Sunday, May 6, 2012

GANG-STALKING | Gang-stalker eludes to demons in confession to crimes

Joshua Koppenhaver (or Williams), nicknamed "J-Wack" for his desire to be an assassin for his particular group of gang-stalkers, held an camper's axe over my head about 5 minutes prior to me making these audio recordings on June 7th, 2006 (?).

After chickening out on killing me, as he and others had planned for that night, he decided to answer a series of questions in a conversation that he expected to just be between us.

I had other plans, however, as I concealed a mini-recorder in my pocket while I acted out a series of concerns, and otherwise presented carefully posed questions, in order to get as much information about his group's intentions and inner-workings. After all, my home, my car, my savings, and, obviously, my life, were in jeopardy (I eventually lost all but the last of these things to these filth), and police were not only no help, but were involved, as well.

By "carefully posed questions," I mean, not just worded a certain way, but with the topics treated in such a way as to elicit as much information about them as possible without inviting suspicion. In spite of a carefully played hand, Josh's reluctance to answer my questions is quite obvious throughout the recordings.

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Following is the collection of recordings, in no particular order:

As you listen to them, keep in mind that neither one of us is admitting to the demons' involvement in our lives. In the recordings, Josh simply refers to them as "his people," or "the people" his mom has that are keeping an eye on him no matter where he's at. You can hear in the background of one of the recordings what sounds like someone talking to Josh; as it turns out, it's a Voices Demon.

Also, Josh is probably unaware that I can hear his Voices Demons talking to him sometimes (I had yet to be contacted by them frequently myself). It scares me to think now what he might have been exposed to; I had not yet met any demons face-to-face that I didn't think were a dream (in other words, the connection between the demons I fight now had not been made between the demons I faced as a child).

In another recording (to be posted soon), Jon Harrington makes reference to Josh's demons as "Josh's people," as well. You can hear the panic in his voice as he does so. Mind you in this instance as well, I didn't know at the time that Jon or Josh—or the rest of their gang-stalking group—were involved with demons, and otherwise beleaguered by demonic activity.

In fact, When I first encountered them, Jon and Ariel repeatedly asked me if I "heard voices." At the time, I thought they meant in the mental-illness sense (although now I know better). Then, the answer was no; but, now I am in contact with real entities that remain (mostly) cloaked that speak as if they are just "voices in the air." These voices, however, can be recorded on tape and are heard by those around me.

The voices question wasn't the only indication of demonic influence within the gang-stalker culture. For example, Josh and J.R. and Danny spent an inordinate amount of time drawing demons. Back then, I just thought it was bizarre; but, now, I see that there could have been more to that.

AUDIO | Gang-stalker confesses, describes criminal agenda to victim

Listen to the secretly recorded conversations between James Alan Bush, victim of gang-stalking, and Joshua Koppenhaver, perpetrator of gang-stalking; listen, in particular, to his attempts to cover-up demonic involvement by calling demons his "people". You can actually hear another voice in the background in some of these recordings, which is actually a Voices Demon telling him what to say, and what not to say, to me:

Transcripts will be added soon.

Note on 6-15-2012
Some of these are duplicates; but, I was in a hurry to post these since the Voices Demons had said that I was going to be arrested soon—which actually happened within 24 hours.

For more information on how these recordings were obtained, see GANG-STALKING | Gang-Stalker eludes to demonic involvement in crimes.