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#374 - VIDEOS | Six videos show sex with (or around) demons

Demons are obsessed with interrupting and otherwise making unpleasurable that act of sex, specifically, sex between men.

If you think that it's due to a right-versus-wrong thing, you're probably wrong; male demons and homosexual encounters are virtually synonomous, and happen routinely. So, it may be unclear to many why the Voices Demons constantly refer to gays as "fags" and "pedophiles." But, they do, and after six years of exposure to their constant dialog, I can with complete assurance say that not only do they consider gay men less than acceptable, but I can also say that they have specific ways of dealing with gay men that are quite different than the way they deal with other people.
Sepia color mode reveals this man as an orlock when his head is in motion...
Although the six videos shown (or talked about) on this blog in which demons are either having sex with me, or hanging around while I am having sex, is not necessarily proof, it doesn't discount this possibility. The videos are at least an indicator of how little regard demons have for gay men, which I believe is demonstrated by the intrusion into the most private and intimate parts of their lives—the ultimate expression of disrespect to a demon (or human, for that matter).
...however, he appears normal in full color mode, and when stationary
The posts in which these videos are discussed include:
These types of intrusions occur in every private moment of a gay man's life in the Bay Area; in fact, at The Watergarden, demons roam the hallways regularly, harassing patrons by poking their heads over the walls into the rooms in which men rent for 12 hours at a time.

Videos and posts showing demons at The Watergarden include:

#373 - HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin

Following are guidelines for removing an eye spider demon from the surface of your skin (not underneath your skin, nor from your eyes or any orifice of your body). Before reading this post, you should first read PHOTO | Sucker demons pass through fabric and anchor to face and HOW-TO | Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom. These are essential to understanding much of what it described about eye spider demons.

Like a sucker demon, an eye spider demon can attach to the surface of your skin, but can also crawl underneath it by passing through it, as shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Eye Spider Demon Traveling Underneath Skin.

When uncloaked and camouflaged, it may look like strands of hair similar to your own, all growing out of the same follicle; however, without its camouflage, it will assume its natural appearance, basically, a spider without a body.

Unfortunately, the properties of an eye spider demon when cloaked prevent it from being recorded on digital video clearly, as is evident in the photos and videos shown in VIDEO | Cloaked eye spider demon (?) blurs visionExtensive damage to eyes, glasses stolen and Demons put "eye spiders" in eye sockets, nose and ears—and worse, and as more recently shown by these still frames, which were taken from a video made early this morning:

That's not hair; it's a horde of cloaked eye spider demons, which congregate in swarms as thick as maggots on rotting meat (Download more photos like this from MediaFire [1.3 MB])
As you can see from the photos above, when fully cloaked and attached to the surface of your skin, a eye spider demon appears as a barely visible, smoky-colored (i.e., ghost-like) haze, which, at first glance, might look like an afterimage were it not for its shape and detail, and the fact that it doesn't disappear after a few seconds.

Sometimes, though, on video, a cloaked eye spider demon looks oversaturated black in color or, sometimes, a glossy steel-blue (see the black squiggles in the photos above). The only exception I have ever captured on video is shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Eye Spider Demon, Dismembered, which shows the flailing leg of an eye spider demon that I had just removed from the back of my hand (which is a highly preferred spot for eye spider demons due to its low traffic, as you can see from the photos above). To see it, you have to enlarge the video, and then watch very closely between the tips of my two fingers.

To locate an eye spider demon, rub a flattened palm over the surface of your skin. At hair clusters, feel for a small "ball" of pressure that gets tighter when you press on it. Then, to make sure, pinch that area until you hear the characteristic "pop" (see below).

As stated, eye spider demons affect a true camouflage, much in the way some animals in nature do (there is a type of fish in the sea that lays flat on any surface and mirrors it exactly and instantly). When on your arm, back, leg, or other part of your body, they will look almost identical to any number of hairs around them; the key difference between a clump of hair on your arm and a camouflaged eye spider demon is that the demon's simulated hair will usually be darker and longer, and the hairs in a simulated cluster will look more entangled and intertwined than the surrounding hairs, as well as denser.
NOTE | Like when they travel underneath the skin, there will be yellow bumps that glow slightly over the area where the sucker demon is embedded when under your eyelids, as shown in VIDEO | Cloaked eye spider demon (?) blurs vision.
Like sucker demons, eye spider demons attach to places that you can't reach very well, and places you don't touch that often. That would be:
  • your back of your body, primarily, your actual back (all along the spine), in between the buttocks, the cracks between your lower buttocks and upper thighs, and behind your knees.
  • If you're hairy, they will hide on the back of your hands, on top of your toes, knees, and elbows; these are the locations that they extend from to manipulate objects or pull on your limbs, which they do without being detected, as they can position themselves between their target and whatever is in-between (for example, if you are trying to tap something into your touchscreen cellphone, they will snake underneath your fingertips, and then touch the screen from that point, so that your fingers are covering them from your view.
  • Your head and face will usually be full of them, particularly, if they are reshaping your skull or facial structure. They nest in the nose, ears, mouth, and eyes (usually just under the eyelid.
To remove an eye spider demon, "pinch until it pops" by placing the tips of your forefinger and thumb on the surface of your skin, on either side of the base of the hair or the head of the eye spider demon.  Then, trapping the base of the hair (or the head) between your two fingers, roll your fingertips together until your fingernails are touching, and pinch until you hear and feel a "snap" between your fingertips, and on and under the surface of your skin near the hair follicle.

