Monday, February 16, 2015

TECHNOLOGY | Finding sucker-demon attacks in digital media

If any progress is made on anything you're doing, you will pay with your life; if any progress is made on any of your issues (home, finances, career, etc.), we will make your family suffer.
—Voices Demons, to me, on February 16th, 2015
Voices Demons' suffering involves, in part, a swarm of sucker demon-variety entities, seen here coating their victim, head-to-toe
Another still frame from the same video, showing more of the man's inner demon, probably due to the stress from the attack (which tends to make inner demons visible)

What's that on your face? That would be my first question to anyone I saw suffering in the manner shown by the following still frame; but, then again, most people know, don't they?

If you take just one still frame from a digital video made during a period of high demonic activity, process it according to the procedures in this post, you'll never see the world the same as you did before. And, that's not just true for a demoniac. It's true for everyone whether you're under attack or not, or whether you even believe in demons or not.

The processed image below contains several points of interest, all of which you will not notice in the original until you process it in the same manner; namely:
  • the crab-like/scorpion-shaped demonic entity crawling on the right side of my forehead;
  • the black, prickly spikes protruding from the left side (towards the back);
  • the strands of sucker demons overlapping and surrounding my eyes and eyelids, and;
  • the thread-like sucker demons snaking around my left cheek from somewhere behind my ear
A still frame from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, in which a very simple, non-additive, non-subtractive—and therefore non-destructive—image-processing procedure was applied to identify the creepy-crawlies modifying my face, body and internal organs
Notice that the portions of my flesh uncovered by demonic scum are washed out. That is intentional, in that it makes a better distinction between what is demon (the red stuff) and what it not.

I would call these creatures, The Maggots of Satan, if the designation was not already in use by the demons and their people who employ them for the purposes of committing acts of evil. They are directed by these ilk to swarm all over a person's face and body, and then to break it down bit-by-bit. The process is prolonged over time, and first causes disfiguration, and is then followed by chronic pain and eventual debilitation.

These creatures are, in part, why demons remain cloaked (i.e., semi-transparent, permeable). Their cloak is the equivalent of a radiation suit/protective gear; they are at all times, air-breathing, heart-beating fleshly organisms, and are vulnerable to the same organisms to which they subject humans.


Saturation layer

Hue subtract layer

Hue layer, masked by the saturation layer
Hue layer—masked by the saturation layer—subtracted from the original
The image was sharpened and increased in contrast without a loss of color, detail or brightness—or any image data whatsoever, making this step a true enhancement to the image, and not just a change for the subjective better.

To sharpen the changes, create a new value layer from the newly modified image...:

Value layer
Value layer, masked by the saturation layer
Value layer, masked by the saturation layer, blended by Hard Light with the original
Auto-level the value layer and the saturation mask, and then set it to Hard Light blend mode:
A thread-like sucker demon snakes around my right cheek from somewhere behind my ear, soaring just a centimeter or two above the surface of my face, while a crab-like/scorpion-shaped demonic entity crawls on the top-left side of my scalp
You might notice all of this in the still frame now that you've seen the amplified version above; prior, you would not have, especially, ...

How to get the hue, value, saturation values in Core Image (and Quartz Composer):