like.

Apparently, many people felt empowered by their association with powerful demons, and incorporated their relationship with such into their identities, letting friends and family know just how important they had become. Insodoing, they placed their reputation at stake.
NOTE | My demons seem to take reputation itself very seriously; in fact, a demon who wanted to help me even said, "Go after their reputation."
In comes my blog, which made no one happy, particularly, the people who had lied to others about the danger posed to me by the demons whose existence they had once denied (but, thanks to the blog, could no longer).

That was bad enough, I guess; but, what got "an anger reaction" (as the Voices Demons say) were the posts that showed me being skewered by tendrils, and the progression of decay and malady that is evident in the photos when they are lined up from start to finish. Also, the injuries that have occurred, and the manner in which they are said to have occurred, match perfectly. They are too fast, too soon, too many and too severe.

In short, anyone affiliated with these demons no longer looked good. No one established and practices torture to the point of making a literal science out of it. The technology and power used to make acts of torture happen weren't developed just for me, or overnight. And, that which is used to facilitate it could only be used to commit these acts; there is nothing in a demon's arsenal that can be used for anything other than to hurt in the most cold and calculated ways imaginable.

The scary thing is, I haven't told everything. If I did, it would be too much, I figure; and, after reading this e-mail, I'm not sure it would improve my situation much, either:

For your reference, these statements made by the e-mailer match these posts:
  • I long for the days where you fear...going to prison:
  • Gang-raped in strange cities:
NOTE | This guy eludes to knowledge I provided to no one, meaning that the town has been talking. I never mentioned anything about being in another city with anyone for any reason where I said anything happened. Never. Not to anyone.
  • [Y]ou get attacked in a supermarket parking lot late at night by a drunken beaner:
  • [Y]ou wander cemeteries late at night with transexuals: 
  • You will be found dead of multiple stab wounds:

#536 - VIDEO | Door hinge morphed into skull by demon

While carrying my video camera past my bathroom door, a demon morphed a door hinge into the likeness of a skull, knowing that I would see it later. It looks very realistic in the video, even though a little bit less so in this still frame taken from it:
The skull is more identifiable as such when in motion (i.e., in the video); but, this still frame shows you where to look (for best viewing results, increase the brightness of your display to its highest setting)
The morph effect appears to work only when the still frames showing it are played in rapid sequence:

This is the second time a part of a home furnishing has been morphed by a demon. In Childhood demon behind most recent attacks, a demon morphed a drawer handheld into the likeness of the face of a childhood demon; that post shows all of the videos and photos I've made of a particular demon that has been an aggressor since the age of 5.

Why do demons do this?
Besides the obvious answer, to express anger and generate fear and anxiety, the answer boils down to boredom. Some demons are relegated to the house they occupy all day, all night; and, all demons stand in any direction on any surface—not just where gravity dictates, as for humans.

So, if you're looking at your house from all angles—literally—and you can morph objects, and you notice that two objects have the same approximate color and shape, you may try to meld (or blend) the two objects, just to be creative, and to pass time.
NOTE | Prisoners are creative in this way, too, but, they use soap (e.g., to sculpt), as well as thread pulled from towels (e.g., to make crucifix necklaces). That, plus other observations, leads me to believe that there isn't much of interest for demons in the common household, and that they don't like being there for long.

#535 - PHOTOS | Bob Marley flag possessed by demons

Just as the sailboats on one man's shirt were changed into the skeletal faces of the demons possessing it [see LINK], Bob Marley was also changed by the demon possessing it.

The demon was discovered by passing a video camera in front of a flag bearing Bob Marley's image, and then looking through all the frames in which the flag is blurred by the motion of the camera. Nearly every such frame showed some portion of a demon, none of which looked anything like Bob Marley. For example:
Bob Marley's shirt was transformed into this demon's face... ...while Bob Marley himself transformed into this imp demon
Without waving the camera at all, the flag looks like this:
The original Bob Marley
It's rare that demons will transform a drawing into themselves; mostly, they recreate their likeness with objects.
NOTE | That is called blending on this site [glossary blending].

#534 - PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs

With an exception for a few, I've always thought Hell was a little harsh for most people. Nowadays, not so much.