The sensation of pulling out an eye spider demon is very different from the one you feel when accidentally pulling out a regular hair. First, it is never painful, unless you pull out a hair, too.
NOTE | The sucker demons of the sewing-thread variety that congregate in your mouth, ears, and nose protect eye spider demons planted on the hairy surfaces of your skin by slithering down your arm and between your two fingers to simulate the feel of contact with the targeted eye spider demon. When you pull on what you think is the eye spider demon, they simulate the sliding sensation of an eye spider demon being pulled off of a hair by thinning their bodies and then pulling free from your grip. Don't be fooled; check your fingertips to see the lingering remains of the eye spider demon to dissolve right before your very eyes (or, watch it crawl back up your hand and then who-knows-where).

#372 - JUSTICE | Judge permits suits against collaborators, demons retaliate

Your question: Why would demons give a hoot about lawsuits? My answer: Because they are active in our justice system, manipulating it to their nefarious ends, which has been done at least since Jesus' time. Remember when He said to Judas, "What you do, do quickly?" Jesus was actually speaking to Satan, who was possessing Judas at the time He spoke that command. And, what was Satan to do? Manipulate the justice system to have Jesus falsely convicted and crucified. The point of that story is clear: demons do, and always have, had an interest in perverting justice—the very first concept of fairness that God gave us, as described in the Pentuarch; however, the point is also this: demons don't win when justice is served.

In Legal filings spark latest effort by demons to incarcerate me, I describe the typical Voices Demons response to any effort at preventing or recovering damages caused by their human collaborators in civil court, which always involves a series of physical attacks or mishaps and untimely inconveniences that last for days at a time, while making threats of incarceration.

Now, by mishaps, I mean tripping me while I walk by raising blocks of cement on the sidewalks, knocking or pulling things out of my hands, pushing my elbows, knees or hands into things as I pass by them, and more; by untimely inconveniences, I mean urgent bowel movements. All of these, they announce before they do them (see VIDEOS | Demons move walls to punish, control, frighten).

And, by threats to incarcerate, I mean like the one I describe in PROPHECY DEMONS | "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]", and like the ones I have not yet told about on this blog, but have written about on The Sunnyvale Knock web site (see The web site that launched the demonic war).

But, when they started up again over the past several days, I was confused because I hadn't done anything related lawsuits. What was especially confusing was the ferocity of the attacks. They didn't just deploy the usual sucker demons, eye spider demons, or hobgoblin demons, which, by the way, were out in full force due to the spectacular new moon two nights ago—but, also a few Jawa-lookalike demons, and an even rarer dreamweaver demon, and a breath-stealer demon.

So, I checked the court docket and saw what the hubbub was about: my requests to the Superior Court to file two lawsuits against persons aiding demons were granted, as is shown on the court docket:
Two cases I had requested permission to file were given case numbers, which means my requests were granted
Lawsuits are my primary deterrent against demon incursions into my life, and they are powerful. I specifically warned them ahead of time that no further crime would be tolerated from them, and that if they did not immediately cease-and-desist all further thefts and the like, that I would retaliate by and through the civil and criminal justice for each and every offense, and that I would do so relentlessly until justice prevailed.

Not to be outdone, however, they have already caused major problems with at least one of the cases. First, a hearing on my request for a fee waiver was set, but no notice was sent. Therefore, I missed it, and the fee waiver request was denied. I had to submit another request just today. Also, while I was at the courthouse, the clerk refused, at first, to allow me to add the mailing address of the defendant. I had to argue with her for 30 minutes before (I think) the address was added.

The fee waiver hearing debacle is just that, too. Every fee waiver request is approved under the circumstances in which I request them; there has never been, nor ever should be, a hearing on this issue. What's more is, I not only failed to receive notice of this hearing, but of notice that the suit had been approved for filing. Simply put, they are not mailing notices to me, so that these cases don't go forward.

This is the same courthouse, by the way, in which a centurion demon actually stood behind Judge Loftus, telling him how to rule on issues related to the unlawful detainer case against me. It is also the same defendant.
COMING UP | Transcripts of the case—the number for which ends in 666—as well as links to relevant law showing the errors in judgment and violation of court rules, will posted in JUSTICE | Judge violated law on behalf of demons.
While the significance of bringing a lawsuit against a person who committed crimes on behalf of demons is clear, the specifics may not be; however, these links provide some background on these two cases:
  • Bush v. Salazar seeks damages for stolen property and court mail, as described in:
  • Bush v. Ziemkowski seeks the amount owed to me by law for having rented an illegal apartment to me:
On a related topic, the former landlord of the illegal apartments, who was ordered by the City of San Jose to shut them down, advertised for renters as recently as last week. Todd Waltrip, Code Inspector, was advised by e-mail:
Todd Waltrip Re Khoa Nguyen