Friday, April 27, 2012

PHOTO | Demon face caught on spy camera

In an effort to keep tabs on the going-ons at my old haunted apartment, I mounted my cellphone outside my front door, using IP Camera, an Android application that transmits pictures taken by its camera to your computer via your router.
What I captured was amazing: a demon peering into the camera, and then taking off.
The distinct features of a demon were captured with a spy camera mounted outside

This one looks almost human; but, there are tell-tale signs of his demonic origins, such as the brow ridge, the bright eyes, and the stressed facial features, such as the stern eyebrows and the color of its eyes.
If you can't tell how I can tell, let's just say you just have to be around them a lot to tell the difference sometimes, when it comes to certain demons. Rest assured, if you could see its height and the remaining physical features, you'd know the difference, too.
This demon wasn't the only one rustling the bushes that night; there were at least two others, which stood about 20 inches tall, with short, squat bodies, and pure white, giant heads, conducting some sort of ceremony in a language I could not understand. They were barely visible; but, I might be able to locate pictures of sufficient quality to post here later.

Tired of watching crappy-looking demon videos?

If you can't see what's going on in one of my videos, you can bet that it's due, in part, to the compression used by the media-sharing site they are uploaded to, which degrades the already poor quality to unwatchable for some.

Whenever that is the case, however, you can download the original, uncompressed version from the Demonic Activity folder on MediaFire and view the video in Quicktime Player. Only 10 or so of the 100 videos have been uploaded, so check back frequently, and don't be afraid to request that specific videos be pushed ahead in the cue, if there's one you want to see right away.

You can also find the videos, as well as related photos and blog postings, on the Demonic Activity timeline calendar on Google, which includes links to the original, uncompressed media files for better viewing. This not only provides access to media files, but places them on a timeline, so you can see what happened, and when it happened.

Like the Demonic Activity folder on MediaFire, this Google calendar, which you can subscribe to is not yet up-to-date, but I am constantly updating it, so check back for frequently.

If you want to improve the quality of your own videos, see these tips on post-processing video with demon-revealing filtering techniques:

READER | Is Wicca the answer to the demon problem?

Judy Polos, a reader from Facebook, asked me if Wicca would solve my demon problem. This may sound like an odd question; but, considering the death of her twin at the hands of demons, which occurred right before her very eyes several years ago, it is understandable that she is concerned for her own safety, and that she would seek any and all tools that may provide a defense against demonic filth.
Judy Polos' twin was killed by demons
The short answer is: God forbid. Literally. Here's the conversation between us:

Judy Polos
April 24th, 2012
I feel really bad for you. I lost my identical twin to a demon. It's wrong that there's no real way to combat them. I didn't know you were a California person, too. I do occassionlly read your blog; but, I limit it because I have a demon problem, and I don't want to give it more power over me, by being more susceptible to it, by reading about the harm it does to you. I saw what it did to my twin, and I am so traumatized to this day—and, it's been 7 years! I despise demons! Good luck, my friend, and GOD BLESS YOU!

Have you tried using WICCA philosophy to help yourself? We are Christians, and when we brought in the priests, it was like it infuriated the demon, and [it] took her life and tried to kill my family. I do have to give credit that the demon was stopped before killing my daughter; so, GOD must have intervened. Have you read my book?

James Bush
April 27th, 2012

According to one of the demons' human counterparts, shadow magic, in part, is what is being employed [by them] against me. I do not know if this is true or not.

Would Wicca be the counter to that? Even if so, I'm reluctant to go that route, as God forbids magical practices of any kind:
Let no one be found among you who ... practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells ... . Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.
Deuteronomy 18:10-13
With witchcraft, I would just look like the most powerful practitioner of magic between me and the demons—that's not good, in that, to get there, I didn't have to hear and obey the Word of God, I just had to be really adept at a craft that didn't come from Him, even while it pays homage to Him.

In other words, using magic to solve a problem, even if the problem is evil, does not make you one of His own:

Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. … Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then, I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!"
Matthew 7:20-23
I want to do what God says to do, how He says to do it, because the consequences for doing things any old way are grave:

The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: ... witchcraft ... and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.
[Galatians 5:19-21]
Next, when Jody mentions that sea salt has been used for thousands of years as a form of protection against demons' entry into a household, I explain that salt probably does not magically accomplish this, but that the natural properties of salt mingled with the physical properties of a demon forms the deterrent:

Judy Polos
April 27th, 2012
[As to your Biblical response]: [t]rue. I mentioned [Wicca] because someone mentioned using sea salt around your entry areas to me for my problem; but, I have the same beliefs as you. They mentioned there's nothing in the Bible against it, and [that] it's been used as a form of protection for thousands of years.