That's because I'm getting stabbed a lot these days, specifically, from the neck up. So much, in fact, that I've developed serious medical problems. In one video, I counted four stabs in less than one second; and, when I say stabs, I don't mean pokes. Rather, I mean stabs all the way through the skull and the brain, as shown in the following still frame:
A spike-fingered demon pierces through my skull and brain with semi-cloaked long, thin metal needles
Pulling on a demon tendril, which pierced my neck
This is not new; it's just different. Even still, it is a lot like the repeated piercing of my neck by demon tendrils that preceded the needle stabbings [see PHOTOS | Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendrils]. As a consequence of nearly two years of this, I was diagnosed with a neck degenerative disorder. Demon tendrils and sucker demons have burned and otherwise destroyed that much tissue and bone in my neck.

It's also a lot like the constant striking and penetration of my skull [see VIDEO | Demons strike head twice from across room, around the cornersee also VIDEO | Demon pierces skull with tendril], the horrifying effects of which can be seen in Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks. The constant headaches, tiredness, dizziness and disorientation/confusion are the result of this effort by the Voices Demons and the demons who carry out their orders.
My head is often riddled with knots from repeated strikes to the head, which occur daily at my apartment and on the bus
Unfortunately, there are more medical problems on the way. As stated, it's not just the neck and skull that are being targeted, but is also the brain, which is being penetrated by long, thin metal spikes that extend from the fingers of the demon hand. But, while this type of assault is more frequent, it is not new. In fact, it has been ongoing for some time now.
The metallic spikes emanating from this persons hand can reach across an entire room to reach their victim in less than a secondA close-up reveals that the spikes appear to come from a stump (and not his fingers)
In VIDEO | Demon with needle-fingered black glove stabs internal organs, I describe a demon that wore a glove with needles attached to the fingers. At that time, I believed that this demon was the only one who did this, and only engaged in this activity on rare occasion—and that it was a glove he was wearing; however, recently, I've discovered that it is the hands, and not a glove, that enable any demon-possessed human or demon to extend razor-thin metal spikes from their fingertips, extend their arm from across the room [see photos, below], and pierce a person in the head...all in less than a second:
Although it appears to be an effect of the light coming through the shades, there are actual blades forming on her hand where her fingers are/were
[click the image to zoom in]
Their shape matches the blades shown in this blurry still frame (left), which was taken from a video made during an attack by a spike-fingered demon like her(s)
[click the image to zoom in]
The transition from a human (or demon) hand to a spike-fingered one is interesting to watch. In the still frames above, it shows that, during the transformation for some, fingers disappear one-by-one as metal spikes appear in their place, forming for the willingly demon-possessed their murder weapon of choice (i.e., one that hurts, humiliates and terrorizes their victims, and one that causes fatal injury cumulatively, allowing the rest of the horde to take part in the kill).

In others, it appears that the needles extend from the tips of the fingers, as shown by these still frames:
At first, the tips of the fingers look like claws......but, then, they form into needle-like spikes
On the days most of these images were obtained, the spikes shown in all of these photos found their way into my brain, liver, pancreas and kidneys in under a second [see VIDEO | Demon pierces side with metal spikes]:
Three metal spikes pierce my ribs near my heart (bottom-right)
Three red holes mark the puncture wounds from the spikes (lower-right); they healed in less than one second after being pierced
At first, when they started doing it, it didn't hurt; later, though, it started to become perceptible. Now, it gives me an instant headache; and, I can tell that, in the future, the pain will increase.

These people are patient; they plan on me being around them (or others like them) long enough for that degree of cumulative damage. They have arranged for my staying put; they have planned and prepared for all manner of escapes, and have otherwise facilitated my return should I make it out of this captive situation before I die.
A spike-fingered demon blending with a nearby tree strikes me in the head as I walk down the street
External signs of damage
While the most severe injuries are internal (the kind of injuries habitual abusers prefer), there are notable and horrifying external signs of injury on the surface of my head and face, particularly, on the surface of the head on which I am struck repeatedly throughout any given day:
My scalp is usually covered with bumps from repeated blows to the headThe lines are etched when pierced by the metallic spikes, which burn into the skin as they pierce it
As discussed previously in Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control, demons routinely modify the appearance of people for reasons related to social control and power; however, with my demons, it is a way to mark their "ownership" of a human, and a message of sorts to their people and other demons of their newfound power.

