Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Phantoms run over 65 miles per hour to keep up with train

This Sunday, I clutched ultra-sensitive videos I had just made on my cellphone of humans and demons committing crimes in tandem—atrocious crimes, in fact—while as many as two dozen phantom demons chased, on foot, the light rail car I had boarded, as I hoped in earnest of at least watching what I had acquired, and hoped in vain of keeping it.
Before it was taken by demons, I had excellent footage of two dozen phantoms running after the light rail car, as well as a 12-foot (approx.) long sucker demon snaking from tree-to-tree along the tree-lined sections of the track
By the way, the light rail travels up to 75 miles an hour on some stretches. And, they kept up the pace for quite a distance, running straight through people, cars, trees and concrete platforms, which, as they passed into, slowly elevated them to its surface.
NOTE | This implies that matter provides buoyancy to a cloaked demon, and surface tension provides adhesion; air would be too thin to provide buoyancy, so they are not lifted up by air. I knew gravity played no role because of many other observances that clearly indicated such, including my own transport through a hyperdimensional portal, which is always precipitated by weightlessness (and a disorienting dizziness that invariably results in passing out); but, before now, I couldn't explain how a cloaked demon could walk on a surface and not fall through it, even though they could walk through it. Dense matter is like water to their air-filled buoy selves.
In the end, all the good footage had been clipped out of the videos, including the part where a mirror demon's hand reaches out of the mirror and deflects mine as I try to adjust it.

However, in spite of having lost so much of what I caught on video, I was able to witness more humans and demons working together behind-the-scenes, making it all well worth the trouble, to be sure.

What's more is I got to watch on video for the first time what my eyes have seen countless times over the years, i.e., the phantoms running amok in San Jose; that was a good thing because now I know that,  if my camera caught these things, that means everyone else's eyes did, too. So, that would be proof-positive to even the insane that the town has a dirty, dirty little secret that it cares not to mention, even when it's in front of your face and their faces at the same time.
NOTE | The Voices Demons said, "They know better than to do anything but what we tell them. We got heify with them once, and we'll do it again if we have to." And, on that note, the Voices Demons have constantly been expressing their anger over certain persons' refusal to help them hurt me, and have stated that they are planning to reintroduce the concept of "our will, never yours" to the people of this town. I do not know what they have done in the past, and I can't imagine others getting involved in any other way, except out of curiosity. I'm simply not that important; but, it's what they talked about non-stop today, and this blog is about what happens to me with regards to them, so I'm putting it in here.

Even more rewarding is what I learned about capturing demons on video in the future, especially now that they can easily modify and delete video evidence of their presence. I found that if the sepia color filter is turned on (read Sepia color video camera filter catches more demons).

This counters their recently increased ability to become almost imperceptible to a camera, an ability that made them even more brazen than ever, even in the face of a video camera. Now, this new cloak is all but useless to them.

Persistence pays off with police, report taken on crime by former landlord

For the LORD loves justice, and forsakes not his saints; they are preserved forever: but the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off. [Psalms 37:28]

It took several weeks of multiple requests—three of those today, in fact—before the Santa Clara Police Department agreed to file a report on the violation of Section 148.5 of the California Penal Code by my former landlord, Kirk Moye.
Kirk Moye, former landlord of 3311 Princeton Way #5 in Santa Clara, California, lied to the Santa Clara Police Department about a lawfully obtained eviction that never happened to obtain a quick and dirty eviction of his own
For more information on that crime and the incidences precipitating the filing of a criminal complaint, read the following posts:
In the first recording, I am told, "no," twice by an officer who did not want to take a report. His lengthy—and technically incorrect—explanation for why can be heard in the second recording.

In the third recording, a police supervisor agrees to file a report, but attempts to meter my expectations of any results beyond that.