James Bush
April 27th, 2012

In this case, I don't necessarily believe that you are wrong. Demons take on physical form in order to engage people on a physical level. When they do, their physical properties are susceptible to physical laws. That's why I write so much on my blog about how a demon feels, smells, moves, and so on. You should see some of my posts about how a demon's physiology reacts to fire:

So, I am sure that you are in the right, so long as you understand that the salt does nothing but something physical to them, and is not magic.

And, as to salt specifically: if that does work, such as when a demon inadvertently touches it with bare skin (none of them are naked, except for one rare breed), it probably has some effect on the bioelectrochemical nature of their makeup—something to do with sodium's effect on electricity. I'm not a scientist, so I don't know much about this; but, believe me, there is something to what we are both saying here.

Good looking-out, Jodi!

James Bush
April 27th, 2012
By the way: Wicca is the very practical and logical application of science that solves the problems nobody wants to talk about, foremost. So, I definitely will not knock all of it. And, when it first began, it may have seemed like magic to people; but, I will bet that every potion or remedy stemming from Wicca can be explained and enhanced by science, which is a great thing.

Stalkers from Hell: The Psychology of the Voices Demons

I've posted so many videos of demons, that most people think that the injuries I've suffered have to come from those in-the-flesh. What most people don't know is that, to the contrary, the psychological damage from an attack by the monsters unseen —the Voices Demons—can be more painful and damaging than physical torture. By talking to me 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, for nearly six years, with no end in sight, they give a literal meaning to the commonly known phrase, "talking someone to death."

This post forgoes the usual discussion of the physical violence inflicted by the Voices Demons and others, instead discussing the preceding six years of ongoing and continuous psychological violence, which is closely related to the kind perpetrated by stalkers. In fact, by comparing the qualities exhibited by the Voices Demons to a list known stalker types and their characteristics, you immediately gain insight into the minds and motivations of these vile creatures.