This applies to the Voices Demons the most, who have been relegated to nothing but sound for a very long time; now, they have acquired enough of a demon and human following that they can actually effect the world around them. They have enough enforcers and henchmen to make sure they get what they want, as well as who they want it from. It took a lot of harassing and cajoling, blackmailing and strategizing to make that happen.

And, now that they have it, they have resorted to the very thing that makes a demon big in its world: graffiti-tagging a human; and, like other demons who have climbed up to human ownership, they inflict specific types of injuries in specific combinations in specific places to brand their own hallmark. Any demon (or human in-the-know) seeing these injuries will know exactly what the future likely holds for that person, what they've been through, and what they are going through.
The lines indented on my scalp were caused by metallic spikes as they enter the back of my head and are slid just under the skin [see Voices Demons use sucker demons to deform, bore holes in skull]
This hole, which was bored by sucker demons, is the hallmark injury for the Tuzzo horde, per the Voices Demons [see Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks]
In my case, the Voices Demons have instructed their human collaborators to chide me for being an old man; meanwhile, they are aging my appearance via the face, head and hands, as follows:
  • aging my skin on my face and head with heat (to cause dehydration) and EMF radiation, which causes immediate redness and burning when subjected to it, and causes the skin to lose elasticity
  • burning the backs of my hands to age the skin (a shadowy demon holds the back of my hand to make this happen; it can barely be seen, and is elastic as a rubber band; you cannot shake it off, and cannot see it unless the room is darkened)
  • burning the joints in my jaw and fingers with black, thread-like sucker demons. My joints in my fingers are stiff and painful, and cannot be straightened or curled easily. As mentioned, my neck has been damaged to the point of acquiring neck degenerative disorder. They are also constantly attacking my elbows, knees, shoulders, and Achilles heel. Oftentimes, to stop the pain, I have to pull the sucker demons off of those areas. As I do, they spark, and then emit an electrical shock
  • cutting holes in the tissue in my eye socket; sucker demons bore themselves into these holes, and are periodically instructed to cause irritation and/or damage to my eyes
  • My trachea has been loosened; it can now be pushed to the right and left without any cartilage keeping it from going too far
  • striking (or piercing) the surface of my eyes, face and head repeatedly with objects other than spikes and tendrils:
A whip of some kind uncoils from somewhere in the room, and strikes me in the head
Whatever it was that hit my head......uncoiled in the air like a lasso......and was thrown by this dark-variety demon [see PHOTOS | A dark-variety, whip-cracking demon]......and which can takes on the dragon-head of the demon possessing it
A dark-variety demon is seen throwing this demonic whip of sorts at my head in the third picture from the left in the series of pictures above; he can also be seen in a still frame from a different video, in which he is standing on the far right (look for the pointed hat, long, pointy nose, and outcropped, pursed lips):
NOTE | Dark demons always photograph profile in digital images, which is probably due to the electrical properties of the physical makeup. The high concentration of electrons in their bodies generates a magnetic field, which, of course, has poles (north and south). In order to tether to the human they are possessing, they must align one of their poles to the human, which, like a compass needle always finding North, they always align their bodies sideways to the human. So, as long as the human is the photographer, a dark demon will always be facing sides in the images.
They are also starving me, poisoning me, and have instructed Dr. Krishnamurphy (Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital Systems), a human collaborator with demons in every sense of the word, to arbitrarily cease my lifelong prescription of testosterone, which has been used since 2005 to replace the hormone lost by testis contusion and gonadal dysgenesis—both of which were caused by damage done by demons [see Doctor cites 'Testis Contusion' as the basis for prescribing testosterone injections; see also PHOTO | Damage to penis by demons extensive, irreparable].

The injuries to my head that are now being incurred were the foreknowledge of persons involved with my demons, as is more fully explained in Human collaborator announced my death by the same head injuries now being incurred.