In the fourth recording, a police officer takes the report. At the end, he also discusses—in a roundabout way—the rest of the situation as my readers know it. I don't mean to be roundabout back; but, everyone's level of knowledge in the matter is different, and what's different is usually wrong. And, if it's not wrong, it's just downright scary that something like this could happen in America with other peoples' knowledge and then continue for as long as it has.
Officer Amos wrote down the number of the report detailing the crime committed by Kirk Moye
Unless, of course, they are demonic filth themselves (but, that's scary, too). So, I don't go there when the only objective is something simple, like the filing a police report.

Otherwise, I'd still be there now, telling stories about which they could now do nothing, except their jobs, going forward.

County welfare employee conjures reasons for withholding rental assistance

Even a demon with the most magical power in Hell couldn't conjure reasons as stupid as one county welfare worker did today for withholding my rental assistance check, reasons which are still clear to me.

In the first of three recordings, you will hear an employee state that there are no apparent reasons why the check should not have been issued; in the second recording, you will hear the second employee waffle as to the reasons. Initially, for each reason she provides, I counter; so, in the third recording, after she retreated to her office to conjure more reasons—which included a letter stating the reasons that she claims was mailed to me—she comes back out with only one additional requirement: a copy of the lease.
NOTE | She also claimed that they had mailed a letter regarding the deficiencies in my application for rental assistance; but, like all mail lately, I have not received it. It is likely being stolen at the new residence, just like my mail at the last two residences.
That reason sounds reasonable enough, but it doesn't prove anything they don't already know—primary, proof of ownership of the residence. Lee Ayers of Heaven's Gate, my landlord, is well-known by the county welfare office, as nearly all residents of 650 South Fifth Street receive rental assistance from the county, and always have for nearly 15 years or more. Moreover, the landlord provided a taxpayer ID number, which could easily have been used by the welfare office to verify any information they needed.

But, as I suspected—and as the Voices Demons explicitly stated long ago—they and the other demons are not going to allow any substantial kind of aid to reach me; and, by their actions, they have indicated that they will stoop to any level, even at the expense of their own pride and image.

Here's how they did that after I left the welfare office: they sent a San Jose Police Officer and Santa Clara County Sheriff's Deputy towards me. I was standing at the far end of the driveway leading to the agency, and had started to walk back to find out what was keeping my ride in there for so long. I walked between them, actually, and they kept on going.

When I walked into the agency, the guy who works at the front door and passes out tickets said the cops were looking for me.

So, I said, "That's odd; they just walked past me."

"Well, they were looking for you," he said.

"Okay. I'm here now. So, if they're looking for me, they've found me," was my reply.

Shortly afterwards, Long (my ride) finished with his business there, and we walked out into the parking lot towards his car. The same two law enforcement officers approached, but just kept walking.

Anyway, if I'm able to get a copy of a lease agreement from the landlord tonight, I'll return tomorrow to get the check. But, based on my past involvement with demons, any number of things could go wrong between now and then (of course, I'll be sure to blog it, if it does).

Welfare benefits blocked again by demons

The Voices Demons have blocked both rental assistance and cash aid from being disbursed this month, once again using their contacts at the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency to accomplish this. The last time I reported this was last March in Demonic agenda extends to social services agency, which contained a recording of an agency employee falsely portraying herself as a supervisor, so that I could not actually speak to a real supervisor and report the activities of the employee who wrongfully refused to process the needed paperwork to disburse my welfare benefits.
The Santa Clara County Social Services Agency in San Jose, California
Three days ago, my cash aid benefits amount was $.63, which is $.63 more than it should be. The balance should have remained at $0 or, if the monthly rental assistance check was not issued to my landlord, Lee Ayers, went up to $147. According to the automated telephone information system provided by the county for accessing transaction information and account balances, there were no deposits and no transactions. This morning, the landlord said that he had not received the rental assistance check from the agency, either.
The employee who, last March, refused to process paperwork needed to disburse cash benefits
Today, after visiting the Santa Clara Police Department to file the complaint that they initially refused to file a report on, as described yesterday, I will go to the agency to resolve this issue. It will, of course, be recorded either on video or audio.