Stalker types applicable to Voices Demons
It's common for stalkers to exhibit characteristics of more than one of these stalking types. These are stalker types most fitting, either individually or as a group, which are followed by the relevant parts of their respective definitions:
  • Intimate partner stalker, the most common type, is a partner or more usually an ex-partner who can't and wont accept that a relationship has come to an end. They can't let go. I do not have, nor have I ever had, any type of relationship with the Voices Demons; however, they constantly state that, "We do not have to be involved with you; but, since you got over on us, we feel the need to beleaguer you with problems."
  • Vengeful stalker, the most dangerous type, believes it is their mission to get even or take revenge (i.e., they have a grudge, and are going to do something about it). The motivation of the Voices Demons for doing what they appear designed to do—which is cause problems for people—is already predicated on a perceived slight. It may be as simple as someone telling them that they don't want to be involved in their plans to cause problems for someone else, no matter how its stated. They believe that anyone who tells them "no" must be "taught a lesson." This is another sign of a stalker mentality; the Voices Demon repeat many times: "We don't take 'no' for an answer."
  • Delusional stalkers live in a fantasy world composed of part reality and part delusion, which he or she is unable to differentiate. If they're not careful, targets of the delusional stalker are likely to be sucked in to this fantasy world and start to have doubts about their own sanity, especially if the stalker is intelligent, and intermittently and seamlessly lucid and "normal". Due to their enormous power, vast experience with not only me—but with humans and this world, in general—their technology (they have electronics that would astound you), their natural ability to read the mind, and simply because of what they are, it would be difficult for anyone to be completely engulfed in the false reality they wish to create for you or belief they want you to have. The most deluded and dangerous of all falsehoods that they have perpetrated on themselves and me, at least at one point, was that there were times when I was not in danger from them (as long as I made them "happy"), and times when I was (when I made them "angry"). The truth is, with them in my life, I am always in danger, and due to the constant talking, I am always being hurt, too; however, it is clear from my experience with the Voices Demons that they actually believe that there are times when what they are doing is non-harmful. The most frightening delusion of all is their belief that they have a calling from the "lord god Tuzzo," whatever that is, to commit acts of torture that is the constant talking. In a speech given by one of the demons at a surreptitiously recorded rally of sorts, you can hear it say, ""We are not living up to our calling, and we have to make amends to the 'lord god Tuzzo' for it. Now, James B. is not having a good day today; so, what can we do to make it even worse?" Both of these examples suggest that their perception of good and evil has been severely distorted, most likely by the destruction of their conscience.
  • Erotomaniacs will have created an entire relationship in their head. I don't think that is what is going on when they say, "Because we love you, James B," while they are hurting me; but, I know that they don't just feel entitled to be involved in every aspect of my life, including bathroom visits, showers, underwear—you name it—they actually think that because they have involved themselves in the lives of people I know to that same detail, that their past, present and future is inextricably intertwined with mine. Often, when they feel like I am not acknowledging this "fact," they will tell me something very personal about someone I know—which invariably turns out to be true, by the way—as if demonstrating their intimate knowledge in this way should convince me that an unbreakable bond exists between us.
Behavioral variations of stalkers applicable to Voices Demons
Following are the most prevalent and reoccurring behavioral characteristics of the Voices Demons, which also refine the definition of a stalker:
  • Harasser stalkers like to be the center of attention; they may not be stalkers in the strict sense of the word but repeatedly pester anyone who might be persuaded to pay them attention, especially anyone who is vulnerable. Ignoring them results in immediate violence, which results in the injuries such as those shown in [link]. They may select a victim who they stalk by fabricating claims of harassment by this person against themselves. A common pretext for causing problems is based on something I allegedly did to them, and is made by ignoring the fact that nothing I could do could ever truly affect them or any other demon, and that they do not have to be anywhere near me, if they don't want to be.
  • Trolls seek more credibility than they deserves, with the express purpose of sucking their victims into useless, pointless, never-ending, emotionally-draining, ranting discussions full of verbal loops and "word labyrinths", playing people against each other, hurting their feelings, and wasting their time and emotional energy. It is why they involve themselves in the lives of people I know. First, they want to acquire information about them that they think might be of interest or relevance to me. Then, they want to dominate my mindshare and time with discussions about it. Finally, the information they acquire is always of a provocative nature, which could lead to conflict between me and that person, if not just in my mind or heart.
Warning signs that Voices Demons are targeting you
In addition to their "refusal to accept 'no' for an answer," these stalker warning signs are also characteristic of the behavior of the Voices Demons:
  • They expect you to spend all of your time with them or inform them of your whereabouts. Actually, they don't rely on anything said from me to be informed of my whereabouts. Instead, they simply go where I go—if they can. As discussed in [link], they have a limited range, even though that is expanding everyday.
  • Isolate you from your friends and/or family. Even the gang-stalkers recognized this as one of the Voices Demons goals. Listen to a witness, namely, Josh Koppenhaver, state in a recorded audio conversation that this was a specific tactic employed against me by the gang-stalkers in 2006. In it, he says, "They were trying to drive people away, and wanted to keep people from coming here (to my home)."
  • Puts you down in front of your family or friends. On many occasions, the Voices Demons yell out—in public—things like, "fag," and "pedophile," when I visit places such as the mall, and even when I walk down the street. They aren't in my head; they can be heard in audio recordings and by other peoples' ears.
  • Uses guilt to manipulate your feelings. The Voices Demons, who can siphon the past from your mind, and, of course, know everything that has happened since they've entered your life, use guilt, anger, sorrow, shame, and insecurity to eliminate happiness, contentedness or confidence. If you feel good when you wake up in the morning, then the first thing you will contend with is a bad or negative thought that they bring to light. Being aware of this tactic and who is employing it and why they are employing it—and thoroughly dealing with any and all issues in the back of your mind—is the only way to dodge it. Still, the fact that demons are trying to keep you from feeling good is often enough to accomplish this, without using any guilt you may feel.
In future updates, the following characteristics of stalkers and other abusive types will be accompanied by examples and stories of how they fit the Voices Demons:
  • Extreme jealousy. It seems that the Voices Demons are antagonized by any favorable circumstance or attention I receive. If someone likes me, they are immediately disparaged until I am exasperated. If they have contact with that person, they may disparage me. And, if the relationship persists, they will harm one or both of us, or cause continual damage to our property. If we're really stubborn, they'll involve other people on just about any level.
  • Frequent loss of temper. They want you to be afraid of them, and to do what they say. So, all they do, all day and night, is say, "You're about to make us angry," or "You're making us angry," and then launch into either a tirade of some kind, issue threats, or actually get violent.
  • Following wherever you go. Not only do go everywhere I go, but they also go to places I'm going to go before I go there, and are sure to leave some imprint of their prior presence at the place, either through people, graffiti or other means, such as rearranging my shoelaces and power cords, into a perfectly symmetrical "8" when my back is turned. Here are four photo examples of this, followed by two video examples:Screen Shot 2012 03 13 at 7 32 53 AM
IMG 20120405 0039402012 01 05 17 51 462011 12 31 21 46 592012 02 11 14 21 59
Sucker demons manipulate cords into a figure "8" in Angry Sucker Demons Manipulate Cords

  • Threats. These occur almost minute-to-minute, on a daily basis, and the resulting violence from these threats are the basis for starting this blog. The posts on my blog that talk about some of the threats issued by the Voices Demons include:
  • [list]
  • Physical or verbal abuse. The extent of the verbal abuse is implied in their threats and manipulation of feelings by guilt, etc., and, generally, by their non-stop talking. As I have said before, they talk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and have been doing so for nearly six years. Indeed, this takes a physical toll; but, they also commit other acts of violence, now, on a near daily basis.
  • Damage or destruction to your property. [insert pictures of damage to former home]
  • Talks about violence or is fascinated with themes of violence. This was explained in [link].
  • Makes your family or friends feel scared or uneasy. text
[Source: Bully Online]