Friday, August 31, 2012

#384 - VIDEO/PHOTOS | Demon attempts to blend with moving hand

What an awful coincidence it would be if my hand looked like—but wasn't— one of the centurion demons I see, daily.
In a segment of video made during yesterday's period of high demonic activity, it looks like the head of a demon is emerging from my pillow behind my head:
The profile of both my hand and that of a centurion-demon like face The features of the demon's face are not as fully formed, as it recedes from its blended state with my hand, while retaining recognizability
I was attacked by little demons the entire time I tried to sleep in my bed by a variety of demons, including a hand-of-mischief demon, which was also shown recently in VIDEO/PHOTO | Tiny hand-of-mischief demon resting behind my head, and which has been routine for about a year.

In the video, you can see my hand trying to adjust the pillow behind me; the demon, attempting to blend with it, tries in vain to compensate for the changes in the topography of my hand:

This is the first time I have seen a demon try to blend with a moving object. Typically, demons choose inanimate objects with complex surfaces to aid in the portrayal of equally complex facial features (see VIDEO/PHOTO | Bathhouse blanket demon captured in second video).

This is not the first time one of my body parts have been used by a demon when blending. In VIDEO | Demon magic creates blanket demon with body parts and fabric, my foot forms the brow of a blanket demon's face, while a toe, pointing downward as I flex it, forms the pupil/iris of the eye:
In a way, this demon is a part of my sex life, similarly to the demons shown in VIDEO | Swarm of sucker demons invades bathhouse in second sex video and VIDEO | Demons caught in bathhouse sex video, but different.