Thursday, November 20, 2014

Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything

This post is just a growing collection of pics I've enhanced to better visualize hard-to-see demons, and will gradually include images that have been modified via advanced image filtering techniques to uncover hidden demons. Ignore all the text you read in here; it's a jumble of excerpts and thought-scribbles. I hope to eventually turn into something intelligible; but, for now, there's so many images to process—I have captured tons of new things on video—and as you'll garner from the screenshots that follow each image, which show the work in GIMP, it's a lot of work and time to get them done.

"Little People" Demon in the Doorway
Following is a still frame from a video made late at night, in a room that was pitch black; it shows a blue-faced, black-robed Little People demon peering into an open door late at night:

In this enhanced still frame, the blue face of a Little People demon can be seen peering into my room from the doorwayIn the original still frame, the demon cannot be seen—at least not very well
Apparently, I caught him by surprise when I suddenly turned on my iPhone video camera's flashlight and waved it past the open door.
NOTE |  Little people are also shown in Scores of "Little People" demons found in the Jungle Homeless Encampment, namely, Egy and a gray-faced, black-robed demon perched in a tree above my head at The Jungle Homeless Encampment.
There are quite a few still frames of this demon, and will post the rest after processing them. As shown by the screenshot (below), bringing the demon out of the darkened doorway with sufficient enough detail to see what it is, both without overexposing and otherwise mutilating the rest of the image takes time and effort:
The Layers palette suggests much work went into bringing the demon out of the dark

Following is a draft video that will eventually demonstrate how to find demons hidden in digital media with advanced image filtering techniques using GIMP; for now, it is intended only to show that there are images in which demons are present, but unseen without image enhancement, specifically, finding and mapping pixels you can't see with ones you can:

Here's another of the more than a dozen still frames showing the face of this demon; notice how different the demon's face looks compared to the above:
Copying only the blue channel, which had more demon-image data than the red and green channels, might have oversaturated the demon's color, but, by brightening the pixels, at least the demon can be seen
If a demon is known to be in an image, but is not visible to the naked eye......advanced image filtering techniques can be employed to map visible pixels to the image data comprising the "invisible" ones
The faces in all of the still frames look different, also, which is nearly always the case whenever capturing a demon on video in the dark or in motion—demon people included. Usually, I pick the best still frame to work with and post just that one, even when there are multiple still frames of a the same demon or demon person.

Towel-Head Demon (and friend)
This video shows a demon possessing a clothing rack, his head made from a stack of towels on top; the still frame shown at the beginning is shown as it appears in the source video on an iPhone, and then as enhanced in GIMP [note about this demon's face being is as intricately represented as the bathhouse blanket demons]:

Original still frame from the source videoEnhanced in GIMP
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Towel-Head Demon's one-and-a-half faces (or his friend)
What does a demon possessing a stack of towels do when they get messed up? He makes another face:

Original still frame, showing half a demon's headCopy of the original, after having duplicated, flipped and rotated the half-head of the demonThe same image shown left, but with contrast-enhancements
The location of the toweled head of the demon possessing a stack of towels remained relatively in place after they got messed up; however, he has a completely different face, and only half of that. So, to make the face stand out, I duplicated the half-a-face, flipped it, rotated it and then aligned the two halves.

Since demons that possess object sometimes do so in hordes, this could also be a completely different demon that is kin to the other; on the other hand, the demon first shown may no longer be in possession of the towels, and this new demon is now the sole possessor.

Old-Man Eel Demon

In the original still frame, part of a tree in the lower-right corner looks like a caricature of a old, bald manBecause a demon is possessing the tree, the leaves and branches comprising the face emit radiation that adds more data to the image with which to work (reword) 
No editing was required [all layer stacking-blending mode changes-Auto Levels/Color Enhance]

Tree Demon's Glowing Eyes
The following still frame shows a tree demon that has oriented his head and arranged his leafy face so that his eyeholes (i.e, breaks in the foliage) are filled with the light from street lamps behind him:

Enhancements made in GIMP reveal what the shadows hide in the originalThe tree demon on the left uses streetlights to illuminate his eyes
The work file in GIMP 2.9
Here's the video the still frame was taken from:

This is not the first tree demon shown on this blog to have used streetlamps for eyes, as shown in VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Demons sculpt tree into skull, use street lamps for eyes.

Toilet Water Demon
A still frame taken from a video made during last night's period of high demonic activity shows a demon possessing/in/intersecting with (?) toilet water, being outed by/making use of (?) the water ripple and the reflections of my video camera light to form its face, à la tree demons and blanket demons and all the other kinds of demons that shape matter into the likeness of their faces when possessing it; he's looking to the right, with his eyes wide and mouth agape, as if something just disturbed him (like, urine).

I processed the still frame five different ways not just to help better visualize the demon, but to show just how much more there is to a digital image of a demon than what you see on its face. A digital image is actually a composite of many layers, which visually represent a particular frequency of light; the frequencies are determined by the information... While the shape of the objects as made by the differences in the light reflected or emanated by the objects in the image are the same across all layers, the layers look very different from each other, as the individual properties of light.
the other individual properties of the light.