Monday, October 8, 2012

#427 - VIDEO | A room in which a portal from Hell opened

In several posts, I describe times of a high number of demon sightings, attacks and other interactions as "periods of high demonic activity." And, in VIDEO | Demon caught on video in a cubbie that's inches from bed, I described what the environment looks like during these times; specifically, that:
"the tell-tale signs of demonic activity, or, technically, hyperdimensional portal activity, [include] chroma-filled air, slowly bending and undulating shelves and walls, and the tightening and slackening of the fabric of the clothes inside. There [are] also the fleeting shadows of fast-moving, cloaked demons, darting in and out of my peripheral vision. Finally, pinpoints of red and yellow light, which are similar to that from laser pointers, [appear] on the walls and flooring, which are hyperdimensional portals—or doorways—opening to and from demonic realms or other locations within ours."
What I haven't done is provided a good video example of what this looks like, until now. Following is about a three-minute video of a room filled with chroma, cloaked demons in the background, sucker demons and eye spider demons covering my body:

You can see the sucker demons pretty well as they dance all over my scalp, particularly, in the location where they once and forever made me bald.
NOTE | By the way, because sucker demons are the cause of baldness—and not genetics or whatever—science can't cure it. Demons use sucker demons to make certain men bald for reasons of their own.
You will also note sucker demons and eye spider demons, everywhere. They look like animated, long and black strands of hair along the top and sides of my shoulders. You can see one of them snake from one of my nostrils to an eye socket. You can even see them stretched between my hand and ear at two points.

Important viewer tip
In order to see any of this, of course, you should download the source video from MediaFire [27.98 MB]. Downloading the source video is a must for those who want to see the cloaked demons and the chroma; the YouTube-compressed version just doesn't show those things very well at all.

Other videos showing hyperdimensional portal activity visuals
More visuals from the effects of an open hyperdimensional portal can be seen in VIDEO | What fire from Hell looks like.